The Sea Has Parted: AbortionFare, GunFare, and Other Pharoahs

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The Author of Liberty has blown His mighty winds, splitting the seas of 50 years of baby slaughter to deliver us from the national sanctioning of Death, leaving those tyrants of Moloch utterly routed, drowned or otherwise “wiped clean by the wrath of God.” Ding Dong, Roe v. Wade is Dead! It’s gone where the goblins go. And with it, the era, or error, of the unbroken win streak of politicized legal warfare psych op minions have waged on free people everywhere, is also gone. The basic right to life, along with liberty and property, appears to be back on the menu. We will not be run off, in keeping liberties, for now we know we have what it takes to get them back, and win.

First, and foremost, believers, let us pray:

Lord and Father in heaven, You did this. Thank You, and Hallelujah.
Through Your strength, we prayed and labored on, for a generation,
to undo what was said could not be undone–and You have undone it.
Who is like unto Thee, oh Lord?
From everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God.

The Lord is our God. Let every nation know, that we know who did this.
Surely we know He keeps His promises, and is with us to the end of time.
And so we pray for His strength to continue to abide in us,
to stay faithful, and thus worthy of His blessings and miracles. Amen.

How Goes the Warfare?

Yes, one can point to the election of Orange Man in 2016 (who nominated three anti-Roe Justices), or to the unfailing work of pro-life lobbies over the decades as more direct functionaries responsible for the outcome. But, “come on, man!”—ultimately, the overturning of Roe is a divine miracle. Hey, how many 7-2 Supreme Court decisions, which lasted 50 years ever got reversed, that you know of? Again, the demise of Roe is a miracle, as it undid the single biggest bad and evil decision of a generation, that cost us tens of millions of babies’ lives, and decades of cultural division. Most of the interim failures of the current Supreme Court (like giving a pass to the painfully obvious 2020 election fraud) are forgiven, or mitigated in light of the scale of this ruling. It is the signal indication of the turning of the tide, in the direction of decency.

So in light of this, beginning with abortion, exactly how do things “fare” in the multi-front culture and political wars being fought by the fascist fools of the global Deep State elite, versus the liberty populists of the outsider grassroots? The first thing that can be noted is, the table can be considered levelled. The pseudo-constitutional and pseudo-libertarian posturing of the pro-death, pro-Moloch side no longer has the central government’s de-facto force of law behind it. Pro-life people can no longer be said to be fighting a fading battle “against history,” or ordered to “get with the program” and just get used to legalized child killing. Nor can they be said to be imposing a moral code upon the whole public, by protesting the misuse of federal power to declare all states must comply with the one-size-fits-all conjuring of nine Justices. The new decision was not based on morality, but on decentralization, and restoring proper jurisdiction over where the issue belonged—namely, with the states, and with the people:

“Our opinion is not based on any view about if and when prenatal life is entitled to any of the rights enjoyed after birth. The dissent, by contrast, would impose on the people a particular theory about when the rights of personhood begin. According to the dissent, the Constitution requires the States to regard a fetus as lacking even the most basic human right—to live—at least until an arbitrary point in a pregnancy has passed. Nothing in the Constitution or in our Nation’s legal traditions authorizes the Court to adopt that ‘theory of life’…Rather, wielding nothing but “raw judicial power,”… the Court usurped the power to address a question of profound moral and social importance that the Constitution unequivocally leaves for the people.” stated Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the Dobbs decision overturning Roe.

While some pro-life pols and pundits like Marjorie Taylor-Greene have tried to calm the emotional bombast of the pro-abortion side (who have been screaming about ‘lost rights’ and such), saying the new Dobbs ruling was merely a ‘repeal’ of abortion rights at the federal level, the plain fact of the matter is that verbiage begged the question at issue. With all due respect to MTG, it’s not a repeal of “our abortion rights.” Elective abortion was never a right at any level of government, let alone “ours.” It was a counterfeit right that was concocted from thin air, when the 1973 SC decided to overturn 180 years of established precedent in the 50 states, by ruling that all those state abortion laws (no matter how liberal or conservative) were somehow all equally unconstitutional. It was a self-indulgent liberal notion forced on a largely pro-life country, and this false right was used ever since to create a phony high ground or cover for the pro-abortionists to browbeat the pro-life side down with. Now that it is apparently going away, perhaps this battle can finally be fought on a level playing field.

AbortionFare: The Road From Here

The new decision thus intends to fully get the federal government out of the abortion issue, from the White House to Congress to the courts. Following the demise of Roe, about half the US (roughly 25-26 red states, plus perhaps some battleground states) will quickly ban or deeply restrict abortion. The momentum or perceived normality will flip from “abortion has been decided, it’s the law of the land, move on” over to “elective abortion is illegal in most states.” That will be a tidal wave shift in the national narrative, and it entirely favors the pro-life side. The Overton window of acceptable opinion will at last move momentum in the direction of social conservatives and/or liberty populists, which will make them still more influential within the culture and (politically) within the GOP, not less. Among other things, it will embolden them more to take charge of the party, not just take part. The attitude will be: If a 7-2 Supreme Court opinion upheld for five decades can be overturned, what else can be reversed?

THIS is the number 1 question that terrifies the swamp. The number 2 question, is how did the grassroots accomplish this, with more to come, without control of the narrative pushed by the legacy mainstream media (MSM) or the big tech giants of social media? And (bonus question 3) if they can accomplish this victory on abortion, as well as on gun rights (e.g., right to carry) months before liberal control of Congress is expected to be lost, what will the populists be able to achieve after they take control? In other words, this entire situation has thrown the statist establishment for a loop, to the point where many of them are openly threatening to ignore or blow off the Dobbs decision. You do realize that they told us Roe v Wade was never going away completely, right? Now overturned, pro-lifers can win this battle on the merits state to state, even in Moloch heavy regions like New York. Stage 1, over half the country (the red states) will ban or deeply restrict abortion, in a matter of months.

‘I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion.  I think it went too far.’ –
Joe Biden, 1974

Stage 2, the battleground and blue states may take years, but many of them should flip too. Stage 3, laws protecting human life from conception should pass in most of those states, following the same pattern.

Justice Clarence Thomas has indicated other social decisions of the Court are now subject to similar reconsideration, to likewise de-federalize them as well. Keep in mind that in the US high court ruling in Obergefell, same sex marriage carried by a single vote. Do we want one vote to be sweepingly changing our policies forever? Red states who have a different dominant culture, and who repeatedly voted against same sex marriage in state referendums, should never have had their traditional views on the matter forcibly removed from the reflecting law. The federal government should not be dictating a one-side-fits-all jurisdiction over abortion, gay marriage or other social issues. The woke folks have indeed been abusing it to force their views on others (some say, to the point of setting us up for Sodom II). The Court is now saying the jig is up, and it will no longer let the federal judiciary decree national leftism from the bench. So of course the abortion industry, and its gravy train beneficiaries within the woke political class are screeching hard. Compare the wild bellyaching that has been issued from their corner over calmer, more measured discussions by libertarians, below. We know when the centralized state loses power, more freedom and liberty is the outcome:

GunFare: They’re Out of Bullets

In light of the above factors, it’s difficult to fathom why Democrats think they can ride their abortion disaster to a competitive showing in the midterm elections. Decades of election results have shown that single issue voters on abortion break down 2-1 (or at times 3-1) pro-life over pro-choice. So for every single issue person who votes against Republicans on this issue, the GOP will pick up two votes that are pro-life. If Democrats think they will trap the other party on abortion, they will only trap themselves. But even more ludicrous, other than from a deep politics perspective, is the capitulation of ‘moderate’ Republicans in passing a new gun control bill into law, including expanded background checks, funding of red flag laws, and other infringements on second amendment rights that were not intended by the Founders to ever be infringed upon. The swamp-RINO GOP were embarrassed in mid-cave by yet another wonderful Supreme Court ruling (this time written by Thomas) that struck down New York’s ultra-restrictive concealed carry gun laws. Is the GOP leadership secretly trying to throw the midterm elections to the Democrats, as Emerald Robinson has suggested, so as not to deliver the liberty policies the populists want?

Is it simply a matter of the Deep State Pharoahs being out of ammo, to fight the grassroots? What it looks like is the power hungry, ‘my way or the highway, always’ appetite of the swamp elite to keep sacrificing the unborn, and to keep being gun control freaks is at last overriding its political prudence. They may not care about hiding their evil anymore. As Frodo said, “there is nothing separating me now, from the Wheel of Fire. I can see it, with my waking eyes!” For the swamp, the main thing that matters is they deposed Trump, and have Democratic control of the White House through 2024, no matter which Dem is heading it. Everything about Bidenista corruption is excusable, as they are already breathing a sigh of relief that at least they got to replace the latest vacancy on the Supreme Court. Imagine their derangement if the super-popular Trump was still there and made the selection, giving conservatives a 7-2 majority!

