Swamp Wars: The Fall of Impeachment

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As the past year finally ends and rolls the ongoing saga into a new decade, one of the biggest changes to the American order has already happened—namely, the victory of populist-led liberty over the process-rigged machinations of ‘the swamp,’ or military/intelligence apparatus of the deep security state establishment. The latter complex is the heart of the enforcement infrastructure supporting the Empire’s cult of the omnipotent state, coupled with the corrupt politicans and kept media that protect it, and central banking systems that ultimately finance it. This structure is the backbone of the authoritarian regime libertarians oppose, but we get thrown off of focusing on it, due to the bad habit of dwelling too much on lifestyle issues on the edges of society, instead of striking at the root of tyranny brought to us by elite-run mass government.

Signs of the break-up of the racket have been building since as early as the Ron Paul and Tea Party grassroots movements in the past decade, but has accelerated in the last five years following the Brexit efforts in the UK, and the dawn of the “the people’s God” Trump era circa 2016. The Orange one’s reign has been a mishmash of incoherent policy from a strict ideological stand point, but has been thematically pro-liberty in opposing globalism, blunting expansion of military intervention abroad, appointing true constitution-minded Judges to the courts, defending (while not adding to) existing laws on immigration, and in relaxing taxation or centralized regulations that hindered free markets, employment and wealth creation in the US. The Brexiteers have likewise finally won the battle to peel the EU micro-managers off of their country in the December 2019 elections, and given PM Johnson a green light to proceed with the populist/nationalist agenda. Other countries in Europe may soon follow.

Pushback from the First Order, as the Empire Strikes back at the Rise of the Populists, has been swift and vicious, as the Sith Lord elites do not take kindly to losing their power to manipulate the system, and seeks to maintain every bit of the utter contempt for the “deplorable” grassroots population that they expressed in 2016. In America, their favorite practice has been to characterize the Trump campaign and administration’s actions as illegal or criminal, as a means of construing the President is guilty of “impeachable offenses.” The subsequent gaming of impeachment procedures that has resulted represents throwing the integrity out of what was supposed to a bi-partisan check and balance on abuse of power, and converting it into a partisan arm of the abusive accusers, as the swamp fights for its very survival. Several background battles have been at work during this past autumn or “fall of impeachment,” including:

Swamp War 1–Revenge of the Security State

More than anything else, the impeachment saga is about the swamp trying to undo the upending of their control over the actual government or permanent policy of the US. They also hunger to restore their control over the prevailing narrative about policy matters in the wake of Trump, and to re-marginalize the alternative media, thereby attaining a measure of power over both, following 2016. Only the intelligence community (IC) could be competent enough to cook up an entire new scam (following the collapse of Russiagate, and its weaponization of the independent counsel) to impeach Trump over in so short a time. The new scam came complete with a way to politically weaponize yet another bureaucratic process (this time, the whistleblower procedure), and to funnel the hearing process along star chamber lines.

Who else can invent such a dynamic, and execute it so seamlessly, with media consent? The only flaw in the design are the bumbling hack Democrats, led by such scoundrels as the lie-prone Rep. Adam Schiff. They messed up with the Mueller witchhunt, and blundered again this time, when it was found the Schiff team was contacted by the “whistleblower” before he even composed the report. The Dems = the Coyote, and CIA = Acme Corp, supplying them with anti-Trump devices. The press and the DNC are the arms of the Deep State. They’re the ones giving the dumb Dems most of their bad ideas, since the Dems aren’t smart enough to come up with them themselves. It is the CIA party that wants to keep running the country.

The Moon of Alabama blog has given the definitive summary of what happened: “In 2018 eleven former intelligence and military operatives joined the House as representatives for the Democrats. This was presumably a planned invasion by the security state…

A lunatic Lieutenant-colonel Vintman in the National Security Administration found that during the phone call Trump was not following the Colonel’s preferred foreign policy. He informed a former colleague, the CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella, who then contacted two former colleagues who worked for the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff. They cooked up a scheme in which the CIA analyst would play a ‘whistleblower’ and accuse Trump of wrongdoing. When the legal review of the complaint within the CIA found that the ‘whistleblower’ had no case, the Schiff folks leaked the issue to the press to put pressure on the Trump administration to publish the complaint.

…Russiagate, Ukrainegate and the impeachment nonsense were all driven by members of the deep or security state. The Democrats have been riding on these issues while neglecting the real life-and-death issue of their voters – health care, guns or climate change. They will be punished for it.”

The CIA, the enforcer for the deep state, also fears the independent spread of the truth. E.g., alternative media (online or offline) is apparently not under the swamp’s control, so media intelligence assets like Facebook have increasingly excommunicated it. The elite’s control of the political narrative must be complete, or else the ‘odd’ outlet will be excluded, or banished with the IC invented shutdown-debate term, “conspiracy theory,” so as not to interfere with the real IC covert ops going on. In truth, noticing major events are often orchestrated is not paranoid, it’s just accurate analysis. ‘Conspiracy theory,’ AKA awareness of establishment manipulation of news coverage and political perception, has always been mainstream i.e., supported by most of the public. It has taken a decades long government intelligence op to keep it all marginalized.

This is to ensure, in this case, that the IC method of framing Trump succeeds. The CIA strategem this past summer was to have several so-called whistleblowers emerge to imply sinister motives behind Trump’s communications with the incoming government of Ukraine, then use them to mount a drumbeat leading to impeachment. The head WB has since been (see above) deduced to be one Eric Ciaremella, a CIA operative and Joe Biden flunky who had already been removed from White House duty because of leaking, among a few others. His caper is a rerun of the “Kavanaugh fusillage.” This time last year, we were asked to believe that not one, not two, but three different women had suddenly “just remembered” (or finally decided) to come forward with ’80’s era sex charges related to the judge. Now, we are asked to believe that not one, but multiple parties from different agencies have decided to whistleblow against the President, also at the same moment.

And in each case, we can’t know who they are, but we find out they communicated with Dem committee chairs weeks or months beforehand, and that their accusations can be easily converted into articles of impeachment those same Dems “just happen” to have rapidly prepared. Cynically ingenious, but obvious as all get out. The whole point behind the swamp using the whistleblower procedure was to frame Trump while shielding the accuser from accountability or liability for making their charges. They’ve simply tried to redo the Kavanaugh smear process, this time without the nasty flaw of the accuser who launched the probe having to face cross examination under oath. They’ve also wanted to control the messaging from start to finish this time, given their attempt to have Mueller provide cover for them failed miserably during round one.

Consider, as one YouTuber has observed, “while TV was non-stop talking about impeachment, real news sources revealed all kinds of massive government corruption. Namely, that our government has been lying to us about the war in Afghanistan since its inception, or all of the chemical leaks in Syria were false flags planted by our government to get us into war with Syria. Nancy Pelosi refused to impeach Bush because it would have revealed her own complicitness in war crimes, including knowledge that Iraq did not have WMDs, and that she signed off on torture program. Also, Congress just re-upped the Patriot Act so that they can spy on us without a warrant.”

The shocker is not only that the soft coup against Trump happened, but that the coup is still in progress. However incompetent the Democrats have been in trying to oust a duly elected President, the Deep State has been painfully efficient in repeatedly trying to set up Trump staff, weaponizing government procedures, and covering their tracks afterwards. The motor of tyranny is clearly running. The coup must not only be stopped, and the persons performing it prosecuted, but the statutes (perhaps even the Constitution) must be amended to head off the runaround of the impeachment process that the swamp has tried to execute. Otherwise the second they get back power or get more power, we must expect they will resume, continue, or escalate the gaming of procedures and weaponization of government to serve their partisan interests.

Ciaramella himself needs to be indicted immediately, for a number of crimes, among them—
– illegal leaks, in violation of the Espionage Act
– sedition, by participating in a coup
– perjury, from untruths stated in the WB complaint
– accessory to bribery, in colluding with Obama and Biden in Ukrainian kickback schemes
– illegal solicitation of donations via GoFundme
And that’s just off the top of my head.

Swamp War 2–The Not-So Phantom Vengeance

Adding to the Deep State’s direct attempts, and serving as its faithful Wile Coyote functionaries, are hack Democrats and Never Trumper Republicans in political office (including some in the early Trump administration) or in the legacy media, who have gleefully taken every ‘Acme’ device the intel community supplies them, to try to blow up Road Runner Donald. Think about what we have experienced just in the past few months: Whistleblowers who aren’t whistleblowers. Witnesses who aren’t witnesses, but purveyors of secondhand hearsay. Impeachment inquiries that aren’t inquiries, but fishing expeditions. Complaint forms that aren’t the actual complaint, but just Lawfare letters. Subpoenas that aren’t subpoenas, but just demand letters. Second whistleblowers who aren’t second whistleblowers, but simply second leakers. And the hits keep on coming…

It’s the same MO as with Kavanaugh last year. Cynically timed charges, of an indirect nature, by a hidden claimant, who avoids being put under oath, and whose testimony only Democrats are first given access to, yet we are instructed must not be criticized. The faux whistleblower has indeed served the purpose intended, which was to provide a pretext for starting this one-sided inquiry, for which the conclusion (creatiing articles of impeachment) had already been decided upon in advance. This is a coup d’etat using admin trickery.

The Dems are taking up their administrative process tricks and scare letter tactics from the IRS. You know, the folks who send county clerks “notice of lien” documents that were never signed off by an actual judge, but once recorded by the clerk get treated as real liens anyway? Or who send people ‘certified’ letters no agent actually signed, but get treated as certified correspondance anyway? Etc, etc. Tyrants prefer to create equitable guilt or liability out of nowhere, then enforce it ruthlessly. So it also goes with the coup cabal, in their current bloodless bid to bring down Trump.

There have been at least 3 coups performed to destroy what was the free republic. The coups happened in 1913 (the creation of the current central bank and income tax, enforced to make us financially enslaved), in 1963 (the killing of JFK, to head off his reining in the developing deep state, aka the Rise of the Machine), and now (to stop Trump, the first President to full on fight it since JFK). The real reason Pelosi announced a “formal impeachment inquiry” was to set up getting the legal authority to subpoena the grand jury records containing testimony from the Mueller investigation. Dems feel there is enough innuendo about obstruction in the testimony to conjure up at least an additional article against Trump. Rep. Nadler has been trying to get those docs and data for months, but a judge ruled against him in mid-August, saying he had to have a formal impeachment proceeding in place to petition to access them.

