The Media is Useless, Pt. 2

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As stated last time, modern journalism has a curious way of avoiding covering major news stories, such that key details or dynamics get excluded, and alternative voices are buried. The way the early Presidential primary coverage has been conducted, where Big Corporate candidates Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are treated as the only “serious” choices, even where other candidates are making major headway, is but one example. Those independent, or more authentic alternative voices within the major parties, be they progressives like Elizabeth Warren and war hero Jim Webb on the Democratic side, or liberty-leaning Sen. Rand Paul in the Republican race, seem to get mentioned only as a lead in to babbling about how they may impact Jeb and Hillary. Still other possibles discussed, like Trump, Cruz, Palin on one side, or Biden on the other, are either jokes, or treated like such.

To Big Corporate news, pushing or protecting Republican No. 1 and Democrat No. 1 is everything, while mentioning the Libertarian or “minor” parties means nothing (which is one reason they stay minor). The elite establishment doesn’t care, so long as they get their pro-Fed, pro-war, pro-surveillance candidate in, from column A or column B.  Even worse, some supposed “opposition” outlets turn out to be mainstream controlled when push comes to shove. Case in point, why does FOX News run story after story about Hillary, as if it was the neocon network’s job to promote her?

Other example: Mother Jones not long ago published a well-researched, strongly critical piece on Jeb Bush’s tenure as Governor of Florida, as one would expect from a progressive journal. Then they pulled the article from its website archive. While they (very) eventually put the piece back up, why would they have done such a thing? Could it be as simple as, they got a call from someplace connected to their funding, and got told they couldn’t keep their well-written article accessible online, if it made Jeb look bad? So for those progressives who scoff at my “two party paradigm” talk, and think the left-right battles aren’t managed, I ask them why would an “independent” left publication disappear a perfectly good critical piece on Jeb Bush, unless it wasn’t independent?

News MediaThe mainstream news media (or MSM, and by this term, I mean the “A list” consisting of the NY Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, and the four main broadcast networks) could do much better, especially those organs that have the column space or available cable time to so attempt. For one thing, they could pay attention to self-centered political figures who may happen to say true things. If Sarah Palin comes into the race, for example, and (as usual) attention whores herself, this time by way of successfully exposing Jeb Bush’s inadequacies, she should become major 2016 news. Palin and/or Cruz could work out being defacto advocates for Rand Paul in a ‘reverse triangulation‘ way. Say a Tea Party (TP) ‘firebrand’ candidate says something true, but really harshly or in incendiary fashion, drawing Bush et al into reacting to it in an extreme establishment-prone way that alienates the rank and file GOP voters. Rand then steps up, acts likes “the statesman” and expresses the firebrand position in a polished, diplomatic way, and is perceived as the true leader.

Rand did something like this in the vaccine flap, only out of sequence–he and Gov. Christie expressed the grassroots view first, which led the self-styled mainstream to react with “anti-vaxxer” spin, then causing Bush and Hillary to sound like the statesmen afterward. If a sort-of TP person like Palin ran and revived some of these debates by acting as the leading edge, sacrificial lamb who boldly states the alternative view first, Rand could benefit by responding in a measured way to the establishment’s dogmatism, and thus be on the right (lagging) edge of the triangle. (Note: “The establishment” I speak of is not rank and file Republicans or Democrats, but that motely collection of rank and file elite special interests (and media or party leadership vassals) who control both parties, and represent the MIC, banksters, AIPAC, Big Biz, etc. )

As it stands, the media’s one sided, “we’re in Big Pharma’s pocket” treatment of the vaccine story was scandalous, relentlessly putting supporters of parental choice, or for choosing natural immune health options on the defensive, while continuing to foster the corporate “we’ve got to support more vaccines” framework. The cable news networks were particularly horrible, acting as drug company enforcers of “the science is clear, there is no other side” dogma that any expression of opting out of vaccines should be frowned upon, and dismissed as a knee-jerk “anti-science” attitude.

The MSM tells us point blank that ‘there is no debate,’ while anybody who researches the alternative media for ten minutes can find out the opposite is the case. Where was any mention given to the $3 billion the US government has paid in settlement costs, to families who could prove their children were damaged by vaccinations? Or mention of the CDC’s own admission that roughly half the health care professionals in the US choose to not vaccinate their kids? Or how in Europe vaccines have been proven in court to cause autism? The MSM, particularly the 24/7 news channels, have all the time in the world to present doctors and scientists who are critical of the current vaccine regime, but devote their segments on the issue to pushing only the medical industry narrative. It is this no-choice authoritarian propaganda onslaught that is being knee-jerk rejected, not the individual choices of millions of informed parents.

The major news media has also played the “there is no other side” game when they have failed to call out political theater, as acted out by establishment celebrity tools like Donald Trump. Right after Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President, the Donald jumped out and attacked his eligibility for the office, based on Cruz being born outside the US. The MSM latched on to the defective case Trump made by re-bashing the “birthers,” and repeating most “experts” had concluded Cruz was a US citizen qualified to run. The very appearance of the self-absorbed Trump on the political stump again was enough to nauseate most people, thus tend to poison the well concerning any topic he would deign to bring up.

Which was the intention. The point behind Trump’s “attack” was to get Cruz’s eligibility issue buried—in other words, to help Cruz. The MSM obliged, instead of calling him out as a strawman or shill, and having a real constitutional discussion of the matter. Statutorily, Cruz is a US Citizen, but Constitutionally as per its original intent, he is not a natural born citizen, thus he is not eligible to run for or serve the office of President. Regardless of Trump’s involvement, that is the end of the matter for those consistently applying the Constitution as the fundamental law controlling the understanding of the question.

As with the case of Obama, the establishment was using its tool The Donald to make the “natural born citizen” case poorly or even cloddishly, in order to preemptively marginalize those who would stress a consistent reliance on the Constitutional criteria. Trump is protecting Cruz, in other words, which is another indicator that Cruz is an agent assigned by the establishment to crowd out Rand Paul, and divide the liberty vote in the primaries. Thus proving, while the media is indeed useless to us regular folks insofar as exploring the truth is concerned, it does serve to lick the boots of its elite masters superbly.


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