If you think this is really how the law is going to work, THAT is the red flag.

The gun controllers keep finding means of converting what should be a free exercise of liberty, into a federal crime unless ABCDEFG… regulatory stipulations are complied with. The red flag laws by structure eliminate due process (an estranged ex or other hostile party can just accuse you of being unstable or ‘dangerous’ and then, without being proven guilty, or even charged with an offense, away go your guns). You then have to chase the return of your rights, your property, and your good name after the fact. This is not the American way, let alone America First. It sounds more like the the agenda of WEF, CCP or Davos first, our election and constitutional preferences be darned. It also runs in the face of the recent Supreme Court decision that strongly (9-0) struck down red flag laws.

Each gun grabber clearly wants effective self defense to be a government privilege, not a basic right of a sovereign people whether government recognizes it or not. Which means, of course, a bureaucratic managerial elite will be deciding (and endlessly extending) the “common sense” restrictions that will be imposed upon the peasants. Would there have been a US at all, if the British regulars were appointed to be the deciders? Will we have another round of “common sense” controls thrown at us after every new shooting incident controversy? There are already over something like 300 “common sense” gun control laws at the federal, state or municipal levels. How much “common sense” do we actually need? The elite never answers this question, and just keeps on advocating to pile on more restrictions. Would we put up with 300 such restrictions on our 1st amendment rights, or our 4th amendment rights, and so on?

The notion that this nation is more gun-dangerous than other countries (such as our neighbors Mexico and Canada, or in terms of mass shootings) is vastly overstated. The Lott studies have shown the number of such shootings in the US is only 2% of mass shootings worldwide. Finally, the point of specifying no infringements on keeping and bearing arms in the Bill of Rights, was to recognize the federal government did not have the authority under the Constitution to even be legislating in this area at all—it was reserved to the people, or the states. Currently, the states that recognize this Constitutional consideration have responded to the gun incidents by often REMOVING gun restrictions, not adding more gun control freak laws to the books. In fact, Guns Prevent Thousands of Crimes Every Day, Research Shows.Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 every day. Most often, the gun is never fired, and no blood (including the criminal’s) is shed. Every year, 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms.”

With this kind of info firmly in tow, yes, the pro-liberty forces can win, be it against the gun grabbers, or the abortionists—and the elite knows this. So, enough with the no-hopium crowd going “we’re not going to take back Congress, the fraud is too rampant” droning. The reality is there have been election integrity reforms passed in enough states so far to head off another wholesale steal like in 2020. And we will have way more election observers in place in 2022, as shown by the 2021 Virginia elections.

The truth is there can’t be much reform beyond this until we vote out a significant number of the fraudsters now in office, who enabled the steal or have blocked the decertification of the bad ballots. When that riffraff is run off, the remaining major reform of the system can happen. Until then, we simply don’t have enough patriots in the key positions to do it, so we DO need to recover enough ground in the midterms to put the foot soldiers in place, to more fully put down the fraud.

As suggested before, this all leads to an inevitable conclusion: the elite’s automatic Win Streak is over. They will have to earn those victories on an even playing field from here on out. Too many people have awakened, the courts are in revolt against centralizing the power of the woke regime, and the legacy media’s narrative is no longer persuading anybody who studies both sides. What is unresolved is who will win the war, after all the infowar battles are fought. Dump the hopium, and the doomium as well, just trust the Truth, and bring the receipts. Hang in there, speak victory to the challenge, and get the popcorn.


Comments on the Ukraine Invasion

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My thoughts, reposted from the Queens Libertarians site:

Stolen elections have consequences. The Russian invasion is the outcome of years of it not reaching security agreements with NATO, ongoing bombings of a Russian population in eastern Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin perceiving ‘weakness’ in Biden, following the (ahem) somewhat questionable circumstances of the November 2020 election, and his disastrous withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Putin thinks, probably correctly, that the current occupant of the White House will not risk full out war over a country in eastern Europe.

By contrast, Trump threatened to bomb Moscow if Russia invaded Ukraine, and has called Putin’s current actions “smart.” Putin sensed Biden did not have the stones to say that, let alone do it, so he has proceeded, based on a long term frustration about failed negotiations in the region. Given the US and NATO expanding up to Russia’s doorstep since the end of the Soviet Union, even though they verbally promised they would not do this, Putin wanted a formal written assurance they would not try to make Ukraine a member of NATO.

Russia also wanted Western powers to recognize the autonomy of the Donbass region (in accordance with the Minsk peace accords) as the US (again) said they supported. They have done neither. Putin is at the end of his patience with US/NATO saying one thing, but doing the opposite. Even given that, Russia was not deciding to invade, until the emergency meeting held two weeks ago, where US/NATO indicated they would not give whatsoever on these issues. That forced Putin’s hands, into starting this military op. Trump simply notes this is what Putin’s motives are, and that he has been smart about it.

Russia is not slowing down its invasion as of this writing, but they are taking their time on seizing the major cities. Putin has probably war gamed the op down to this and other scenarios. He has taken out the Ukrainian military’s communications and command and control with the Donbass region, which is where their biggest military presence is. But there has been almost no damage done to the nation’s civilian infrastructure, compared to, say, the “shock and awe” number the US Empire did to Iraq (further evidence this is a controlled, restrained operation). They ultimately don’t want to play endless occupy-the-country games, they just want the West to back off further militarization of that country at their border.

Russia failed to knuckle under to NATO, in a situation where their security concerns were ignored or never formalized, and where millions of Donbass Russians were already under attack. While the hawks have one-sidedly characterized their invasion as ‘aggression,’ a war crime, or other forms of indecency, Russia has actually asserted the same self defense rights in 2022 that the US did in the Cuban missile crisis in 1963. Then, the US objected to Russian missiles being placed on our doorstep, and we were not going to budge. Now, Russia objects to more NATO forces being placed on their doorstep, and they are not going to budge. The reason 1963 was a crisis was if Russia hadn’t conceded, we weren’t going to budge, and war WOULD have erupted. If the US had militarily escalated in such a crisis, would that have been ‘aggression?’ If not, then neither is it aggression if another country does so. Russia has budged on NATO expansion to its doorstep for decades, and it will budge no farther. Russia gets to have sovereign security interests too.

NATO has not been constrained to abide by its own (again verbal) promises to Russia, for decades on NATO expansion, and for 8 years in both Minsk agreements. Russia will not accept a one way situation where only it is supposed to abide by agreements the other party is disregarding. Certain neo-liberal, globalist figures and pro-NWO groups (like WEF, Soros etc), who believe in a perpetual situation where they call the shots, while all other nations must comply, are of course upset by this. This does not change the reality, in full context and with cooler heads, that Putin’s actions appear to be a legitimate, self-defense response to protect Russia’s security interests. I agree with Ron Paul, Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, and numerous other libertarians and paleocons in opposing hot war escalation with Russia, feeling that this entire matter could have been avoided by formally giving Russia the security guarantees, and abiding by them. Shopworn jingoism and demonizing the other side as “indecent” will not resolve the impasse.

According to Paul Craig Roberts, “the days of baiting the bear are over. As I have reported for some time, Russia has had enough of the West’s lies, deceptions, insults, and provocations. Henceforth, when Russia tells them something, they would do well to turn their ears on. Putin has said that Russia will not permit Ukraine to develop nuclear weapons, and he has said that Russia will not tolerate US/NATO bases on her borders. The US and NATO had better believe it. Putin said Russia has no intention to occupy Ukraine. Russia does not want Ukraine, but Russia will not permit the continued militarization of the country by the US and NATO or the Ukrainian attacks on the Donbass Russians. The West had better understand this.”


Don’t miss this analysis by Dr. Steve Turley on how the invasion spells the end of the unitary neo-liberal New World Order. In the midst of all the fog of conflicting reports, war rhetoric, or outright propaganda, one way to surely begin to distinguish truth from spin is to look at which way the globalists and Deep State swampers are going, in lockstep— and go the other way. Notice how the war pigs and shills are using the same talking points, keywords, emotional appeals, or smearing any dissent as ‘treason,’ which will show you their pitches were probably concocted from the same CIA/Conservative Inc. mill playbook as in the last drumbeat for escalated intervention. In light of globalists like George Soros coming out in favor of aiding Ukraine, the below is becoming a popular internet meme:

Soros: “It is important that both the transatlantic alliance… but also other nations do whatever is in their power to support Ukraine.”

Natasha: “Just like Budapest, all over again.”

Clint: “You and I remember Budapest very differently.”

