Clifton, Wilson, Other Candidates Attending 20th Annual Dinner for Queens LP

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John Clifton, the Libertarian 2014 candidate for state Comptroller, along with John K. Wilson (LP candidate for Assembly, 37th district), and other guest speakers and notables will be attending a 20th anniversary dinner for the Libertarian Party of Queens County (LPQC). The function will be held at Connolly’s Corner at 71-17 Grand Avenue in Maspeth on Friday, September 19 at 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm. LPQC founder John Procida, Clifton and other contenders will be making remarks about the current campaign, and celebrating the history of liberty activism in Queens since 1994. Further details can be found here.

“This is the event all liberty bugs (who remain hidden in the woodwork) should attend to help us celebrate our accomplishments,” reflects Tom Stevens, current elected Chair of LPQC. Stevens notes that Queens Libertarians remain the largest and most active chapter in the New York Libertarian Party. The meetings held by LPQC over 20 years have hosted an ongoing educational speaking program advocating free markets, individual and personal liberty, in talks participated in by elected officials and luminaries ranging from Henry J. Stern, to Roy Innis of CORE, Julia Harrison, Jeffrion Aubry, Bill Schmidt, Dan Halloran, Randy Credico,  LP candidate for Governor Mike McDermott, and many others.

Clifton and LPQC members have also helped organize city or statewide efforts such as opposing eminent domain abuse, invasive TSA practices, as well as launching one of the first five Ron Paul meet-up groups in the country. Candidate Clifton grew up in Queens, and in addition to running for Comptroller, has served as county and state Chair for the party. Clifton applauds the local candidates and activists who have been part of raising awareness of liberty issues, “towards removing state force and fraud from the lives of New Yorkers.” Once in office, he pledges he “would exercise authority to properly defend the liberties this state has depleted in recent years,” in his words. Clifton is running to drop taxes, end fiscal waste, corruption and other government largess in the election.



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