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Bode Was Right: The Media IS Useless, Pt. 1


There’s a popular commercial featuring the US champion alpine skier Bode Miller recollecting a fictional “out of control” phase of his career, including an episode where he declares at a press conference that “the media is useless.”  Would that more real world figures would state this obvious fact out in the open, given the ongoing travesty of so-called mainstream news coverage masquerading as “journalism” these days. The consistent pattern is one that is damaging to the cause of liberty.

Take the early Presidential campaign coverage, for one example. The 24/7 cable news networks and the Sunday morning broadcast news shows cover the Presidential primaries as if their only obligation was to push anti-liberty, establishment favorites Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush upon us as the inevitable choices. As in, no detailed coverage of the other major party contenders, and certainly no reference ever to Libertarian or other alternative party options.

On the GOP side, a token “plan B” candidate like Scott Walker is discussed, mainly in contrast to Bush, to make it look like they are covering a race (even as they use that two-man contrast as cover for not seriously talking about others such as Rand Paul, the party’s pro-liberty grassroots choice). On the Democratic side, the mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t even pretend to present prospective candidates besides Hillary as worth mentioning (in particular, people like Jim Webb, who was a war hero, US Senator, and Navy Secretary, or Joe Biden, who is merely the sitting Vice President).

So MSM “coverage” amounts to merely propaganda window dressing, for forcing two pre-selected, status-quo statists upon us. One giveaway to underscore this is true is to note how often they use all “news” as a cue to instead discuss the implications for Jeb and Hillary, and only tend to address positive aspects of news about them. In the just conducted CPAC straw poll, most of the media couldn’t even bring themselves to straightforwardly report the simple story “RAND PAUL WINS CPAC POLL” when it had just happened (notice the FOX News webpage screenshot from that time, emphasizing Jeb, with Rand’s win reduced to a tiny note). Some excuse the MSM’s behavior by pointing out that Rand had won it twice before, and so his victory was not “really” news.  But if it had been Bush who “was expected to win,” who then won the poll, would they have been equally restrained about reporting “Bush Wins” with a prominent photo and headline?

Inconceivable. The issue is the “journalists” have double standards about campaign coverage, where the elite-selected, fat-cat backed establishment frontrunner gets the headline and most of the commentary at every opportunity, while truly popular figures like Paul get no comparable press, at every opportunity. Note that the MSM even short-changed Walker to a large extent Saturday—many of the CPAC poll stories emphasized Jeb, to the exclusion of both Rand and Walker.  And the fact that Bush got only 8% despite trying to pack the event with his people, was also “news” that should have been covered, but wasn’t. This is simply unfair to the voters, to the other candidates, and other observers of the coverage. The screen shots accompanying this post tell the real story—the media is useless!