Soros: “I agree”…

Keep On Truckin’ In a Free World

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I said last time pro-liberty people are tired of the COVID health mandate tyranny, and wow, it appears since that point that the Resistance has jumped another quantum level. Rather than it being Blundering Biden’s “dark winter,” it’s turning out to be winter for the whole swamp, deep state and legacy media’s propaganda apparatus. Free minded folks are simply running over and crushing The Narrative on a number of fronts, and no longer caring if they are demonized, slandered, ‘cancelled,’ or even criminalized for doing so. The swamp rats in power are quite flummoxed over this, and are biting hard trying to shut freedom down, so far to no avail. Canada’s “freedom convoy” development, bursting into life in the middle of winter, with overwhelming and increasing support from the US and people worldwide, has shocked the elite managers of the West, in their efforts to complete the subjugation of the peasants under a global compliance state, through relentless COVID shaming, censorship or defamation of open dissent, and an international shower of mandates. They thought they had the deplorables all pinned down and muzzled—but life, as Dr. Malcolm has famously said, finds a way…

Keep on Truckin’ in the Free World

Canadian statists instigated the current standoff by moving to implement COVID passport mandates on the country’s trucking industry (requiring them in order for truckers to work), and by involuntarily digitally adding such status info to their phone database (again, force first, debate afterwards). In an instant show of ‘put their foot down’ backbone, truckers organized and executed the convoy, with the goal of getting all such mandates permanently reversed or ended. This took the form of a new sort of ‘sit-down’ or sit-in protest (involving vehicles), disrupting key roads and bridges across Canada and its Capitol area. Tow Truck companies (who would be expected to remove the vehicles from the roads) sided with the truckers.

The Canadian establishment (media and politicians) blew a gasket, with no-account Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial responses being the most hilarious and embarrassing. He and the rest of the rats have indeed been biting hard, trying to defend mandates that never had legitimacy to begin with. After all, in Canada, the US or anyplace else, a “mandate” not based on law (passed by a legislature) is just a lawless dictate that defies rule by the sovereign will of the people. An amazing array of desperate (and increasingly legally questionable) antics have been employed by the government to end the populist sit-in, yet failing to break the resolve of its participants or defenders.

“This was a baller move,” as former OAN commentator Liz Wheeler has described it, and it has inspired supporters with each passing day. The whole situation calls for a double jam. As in the below thematic homages to truckin’:

While the liberal, pro-COVID compliance media (on both sides of the border) have been consumed with painting the protestors as confused right-wingers, extremists or as a smattering of weirdos, thousands of mobile phone videos and interviews posted online keep documenting a different story—one of masses of regular folks who are sick to death of the crushing mandates, the lockdowns, and threats to their livelihoods or freedom of movement. The Canadian (Trudeau) junta keeps throwing out divided signals, on some days announcing a relaxing of, or suspension of the mandates, then other days (no doubt after being yelled at by DC, his CCP donors and connections, or the globalists at the WEF) announce further extreme measures to crush the convoy. Trudeau et al have gone from complaining there are “only a few hundred” truckers and donors, to declaring a national emergency over the convoy (or martial law, which implies far more are involved). So which is it?

Meanwhile, the alleged ‘opposition party’ in Parliament has played a double game, expressing solidarity with the truckers, but also demanding they stand down, after which they can try to remove COVID mandates ‘once the status quo is restored.’ Hmm, where were they during the status quo, to head off this standoff in the first place? Acting like punching bag losers, just like in America. The US has its RINOs, and sadly Canada appears to also have its own set of jello conservatives. They should first vote to permanently end all the mandates, before the truckers budge an inch.

Pointing out such desperate state antics ultimately means “We Are All Truckers Now,” Sally Zelikovsky remarks: “Oh, let’s not forget the Department of Homeland Security promising to investigate as a domestic terrorist anyone who articulates viewpoints about COVID at variance with official government agitatsiya—attempting to thwart a US convoy before it even starts. You got that? That’s an unconstitutional prior restraint on expression if you ask me…

This is no longer run-of-the-mill law enforcement—to protect and serve, ensuring peace and safety of the citizenry. This is about our governments using a virus as an excuse to restrict our ability to work, live, travel, speak, pray, and parent; as a cudgel to exert power over our lives; and to spread disinformation to keep us living in fear and pitting us against one another. The police are being used to arrest and detain law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying citizens whose views on COVID the authoritarians don’t like, but who have been forced to the brink and have no choice but to take bold (but peaceful and lawful) action to regain their lives and liberties.”   

Punishing supporters who have donated to the convoy seems to be a particular focus of the tyrants and silent enablers of the COVID compliance state. Such leading crowdfunding sites as GoFundMe caved to either Canadian pressure, or internal left “cancel culture” biases by its own staff (or both), and cut off truckers from accessing to the $10 million raised for their cause. Not only that, they originally announced they were going to redirect those collected funds to causes of their choosing, not those of the donors! Due to severe backlash, the site has had to reverse this course by refunding the money and paying for all chargebacks. Trudeau has suggested they want to expand this to attacks on donors’ bank accounts, defining their contributions or activity as “aiding terrorism.”

As some have said, by such actions GoFundMe has basically destroyed their business model. The fee they got paid per drive is probably eclipsed by the fees they are paying for refunding the donations or handling the chargebacks. Just like Paypal is losing stock value (in part) for going political, by recently trying to de-bank alternative content and causes. Practical tip for content creators and activists—start using Zelle, Donorbox or Subscribestar to issue or collect payments and donations. Such new vendors use your bank account directly to conduct transactions, cutting out third parties like GoFundMe or Paypal, who have become bad actors in reliably processing payments. You can also use alternative crowdfunding sources like GiveSendGo, but as the crazed state tyrants have shown, they may just choose to criminalize or hack organizations they don’t like (anything it takes to shut activist freedom down). Bitcoin or crypto may be the safest way to go in terms of transferring funds without a third party being involved, so the funds at least immediately go to their intended targets without government interference.

Whatever, this kind of dictatorial overreach has rightfully earned Trudeau much deserved condemnation by civil liberties groups in Canada, not to mention the largely liberal Canadian public itself. It has triggered such a negative response that the convoy movement has been ported over to several countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, with the US version starting up by the end of winter. Now down to 16% percent support in the polls, Trudeau’s own public behavior has grown increasingly erratic, with the supposed leader refusing to meet with the opposition, and recent instances where he even walked out of Parliament while being asked questions about his actions. The PM may have even stooped to staging a few false flag operations, as 13 suspicious subjects were arrested, and 4 charged with “conspiracy to commit murder” in Ottawa on Feb. 14 (heavily armed, yet strangely just idling around at the convoy), which “just happened” to be the same day Trudeau issued his emergency. Protestors laughed at how obvious and sloppy this FBI 101 ploy to justify his announcement appeared (the collected pistols don’t even match, and there were no mags). Once again, the situation is so glorious, it calls for two video tributes, to wit:

This gruesome mixture of tyranny, desperation and absolutist dogmatism has exposed the corruption and fraud of the cult of the omnipotent state to the general population like few other events in recent memory. Why won’t the elected leader of a major state follow the will of the people, and simply end the mandate regime? Because he doesn’t want to lose face, or his good standing with the will of the authoritarian elite, that’s why.

Will he hold out complying with the voters until all the food rots in the trucks, if it hasn’t already? This type of practical consideration has, fortunately, caused several provinces in Canada to suspend or announce the end of its COVID mandates, with more to follow. The reverberations from the convoy may have indirectly led to numerous states in the US doing the same, as Democratic leaders scramble to reduce the damage that public rejection of the COVID regime is doing to their midterm election chances. Even the PM’s pathetic attempt to shut down the donors’ bank accounts has backfired, as many of the financial institutions cooperating with Canada under the declared emergency have experienced a bank run, as customers have pulled their money from them, or caused them go offline.

We may be winning the rollback, but the war is not truly over until laws get passed outlawing lockdowns and mandates that have no basis in legislation. Otherwise we are at the whim of any president, Governor or Mayor who wants to issue a new decree or executive order to reimpose restrictions. Notice how Biden has quietly just extended the “emergency declaration” on COVID past its scheduled March 1 withdrawal date, with no new end date provided. Those orders need to be made impossible to initially lay down without legislation specifically authorizing it. Unless that happens and until then, let them truckers roll, 10-4!

Keep on Rogan in the Free World

On a related front, freedom-minded people have (at least mentally) stepped on the gas, and rolled their trucks over the media gatekeepers who tried to get independent internet talk show host Joe Rogan removed from his host platform, Spotify. Because the podcaster has 11-12 million listeners per show (dwarfing legacy swamp media organs like CNN, at only 1 million viewers per evening), and dared to book COVID dissenting voices and other heretics, he was marked for extermination. This project is still in progress, with propaganda droning messages complaining Joe is spreading “misinformation” on COVID, by his promoting vaccine alternatives, and by his opposing COVID mandate dogma.

But lo and behold, that didn’t dent his support, so the current tack is to paint him as racist (e.g., by using an out-of-context clip compilation of Rogan using the ‘N word’). Spotify, who makes tens of millions from the Rogan podcast, was put under tons of pressure to drop him (by both the CNN set, and by liberal internal staff), which may or may not still happen. Veteran musicians on the platform like Neil Young (who are under pressure from Pfizer and other Big Pharma suits, with whom they have a financial connection) demanded either Rogan be removed, or else to remove their music catalogue. Spotify complied by removing Young’s catalogue, sharing the old sentiment that Lynryd Skynyrd was right—“I hope Neil Young will remember, a Southern man don’t need him around, anyhow.”

