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‘Team Liberty’ 2014 Emerges, Clifton Nominated LPNY Candidate for Comptroller


From a Suffolk LP press release on the nominations of Michael McDermott for Governor, and John Clifton for Comptroller at the 2014 LPNY state convention:

…Owing to his gift of being a “uniter”, McDermott brings conservative, constitutional, and liberal groups together that are prone to disagreement on the issues. He supports libertarian principles, restoring the Constitution, individual rights, smaller government, reducing spending and taxes, and bringing real jobs back to New York, rather than political rhetoric that never lasts past the end of the election cycle.

McDermott, along with his fellow nominees from across our great state, Christopher Edes [Lt Governor], John Clifton [Comptroller], and Carl Person [Attorney General], are working as a team to bring New Yorkers who are disaffected, wary and disillusioned by voting in what they were trying to vote out, back to the polls to restore the Empire State to its former vibrance and appeal.