In the interim, the swamp cooked up a whole new faux Ukrainian collusion scandal, to generate the momentum to get the support needed to conjure up the “formal inquiry.” Once they get access to the grand jury info and witnesses, they will claim they have the direct evidence proving Trump obstruction, which is the pretext they needed all along to proceed to a vote on more articles of impeachment. What created the Ukraine call flap was its reference to re-examining Crowdstrike’s report on the DNC server. Crowdstrike is the third party auditing firm that claimed the server was hacked by Russia, a claim curiously never verified by the FBI directly checking it out themselves. For if there is no actual forensic evidence the server was hacked, that undermines the whole original basis for “Russiagate” in the first place. The protect-Clinton operatives of the deep state were rattled by that coming up, and so in response set up the “let’s game the whistleblower system” plan to impeach Trump.

Note the attempts by the media to not mention Crowdstrike at all, or even to delete the word from the transcript. Note that the first question Stephanopoulos recently asked Rudy Giuliani on This Week was not about knocking it off about accusing Biden, but to knock off arguing about “Ukraine hacking the server” (which Rudy wasn’t even alleging). Ukraine-gate is largely about deflecting away from a new inquiry into the DNC server, not just the corrupt Bidens. They needed a second person to come forward because the first one’s credibility is already shot to pieces, from the early interactions with Schiff’s staff alone. The fake media has been even using the same old tired “according to a new bombshell report” hype rhetoric, LOL.

But like the Kavanaugh episode last year, the believability declines as the accusers multiply–how many people are we supposed to think are acting without an agenda, when they present their charges in the same exact oblique, secretive and accountability-avoiding fashion? It’s looking more like once the Deep State leakers alerted the swamp that Trump was going to work with Zelensky to expose the corrupt dealings between Ukraine and US officials, they went wild with panic and cooked up the entire whistleblower charade.

As one commenter put it, “It’s becoming clearer that many high-level Democrats were involved in a major kick-back scheme in regard to foreign aid given to various countries. Whatever foreign aid was handed out, a certain percentage would travel back to the Democrats’ coffers or to places like the Clinton Foundation slush fund. It was corruption on an industrial scale, and may be the real reason why the Democrats went out of the minds when Trump managed to get elected, and have been acting crazy ever since. When the true extent of the money-laundering corruption is revealed, the Democratic party may cease to exist as a viable political party.”

Swamp War 3–A Weakness Has Been Found

Two weaknesses, actually, One is the Crowdstrike factor, the other is the FOIA system which fraudulently launched the first Trump probe. As reported by attorney Joe DiGenova,

“On April 26, 2017, an unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ participated in during his time in office. The report to date received little attention. Now interest is brewing due to the recent actions of Congress and the report that is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

The FISA Court Ruling shows widespread abuse of the FISA mandate. According to the report, Obama’s FBI and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights. This went on for years. One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during this time were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.”

In fact this was largely about protecting Obama, who approved of this non-compliance, and who in turn used the entire appartus of the government to protect Hillary. The POTUS is, day to day and week to week, the most politically informed person in the country, who receives briefings constantly about what is going on in the world and within the administration. There is no way he could not have known about the FOIA abused operation to surveil Trump, or frame him with collusion, or gross interludes with hookers, and finally to overturn his election via the “insurance policy” soft coup.

All of this shows how desperately Democrats wanted to control first impressions in the spring, when the Mueller report was completed. They wanted to get the document first unredacted, then leak out only the negative sounding statements immediately, to put the public in support of impeachment hearings in the House. Because Attorney General Barr put out a more accurate summary of the report first, noting the lack of evidence found for collusion and obstruction, it killed off any false momentum for impeachment. So this time the Ukraine-gate coup plotters think they have gotten back control over the first impressions and momentum, by controlling access to the faux whistleblower, the testimony, and the rollout of the testimony transcripts. Alex Jones has reported the planned end game is for the Dems to share the biased info they collected with anti-Trump state prosecutors, to in turn get a massive amount of indictments against him created at the state and local levels during 2020.

Indeed, Laura Ingraham said recently on her FOX show, if Dems (or really, the swamp) gets the White House back, they will be going on a full “revenge tour” on the deplorable half of the country. They will tax their socks off, criminalize (not just censor) alternative voices on social media, go for Beto style gun grabbing, pack the courts with more Amy Bermans, etc. And we may not get to actually vote under an honest election process, ever again.

Swamp War 4–Attack of the Corruption

The other heart of the matter is that a bunch of swamp politicians, bureaucrats and CIA operatives are scrambling to avoid jail time. There is a cornocopia of swamp scandal related to everything about how the Ukraine government was color revolution flipped from Russian friendly, to US Empire/Deep State compliant during the Obama regime. Some patriots are still there who know how much they were manipulated and cowed.

It appears a swamp/deep state spy (again, Eric Ciaramella) discovered Ukraine might actually follow-up on Trump adminstration suggestions that the new government resume its investigation of extortion committed by the Bidens. The same swamp accusing Trump of threatening to withhold aid unless Ukraine complied with his wishes, is not at all concerned that Biden ACTUALLY threatened to withhold aid unless the country complied with HIS wishes. The whole purpose of this flap is now to retroactively taint any follow-up by Ukraine on the Bidens as corrupt influence on the next US election, on behalf of Trump.

The whistleblower and Schiff will not testify because of the kangaroo structure of the inquiry, and because of the schedule, which is all the Dems care about. The swamp’s plan was to impeach Trump by fall 2019, period. PERIOD. The only reason Ukrainegate exists is because their number one ticket to impeaching him, Russiagate, collapsed in the first half of 2019. They needed something to replace it ASAP, in time to get the inquiry going, whcih was always planned for later in the year. The only thing that was established at the sham public inquiry was how obvious it was the Dems couldn’t handle even the first day of a hearing where their witnesses faced real (but limited) cross examination. Their two prize first witnesses even admitted (by silence when asked) that Trump had not committed impeachable offenses!

Keep in mind Ukraine is a far smaller country, so its swamp is far less deep. The US Deep State is canyon deep, and fiercely combats being uprooted to a much greater extent than the oligarchs could manage. So that’s why Ukraine has been able to get results from its own investigations much faster. As one internet commenter summarized things, “The blackmail bank of the Democrat criminal cabal is well stocked, locked and loaded. They employed Jeffrey Epstein and many others to compromise everyone in Washington they would ever need to “handle.” They never saw Trump coming so they never bothered to record something compromising (sexual, financial or other). They had Sessions and used him well.  The Clintons and Obamas were so smug that they had every base covered, and then came Trump.”

Historian Doug Wead has also pointed out how the swampers “didn’t even take a breath” to apologize for spreading the Russian collusion story after the Mueller report refuted it, before rolling right over to the Ukrainian bribery accusations.Then they didn’t even take a breath from dropping that narrative, to voting to impeach Trump. The plan and schedule all along was to have an impreachment vote by the fall, and have it hanging over Trump during Christmas. These folks are mean, petty and spiteful people.

Swamp War 5–A New Hope-less Democratic Civil War

One side issue in the background is the swamp war going on inside the Democratic party over its current and future leadership. Since at least 2008, there has been a battle going down between the centrist or corporate-liberal oriented “Team Clinton” (who have controlled the national party through proxy since the ’90’s) and the decidedly more progressive “Team Obama” and his circle, following his election as President. Obama is said to be resentful he had to accomodate the Clintons throughout his two terms, and cover for Hillary’s corrupt hide going into the last election. The stiffing of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ ability to win by the DNC was controlled by team Clinton during the 2016 primaries, which in turn ticked off his millenial supporters. This war extended through after Hillary’s defeat in 2016, which many Democrats reasonably blamed on Clinton (“hey, if we had ony nominated the likeable progressive with no baggage, we could have won the thing!”). That sentiment has contributed to the election of more radical figures such as AOC and Omar, et al in the 2018 midterms. These newer faces largely blame the very existence of a President Trump on the corporate types at the top of the party.

The tie-in of this struggle to the impeachment battle seems to be:

1) Obama wanted to be the head of the Democratic party during his Presidency, but the Clintons wouldn’t relinquish their dominant background influence. But team Obama wanted a legacy of attaining control regardless. So they opted to take advantage of the next President’s naivete. Upon taking office, Trump failed to fire all political appointees of Obama. Trump then failed to review and fire all Obama political appointees who transitioned to career government employees before Obama left office. Hundreds of Obama political appointees applied for career positions just before Obama left office in order to burrow into the incoming Trump administration. Trump had one year to identify and terminate employment of anyone who transitioned from political appointee to career appointee before the one year career probationary year was completed. During the probationary year career conditional employees can be fired with little to no protections. But that mostly didn’t happen. This group comprises the bulk of “the Resistance” within the government swamp who have be fighting Trump’s every move ever since. The reason it is called the Deep State, is that it has a very deep roster.

2) Hillary had two temper tantrums that created the impeachment sham. Many of the millions from the Clinton Foundation went to the DNC, to help the Clintons buy control of the national party. This influence was used to get the DNC to put their thumb on the scale to sabotage the Sanders 2016 campaign, even though he was more popular than Hill-beast in the primaries. Wikileaks exposed this chicanery by mid-2016, and in reaction (that is, after Hillary blew her top), team Clinton decided to invent the “Russia hacked the DNC” meme to demonize Wikileaks and Trump. This is what got expanded into the “Trump colluded with Russia” smear and investigation, especially after she lost the election, causing Hillary temper tantrum number 2.

3) Is Biden in the race mainly to protect him from being investigated for corruption? Could that explain his lackluster, gaffe-prone campaigning? It feels more and more like Biden (a team Clinton rep) will be beaten by Buttgieg or Sanders in Iowa. Either Sanders or Warren (another team Clinton rep, in the race to ensure Bernie’s progressive vote gets split) win New Hampshire, and Biden might only squeak out a win in SC. The Super Tuesday primaries will then not determine a break away frontrunner, as the deep money bags factor—namely the billionaire Steyer and Bloomberg ads explosion—will suppress or compete with Biden’s numbers. So the Dem primaries may drag on without establishing a leader who gets close to the delegate totals need to win the nomination on the first ballot. Enter a Dem “savior” to walk in, to win a contested convention, which could go to team Obama (if Michelle O walks in), or if Hillary does so, to achieve one last hurrah for the Clinton era.