These attacks, smears and boycott machinations are all hokum, as detected by those who share a “freedom trucker” mentality. The so-called ‘laws’ Joe, the truckers and others are supposed to be defying have already been struck down by several federal court decisions, and the so-called ‘science’ they allegedly are defying has already ‘changed’ with the political winds. COVID laws are not more important than constitutionally recognized rights. It is our RIGHT (not ‘opinion’) to have medical privacy, freedom of travel, and freedom of choice with regards to our own body. How are we threatening other people’s safety if they are the ones who are vaccinated, and we are not? Why must our personal medical info be known to everybody in the world? Why are we facing the prospect (as admitted by an FDA official) of mandates requiring people to get annual COVID shots? So, if anti-mandate advocates do cite expert science sources to back up their statements, needless to say the jabsters would respect their comments? Oh, sure. And can they kindly cite the law that says jab passports are even legal, given HIPAA and medical privacy laws? Or cite the science that proves (not a bureaucracy that decrees) that these are actually “vaccines,” as mRNA therapy expert Robert Barnes and other doctors say they are merely experimental gene therapies?

In light of this, alternative social media company Rumble made a generous offer to Rogan to switch to their platform instead. Hey Joe, you should have either left Spotify, or demanded the right to publish deleted podcasts elsewhere. Then post them on 10 alternative platforms. Can’t stop the signal. As suggested elsewhere, you should taken the deal and the money, Joe. Rumble in effect offered $100 million in cover to Rogan to switch over, as it changes the MSM narrative if he leaves Spotify. Instead of “evil racist and disinfo guy finally de-platformed, good riddance,” it becomes “Rogan enters new lucrative $100 million deal on leading alternative to YouTube.” It kills their attempt to say they’ve purged another extremist from the mainstream. Rogan should have also explained the has an adopted BLACK daughter. Now that would have silenced things. But instead, Rogan posted an apology for the ‘N word’ video, and tried to appease Spotify as much as possible, even agreeing to remove up to 200 previous podcasts from the show’s archive page.

But in full context, Rogan did win. His traffic hasn’t been affected, and it’s clear the attacks have lost their fizz. The apology was just a concession to Spotify to get through the flap. Both are still making tens of millions, Joe isn’t leaving it, and Spotify isn’t cancelling him. The legacy media may still believe they can break him or Spotify, based on their having the deep wallet to continue their bombardment. So the establishment THINKS. Let’s see how they will rheee over the next few months when he fully rides this out, despite their professional hatchet job:

Finally for this section, let’s hear all this liberty heresy from the man himself:

Keep on Exposing Jan. 6 in a Free World

By thoroughly standing up to the Compliance Narrative, folks like the truckers and Joe Rogan are already Final Boss Legends. To this mighty round table of champions I would add the “mostly peaceful” protestors at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. The year that has passed has allowed us more distance to see who, in fact, supported transparency and election integrity, versus who supports obscurity, and removing the freedoms of their opponents.

Sadly, the vast majority of protestors who were arrested over alleged violence in DC that day are rotting in jail without charge, and without bail afforded to them. By contrast, BLM protestors who caused 2 billion in property damage for siege after siege of buildings and neighborhoods across 2020 and 2021 have seen no justice. A special “January 6 Committee” was convened by Democratic leaders in Congress last year to ‘investigate’ the matter. But by this point most people (like the truckers) sense it would serve as an election year kangaroo court to defame Trump, and declare all those concerned about the historic election theft of 2020 as guilty of “insurrection” (i.e., de-certifying the invalid Biden ballots fraudulently counted in the election is considered a crime by Dems).

Exactly who is really sabotaging getting the truth out about January 6? Will Pelosi allow the release of her communications with Capitol police, to clarify why security arrangements (that she had to approve) were not optimal? Will the 14,000 hours of security video be released, to show definitively who did what, or who didn’t do anything? Will attorneys representing those arrested get to testify about those jailed without bail conditions set for the defendants, and their excessive punishments? Will the indications that the FBI staged the events be explored? Or the CIA’s role in conducting mass surveillance of Americans, then feeding that data straight to the FBI? Etc. Or will Nancy cover that up, to keep the Democratic propaganda narrative pure? As of this writing, Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) has yet to hear from the D.C. Department of Corrections, whose director he queried in July of 2021, about the status of the men and women who remain in the agency’s custody for charges related to the January 6 riot at the Capitol. Will the Committee dodge this issue too?

Or for that matter, will they get to the matter of the real insurrection, AKA the election fraud of November 2020, that led to the protest/riot of January 6? Or will the swamp continue to stonewall that issue with epithets like “that’s the Big Lie,” fueled by Trump money, based on no evidence?

It takes a special kind of gall to blow off a thousand sworn affidavits by direct eyewitnesses to election fraud and declare it to be “zero” evidence. More gall to disregard video evidence of poll workers in GA running tons of the same ballots through the machines multiple times as “zilch” evidence. Or do the same regarding the 20 binders of exhibit evidence presented at the NV legislative hearing, etc, etc. Ah, but the facts don’t matter, when you’re part of a ongoing propaganda op to justify a stolen election, and smear campaign to prevent a more popular President than Biden from returning to the White House. Sworn statements have always been evidence, and are much more persuasive than unsworn rationalizations that video and witnesses are not evidence. Whatever the case, its value is not “zero” as propagandists claim. Biased or intimidated judges threw out the election cases in the filing stages, before an evidentiary hearing and discovery was conducted, so their “rulings” about evidence they had not heard are irrelevant.

There have been rigged elections since at least 1824, when JQ Adams stole the election from Jackson, so don’t blame Trump. Think about the 2008 Democratic primary in New York, where Hillary had such control that in at least 9 precincts IN HARLEM, Obama is said to have gotten NO votes. Yet election officials said “nothing to see here, move along.” That’s how election fraud works—the cheaters rob, then the getaway driver, the establishment, covers it up. That’s why at least 28 states have passed election reforms since last year, to verify all ballots and thus stop another steal.

Here’s the real history: 1-The FBI said there was no evidence the events of Jan 6 at the Capitol amounted to an insurrection. 2-The events started at 2:11 pm, while Trump was still speaking. He sent out a message against it by 2:40, less than half an hour later. 3-It was the Capitol police who first noted the presence of Antifa/BLM people at the Capitol, stoking property damage and loitering.

There is video of security letting most of the protestors in the Capitol, and video of protestors trying to STOP others from committing violence. There is sworn testimony of witnesses noting that protestors were cooperating with (not confronting) police, as well as that the heavy magnetic sealed doors in the building which could not be broken down, could only be opened from the INSIDE. What we need is less Trump bashing, less Dem radical crazies fueling witch hunts, and a fair committee where both sides get represented, and where both parties have subpoena power.

And perhaps certain Dem pols like Senators Manchin and Sinema, will give up on the radicals altogether in light of this partisan vindictive nonsense, and switch parties some time this year. If this happens even partially, it would be a “eucatastrophe” moment in JRR Tolkien’s words, where a miracle occurs ‘outta nowhere’ to help the good guys win. Perhaps both Senators see the writing on the wall and do not believe they are getting re-elected in any event, so are thinking about switching parties to get the crazier Dems off their backs. They’ll then just ride out their terms as independents or as Republican RINOs, BUT perhaps give the GOP the crucial advantage of regaining control of the Senate before 2022.

As it already stands, those Senators helped Dems dodge a bullet by voting against ending the filibuster, and against “election reform” to federalize the fraud tactics forever. Manchin just saved the Democratic Party from extinction. Had the filibuster died, The stampede of legislation they would have rammed through Congress would have led to the inevitable charges of “overreach” by the party in power, and the long term decimation of the Dems in 2022 AND 2024. It would have buried them deeper and longer than they are already expecting to be sunk under the Biden era circumstances. The GOP could have then regained Congress in the midterms, the White House in 2024, and without a filibuster to block them, voted for a reversal of at least the last decade of Democratic bills. Half the country must contend with the fact that there is another half to the country. Dismissing half of America as “terrorists,” seditionists or bigots is absurd.

The midterms are expected to deliver Republicans a very strong, long term majority in the House. They should use the control to identify the biggest offenders among Dem members, to strip them of all committee assignments going forward. The GOP should also release all the House documents from past and present witch hunts, showing how they colluded to destroy their targets, or how Eric C. was talking to Schiff ahead of time about how to be a ‘whistleblower,’ etc.

That leaves the MSM or legacy media as the remaining perpetrator of the elite narratives. E.g., I still have fundamental trust issues with FOX. Many of us will never forgive them for calling AZ for Biden within seconds of the polls closing. They gave no serious treatment to the massive evidence that election integrity was vaporized last November, or of the independent forensic audits that have followed. OAN’s coverage stands supreme over FOX’s capitulation to the mainstream media narratives of the past year.

