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LP candidate John Clifton says the most profound vote New Yorkers can cast Election day is one that will restore libimagejcerty to the state. Please vote for the freer, sounder and honest government represented by his candidacy for NYS Comptroller, and especially for Michael McDermott for Governor. Those concerned about ensuring more attention be given to repealing the NY Safe Act, Common Core, Obamacare, or other freedom stealing measures that have been implemented in New York should vote for Team liberty candidates to enable the Libertarian Party obtain 50,000 votes in the Governors race. In this context, a vote for the Republican candidate Bob Astorino for Governor is a wasted vote.

As many political observers have noted, neither Astorino nor McDermott may win, but the implications if the LP gets permanent ballot status are huge. The ballot complications in NY make it difficult for third parties without regular status to run more than a handful of candidates per election. But with that status, Libertarians can EASILY run strong constitutional candidates in all 62 counties for the next four years, and make a CONSTANT case for the 1st and 2nd Amendment, and other liberty rights that the GOP and Democrats simply do not, and will not make. The big picture is, third parties are determined to push such issues regardless of the election results, while the major parties have a track record of only mentioning them to get votes, with no legislative follow-up once they win.

Whatever the outcome, Clifton will continue to fight for the liberties and prosperity of New Yorkers and for America, either through ongoing political advocacy and campaigns, through his consultation work,  or other projects. Your work at the ballot box can make a difference. VOTE FOR LIBERTY NOVEMBER 4!


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