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Fall of the House of Race Cards


There were highly tragic, and very comic disasters this past week related to race, from Spokane to Charleston. One relates to a deluded Caucasian woman, whom we’ll get to later. First and foremost, though, the heinous mass murder of nine churchgoers at a bible study in Charleston June 17 appears to have been a ‘perfect storm’ device to push a number of agendas the NWO has lost momentum on. The menu of issues this story feeds into is just too efficiently uniform, to wit:

Gun control (note how Obama prominently threw this into his first press announcement)

Hate crimes (hold the massacre not just in a black church, but in SC, one of the few states with no such law)

Racial tensions/division (note the cable news banter linked this immediately to the Confederate flag in Charleston, the historic black church in SC, “coded language” on FOX news excusing racism, etc).

Terrorism (calls for upping the surveillance, equating all extremists with terrorists, which would immediately make them subject to all the same legal gestapo provisions created for that population)

If the murders were just a random event by a stray lunatic, the odds those issues would all just happen to line up in the same cultural left direction, are astronomical. The fact there was almost no delay by talking heads in going into the PC political rants on all of the above, and the pattern of “yet another drug-controlled patsy” that the killer Dylann Roof appears to fit, confirms this is very likely a false flag, built to push these policy memes simultaneously.  I have gone into the mechanics and rationale behind covert ops of this kind recently in discussing the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, so I won’t go into all details about Roof or the chain of evidence that don’t make sense. But in brief, the apparently orchestrated effect is the same: a highly emotional tragedy is used to drive a framework or mindset leading to a change in policy, or acceptance of it that otherwise would not have rationally occurred.

Waiving the White (Confederate) Flag

What the episode exposes is how efficiently the establishment can put a delphi campaign together that pours saturation coverage onto what The Powers That Be have decreed must be the one and only mainstream view on the above four issues. Using their control over both parties, they ordered the Democratic minions to go into uniform charge mode, especially with regards to the “put the Confederate Flag in a museum” sing-song meme, while coordinating the GOP leadership to crumble and cave like a house of race cards. What a craven farce of a party the Republicans are at this point, with Governor Nikki Haley, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney etc being hailed as “heroes” for calling for the flag’s removal from the public square, when their backtracking is more accurately a classic act of sheer cowardice under drumbeat pressure. Some corporations have joined in the move to marginalize the flag such as Walmart and eBay, who now state they will no longer sell Confederate flag products (but you can still buy certain items sporting the Confederate flag design on eBay as of this writing).

Note how, even with polls plainly showing that 74% of Republicans in a Republican state support keeping the flag up on display at the state capital, and a current poll showing 57% of Americans see the flag mainly as a symbol of southern pride, the national media paraded a cascade of “take it down” advocates almost non-stop, to create the massaged impression that the South Carolina public had entirely reversed itself on a long standing position.  All that was actually happening was the forces of political correctness had bullied a state and its pols into marginalizing their view, and crying “yes, I Toby” to the smear charge their Confederate-friendly stand was mainly about race and hate.

This is not to say the flag had no associations with racism, since the flag was at times used by hate groups (though not nearly as often as the regular US flag). But that minor key aspect of its history does not justify the absolutism displayed by the ardent Confederate opponents, who deny the very existence of any other symbolism behind the flag. That absolutism is the smoking gun evidence no healing is going on, as the cultural left is never satisfied, and will promptly move on to still other fronts for crushing the spirit of resistance to federal tyranny. A more complex breakdown of the flag issue can be found here, and here, as the many aspects of the war between the states are too involved to fit into this blog post. The truth is, if the cultural left had its way, every viewpoint held by cultural conservatives would be marginalized and consigned to a museum.  As one forum writer sums it up:

“My concern is that it basically is trying to sweep the history of the civil war under the rug. Yes, slavery was horrible, yes many people who love the confederate flag may very well be racists, but there were also atrocities committed against the confederates during the war as well like being allowed to starve and freeze to death while captured in union POW camps. Not all of those soldiers were slave owners…many of them were teenagers not even old enough to enlist. One of my own distant relatives fought on the side of the union and used to raid the camps of his own townspeople and rob and murder them. There are a lot of stories that will just no longer matter because only one side of the story will matter and once again, history will get re-written.”