And that huffy, sniff sniff “OH YOU DEPLORABLES” contempt for 75 (or really more) million voters is exactly why the anti-Trumpers are getting squashed in all the current polls, and in the upcoming election cycles. Trump won MORE niche votes in all categories in 2020, compared to 2016. In the 2020 election, not even counting the suspect vote issues: President Trump won more Hispanic votes. President Trump won more female votes. Trump won more black votes. President Trump won more gay votes. President Trump won more immigrant votes. He will top even those 2020 numbers in 2024, despite the Dems cranking out more bogus ballots or voting machine glitches.

Much of the “there’s no hope for us unless the election fraud is dealt with first” position has already been rebutted by examples like the 2021 VA election. You CAN beat the corruption in place with enough real votes overwhelming the system, and with enough patriots watching things at the local levels. You need more populists elected to fix 2020, because the swamp perpetrators of 2020 are currently entrenched. Put in the populists and election reforms you can right now, and then more fully go to work removing the fraudsters.

Keep on Canceling the Cancellers in the Free World

The issue isn’t just a lack of will to abandon big media—viewers have been leaving CNN in droves (long before the Zucker firing, over protecting Gov. Cuomo via his girlfriend there, who has also since resigned). It’s the swamp establishment that keeps financing and propping up the legacy networks, and their pedo staffers. The courage that is needed is for patriots to prosecute and sue the establishment for fraudulent untruths it peddles, abuse of the legal process in going after conservatives or libertarians, and other offenses. Who will lead that charge? Or will we allow the fraudsters to continue to cancel and divide us with their new rules, or new normal forever?

We already see how cancellation works in pop culture, where any dissent is defamed as “misinformation,” racism or sexism. Partakers of this tactic adopt a ‘woke’ stance said to be done for the sake of ‘diversity,’ and makes it a priority to take control over existing fantasy franchises or intellectual property (IP), usually any show or film series that is dominated by white male leads. Those lead parts are then ousted, in favor of a female character who never earned that position in the narrative. In other words, woke is not about adding diversity, it’s about replacing traditional white male leads, and monopolizing the IPs going forward. It’s about stamping out all traces of Western cultural tradition, from media to movies. Only wokeness can be presented as the dominant perspective, doggone it!

Their true goal seems to be transforming culture into a social left mold, and controlling it forever more from then on—even if this involves pushing fundamental incoherencies. As it stands, the left’s positions are collapsing under the weight of their own self-serving contradictions. Example—do the “I was born this way, so I can’t change” homosexuals ever dialogue with the “I was born one way, but I now self-identify as the other way, so I can change” transgender people?

Another major example: They used to argue abortion should be safe, legal and rare, but now say even infanticide is okay. They pleaded that it should remain legal because it’s a set precedent, but then also argued previous Court decisions that upheld state laws against homosexuality should be overturned. They originally agreed pro-life taxpayers should not be forced into funding abortion, but now are all for stripping them of choice. And by supporting COVID passports, mandates and databases, there goes the argument that they care about medical privacy. The emphasis should return to fortifying true freedom of choice (including choosing to let babies live), and efforts that build up America, instead of further tearing it down. The US, in other words, needs more of the trucker’s mindset, less cancellation, and more priority placed on furthering liberty, and this country’s interests.  Alex sums up what the national and cultural priority should be for populists in his usual humble way. Until next time…


The War Escalates: MAGA vs the China Syndrome 2.0

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“We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination [democracy] practiced in past centuries.”

—David Rockefeller in June 5, 1991 at the Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany

“[Klaus] Schwab as publisher of the World Economic Forum’s 2010 “Global Redesign” report postulates that a globalized world is best managed by a coalition of multinational corporations, governments (including through the UN system) and select civil society organizations...the Forum is hence planning to replace a recognised democratic model with a model where a self-selected group of “stakeholders” make decisions on behalf of the people. The think tank summarises that we are increasingly entering a world where gatherings such as Davos are a silent global coup d’etat to capture governance.”

Wikipedia article on Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum

Thirty years behind schedule. From Rockefeller then to Schwab now, that’s how one must understand the managerial elite’s perspective in their quest to implement their ‘omnipotent state’ agenda–they’re late, they’re late, for a very important date. In other words, it’s not a conspiracy theory, if the conspirators up and tell you they are plotting stuff. But what is this stuff that nightmare dreams are made of?

Well, look around you. As 2021 closes, depending on your area, there are severe restrictions or conditions placed on your movements, serious questions over the integrity of the past year’s elections, even more questions about a cover-up about the origins of the COVID Phantom Menace, and communication lockdowns on your ability to voice dissent over any of it. Out of nowhere, despite White House facile denials, we are seeing the highest inflation rates in 13 years, heating bills expected to jump 54% this winter, mass firings of professional workers, veterans and parents being investigated as ‘terrorists’ for objecting to the politicization of education, or simply voting for the other guy, and mass shortages of basic goods, plus way too many other rabbit holes.

In Other Words, We’re Winning

The populist, pro-liberty side has indeed succeeded in exposing, stalling or even somewhat reversing the machinations of the swamp state in the last 12 months, even as the latter tried to put pedal to the medal in advancing the “Great Reset” to bury the free West. As indicated in the above quotes, the international ruling establishment does not like the democratic republic, rule of law, or protection of rights based form of government, and think they know better than the peasants. They want aristocratic global government or “governance,” run by corporate-approved overlords and banking interests, and they wanted it decades ago. So what stopped to the New World Order? 1) Their own mistakes, such as the ones made on the hegemonic front (pushing for war after war, and presuming these combat efforts would smoothly convert the conquered nations into client states of the Reset West), and 2) populist eruptions, from Ron Paul to the Tea Party, Occupy, Brexit, and finally the Outsider movement (led by Orange Man) of the past 5 years.

Both were an enormous blow to the NWO, and its military enforcement arm, the US Empire, who wants to run the world (not the USA, who only needs to protect its own borders and Put America First). That failing Empire thought it could arrogantly intervene, occupy and dictate to all other regions of the world indefinitely. Afghanistan, et al, has shown there are limits to that mentality. Having exhausted their credibility in fomenting military quagmires (using “fighting terrorism” as its justifying psyop), they then failed in their attempts to sell internationalist dogmas, from climate change to “sustainability” and such, to manufacture consent for tyranny from the masses. Since then, the overlords on the US side have moved on to overt fraud (in the 2020 elections, to put the preferred swamp demons in position), overt deception (in the conjuring up of the unending COVID shamdemic narrative), and have now combined that with doing overt damage to the nation’s economy (in order to at last accelerate a crisis in resources, to make the public receptive to, or compliant with more government controls).

Only to the deep staters’ shock and dismay, after five years of demonizing the patriots, after three years of condemning dissent as “fake news” or now “misinformation,” after almost two years of locking us all down with a faux medical crisis, after a full year of ridiculing anybody who brought up election integrity, and months after their installed dementia puppet cooked up the inflation numbers, they have discovered they still don’t have control of the narrative. Their response has been to step up the overt tyranny, a sure (or hilariously obvious) sign of desperation and failure. The war has escalated, and the elite is (overall) losing:

The battle consists of the establishment’s media messengers (legacy and tech) trying to demoralize the deplorables into giving in and falling in line, with the populists refusing to be defeated, and refusing to be run off. This substantial resistance, however painful to fiscally endure in the months to come, amounts to an interim victory for the good guys. If the swamp can’t get folks to comply with the Reset, or final sucking away of the wealth of the middle class, or get them to stay indefinitely all masked up, booster shot up and obedient, accepting their narrative as the only narrative, the whole plan to finally evolve us into global tyranny crashes like a nuclear reactor gone bad, and the war is lost.

Inequality and the China Syndrome 2.0

As in the famous movie, a band of truth-seeking people have tried to get the facts out about a pending disaster, despite an establishment wide cover-up running at all ahead speed. Only in this edition of the China Syndrome, at least two major countries are involved—ours, and China, in executing the ruination of the American system. Between Bejing Biden’s policy flips, and CCP helping along (if not directing) the supply chain issues the nation now faces, it is indeed hard for the controllers to hide the public from sensing a meltdown is coming.

But to distract and placate much of the public still enamored with the easy money nectar flowing from the welfare state, the increasingly full out left-statist Congress (with the aid of 13 right-statist Republicans in the House) has now passed new social spending programs to address enforcing climate change dogma, and “infrastructure” reforms. Only 11% of the latter will actually go to fix roads, bridges, transit and other physical structures, while the bulk of it will go towards building up the global left’s political infrastructure. Meaning, new statutes and bureaucracies to weaponize US law to enforce various components of global governance (regulations on business to make them comply with new and future climate targets), taxes on rich people’s “wealth” (i.e., stealing their assets outright, regardless of whether they even made any new money, or lost money), along with the usual pork extras.