Swamp War 6–The Last Neocon:  War Insurance

An additional contributing factor motivating the Empire to weaponize impeachment proceedings has been the foreign intervention factor. The great unspoken issue over the last three years is that the establishment has been using the faux impeachment scandals to pressure Trump away from drawing down troops in the Mideast. Every time he has talked openly about removing them, boom!, another ‘bombshell’ report would flare up on Russiagate (now Ukrainegate) as if on cue.

Or, another false flag incident would happen (either a ‘gas attack’ blamed on Assad, or a gun shooting at home) to keep Trump off-balance. Then Sen. Graham and other swamp GOP kept secretly warning the President they would provide no support for him unless he kept towing the line on endless intervention. Perhaps Trump is signaling enough is enough, he is at last pulling out of the no-win quagmires, regardless of ultimatums from Graham and the neocons. While the Dems have been weaponizing impeachment to ultimately regain power in Congress and the White House, the GOP hacks have been quietly using it a a kind of insurance, to keep the wars going.

Those who might doubt this should ask a simple question–how come Senate Republicans have not held one-sided Senate hearings (that they control) on these issues, in answer to the one-sided Democratic-run hearings in the House? By not holding hearings, the GOP has repeatedly left Trump out on a limb. For example, Trump’s exploration of Ukrainian corruption and the Bidens has been relentlessly cast as “interfering with the 2020 elections.” What if Graham had held hearings on the corrupt Bidens, to establish everything Giuliani uncovered? Then the Dems would have had no basis for attacking Trump for following up on what the hearings had found out. By the inaction of the RINOs in the Senate on Biden, they opened up Trump for being charged for exposing the corruption. And why? Because they are either anti-Trump as well, or they want to hold his feet to the fire on staying interventionist.

Rand Paul and Donald Trump were the only two candidates in 2016 who criticized the Iraq war, or called for a less interventionist foreign policy. And that is the reason why the Russiagate and now Ukrainegate scandals have been thrown in the President’s way ever since, to block or interfere with his rollout of any withdrawals from anywhere. Notice Paul is still the only consistent GOP supporter of Trump’s pullout plans in the Senate. In parallel, he alone has called out Graham and other Senate Republicans for not more rigorously defending Trump by holding hearings. Again, this is because those RINOs actually like the scandals as they keep Trump distracted and in delay mode when it comes to ending the forever wars. The two issues are linked. Update: this theory has been further confirmed by recent stories in Salon and the NY Times.

So naturally, each time Trump has made noises about troop withdrawals or drawdowns, or making any effort to negotiate with Russia, he’s been savaged by drummed up scandals designed to get him impeached. Could it be Ukrainegate was cooked up to again keep him from going through with withdrawals from Afghanistan and Syria? And why is it, for the 1999th time, there is an ever so convenient NEW domestic shooting incident, to revv up momentum for pushing gun control AGAIN, just before Congress returns? I put nothing past the criminal elements of the Deep State activating one after yet another sleeper crazy into going off on a killing spree. The cynical timing of each of these cases is too improbably helpful to one side of the gun debate, over and over, to be accidental.

Given the pro-AIPAC domination of Congress, who want endless belligerence and one sided deals exercised towards all of Israel’s neighbors in the Mideast, what is most needed now is a President who goes into (or back into) office making it clear, after quickly withdrawing from places like Syria, that he/she will not intervene in or invade countries without a declaration of war from Congress. Tulsi Gabbard could be that President, or the Secretary of State for such a President. The issue was always the US covert intervention, which trained, armed and supplied the Syrian fighters to the teeth, who mostly swiftly turned into ISIS fighters, forcing the US to in turn arm the Kurds to contain them. Now that Trump has undone the Obama era covert activity and brought down ISIS (with Syria, Russia and Iranian forces), the withdrawal has rapidly caused the Kurds to reconcile with Syria, and the Turks’ protection of the border area should keep things stable and immune from a re-emergence of ISIS.

On the GOP side, proported sex scandals have alternately been utilized either to keep Trump in pro-war line, or to ruin him outright. It’s now also well known that when the Billy Bush tape was released to the public former Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican (swamp) leaders were pressuring VP candidate Pence to go along with replacing Trump as the Presidential candidate. They were plotting before the election, during the transition, and into the first year of Trump to destroy him. After leaving Congress, Ryan returned to Wisconsin because he “wanted to be with his family”—riiiiight. Now he’s come right back to DC be on the board on FOX Corp. (to steer the network in the establishment’s direction), and to be with his real family, the GOP end of the swamp. He’s getting in position (with Graham, Sen. Mitt Romney, financial guru Anthony Scaramucchi or ‘Mooch,’ et al) to take back control of the party and DC after the Trump era. They want everything Trump did expunged and populism reversed as soon as possible, so they have to start to get things set up.

That’s EXACTLY what Romney-Ryan-Graham-Mooch are working on, or at least considering. And notice that two of the four (Mitt and Mooch) have tens of millions available to self finance a third party run in 2020, to siphon off just enough GOP votes to cost Trump the election. This once again shows much GOP support for what the voters actually want is one heart beat deep—namely Trump’s heart beat. If he wasn’t there, their top functionaries would go right back to being losers for the establishment, only they would be more open about it.

Mitt’s probably been planning this since 2016, along with Ryan and Mooch. The only question is, will he also try to run an independent campaign in the fall election, or encourage one of the others to do so, to deprive Trump of enough electoral votes to get re-elected? Or, will the last Neocon hope turn out to be female, with Rey being played by Nikki Haley, the former UN ambassador? In her recent interviews, Haley goes out of her way to complain about former Chief of Staff General Kelly and former Secretary of State Tillerson, by bringing up cases where they openly opposed Trump, to make them look bad because they were not hawkish enough. She’s clearly setting herself up to be the hawkish restorer of a fully interventionist foreign policy in the post-Trump era.

The reality is, on every front, peaceful overtures and honoring our word would be the far wiser course. In fact, it was wrong for Trump to try to unilaterally scuttle the Iran agreement, a deal that country was complying with as per the inspections. Once Iran saw the US would escalate sanctions on them regardless of their compliance, with the other signers going along with it, good luck ever getting them back to the table to work out another deal. Ukraine was color revolutioned (by covert ops) into being a US client state, but Obama didn’t want to push the regime change further with military aid. Haley should have joined the others into persuading Trump out of escalating tensions in both areas, instead of merely positioning herself to bootstrap her full-on neocon run for the White House later on.

But the better answer is to continue the deescalation, and ignore the false flags that keep furthering the interventions. The withdrawal or drawdown in Syria, for example, has forced the Kurds to cut a deal with Syria for their own survival, while Turkey has agreed to back off them, while controlling the northern area for now to protect its resources from ISIS and Iran. This is all because of Trump’s pullout decision, not Graham’s war dog screaming. Kurdish fighters have slaughtered over 40,000 Turkish fighters and civilians, which is why Turkey has been so bitterly opposed to them. Having beaten ISIS, we should leave the Kurd issue to Syria and the border issues to Turkey and Syria, where it belongs. Time for us to come home.

Swamp War 7–The Fall of Impeachment, or Pelosi Bait

What this all adds up to is the obliteration of the option of impeaching a President as a credible means of checking the Executive, or otherwise “bringing balance” to the government force the elites crave so dearly. What has brought stability and growth, as well as overall net progress towards liberty has been the outsider movement led by the Orange one, all his flaws nonewithstanding. Trump’s grassroots popularity has totally exposed the phony, swamp-created dominant image of public opinion as ‘center-left’ on everything. His rallies show a natural and energetic mass support for his Presidency and policies, compared to the projection machine-devised or media-manipulated ‘popularity’ of establishment politics.

Perhaps Trump taunted Pelosi into impeaching him, using it as bait to utterly destroy the Democrats in the elections later, due to this popularity. By fighting his broad well of support with impeachment mania, the swamp Empire has irreparably damaged the integrity of the procedure for correcting anything, as it will from now on be associated with partisan crookery. Their trump card has thus been Trumped. The Swamp hotwired the investigation process with Mueller, to justify an impeachment inquiry. They hotwired the whistleblower procedure to trigger another investigation. Then they hotwired the sham basement ‘inquiry’ precisely so they could frame Trump while protecting the cooperating witnesses from being prosecuted for perjury or other fraud, and to control access to the evidence. It was NOT a slapdash operation, it was intentionally rigged.

Then they hotwired the House hearing process to continue to deny Trump due process, and to expedite an impeachment vote. And now they seek to hotwire the Senate side of the process by 1) demanding it run along the lines the Democrats want before they turn over the articles, and 2) trying to move 3-4 ‘moderate’ GOP Senators over to their side, to win the upcoming rules votes by 51-49. At this point Dems are weaponizing every part of the rules to get their way, and back into power. Because they broke the rules to get their ill-gotten articles, they broke impeachment itself, and henceforth the procedure will have no power to unseat or even ruin a President anymore, even if he had done something impeachable.

A new theory has been floated (based on the ‘new normal’ of freely bending the procedures we are now in) that contends not only will Democrats lose the majority in the House, but the new majority can then vote to revoke the biased articles and exonerate Trump once it convenes. In which case, Pelosi’s sole ‘achievement’ of this term would be completely repudiated. As one conservative Jedi has well put it, “Trump will be the first president in history to be impeached by the House. Acquitted by the Senate. And reelected to a second term. While regaining control of the House and Senate, his impeachment record will be expunged from history. We’ll continue with record setting economy, and prosecuting Obama officials. Appointing hundreds of conservative fed judges, and 2 more justices to the Supreme Court.”  Well, we’ll see what happens. Peace and Freedom in the 2020s!




Exits, Transitions, and Making NY Free Again

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So why the year and a half break in posting, as those who paid enough attention to my scribblings to care, might also care to ask? Well, as most non-bloggers know, life can be, or become too busy to keep up a journal or collect one’s thoughts (which is probably why they don’t run a blog). Suffice to say, there were a few other preoccupations that became more pressing, even, than politics for me, and a few political objectives that were deemed more pressing than, or warranting a break from this blog, to wit:

Plans and Projects

Among the politically-related activities happening in the interim was my further exploration of the concepts explained in last year’s “growth hacking liberty” article, to find or confirm opportunities existed that matched what was then described. There will be subsequent posts on certain upcoming real world ways to implement getting more Libertarians elected, or achieving victories for liberty. Those current examples involve 2020 to a great degree, and will be discussed in much greater detail presently on this blog. I have also been working on setting up a sister blog (devoted specifically to Christian libertarian, or other cultural and philosophical subjects), and plan to go active with it by the start of the new year. I have also become more fascinated by certain Presidential candidates coming up to represent the Libertarian or voluntaryist way in 2020, from Adam Kokesh to Nic Leobold. More on these campaigns are definitely coming up.