The PC agenda is, always and forever, to normalize the modern ‘correct’ view, while marginalizing  and making taboo any other view. The attempt to discredit or whiteout any history pointing to the self-determination desires of the south as the real thing symbolized by the flag, is par for the course for this agenda. While the PC advocates will cite white supremacist quotes from selected Confederate leaders to buttress their position that the flag was conceived in hate, they will leave out the detail that most US Caucasian people in the mid 1860’s, be they yankee or confederate and including Lincoln, believed blacks were not the equal of whites. Nor will they bring up other miscellaneous fun facts such as General Grant’s owning slaves, while General Lee owned none. Or, the fact that on the morning of Lincoln’s Inaugural in 1861, there were more union states practicing slavery than confederate states.  And what about the fact that many free blacks were slave owners (indeed, a third of slave-owners in Louisiana were themselves black)?

Hidden Agendas

Could it be that the real purpose is to lock away any social memory of the self-determination basis for the south’s secession? Statists do not like people remembering they are free, after all, including being free to secede. The PC police want a monolithic mainstream culture, that entertains no notion unapproved of by their controllers. These days (from a deep politics approach), is there any PC cultural issue where senior Democratic figures will deviate from “the line” set by their masters? These days, is there any PC cultural issue that top Republicans won’t cave on, when intense emotional pressure is applied? Of course not, they both have their marching orders. So long as everybody is getting properly wedged over the flag, all is well as far as the elite is concerned, because we aren’t thinking about the TPP, the imminent collapse of the financial markets, and other matters they don’t want you to focus on.

Or put another (traditional partisan) way, the GOP now appears to stand for nothing except a militaristic foreign policy–it’s the one area it won’t budge on (Rand Paul excepted), and can be otherwise expected to throw their conservative base vote to the wolves on the rest of the issues, once the heat gets too hot. This one-area fixation on foreign intervention, will likely continue to de-energize the Republican base and lead to more loses for them in Presidential years.  Democrats are likewise stuck in “when you’re losing, convert every issue into race” in order to turn things around. We’re only half a year removed from a mid-term election where Democrats suffered huge losses in Congress (losing control of both houses) and in state governments. Isn’t all this huff and puff just window dressing for setting up race wedge issues, to help the party get back on its feet nationally in time for the 2016 elections?

What gets lost in the midst of all these political considerations is the tragedy, the truth, and liberty. The tragedy of nine dead victims, used as false flag fodder to push an overall stalling Democratic election agenda, and to distract from the larger establishment agenda. There was a similar opportunistic attempt to demogague the Sandy Hook school shootings of 2012 into massive expansion of gun control regultions, that backfired on the control freaks. The truth that bullying marginalization doesn’t heal anything, you don’t end a divisive issue like the Confederate flag by defining everyone you disagree with as “haters” and packing them into a museum closet. Might be interesting to see if a southern state or city, in response to the high-pressure intimidation campaign to bring down the flag, had the stones to actually run up a second Confederate flag, to double down on their commitment to resisting a bullying central government. And it goes without saying that liberty is not served by fostering cultural censorship, performed through intimidation and falsely smearing whole states. Different states have come to different conclusions about whether it will or won’t honor Confederate history, so freedom and tolerance supporting people should respect those differences, instead of trying to impose a single “mainstream” position concerning what a flag means, or doesn’t mean on the entire country. Respecting diversity cuts both ways.

Self-Identifying Magic

Meanwhile, in the other related race matter, a just-resigned white local NAACP head apparently lied about her race upon applying for the job, later using the goofy cover of stating she “identifies as black.” Unlike the Roof case, this story appears to embarrass the PC narrative, thus seems to not be an orchestrated event. The strange Rachel Dolezal case that just preceded the SC shootings has given further exposure to the disingenuous nature of PC word magic, where one’s claim to “self identify” as something is supposed to end any discussion. For some reason, saying “I self-identify as gay, I was born that way and I can’t change” must be accepted, but thousands who say “I self-identify as a former homosexual, as gays are not born that way, so I can change my behavior” must never be acknowledged. And somehow the “I was born that way” gay people who self-identify that they can’t change, don’t ever consult with the transgender people who self identify as being able to change, regardless of the way they were born.

As my ally in liberty Becky Akers has asked, exactly why is it perfectly OK for a man to pretend he’s a woman, but not for a Caucasian to pretend she’s black? So social liberals are concerned that the NAACP white lady shouldn’t self identify as black, but we must accept all the other, more politically-correct self-identifications? And these same people seem to be concerned about the woman lying on the application forms in order to get a “black” job, but they’re not concerned about non-legal immigrants who lie on the paperwork in order to get “white” jobs?

And still others seem upset over the misrepresenting extremes Dolezal went to land the job, since it breaks the narrative of “white privilege” about the best jobs being on the “white” side? Oh my, how confusing the self-serving, selective game of “I am what am, if I just self-identify” gets. How about we instead accept that actual facts are more central to apprehending reality than PC word games, and individual choice and rights are more central to our humanity than is racial identity?