Curiously, despite all the usual lofty progressive complaints about “income inequality,” the second largest spending provision in the bill was a 285 billion tax-cut for the mega-rich in the blue states. Unlike the phantom ‘wealth tax’ riddled with loopholes that well-heeled tax lawyers will use to help their clients, this tax cut is guaranteed to be realized by the 1% crowd. The Washington Post reported that the “Democrats’ plan to raise the cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions from $10,000 to $80,000 through 2026 would be “more costly than establishing a paid family and medical leave program, and nearly twice as expensive as funding home-medical services for the elderly and disabled.” So much for left-statist concerns about economic or income inequality. Swampers (left or right) care only about maximizing the confiscation of the peasant’s money, but take care of their own.

Meanwhile, the liberty position remains, that taxes are legalized theft. Taxation is just the realization by some people that they are able to steal from other people legally. That is, that they have, or may exercise the power, in a given governmental system, to introduce force on others. The view that certain people pay “too little” is simply their presumption that they—or a certain group of anointed people—have the ability or obligation to decide that over the rest of the population. This is a core dogma of the “managerial elite” as named by the late Samuel Francis, the financial subdivision of the cult of the omnipotent state, or can be shortened to simply say, elitism.

The libertarian approach to class warfare analyzes the division of life between the bureaucratic controllers who benefit from this mentality, i.e., the class who would use governmental systems to rule over us, versus the rest of us little people, who are the class on the receiving end of it. This is why all attempts to maintain a permanent class of money Napoleons who figure out how, through taxes or inflation, to best steal from us, always leads to magnifying the very inequalities they complain about. For in any such managerial elite set-up, the already rich and powerful get into position to decide the way the system will work, and they tend to stay entrenched in that position.

And those with this entrenched freedom stealing power tend to devise more ways to steal through the system, to further unnaturally expand inequality. The latest proposed innovation, taxing FUTURE capital gains, for example, will have the result of declaring the state can steal assets an individual doesn’t even have yet, or may never have. It would thereby likely vaporize economic incentives to even bother to make profits in the first place. It would thus also magnify the flight of big business to produce things and employ others overseas, rather than operate in a country that wants to rob them by time machine. Outcome: more inequality at home, not less, and more power for the managerial elite playing Doctor Who with the nation’s economy.

RIP, Dave Frishburg

The swamp rulers nonetheless gleefully cheered on the passage of pork social(ist) spending, climate hokum hawking, and phony income inequality measures, exactly because it conforms to the commands they have been given by their elite masters, at home and abroad. These orders were urgent in the context of the US political scene, because the window of time they have left to enact the legislation and wreck the economy with inflation grows short. By almost every analysis made by political observers, the long awaited, long postponed Democratic Doomsday (that I have talked about for years now), is nigh by the midterms of 2022, which combined with the specter of losing the White House two years later, has left many Democrats in a state of panic.

The Fall of the House of COVID

On top of this, the public in the US and around the world is sick to death with the “comply with the mandates” conditioning of the past 19 months and counting, and the fading acceptance of the COVID narrative is depriving the elite of the emergency pretext it needed to push for the experimental “vaccines,” or for the second class standing of non-jabbed persons worldwide. Most states are not complying with the federal mandates at this time, and the federal courts have so far struck down Biden’s attempts to enforce them as defacto law through OSHA policy. Most sane folks are also leery of seeing people being forced to take the shot upon hearing that the vaccines don’t actually inoculate, domestically have resulted in hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions, and more worldwide, again all contrary to the “they’re safe and effective” mantra of the standard Corona narrative.

Frankly, the data and fact pattern of these “vaccines” keeps pointing to an attempt to thin out the population–i.e., concoct a virus that was apparently worked on to act as a bio-weapon, rush out a vaccine that increases blood clots and may accelerate the virus, push a response that discourages people from considering HCQ, Ivermectin and other treatments, etc., despite 365 studies now confirming they are effective. This is a campaign to destroy, not protect the human race.

The rational response to these factors is to not be lazily ‘anti-vaxx’ (since many previous, and genuine vaccines have been beneficial), but to be PRO-vaccine choice. Injecting oneself with powerful drugs should be a free choice, not forced upon a person, and some prefer to pursue natural immune health, or optimizing their immune systems without relying on artificial drugs. Those holding this view may question the soundness of some vaccines, but that doesn’t mean they think all of them are bad (just like you can opt to not invest in some stocks, without being labelled “anti-stocks”).

The tack taken by the Fauci-poisoned side, by contrast, is to support not just the mandates, but the exclusion of the non-vaccinated from all normal life. It’s mostly a digital taking, performed by adding you to a “no no” database. You are to be added to lists of those who can’t get a gun, can’t fly or board a plane, can’t attend much of anything, can’t start an account, etc, without taking the jab. Takes a mere click of a mouse, or flick of a switch to do this in our digital age. We are now all Alex Jones, or at least Sandra Bullock from The Net.

That is the true “social credit score” purpose behind a COVID Passport—to digitize your formerly private info, add it to a database, then consolidate all such databases. So if you get excluded one place, you can be “de-platformed” from all life, unless you conform. But the rulers are not subject to any of this treatment, by their own decree and practice. The most ardent advocates of the narrative, incessantly nagging the public to abide by the mandates, have often been caught on camera without masks or not distancing in public over the months, or attending indoor events without COVID restrictions—or even misrepresenting if, or where they were vaccinated.

In October, Biden staged an event where he appeared to be getting the shot in the Oval Office, when it was in fact a mock set, next to the press conference area. Notably, the DC media was not concerned about it, and reported it to the public as if it was legit, on-scene office footage. The journalists were not trying to mislead each other, they were trying to mislead the public, who would presume Biden was taking the shot from his actual office. Yet, if the previous President had done the same exact thing and the establishment media did not support it, I’m pretty sure it would be labeled or reported as an example of “misinformation.” This double standard, and selective characterization rules the coverage. I am not in possession of evidence that Biden even took the actual shot on that occasion, but was instead taking a placebo as part of the staged deception, to comfort (fool) the public.

Facts to Fight the Meltdown

Libertarians are supposed to be opposed to initiating force and fraud, and most of what the CIA-kept establishment press has told us over the last 18 months has involved both, to promote their COVID narrative. The issue is not who to believe, but having the freedom to weigh different sources and make up one’s own mind. I trust tens of millions of informed readers on the web who have reviewed dissenting opinions from doctors, scientists and independent journalists, over the corporate gospel put out by the NY Times, WP and main networks, who have suppressed or demonized dissent.

Further, I suggest we all start to become archivists and curators of informed dissent, on this front, or others. Below is some research that establishes there is another informed side, that the major media has jointly omitted, ignored or misrepresented on COVID and most else. For example, here’s a conservative site that fact checks the establishment, including the establishment fact checkers. There are more such quotes and urls to correct the record, recently collected on a separate page, which can be seen here. Here’s a list of mostly video and audio sources documenting the harm done by the COVID vaccines. Whenever you find such links, save them, then share them with the still hypnotized. It’s time to take no prisoners in fighting off the COVID narrative pushers. No more negotiating with terrorists.

Election Rejection—There WAS, and IS a Vibration

The defeat of the globo-socialists in 2022 and beyond needs to be so record-shattering and so deep, that it will take a generation for the NWO elite to recover. During that time, the populist patriots need to reverse as much of the big government madness as possible. At present, the forces of evil control the levers of national power, and the logistical means of controlling the elections (crooked voting machines, intimidated election officials and judges, among other tricks). But these levers can be overcome, though perhaps not in one step, and the corruption is not equally overwhelming everywhere. Thus begins the big debate: where do we start?

Logistics can be trumped by surprise, or error. Just saying, 2016 happened, where the MAGA turnout outnumbered the fraud ballots the swamp generated. Yes, there WAS a vibration. This will happen again, in 2022. The recent VA gubernatorial election provided evidence of a second vibration. That’s my feeling, based on those precedents. Right now, the polling is showing (for 2024) that the previous President is leading in the five battleground states he allegedly “lost” to Biden last year. Another sign of what’s coming? Again, that’s the big debate. Now that we are fully on to them, I say all the vote throttling in the world will not enable them to outpace the MAGA midterm votes that will seek to remove Dems from control of Congress. We’ll see who is right next November. So the issue is whether the fraud mechanisms still in place can overcome the tidal wave of patriot voting that will happen in the midterms. Some say yes, some say no. 2022 will be the real test or proof of concept as to which view is correct. The current spate of state forensic audits and election reforms will definitely help, but the full reform of the 2020 mess will only happen when the Dems are out of power in US Congress, and the GOP is taken over by more MAGA populists.