Circumstances have also changed in my own local group (discussed further down) that is moving me into taking a position leading the launch of a NYC-based Libertarian Political Action Committee in 2020 to assist liberty causes and candidates in the new decade. This project will encompass traditional as well as innovative fundraising efforts if successful, and in improving the organization of efforts to curb or reverse the trend towards ongoing gun control, eminent domain abuse, and producing more criminal justice reform or other libertarian goals in the city and state. More details on this project will be explored as the different components of this drive develop.

Many, Many Political Turns

There of course have been many, many crazy, or significant events (or both) dropping since summer 2018, representing a number of changes in the local, national and world landscape. In my neck of the woods, the biggest liberty event by far has been the ballot access victory of the Libertarian Party of New York (or LPNY, the state affilliate of the national LP) achieved by the performance of LP candidate Larry Sharpe in the 2018 race for Govenor. His 96,000 votes or roughly 2% showing in the race gained permanent ballot status for LPNY, allowing the LP to get an officially recognized line on the ballot for every election from 2020 going forward (so long as the party has a similar 1% plus vote total in future gubernatorial elections). This, in theory, should result in an explosion of new enrollments of registered Libertarians in the state, and more candidates (who can now be more easily fielded) to represent the party up and down the ballot.

Nationally, my prediction that the Democrats would face ‘doomsday’ in the midterm elections turned out to be premature, as they attained majority control of the U.S. House in Congress. The Dems’ deathknell was postponed largely due to the phenomenon of rampant election fraud and manipulation across the nation. This was especially true in California, where in every close race where the Democratic candidate lost as of election night, “vote harvested” absentee votes appeared to magically flip traditionally GOP seats Democrat after a few days (or weeks) of extra counting. In Florida the the rigging was so obvious that even mainstream pols like Senator Rubio and state Attorney General Bondi called it out as it was happening, thereby saving the elections of a new Republican Governor and Senator from being stolen.

Despite promising up and down that the Democratic take control of the House would not be used to clog up the legislative calendar with a non-stop “get Trump” impeachment campaign, the Pelosi-led forces (guided by the deep state-controlled intelligence community) has bombarded the schedule with such investigations, with the apparent intent of aggravating or harassing him out of office. The campaign has already crashed and burned with the Mueller Russia-gate investigation coming up snake eyes, and they are currently crashing and burning on Ukriane-gate, another CIA-fanned scandal based on a phantom “whistleblower” floating a phantom bribery/Quid Pro Quo charge against the President. My next post will be going into this craziness in detail. My updated pronouncement is Dem doomsday will result in November 2020, as a result of going down this insane path.

The broader populist revolt against swamp or deep state procedural tyranny has continued, but has in many places run into an “Empire Strikes Back” counterattack, be it the impeach-mania circus in the US, or the maniacal manueveuring going on in the UK and EU to block the implementation of Brexit. The swamp MPs have now played their true hand, and shown they just want more extensions so as to completely prevent ever leaving the EU. The new sort-of pro-Brexit Prime Minister Boris Johnson can use that to get a clean Brexit, or the watered down, rehashed May deal he offered to the EU in October. In the US as in UK, it still comes down to the bottom line of establishment resistance, over which the populist parallel is exact:

-US Democrats still do not respect the results of the 2016 election.
-Remainer MPs still do not respect the results of the 2016 election.

Until the immediate dynamic changes, there will be a problem in attaining a true exit from tyranny, the ongoing demeaning of “the deplorables,” relief from the censorhip of alternatives on social media, or true transition to something that better serves a free people. But the promise of those exits and transitions is now before us, more tangible than ever before, thus should give all of us hope.

The Passing of Stevens, and the Queens Libertarians

And locally, my situation and location (Queens, NY) has been affected by the recent loss of Dr. Robert Thomas Stevens, an attorney and leading figure in LP politics in the borough and region for over a decade. Dr. Stevens was truly the ‘Ironman’ of the “Queens Libertarians” (QL) organization (previously the LP of Queens County or LPQC, a chapter of LPNY). He served over the years in turns as its Chair, Membership Secretary, state rep, and main program scheduler, as part of the successful Libertarian education speaking program QL has run through its 25 year straight history of monthly meetings. Stevens also served as Chair of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party, as a local GOP leader, and as a Presidential candidate of the Objectivist Party. According to his sister Joanne, My dear brother and I were together the night before in the hospital and he looked very well and was happy He was talkative and optimistic.

“I have a beautiful snapshot in my mind of his smile as I waved goodbye unbeknownst that this would be the last time we would say we love each other on this Earth. Tom loved life and people and knowledge. He was so smart. He lived a spirited and enthusiastic life and he truly cared about people. Tom had a great sense of humor and touched so very many lives in such a positive way.” 

As a result of his passing QL has decided to put me back in charge (as I was a past county chair, and Stevens previously announced he was retiring from activity at the end of the year, in part due to health issues). QL will seek to find out if we can re-orient the group into a fundraising organization or PAC, in addition to spearheading a number of area pro-liberty causes and alliances. We feel we have a role in acting as a hub of libertarian activism at this time, in light of the lack of such an emphasis among the chartered LP chapters in the metro area (who are involved in much administrative minutia transforming the LPNY into a permanent party structure as per the state election law). Given the enormous size of the metro area, where the Queens population alone (over 2 million-plus people) would make it a top 10 city in the US if counted as separate from NYC, there is clearly enough room for more than one active libertarian organization per county. To make New York free again, we need more decentralized activist groups, not less, to handle liberty outreach and projects for such an enormous region.

Well, at least Stevens understood that, as did I, and many long time members and friends of LPQC or the Queens Libertarians. But because this independent sensibility (and some local personalities) conflicted with other mentalities within the state LP, the reputation of the Queens group was savaged over the years. The party is a potato chip compared to other entities, but certain self-declared guardians thought it best to demean, isolate, and eventually de-charter this group, to maintain its absolute control over the potato chip. I have avoided going into this internal matter on my blog for years, but will review the history of the controversy on this one occasion, as itemized below:

The 90s-2006 Era

Many activists in the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) who extend back to the 1990s in their involvement with the party have been comfortable with the original ‘hub’ form of organizing. The party centered its activity around the meetings held in Manhattan (under a combined 5 borough NYC Libertarian chapter), Long island, and Capitol District regions, with limited stable party presence anywhere else. After the NYC Chapter disbanded over severe divisions about endorsing Howard Stern for Governor in 1994, individual boroughs in NYC were encouraged to organize as local LP chapters under LPNY. The LP of Queens County, founded by Queens real estate broker John Procida in late 1994, was the first county level chapter to do so in NYC, and was its most successful local chapter through the mid 2000s. Even after local affiliates were established for other boroughs, LPQC maintained parity status with Manhattan LP as the most active chapters in the city for the next ten years, at times having the most members, and running more candidates for office during this period than Brooklyn and Staten Island combined.

As the party considered different means of evolving to grow the Libertarian movement in NY during that time, vigorous debate emerged over scaling up the party’s operations and organizing practices. Among the most vocal about proceeding in that direction were LPQC members Dr. Tom Stevens, who suggested increased professionalism and more alliances with liberty-friendly persons in and out of the LP, and Sam Sloan, who preferred litigation as a means for addressing wrongs. It was suggested that the state party should expand its operations beyond organizing a convention and a petition drive each campaign year, and perhaps pursue forming more ‘hubs’ for activity than the Manhattan, LI and Albany centric approach, where the local population could support it.

LPQC was the primary group advocating for more expansion, and for supporting the autonomy of local chapters to develop or try out effective methods to achieve the same. Old line members (who wanted the more tightly controlled ‘hub’ layout to continue) were resistant to this, and to the approach or “look” of activists like Stevens or Sloan, who were seen at times as too combative. Following Stevens becoming a more dominant figure circa 2005, and with dissatisfaction with the early turnout for a LPQC convention in early 2006, certain state members led the creation of a block vote of the state committee to neutralize Queens and Stevens by de-chartering the chapter in November 2006.

Queens hotly objected to the action, quickly reorganized a new LPQC chapter as per the bylaws in January 2007, and brought their case (led by chapter founder Procida) to the 2007 state convention. The convention body present overwhelmingly voted to reinstate LPQC to resolve the issue, but “the faction” would go on to persist in bad mouthing or trying to isolate the Queens chapter for years, while continuing to plot to neutralize or remove Stevens and Sloan. Their most frequent routine was to 1) repeat fact-free accusations and past smears about Stevens (including one charge that went to trial, that he was acquitted of) issued by a previous organization that wanted to marginalize him, rather than expand or grow. 2) Then upon smearing without proving it, proceed immediately to a punitive action (suspension, de-chartering, etc). Sentence first, verdict afterwards, or never.

The 2010 Suspensions

Several persons running for the LP nomination for statewide positions in 2010 (Sam Sloan, Kristin Davis) and other observers of the 2010 state convention (Tom Stevens) expressed there was undue favoritism (among convention organizers) supporting one candidate for Governor, that came at the expense of other candidates. Stevens posted arguments about this on LPNY discussion boards and in his blog, while Sloan litigated about it as an injured party. LPQC supported Sloan’s right to attempt to get his day in court to seek remedy over the matter, but did not endorse his other actions (such as attempting to get the LPNY line via a separate independent petition process, or suing some specific committee members). Davis elected to run for Governor on another created Libertarian line, which she succeeded in petitioning for. It has been suggested that had Davis not perceived favoritism practiced against her at the 2010 convention, she would not have run on a separate libertarian line. Thus many of her 23,000 votes would have gone to the LPNY candidate, and LPNY would have gained permanent ballot status as of that year.

In response to Sloan’s suit, certain members of the state committee chose to assert that they were the victimized party, accused Sloan of practicing aggression, and cast both Sloan and Stevens as performing “disruption” against the state party. During the summer of 2010 in the middle of a LP campaign season, these members (through behind the scenes mobilizing of a block vote, without prior open debate) put forward surprise motions to suspend the LPNY memberships of Stevens and Sloan under the Bylaws.

The method used gamed the existing procedures—suspensions were designed for dealing with a pattern of disruption, not a single alleged episode or mere disagreement, and were supposed to be considered only after a prior review of a written case made for the severe action, etc. Instead, the written case prepared and presented against Stevens was supplied during the meeting when the motion was proposed, allowing zero time for review, or with insufficient review time in the case of Sloan. The “written case,” upon examination afterward, consisted merely of postings of discussion threads where some members hotly disagreed with the views, tone or approach of Stevens or Sloan. Some members later expressed if they had had the time to review the written case before the original vote, they would not have voted to suspend. Stevens’ lifetime LPNY membership was also revoked without even a partial reimbursement of his dues, a violation of his membership contract.

The rampant bias behind the action was noted by statements from neutral third party LPNY members, who commented on it at the time. Attempts to table the motions due to these objections were disregarded, as was the matter of the conflict of interest involved by certain members involved in litigation with Sloan voting on his suspension. The fact that the court had dismissed Sloan’s case about favoritism on procedural grounds (the initial judge, and appeals courts, ruled he had filed after the deadline for litigating the matter) was spun as “Sloan’s suits had been thrown out” based on the substance, the latter of which never got to be litigated. Sloan has also pointed out that in one of the suits against another committee member that was litigated on the substance, the judge ruled in his favor. This and other mitigating context appeared to have no impact on the faction set against LPQC, and the two wrongfully suspended members. The bias was compounded by the rulings over the dispute by the parliamentarian, who was on record from before 2010 as against the Queens chapter, and whose rulings, then and in following years, were consistently prejudicial against Stevens, Sloan and LPQC.

While the bylaws stated the suspended members could motion to seek final appeal of the vote by the next state convention,  it was widely understood the instigators of the cynically composed suspensions, who controlled the convention business meeting, would (in likewise cynical fashion) simply table the motion to “run out the clock” thereby completing the expulsion of the two members. To head off this outcome, LPQC unanimously voted at their county convention of 2011 to issue a formal complaint statement to the LPNY state committee, advocating they vacate the invalidly performed suspensions. LPQC advised the membership status of Stevens and Sloan was unresolved until the issue was addressed, and that LPNY should at least modify the bylaws to clarify members expulsed at the state level could serve as officers at the local level, especially if they were members of good standing at the national level or other states. The basic answer of the state committee, to both the complaint and the bylaws change, was to ignore both issues for years.

The 2016 Issues

While many supported this faction-led committee stance out of opposition to some of Sloan’s litigation activity, which was thought to be potentially hurtful to encouraging people to join the party, its actual effect was to actually destabilize involvement of long-standing members with the party, which discouraged many Libertarians in Queens from continuing to be active with LPNY. LPQC continued to point out that its complaint to the LPNY state committee over the blatantly suspect expulsions had never been properly resolved, and its members therefore continued to elect Stevens and/or Sloan to local officer positions. It also noted that the fact that both members continued to be active LP members nationally or in other LP chartered organizations around the country (Stevens was PA state chair in 2012, and Sloan has served as an officer in the San Francisco LP for several years). Over the course of this period, at least four state Chairs who served multi-year terms sided with LPQC, along with a few national officers (such as Larry Sharpe), a sign that a constructive resolution to the issue was nearing. In 2015, a state committee vote to effectively reinstate Stevens failed due to a tie vote, an outcome further indicating the unreasonable faction was losing its influence.

But when LPQC again announced it would propose the motion once more in 2016, the same faction who engineered the disputed actions of 2010 mobilized, outside of proper open debate at a state committee meeting, to generate a block vote to remove the charter of LPQC, over “violating the bylaws” (by not removing the LPQC officer status of Stevens). LPQC disputed the charge, pointing out the unresolved complaint about the suspension votes, the unreimbursed dues to Stevens, and that he and Sloan were properly elected local chapter officers under the bylaws. Even though LPQC stated the motion to de-charter was out of order, to which the Chair agreed, the block vote assembled overruled him, and the committee voted to remove LPQC’s charter. The intent was to remove LPQC so it would no longer have the standing to reprise the complaint against the suspensions going forward.

Immediately after the vote, lo and behold, the leaders of the removal of the chapters introduced a Queens Republican to the meeting, who had already agreed to serve as a TCC (Temporary County Chair) for forming a new Queens chapter. Neither info on this individual, or the group of members he formed the new chapter with, had ever been provided to LPQC in the months beforehand. This represented a certain “flexibility” and selective attention to the rules the faction had not allowed for, or afforded to LPQC. The new TCC held a founding meeting months later without all members of LPNY in Queens (in particular, the members of the de-chartered chapter) being notified, a violation of the bylaws designed to prevent the disenfranchised Queens members from being represented in the new chapter. In promoting the LP citywide nominating convention in 2017, former LPQC persons who were LPNY members were again not notified, also in violation of the bylaws.

Going Forward

These actions were disingenuous, outrageous and discpicable when they happened, and remain so today. As a result this top-down, divisive approach to chapter building, the new, replacement or “Astroturf” Queens chapter had three years of struggle gaining any traction in the borough. Only with the success of Larry Sharpe in 2018 did a group emerge, under Queens Chair Michael Arcati, that was stable enough to perform the transition into a more viable, now “permanent ballot status” LP chapter under NY Election law. The original LPQC re-formed as the Queens Libertarians by January 2017, and has continued its schedule of “second Saturday of the month” meetings (from 1994 to present), refusing to be defined by the attacks on its reputation and defamation of its long term members. QL is currently transitioning into functioning as a PAC, while retaining its speaker program and monthly discussion based meetings. QL regrets that the new Queens LP had to suffer from being mostly kept in the dark about how the previous group was bullied out of its charter.

Both QL and the new LP of Queens have reached out to each other by the end of 2018, and approved a solidarity motion for the two groups by summer 2019. The joint statement affims essentially that QL recognizes the Queens LP as the “real LP chapter” and recommends its members join it, while LP Queens recognizes the circumstances concerning the treatment of LPQC in the 2010s was never properly resolved by the old LPNY state committee,  and has not been helpful to party development in Queens. Sam Sloan was recently elected as Treasurer of the Bronx LP chapter, meaning under the new circumstances following 2018, wrongfully or supposedly “expulsed” LPNY members can and should be able to serve as officers at the local LP level, just as LPQC has steadfastly maintained.

The improvement of the party’s growth and professionalism in New York eventually finally occurred due to the emerging influence of LP leaders from the Western side of the state since 2014, and Queens business consultant Larry Sharpe’s success in obtaining permanent ballot status for LPNY through his 2018 Gubernatorial campaign. These leaders have largely replaced the remnants of the old state committee, who had been so intent on what they called their “good works” of demeaning, excluding or isolating all figures and chapters who differed from them (as with their disenfranchisement of “the Procida group” or LPQC). This remnant still wants to exercise these toxic veto powers, however, and recently complained that the old LPNY organization’s rules (under the old bylaws) should still govern the new LPNY structure that is officially recognized as a party under the state’s election laws. Sam Sloan has named names in calling out the remnants who campaign for permanent “hub” control of LPNY and micro-management of the local chapters:

“…The Blay Tarnoff Group was noted for internal disputes and the efforts of Blay Tarnoff and Gary Donoyan to expel the John Procida Group led by Tom Stevens from the Libertarian Party.
The John Procida Group [LPQC] is by far the longest standing and most continuously active Libertarian group in New York State.
Blay Tarnoff wants to keep out of the Libertarian Party Tom Stevens who he expelled and all the other people he expelled from the party.
In other words, the “good works” he refers to were actually bad things Tarnoff did and that was the reason the party never got more than 50,000 votes until now.
In 2010 the Libertarian Party candidate got 48,359 votes. We easily would have gotten more than 50,000 votes had the absentee ballots been counted.
The reason the absentee ballots were not counted was Blay Tarnoff went on an orgy of expelling people he did not like, especially Tom Stevens. Instead of building up the party he was intent on tearing it down.”

And that, friends of liberty, is the more complete context, or the rest of the story. Peace and Freedom, in the 2020s and beyond!


Growing Liberty Concepts Discussed on Hardfire

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Instead of a full article this time (since I’m too busy petitioning for Larry Sharpe and working on other matters) I’m posting a video of an interview where the main points of a discourse I previously did for the Queens Libertarians on “growth hacking liberty” are reprised. This came from an episode of Brooklyn Public Access TV’s Hardfire, hosted by recent Manhattan LP Chair Ron Litchman:

If you like that one, let me throw in an older video I did (from 2006) when hosting that program, on the issue of 9/11 as an inside job:

Also, here’s my comment on how the growth hacking liberty theorem bears on the improbable victory of socialist activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over poor Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary for his Bronx-Queens (14th District) seat in Congress. Ocasio-Cortez beat the senior party leader, and now has the inside track to being elected to the House, by employing (or more like stumbling into) several of the tactics I identified can help non-conforming candidates, such as: 1) concentrating on the primary race, not the fall election, to unseat vulnerable incumbents (like the clueless Joe, who insulted his own district by blowing off even appearing at a debate), 2) leveraging local resources (in her case, her fellow Latinos and socialist core voters, who had become the dominant faction in the district), and 3) triangulating issues to attract new voters. Tactics like these, where properly employed can level the field for outsider candidates running against elite-backed swamp incumbents from either major party.

Normally, taking a bluntly principled position approach may energize too many voters to come out against you, but in this case district voters, who thought she had no chance anyway, were jaded into ignoring her. Ocasio-Cortez took the reverse triangulation route of running an on openly socialist (or radical) agenda (free stuff for everybody, etc), and took all the derision that platform invites. While that invited people in general to write her off, the stance ended up energizing her base to come out in droves, which in a low-turnout primary situation resulted in her winning it. She is continuing to voice her Sanders-era, millenial-friendly memes into the election, including a curious anti-government call to abolish ICE. As a matter strictly of viewing eliminating bureaucracies as a good thing, a libertarian could actually support transferring its legitimate role in protecting the borders and the legal immigration process back to the Department of Justice, or to the states. It is thus possible for a pro-liberty candidate to counter-triangulate a progressive running on this issue. But I suspect the real motivation behind the abolish ICE movement has more to do with race-baiting, and new-fangled election rigging, Democrats want to pack the states with as many immigrants (lawful or non-lawful) as possible, beginning with critical ones like Florida, to turn those states permanently blue. The cost of such changes, unfortunately for older, asleep at the switch Dems like Mr. Crowley, will be to get booted out as an old boss, and replaced by the new Latino boss as time goes on.