Currently, Biden is flunking hard in his stolen White House, an open secret that is being tolerated solely because he continues to serve as the perfect “moderate” front man, hiding the radicalism of the CIA/NWO/CCP functionaries in his administration. So long as he has a pulse, and the Democrats have total power in DC, the swamp thinks all is fine. This extends to his Vice President, Kamala Harris, who has worse polling numbers than his, and as bad a record of not showing up for work, yet has all the same egotism. Let us remember old man Biden stayed in hiding in his basement for most of the campaign. In their arrogance over stealing the 2020 election, they may think they can just keep on doing this. “Gee,” thinks cackling Harris, “if staying MIA most of the time worked for Joe, maybe 99% MIA will do wonders for me.”

Translation: the deep state is well aware that the VP is also flunking hard, and wants to engineer her being replaced with another CCP/CIA-controlled plant. Shouldn’t they have figured all of this out before they installed a zombie-like dementia shill in the White House, with a cackling hag of a running mate? Whatever the case, MAGA folks in general are taking up the tack of trying to overhaul the GOP from within through the 2022 cycle, if for nothing else, just to show how rabidly the McConnell guys would fight back the election of Orange Man acolytes. If the swamp RINOs succeed in blocking MAGA people from winning, MAGA will have a free lane to abandon the GOP altogether and build a truly independent, patriot-friendly party in the 2024 cycle and after. Thus, in either 2022 or 2024, we win. We even win certain court cases at this time that protect the right to self defense, despite the fake media aggressively swamping about, trying to turn even that into race-baiting:

As for what to do in the meantime? Stay on target. Optimism with appropriate caution should be our guide. Orange Man was right about every false narrative the left/Dems/swamp put forward. His own errors, mainly from following his swamp advisors, are a separate matter. His original election by itself proved the corrupt system can be overcome. There is no evidence it cannot be overcome again, and 2022 will be the big test of that. I keep repeating it, because it can’t be too often repeated: As the party now in power, the midterm elections should be horrible for the Dems, no matter how much vote fraud and digital glitching they crank up. This is not “hopium,” it is the fact of how midterm cycles work.

As opposed to both pessimism and hopium, I call for simple optimistic realism. With it, it is realistic to plan and expect to make strong patriot gains in the midterms despite the corruption, and remove the Bidenistas altogether two years after. No-hopium is just as bad as hopium. Stop the gloom, many component events have set things up for the victory of the liberty side. The Rockefeller and Schwab mentality may soon be consigned to the ash heap of history. Keep the faith. I’ve taken the red pill of truth, and the black pill of reality. Put them together, and the balance leads to victory. Time for the chill pill, and to wait for it.

The End of Adam, and Eve of Destruction

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As political issues escalate in the US following the great Steal, the FBI-staged Capital riot of January 6, and the rise of the Biden error, the battle between principled libertarian vs. liberal corporatism (or swamp tyranny) is prematurely reaching its apex. Monopolistic egotists of the total deep state have tried to go into turbo mode to undo the advances made by Orange Man-led pro-liberty, populist patriots in the last half decade. All this, while trying to align American domestic policy with the Great Reset globalist plan to end the middle class in the US, once and for all, and returning us to belligerent adventurism in conflicts overseas. Such a plan may represent nothing less, if it succeeds, than a formal end to the economic tradition and free market concepts of Adam Smith, and signals we are at the eve of the destruction of the West, as per the old Barry McGuire diddy:

On the most immediate front, the new administration has already accelerated the use of the tech giants (Facebook, Twitter, Google et al) as its Gestapo deputies, to censor wrongthink of whatever kind, be it on the nature of the past election, the so-called “armed insurrection,” or on taking the death jab (aka the COVID “vaccine”) and remaining COVID mandates. These anti-“misinformation” crusades are being used to introduce the enforcement divisions and mechanisms needed for the deep state to fully control the narrative, and manufactured consent of the ruled—who used to be called We the People.

Dissent Ver Biden?

Dissent under this new regime, is naturally forbidden, both as a matter of government policy, and invented social taboo. Anything the State, the old corporate legacy media, or the new corporate tech media truth ministries broadly declare as “debunked theories” or “harmful misinformation” is not to get air time, or a serious presence on their major platforms. Questions about election integrity in at least a half dozen states? Verboten. News that about half of all health workers in one country are not taking the so-called vaccine? Verboten. More news—according to the CDC’s own VAERS website, last week more people died in the US from adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine (2,092 ) than from COVID (1,918). The media’s response? Verboten! Concerns that the highly BLM biased jury railroaded Derek Chauvin? Verboten! Dissent over any aspect of cultural or social liberalism presented in the media? Verboten, and grounds for being cancelled! Or is it “Ver Biden?” Reminds me of that old exchange on Doctor Who: “It is forbidden to ask questions.” “Why is it forbidden?” “That, is a forbidden question.”  Freedom, Truth, Justice? They took the last train, for the coast…

Emotion or propaganda-based public discourse, intimidation, shaming and mob rule are the real “new normal” being foisted on us. That’s the voltage, as a component of the  pressure being put on us to conform to the completion of state-dominated rule. As an observer in Europe has described the imposition of COVID vaccine requirements:

“GloboCap is dialing up the totalitarianism, and they are rubbing it in our faces. Here in New Normal Germany, prominent health officials are openly barking out Goebbelsian slogans like “NO FREEDOM FOR THE UNVACCINATED!” and “THE UNVACCINATED ARE A DANGER TO SOCIETY!” All over Europe, including the UK, where “Freedom Day” is fast approaching, pseudo-medical social-segregation systems are being implemented. In France, Greece, and many other countries, people who refuse to be “vaccinated” are being stripped of their jobs and otherwise punished. In the USA, where the Unvaccinated are also being segregated, New Normal goon squads are going door-to-door, bullying “vaccine hesitant” families into conforming to the new official ideology.

But the current, or amps component of the dial up of tyranny is even deadlier, as it intends to economically entrap us into final dependency on the state, and distraction by the state. In terms of dystopias, call this a fusion of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. Here’s how it’s intended to work:

MAGA Inflation and Bidenomics Bubbles

The current (but not for long?) installed President is so far following the financial bidding of the international elite that put him there, to the letter. He has signed off on massive spending, such as a $3.5 Trillion dollar budget plan, and debt-exploding fiscal policies (immensely far more, and far worse than his predecessor), while transitioning the energy sector from being net energy independent (achieved under Orange Man) right back to oil dependence, mainly by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, among others that had just been opened. This has naturally led to higher gas prices, resource distribution costs (since it becomes more expensive to transport goods, travel, or to produce materials). As for red ink, David Stockman notes there is now $80+ trillion of public and private debt outstanding, and it amounts to a staggering 380%+ of GDP. Biden is papering over the inflation and debt with pure misdirection, to tide things over until the globalist vision is fulfilled. The twin distractions served by resuming the fomenting of foreign intervention, and false domestic crisis (the faux “white supremacy” narrative, and the COVID scamdemic) fill out the operation.

The White House Zombie in Chief has partially failed in misdirecting us from his planned Apocalypse, since according to American Lookout, 88% believe inflation will get worse under Biden. As has been bantered on about a billion comment boards, Joe Biden is enforcing former Fed Chair, now Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s anti-production policies to prime America for the Great Reset/dictatorship of central bankers. Of course, part and parcel to all this is reversing the enforcement of the borders and legal immigration policies, including stopping the completion of the Wall. This has resumed the syndrome of migrants unlawfully entering the country, in numbers no one can accurately track, while competing for lower level jobs with the native population, thus putting downward pressure on American wages over the longer term. The goal of the elites, which they are way behind schedule on, is reducing or finally eliminating the wealth of the working class, so that there will be no more opposition to the tyranny imposed on them by their masters. The infrastructure of this Omnipotent State must be at last completed before the public realizes it has been robbed of its financial power, its rights, and its culture. Alex Jones’ Prison Planet, made complete. Peace and Freedom, bye bye.

In Mexico, about 5% of the population are the rich or assist the rich, and everybody else is working poor or poor. No middle class, no resistance. That’s what the elite wants for all nations. The purpose of these “Bidenomics” fiscal maneuverings is to distract or divide the population, while producing enough of a short term bubble to placate it money-wise, before our society is completely and permanently encased within a pentagon of pressures to keep it socially suppressed and financially repressed. The Biden bubble will keep the stock market temporarily happy, as well as consumers content with stimulus checks, child tax credits and phantom raises for up to another year, before the inevitable inflationary collapse begins.

There have already been signs that we are at the eve of inflation destruction, coming from all places, MAGA country. As the more populist friendly parts of the nation become more desirable compared to the failed major cities, regions like the south and sunbelt have seen a rise in the cost of living, as per supply and demand. Real estate prices have gone up in Texas, Florida and other key red states as people move out of the high tax, high crime blue dumpster fire places. In other words, the red ink and inflation is spilling every where. The Washington Examiner reports, “While the White House has given conflicting signs about the inflation potential, projections shared with Secrets from the Statista Research Department show it increasing at about 2.5% through 2024 and “tapering off” by 2026. It’s currently at about 5.4%. And people are feeling the heat, paying 45% more for gas, 44% more for fuel oil, 5.6% more for milk, and even 8.4% more for bacon.”