Black Liberty Rising, and Celebrity Justice

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Very interesting times for fomenting greater peace and freedom, have indeed emerged by the middle of 2018, as shown by the holding of history making summits between the US and North Korea, or further post-Brexit rattlings as more European nations like Italy try to shake the off the chains of EU eurocratic bondage.  Even a few of the Supreme Court’s left-authoritarian Justices (part of the cabal I previously christened the Devil’s favorite demons) have just rendered a decision deeming Christian bakers worthy of not being treated with hostility, by granting that they may not be forced to decorate their cultural enemy’s cakes. And the specter of 4% economic growth nationally appears to be the direct result of recent tax and regulation reductions, largely releasing the economy from choke holds that were holding back the free market.

The LP’s Sharpe Turn

But the nicest trend by far has been the rise in prominence of more black commentators, candidates and public figures who are either putting forth a flatly pro-liberty message, or who have otherwise broken the bonds of neo-slavery enough to speak their minds irrespective of the caste system set up by US major party politics. For example, I am pleased to state that as of last month, I am now no longer the only African-American Libertarian to have run for Governor or US Senator in New York state. Business consultant, entrepreneur and activist Larry Sharpe (who previously contested for the LP nomination for Vice President in 2016, losing to William Weld) was nominated for Governor by LPNY at its April convention. He is an entirely sound mainstream LP candidate and official (having served on the party’s National Committee), and is informally considered one of the LP’s national superstars as of this cycle.

More importantly, Sharpe has demonstrated some of the rarest of Libertarian gifts—the ability to raise serious money (his early fundraising reached six figures by early February, which is unprecedented for a LPNY candidate), to build a real staff (45 or more, as of this writing), and to commit to circumventing the usual major media blackout by doing numerous local news interviews and funding his own polls, to ensure his name is mentioned in the survey results. In short, he’s demonstrating he’s a somewhat “next generation” LP politician who is aware of the traditional obstacles to third party success, and has shown a willingness to execute effective solutions to (perhaps) overcome them:

In my conversations with the candidate, Sharpe comes across as super lucid, clear-minded, articulate, and oh well, sharp, meaning he’s one of the best candidates we’ve ever backed for office. Sharpe is quixotically aiming to win, but his immediate goal (as usual for Libertarians in this state) is to secure regular or permanent ballot status for the LP, by getting at least 50,000 votes in November (the number required by the state’s election law). The latter is quite doable, but I advise caution in light of the LP’s failing track record in NY to date. Having over $100,000 to work with may make achieving permanent ballot status easier than ever, but it may take half a million to guarantee the result. While having dozens of staffers is a breakthrough, is that enough organization to get 50,000 votes?

When I once talked to the late Roy Innis (the founder of CORE) about possibly running for Governor for the LP back in the 2000s, he replied he was open to it if the party could supply him with 500 activists across the state. Gulp! Perhaps that’s more than what’s really needed to secure ballot access, but the point remains the logistical expectations of regular politicians about what is required to win (at whatever level) usually exceeds what the LP can muster at this point. Can the party succeed in NY this time, given the promise of the Sharpe campaign? We’ll see what happens.

On the Congressional side, Aaron Commey was nominated by LPNY for US Senate. Mr. Commey has previously distinguished himself by running as the LP candidate for NYC Mayor in 2017. Commey has overcome many personal obstacles and trials (including running up against the excessively punitive criminal “just us” system) to become a speaker and leader for liberty. He is principally running on the prisoner rights initiative (restoring their voting rights) and other aspects of justice system reform. Candidates like Sharpe and Commey have found the Libertarian party to be a much sounder vehicle to promote such reforms than trying to do so from either the Democratic plantation (who simply use the issue to demonize cops, or even whites in general, for election purposes), or the Republican ‘tent’ universe (who use the issue to demonize the left, or even minorities in general, for election purposes).

Only libertarians reliably stick to the civil liberties core substance of the matter, and so avoid the deliberately divisive demagoguery that attends addressing the prison industrial complex problem. We need more liberty people in office like Commey who will seek to solve these problems as well as to restore more rights and liberties, instead of thinking the answer is to cynically lock more people up (over less and less, for longer and longer), to thereby “look strong” and win more elections. In that light, I heartily endorse both Sharpe and Commey this November.

Ye, Kanye

In fact, the current President’s penchant for closure, to actually seek to solve problems, is likely what has contributed to a crop of black public figures and celebrities electing to speak out in a non-herd mind way. Say what you will about the strange “dragon energy” alpha drive bonding the hip hop mogul Kanye West to the Donald, but the rapper has noticed that more can be achieved starting from a stance focused on individual rights or responsibility, than from racial finger pointing. West has described former President Barack Obama as the “opioids” of the black community on the TMZ show, who “made us feel like everything was good,” even although he accomplished virtually nothing. In addition to apologizing to GW Bush for his 2005 comment that “Bush doesn’t like black people,” and outright praising rising black conservative stars like Candace Owens, Kanye even suggested that “slavery was a choice” for blacks in American history (well, maybe he jumped the shark on that one).

The connecting tissue behind all these utterances is Kanye’s definite move away from the race-obsessed or race-centric rhetoric that so dominates the ‘hack-black’ Democratic group think. While remaining black conscious, West is repudiating the collectivism and statism glued to it for decades by the white privileged, slave master controllers of the Democratic narrative. West instead wonders why it took Trump, of all people, not Obama, to reduce record black unemployment, why he himself built up a net worth of $141 million if there’s so much white privilege stopping him, etc., etc. This has caused West to now embrace working with whomever it is who is in power on issues where there is agreement, in order to make tangible progress on those fronts, over and above playing race-baiting games. This embrace extends to Kanye committing the ultimate heresy—wearing the red Make America Great Again, or MAGA cap in public!

This new emphasis on relying more on individuals of whatever stripe to get things done, and less upon the next election, immediately put Kanye in the doghouse with all the usual suspects, who trotted out the one-trick pony vicious tactic of weaponizing the entire social media matrix of modern culture to “de-platform” or bankrupt him, beginning with advocating the boycotting of his latest CD and other ventures. Unfortunately for the PC crowd, that trick only works when the target is still dependent on such monetization to support their livelihood or ability to get their message out—whereas West is already too wealthy to be neutered by such attacks. Sales of his new CD Ye have in fact gone through the roof, with all the tracks on it becoming Top 40 hits, thereby earning him his eighth consecutive number one album on the Billboard 200. Black comedians like Kevin Hart have likewise recently survived attacks (by professional Trump-bashers like Kathy Griffin) shaming him for not joining in on the bashing. Horrors. How dare these black entertainers not choose to be openly political, and in exactly the race-mongering way their white masters demand?

It’s not as if Kanye has changed his party enrollment (he actually still speculates about running for the White House himself come 2024, as a Democrat), but it’s simply a matter that he’s more interested in actually working on issues, than in wholesale bashing people on the other side. “Black people have a tendency to focus and march when a white person kills a black person or wears a hat, but when it’s 700 kids being killed in Chicago it’s O.K….There’s been more focus and more marches about whites killing blacks than kids in Chicago killing each other,” West stated to TMZ. “Ninety percent of black people being killed are killed by other blacks.” This short-circuits the elite’s constant divide and conquer approach of getting folks worked up about demonizing each other on partisan (or racial) lines, to such a degree that neither side notices that no progress has been made. Other black Democrats who have a true progressive’s “issues first” mentality understand this, such as Van Jones, who below explains why he is now also working with Trump (via Jared Kushner) on prison reform:

Pacific Peace

In a nutshell, individualism-centered activism works to tackle issues better than demonizing. This kind of wall-breaking collaboration is both pro-liberty, and progressive, and appears to be the wave of the future, given the failure of the establishment to produce results for African-Americans. In terms of the emerging black liberty as just described, the stats are in: 93% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012, but only 88% voted for Clinton in 2016. That shows at least 6% woke up in 4 years. Progress is possible. The old Obama model of “whatever makes me look good, and the black base vote feel good, even if nothing is achieved” is giving way to a “let’s get somewhere on this or that front, no matter who gets the credit” mindset. A prime example of how the old model held up progress comes from the experiences of NBA great Dennis Rodman, who did a revealing interview about how he learned the North Korea (NK) President was interested in possibly denuclearizing his impoverished regime five years ago, yet the Obama administration didn’t give him the time of day when he tried to bring this to their attention. Trump, however, did pay heed, even if the messenger was a lowly basketball star. You’ll notice Rodman now also bares the dreaded MAGA cap:

Rodman’s tearful recollections of being forced to “hide out” due to the horrendous media treatment (and death threats) he received shows how dangerous their marginalization or de-platforming campaigns can be. Otto Warmbier, among other prisoners, might still be alive today (or released sooner) if the prior POTUS had acted on Rodman’s lead, so as to warm up relations with Kim Jong Un earlier on. Instead, Obama decided to “look strong” by continuing the confrontational stance toward all nations not under the orbit of the US global empire, to keep the swamp establishment’s war party happy.

Instead of breaking with the Bush era loony neo-con, no-diplomacy-ever approach to NK, Obama’s obsession with optics led to him doubling down on it, despite occasional lip service given to talks. He likewise succumbed to Hillary’s push to war with Libya, in violation of the security deal the US had made with Muammar Gaddafi years earlier. I would define this optics-driven, militarism first stance as the mark of a WEAK leader, leading a screwed up government. Misusing our military and breaking US promises is weakness. Obama went after Libya to make himself “look strong” for the 2012 elections. The result was Benghazi, arms flowing to ISIS, and yet another Mideast quagmire.

Yet this is the kind of pro-Empire, 24/7 pro-meddling environment anti-war liberty people have to navigate in, in order to somehow move things in a non, or at least less interventionist direction. It accounts for Obama’s caving in to the war party, Rand Paul’s (at times brilliant) attempts to verbally finesse foreign policy during his Presidential run, and it explains Trump’s half-neocon, half-not cross-signaling. As I wrote last time, Trump “puts out conflicting statements and short-term gestures to please both the anti-war and pro-war side alike, while planning to pull out of most of the conflicts long term nonetheless. This creates a very frustrating present, but holds out a hopeful future where he turns around to match his campaign rhetoric with policy.” Umm, something tells me the progress made with the NK negotiations confirms this perspective exactly. As with other issues, Trump is pursuing closure to the NK nuke issue, and not perpetuate an endless ceasefire to a Korean conflict that should have been finally put to bed decades ago. Trump risked having the current negotiation efforts fall on its face, to get to that historic handshake moment with Kim on June 12. But he got it!

The war hawk John Boltons of the world were never in support of this effort, as they like the status quo, which gives them their pretext for advocating an ongoing military dominating presence in the region. But because Trump brilliantly brought people like Bolton into the administration at just this moment, they are compelled to be onboard, and have skin the game. The war party will want to know if they can take credit for a successful ‘denuclearization’ deal, so Trump is giving them that. But Kim also wants to know whether the US assurances and promises contained in this deal will outlast the Trump years. That’s what’s behind “the Libyan model” issue. Gaddafi ended his nuke program under GW Bush in exchange for security guarantees. Then under Obama, war hawk Hillary talked him into bombing Libya anyway, leading to Gaddafi’s savage demise. That is the albatross Obama has put around future Administration’s necks. Trump can make all the assurances he wants, and (maybe) can be trusted, but why should the other nation enter a deal, knowing the next POTUS might freely chuck it? For all they know, the US may snap the sanctions right back, singing the “we got the whole world, in our hands” hymn of military self-deification.

The Kim-Trump handshake sets a precedent for resolving a long standing conflict and attaining peace in our time, subject to the President getting Congress to certify a final deal through legislation. That would assure NK that the accord will hold up after the Trump era is over. But wait, say the war hawks, what will become of our talking points demonizing that government, or the basis for our retaining over 30,000 troops at the DMZ? Well, perhaps after 65 years, the US shouldn’t still be in the Korean region or hemisphere, with our provocative war games and troop presence. Time to bring the boys home, and to stop supporting massive big government (in the form of a military global empire) while pretending that’s “conservative.” Let’s support Pacific Peace instead, and applaud a President who finally risked “looking weak” to get it. That will be an awfully big achievement, for something that got started off a tip from a celebrity ball player.

Celebrity Justice

The political progress is looking so good with celebrities, why stop with Kanye, when his just as famous wife is available? One of the queens of self-promotion herself, Kim Kardashian, has actually dropped by the White House to make an appeal to Trump to advance the cause of prison sentencing reform, and in particular to get a commutation arranged for Alice Marie Johnson, a great-grandmother who was serving a sentence over drug charges. Kim should have put in a word for decriminalizing drugs altogether, the major engine behind most of the excess sentencing going on. But the key point is a so-called bimbo celeb is driving a conversation that should be led by legislators, but hasn’t been, because of partisan politics. Both major parties benefit from the War on Drugs, either because it makes pols look “tough on crime,” or because they are flat out receiving donations from the prison lobby, or both. In this atmosphere, it takes a ‘brainless’ Hollywood type to get something done, to bring justice to the over-incarcerated.

Indeed, there may be money in being “brainless like a fox.” Kardashian is worth tens of millions, on up individually, not counting the wealth acquired by her sisters or by her marriage to Kanye. Likewise, Jessica Simpson may not know that chicken does not come from the sea, but she sure figured out how to pile up a billion dollars from merchandising deals. The Bella twins are both multi-millionaires after years of marketing their brand outside of a wrestling ring. And so on. The fact that some celebs are giving back by being rainmakers for needed reform should be welcomed, as an instance of them exercising individual responsibility with their fame.

By contrast, with US pols, everything is subordinated to the elections. Dems have plainly been stretching out the Russian collusion/Trump obstruction narrative to first and foremost win back control of the House in November. only secondly in order to impeach or prosecute. Republicans and the White House are just as plainly waiting to announce any prosecutions against Comey, McCabe, et al witchhunters until later in the year, in order to ruin the Democrats’ fall election chances. It’s all about doing things for maximum election impact, not to effect maximum justice. However things fall out, it increasingly appears that Democratic Doomsday is coming in November. I expect the GOP to pick up about a net 5 seats in the Senate, and lose no more than about a net 5 seats in the House.

Finally, the issuance of pardons and commutations has been traditionally something politicians only do as they are ‘stepping out the door’ or leaving office, precisely in order to not take the heat for those decisions. Trump is, amazingly, doing provocative pardons early on during his tenure, including one just given to the first black boxing champion, Jack Johnson (at the request of actor Sylvester Stallone, who also took the trouble to visit the White House). Perhaps the Donald should challenge those celebrities who keep bashing him to show they actually care about something beyond the sound of their voice, and come to the White House to make their case in person for a pardoning somebody, or other real cause, just like Kasdashian and Stallone did? Van Jones could give them some pointers. In fact, why in the world didn’t President Obama (who did at least do his share of commutations, though late in his term) ever get around to pardoning Johnson? Does Obama even care about black people? Oops, now I’m sounding like Kanye circa 2005, time to stop typing.

Syrian Bombs, and Truth Bombs

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An update on ‘World War III,’ following up on the note from last year: The neocon empire pushers of the swamp machine finally got to cash in, WWE style, their Warfare In The Bank suitcase with the April 14 bombing strikes upon supposed chemical storage and manufacturing facilities, in response to a gas attack on children near Douma, Syria. As in wrestling, the holders of the magic case waited for the exact circumstance they wanted—in the matter of Syria, an incident involving alleged use or development of Weapons of Mass Destruction—as the righteous moral cover needed to commence raining down the bombs and other US military action. That pretext is needed to overcome certain tiny complications, such as we were not attacked, Congress did not declare a state of war, the country did not authorize us to be in their sovereign territory, the action violates international treaty conventions, the UN did not sanction it, or any other legal or Just War principle. To the self-serving US Empire, the Might Makes Right rule is the same as Saddam Hussein’s: The law is two lines, above my signature. 

Fake News and Drumbeat Bombs

Oh and by the way, the “Assad gassed his own people” charge leading to the launch of the missles appears to not be true. Not that this little detail hindered the launch of the strikes, tempered the non-stop hawkish media coverage and analysis, or informed the aftermath of the strikes on US interventionist policy. In fact, as with prior mainstream media war drumbeats, basically only one side got presented 24/7, with one pro-war FOXhead pundit after another presenting the unquestioned attack-Syria/remove-Assad narrative. The non-interventionist conservative or liberty voices of reason (Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, et al) were no where to be seen on the air—no doubt to serve the partisan paradigm that “only weak, anti-American leftists oppose war or question US claims.” In a telling example of this blacklout, host Tucker Carlson put out a dissenting opinion about the bombing—after which, he was mysteriously off FOXNews for the next week! Everything about the rollout of the narrative and its enforcement afterwards backs up the claims of the alternative media about the MSM, and its role as the real purveyor of fake news. Their job, always and forever, has been to promote or defend the establishment rationale, and marginalize all else.

What rationale, in fact? The alleged gas attack video went online during the April 7th weekend, and the President was already tweeting about “the animal Assad” by early Sunday morning. There could not have possibly been enough time to evaluate the video to verify what it claimed. The ‘White Helmets’ (an NGO humanitarian outfit who had been caught before fabricating such evidence and blaming it on the Syrian government) were again involved in the video production, suggesting they might again be pulling the stunt to scapegoat Assad. How, in the wake of the timeline and the known history, could there have been yet another rush to judgment, unless the fix was in to cash in the “he gassed his own people” propaganda suitcase?

The Deep State is responsible for another false flag here (more on this later), and perhaps Trump is on to them. Local hospitals in the Douma area do not report casualties. An MIT professor has disputed that a real gas attack occurred, which was echoed by subsequent independent journalist reports by Robert Fisk, and one done by Germany’s largest TV network. And as per a tweet by antiwar, pro-liberty Congressman Thomas Massie, the Pentagon has admitted they do not have evidence of an attack, beyond social media reports:

As with last year, when another bombing was rushed in the wake of the same shopworn excuse, everybody has been expected to dutifully accept that President Assad would take the opportunity of achieving total victory over the ISIS forces to–of course!—drop poison gas upon children and other civilians. The fact that once again, all independent investigators trying to find evidence of the attack keep coming up snake eyes, is making laughing stocks of the hawks inside and outside of the Pentagon. At this point, even several of the children displayed in the original viral video have been interviewed, have been confirmed to not be suffering from a chemical attack, and have admitted they were involved in order to get food:

Why So Syrias?

In light of this, the deal appears to be the Global Empire’s attempt to destabilize Syria and Iran, two countries the war party is severely behind schedule in for completing regime change. According to Gen. Wesley Clark, the hegemonic plan devised after 9/11 was to use that tragedy as a moralistic battering ram to invade, occupy and ‘liberate’ seven Mideast countries, including Syria and Iran by 2008. What blocked the plan? Some say it was blunders the war-whoopers made, others believe it was the 9/11 truth movement, and some suggest it was Ron Paul (as his presence in the 2008/2012 GOP primary races stopped the neocons from proceeding with new invasions). Whatever the case, since it’s now 2018, the military industrial complex is adamant about working in overdrive mode to at least finish the Syrian part of the project, take its oil pipeline or resources, then finally replace both it and the independent state of Iran with another Western compliant, co-opted regime, run by another Shah-like US friendly puppet.

Trump’s sudden “why so Syrias?” (sorry, couldn’t resist)  turn is the showcase mystery aspect of this case. Is he now really one of “them,” AKA onboard with the globalists, when it comes to projecting US military power everywhere? Or, as argued last year, is this just a bad makeup job? As with the limited bombing strikes of last spring, is it another temporary show of shock and awe designed to shut the warhawks up for another period, while Trump prepares for a withdrawal after the midterm elections? Keep track of the scoreboard—is he conducting a full invasion? No. Or creating no-fly zones over Syria? No. Has a new war started, let alone World War III? Not yet. It sounds again like, beneath all the sound and fury, and relentless neocon blusterings of Nikki Haley, that Trump remains a “Jacksonian” in his foreign policy leanings. To recap, this is a form of interventionism, to be sure, but one that commits itself only to big, but interim adventures and “limited strike” demonstrations of US military strength. Trump has NOT given up on executing an exit plan for these interventions during his tenure, and is still on track to achieving that, bad current optics and all. I will stick to my 2017 prediction that “the weight of the above considerations point to there being no World War 3, and possibly no full war at all under Trump’s reign. There will be hawkish theater, and triangulation of both the hawks and the liberty side.”