Please note it’s only been six months, folks, since the Dementia Era began—you ain’t seen nothing yet. Zombie Joe is also a faithful servant of interests partial to the CCP, whose activity has contributed to this trend. Part of this relationship involved kickbacks to his family via his son Hunter, and his brother, to protect China as much as possible in the trade negotiations with the US in recent years. Yet even this bought out influence has not been enough to stall cleaning up China’s economic problems. The Gateway Pundit reported two years ago that “just like the US in 2008, a perfect storm is building in China. The excessive and extravagant construction projects, cash-flow challenges and lack of demand in China all could combine for a major financial disaster.” China has more recently resorted to (accidentally?) disrupting the supply chain with the US, and further infiltrating institutions and officials. Is failing to abide by the recent trade deals next? This will all create massive inflation on the US side due to the shortages that would emerge.

According to a masterful analysis by J.R. Nyquist, we are on the edge of the natural outcome of the Chinese crisis: an engineered implosion of our economy, to help improve the ability of China and Russia to attack us, in a military conflict to distract their own public from their inability to sustain materially supporting their own people. As he puts it:

“Today, we are confronted with a sudden shift in the balance of power. Sadly, this is a fact that the American public has yet to absorb. There has been a massive Russian-Chinese military buildup for many years. We have not matched this build up. We do not seem interested in acknowledging it. The Russians have obtained a strong qualitative edge. The Chinese have increased their forces in quantity and quality. On its side, the United States is unready. Europe is also unready. Australia is showing courage, but cannot stand alone. Japan is trying to fill the gap, but must rely on America. India is ready to join with us. Through all this, despite significant changes in the strategic balance, America’s leaders talk and act as if America is still number one. They are still fixated by the same misbegotten notions, fooled by the same disinformation themes that have plagued our political discourse since the 1960s. To speak plainly, Americans are not living in reality.”

Nyquist further specifies how wrong our ruling political class has been as to the threat we face: “Anyone who watched the Democratic Party presidential debates of last year would not know there was a threat from Russia and China. All these presidential hopefuls, from the left side of the spectrum, told the country that the main threat to America was from global warming and Donald Trump. This kind of thinking is literally insane. But tens of millions of Americans bought into this nonsense.” 

The end result of printing trillions in more money, shutting down (or off) oil production, and allowing China to kill our supply chain (be it to economically hobble us, or set up a military attack) is to unleash an inflationary spiral of shortages, rationing and stock collapse like this country has never seen before, even in 2008. There is no scenario, given all the economic experts China Joe has at his disposal, for this to be anything other than deliberate. This is an engineered crisis, that is ignoring a pending real military crisis, brought to you by the Empire of Lies.

Mideast Quagmires and Duplicity

Turning briefly to the return of neo-con or neo-liberal approaches to conflicts abroad, and its role in distracting us: The occasion of the US Empire at long last leaving the proxy battleground of Afghanistan should have been without much fanfare, and in full accordance with the agreement Trump had already reached with all the parties (the US, the Afghan government, and the Taliban). Leave it to Zombie Joe to mess even that up, as the administration announced it would renege on meeting the May 1 deadline for complete withdrawal. By pushing it back to August 31, so Joe could perform another petty (“it’s my pullout, I get the credit”) bit of one-upmanship over Trump, the US merely reinforced its unfortunate “Empire reputation” as a clownish, belligerent Indian giver, who insists the world does everything “our way,” even after an agreement gets signed. Given the US example, the Taliban will feel free to also renege and try to quickly topple the Kabul government.

Yet now we hear that even the delayed withdrawal will not be a total departure, but only one of removing combat troops from the country. Bombing campaigns may still go on, as that is not counted as “combat troops.” CIA and other covert ops will continue there, in a clandestine continuation of the conflict on whatever mission creep basis we concoct. Thus our involvement will actually stagger onward, on a “tripwire” basis, as it does in places like Korea.  Abby Martin spells out what this means, with gruesome anecdotes:

Martin also did a scintillating editorial on the Israeli-Palestinian flare up of this past spring, which no doubt happened because Dementia Joe gave off signals to both sides that the gravy train was back in town. Basically, whenever a new spate of violence gets exchanged by the two parties, both claim “the other guys started it” and in comes the US to negotiate and supply aid to both sides, to quiet things down again. The two entities have acted as grifters who periodically drink from the well of American subsidies, as we needlessly intervene in a region that isn’t ours, to support their shake down.

That being said, of course the money shouldn’t be going to terrorists (be it PLO extremist cells, or to IDF state-sponsored terror campaigns against Gazans). Ideally, neither side should be getting foreign aid, or international welfare, to fuel the violent conflict. Trump was doing the right thing in moving the US away from the contradictory approach of trying to both act as neutral referee, and as partisan for one side. His approach (side with Israel, while building a coalition of Arab states that would stay at peace with Israel) would lead to that Arab coalition entity acting as the diplomatic referee, and get the US out of the conflict. Biden is going right back to the wrong policy of trying to referee a conflict that isn’t ours, and funding all parties, thus contributing to new battles and flare-ups. He has learned nothing from the less-interventionist success of the Trump years.

We Shall See: The Coming Days

Opposition to “back to foreign meddling” and the Great Reset impoverishing of America is massive, and is growing. The political ruling class, once again, has been caught being short-sighted regarding the strength of the outsiders in resisting the end of the Adam Smith age of capitalism, and the resumption of open ended foreign intervention. Nor did they comprehend the ancient Asian expression, “we shall see.” What you think is a victory, or a bad turn at one point, may be a set up for a reversal of circumstances later on. The swamp thought they won, but what if all that leads to news that they lost? After the AZ forensic audit finds what we know they’ll find, for example, we’ll see in real time if the momentum from that first domino falling will start knocking down the others as it bears on the perception of what happened in the November 2020 election. If other states follow suit with the same results, hmmm—what happens when the lawsuits start to fly, over every single bit of legislation signed by Biden, on the grounds that he was never the legitimately certified winner of the election?

More examples: The Bidenista’s petty cutting of funding for the Wall has led to the state of Texas putting up the funds to complete what Orange man started. Lame stunts like the smear prosecution of the Trump Organization over obscure tax charges (intended to tarnish his rep such that he could never run again) have backfired, giving him sustained popularity months after he was uninstalled from the White House. A rational opposition would have settled for simply removing Trump (illegitimately) from office, then blacking him out of the news cycle as much as possible. But these fools keep putting him front and center, and in ways that motivate his movement all the more. Do they understand that much of his momentum would have subsided if they weren’t intent on maintaining their witch hunt? Given their relentless energy, if he were really guilty of something they would have found it in five and a half months of searching back in 2015, not five and a half years.

Wistful discussions about “secession” by populists have likewise been inadvertently buoyed by the swamp, as the latter tries to ramrod their agenda. It turns out that building enthusiasm for a wholesale separation of states from the Union is rather difficult to achieve, but it can work, if the focus is issue by issue. Attempts to eliminate the 2nd Amendment or gun freedom with new regulations or Executive Orders, are being met with dozens of states declaring they will be acting as a sanctuary state as far as disregarding those federal regs or policies. This “nullification” form of de-facto secession will be far more effective and immediate in its effects than a formal secession process. It will also be more durable, as it is far easier to get people to focus on resisting tyranny on the specific fronts they are most concerned about (that is, some people’s line in the sand is on guns, for others it’s immigration, for others it’s COVID fascism, etc).

The same applies to swamp attempts to mint up to 4 more Democratic US Senators via making “new states” out of DC, or Puerto Rico, to grow the swamp/globalist/socialist vote into a permanent majority. What about counter attempts by MAGA country to add new states, on their side of the political divide? Note Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want statehood carved out for Republicans in Northern California or Northern New York. For that matter, why not statehood for all the more rural areas, by carving out separate statehood for the big major city in each state? That would double the states, by separating the blue Democratic city clusters from what would otherwise be 50 red states. Among other effects, that could roughly lead to a 75% GOP controlled House and Senate, forever. Nancy should thus abide by the motto, “don’t start none…”

So, the Deep State project that has put us on a path of utter Destruction, or in a permanent minority status, may be ending up to be its own worst enemy. It’s looking like the attempts to force a demise of the free republic will more likely achieve a Phoenix-like rebirth instead, beginning with a strong rejection and burial of the socialist brigade in the mid term elections, followed by the re-installation of Orange Man and the “deplorable” outsiders by 2024 (or sooner). Or perhaps, as depicted in the recent streaming series Loki, all of the events of reality are actually being massaged or manipulated by a crazy black guy on a floating mansion at the end of time, who exists to optimally fix the timeline. Or maybe I’m that guy!  I don’t know, he’s on third…