Meanwhile. the ridiculous machinations engaged in by the regime changers in straining so very, very hard to follow through on a planned sequence of Mideast conquests, have become embarrasingly obvious, however. This is especially true in light of Trump’s recently announced intention that “the US will be exiting Syria very soon.” It seems that as soon as he clearly signalled a withdrawal, the entire appartus of the swamp went into turbo mode to push him back into a vague “let’s stay a while longer (indefinitely)” counter mode. The current sense is that the US will be “subcontracting” a different group to perform combat operations in northern Syria (perhaps the Kurds again, or Saudi troops). This arrangement is as illegal as the variations involving retaining a US troop presence, but it sounds like less intervention because the troops wouldn’t be involved. Overt military ops, contracted ops, covert ops, etc, are each and all war activities not constitutionally declared, UN sanctioned, compliant with treaties, and are violative of Syria’s sovereignty. What are we doing still building bases there, and dictating what forces will be deployed in a territory we have no legal basis in occupying? No wonder why Chuck Baldwin, Alex Jones and others have expressed strong disgust with Trump’s policy vacillations on ending Mideast interventionism. Is he hopelessly compromised at this point, or just crazy, or is he still playing the swamp, and intending to ultimately flip on them?

As for me, I’m hoping that Trump is still that clever guy who got himself past 16 GOP war party crazies (Rand Paul excepted) and Hillary to win. He’s neither crazy or stupid, but crazy like a fox, who puts out conflicting statements and short-term gestures to please both the anti-war and pro-war side alike, while planning to pull out of most of the conflicts long term nonetheless. This creates a very frustrating present, but holds out a hopeful future where he turns around to match his campaign rhetoric with policy.

Sex Bombs or Blackmail Bombs?

This suggests the purpose of all the investigations of Trump have not only been to keep him frustrated, but to find the key pressure from somewhere to keep him in line with the war agenda of the deep state—which seems so far to be beating fruit. The most immediate weapons they have employed to intimidate the Donald range from either still more sex scandal-mongering, from charges by porn stars and playmates (that he romped with them a decade ago), to blackmail attempts to discover crimes concerning his past business connections.

If their true focus is on sex, the latest attempts to “Roy Moore” Trump, from Stormy Daniels’ claims, to the dodgy dossier, to new charges that he (like Pres. Grover Cleveland before him) is father to a child out of wedlock, all give off a whiff of the ‘bottom of the barrel’ variety. Yes, desperation, in that given the intense dirt-digging the MSM did on Trump in 2016, there’s no way the NYT, AP, WP and the rest of the anti-Trump gang could not have already known about the illegitinate child allegation. They didn’t publish it then because it was unconfirmed—meaning they’re running it now, because they have nothing left to throw up against Trump, so journalistic standards be danged. This is the same MSM that has taught the public (for 25 years now) to ‘move on’ from religious prudery and disregard the sexual hijinks of major politicians, so long as they do their day job well. So how did they expect a secular-prudish campaign playing up Daniels in 2018 to have any traction?

In addition, the charges lack a certain internal logic. As in, exactly how can Daniels sue for personal injury, over a consensual act (if it happened at all) that involved personal pleasure? Why would she accuse a public figure of violating a non-disclosure agreement, when it’s usually the politician who cares about compliance with a NDA, when it comes to hook ups with porn stars? And why go on 60 Minutes if she wanted to keep things quiet? Please. What the Stormy story was actually about, was 1) an attempt to dynamite away one of Trump’s main pillars of national support, namely white evangelicals. But current polls show they are standing firm in their support of him (at 78%), so the tactic failed. 2) the scandal was meant to keep hawkish pressure on Trump to stay with the program to smear Syria and keep the foreign intervention program rolling. But because of the many holes in the porn star’s story, the Storm is turning out to be just a drizzle.

So much for sex bombs as a way to blow up Trump—but that leaves open the other possibility. If it’s blackmail, I’m betting it’s not the dossier (since its claims have been refuted time and again). The true issues are in all the documents taken from the office of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen on April 9, which could include evidence of past shady casino dealings or various RNC process violations. Trump was likely informally made aware of the scope of what the raid would take from Cohen’s office weeks ago, or prior to the alleged gas attack—which explains why Trump so suddenly decided to go into bombing mode on Syria. The strike on the President’s lawyer, and the strikes upon Syria are not coincidential, with the bombings representing a kind of ransom payment to the swamp to keep their long wars and regime change ops going. Yes, it appears the deep state finally found a gun huuuge enough to put to his head. The question is, whether it is making him change his overall less-interventionist plans, or is only big enough to make him cave in to the swamp temporarily.

Covert Ops and Oops

There are signs the latter is the case, when it comes to the drop in funding of ISIS since Trump was sworn in. Could it be that Trump is well aware of the Obama era covert program (with much help from GOP war party leaders like Sen. John McCain) of supplying the Syrian”rebels” with weapons, ammo and other materials, only to find that nearly all that equipment wound up under ISIS control? Or how those same ‘rebels” have been found using an elaborate network of tunnels under Douma, that are enormously expensive to build? Oops, wonder who supplied the cash and skills to produce such a thing? Or is the answer really quite obvious?

Beyond covert campaigns, false flag ops are the chief techniques employed to roll the public within, and between nations into emotional conformity with the target policy or war project desired. In the case of Syria, the war party was prepared to wait decades to trot out the “Assad gassed his own people” word magic if needed, until the right false flag could be staged (and they could militarily act fast enough on it, before too many questions got asked), to achieve their objectives. Once the invasion or full bombing commenced, the gas attack pretext could then be used to demand that the ruler (the victim of illegal aggression launched by another country, mind you) be removed and tried for war crimes—thus completing the regime change project. A staged event supporting a WMD threat/gas attack type narrative thus serves as a perfect combination lock framework or VISA card to justify the interventionist “response” by the Empire, the bypassing of legal details, forcing regime change, and the long war/no exit occupying of the area to ‘stabilize’ it afterwards.

The jewel in the crown of false flags in the region remains the bombing of the USS Liberty by Israeli forces just over 50 years ago. This brazen attack on a US ship was meant to leave no living witnesses, so as to be blamed on the Eygptian government, to trigger getting America to fight the 1967 war against that country on Israel’s behalf. But because the surviving sailors fought back and would not comply with a media coverup, the story has been put in a black hole by the MSM, who go on to this day as if the well-documented incident never happened. Episodes like this, along with the JFK et al assasination black ops, and the 9/11 inside job reveal how often government false flags, wet work ops and subsequent MSM official stories are resorted to create a propaganda framework to push for more meddling abroad, and domestic policy changes at home. The legacy (i.e., the corporate and CIA controlled) media is the key device for putting the Deep State’s narrative over following each of these kinds of ops, which is why the mainstream so often attacks the much more independent alternative media and commentators. The alternatives challenge those narratives, acknowledge the use of false flags or covert ops to manipulate policy, and do not cover for statists in the US, Europe or Israel.

Israel’s “greater” good and expansive self-interest appears again and again to be the secondary engine (behind US global hegemony) explaining unending intervention and meddling in Syria and other points in the Mid east. Paul Craig Roberts has summarized deep state/US motives in Syria in precisely this manner:

“Syria is not about any chemical weapons use. Ahmet Uzumcu, director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, reported that all chemical weapons had been removed from Syria. “Never before has an entire arsenal of a category of weapons of mass destruction been removed from a country experiencing a state of internal armed conflict, and this has been accomplished within very demanding and tight time frames.” https://www.military.com/daily-news/2014/06/24/last-of-syrias-chemical-weapons-removed.html

Syria is not about dictatorship or building democracy. It is not about the alleged 70 victims of chemical weapons. It would take a complete idiot to believe that Washington and its European vassals, who have killed, maimed, orphaned, and displaced millions of Muslims in seven countries over the last 17 years to be so upset over the deaths of 70 Muslims that they are willing to risk war with Russia.

Syria and Iran are an issue, because Syria and Iran supply the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah, with money and weapons. This support from Syria and Iran gives Hezbollah the capability of preventing Israel’s occupation and annexation of southern Lebanon, whose water resources Israel covets. Twice the vaunted Israel Army has been chased out of Lebanon by Hezbollah. Israel’s military reputation cannot risk a third defeat by a mere militia, so Israel is using its control over US foreign policy and its rock solid alliance with the neoconservatives to use the US military to destabilize Syria and Iran as the US did to Iraq and Libya.”

In short, the Israeli government wants to expand its influence and even territory in the region, wants any local rivals neutralized or neutered, and wants the US Empire to plow the field for them. Whatever one thinks of Israel’s goals, these agenda items are not related to protecting the borders of the US, and do not justify the unconstitutional spilling of American blood and treasure in the Mideast. The US should withdraw from Syria right now, as fast as we can pack our troops and materials on the planes, as well as cease and desist from slandering country after country with unproven “they gassed their own people” charges for regime change purposes.

Assorted Truth Bombs

Speaking of governments gassing their own people, it may help to put things into perspective to remember this is the 25th anniversary since the FBI bombed, ran tanks, played Barry Manilow music over a bullhorn 24/7, and used UN-banned CS gas upon the Branch Davidians at Waco, an unnecessary act that killed dozens of (mostly black) women and children:

You may want to start downloading all such videos you really like quick, as Youtube has been furiously deleting over 8 million videos in the past three months, as part of its purge of aternative voices.

Make no mistake–standing up to the hawks and serial propagandists for war lies requires some courage, but more people are practicing it. We the People are supposed to be running this country, not the cult of the Omnipotent Deep State and its minions pushing for endless war or empire-building campaigns. If we resist the false flag stagecraft and pro-imperialistic narratives, peace and freedom can prevail. We should be fervent droppers of truth bombs to stop the war bombers, as articulated here by Caitlin Johnstone:

“…proponents of US-led military intervention accuse those who question their narratives of being mentally unsound. There is a word for the tactic of convincing someone that they are crazy in order to manipulate and control them, and that word is gaslighting. It is a textbook abuse tactic, and it isn’t okay.

It isn’t okay for these war whore pundits to bully and deceive us so that we will feel unsure of the basis for our skepticism and consent to the longstanding western agenda of regime change in Syria. It isn’t okay for them to try to make people unsure of their mental health in order to pave the way toward public consent for broader bombing campaigns and no-fly zones in a sovereign nation under assault by western-backed jihadists. Never let anyone bully you into thinking that you are the strange, weird outlier for suspecting that a western empire who has sponsored actual, literal terrorist factions in Syria might lie about Iraq’s next-door neighbor like they lied about Iraq.”