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Benghazi, Emails, and Political Prisoners


The fuss over what Hillary Clinton did or didn’t do during the Benghazi raid of September 11, 2012 is a partisan limited hangout for the deeper false flags, the most immediate one being the CIA gun-running operation to Syria, which was illegal according to the UN, and involved US weapons (not just guns left behind by Libyan fighters). In addition, What Really Happened reports that “Paula Broadwell, former CIA Director David Petraeus’ biographer/lover, has blown the lid off another secret buried inside the consulate in Benghazi; that it was one of the CIA’s clandestine torture dungeons! This means that the attack on the consulate was a rescue mission, to free Libyans being tortured by the CIA. And that too is a secret the White House would not want the American people to catch wind of!”

The likely BIG cover-up is that the siege of the embassy was a botched false flag that went deeply sideways, that was originally designed to benefit Obama. What we don’t know for sure, to date, is what went sideways, and who was behind the botch. E.g., according to this video, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer said that his sources tell him that Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) was one of the people in the room watching the Benghazi attack go down. Col. Shaffer believes it would have taken an order by the president to intervene or not.

So What Happened?

It seems somebody wanted the incident to happen, since the planes that could have stopped it were called off, despite senior people refusing to go along. The hearings themselves have revealed that Hillary’s State Dept. rejected or ignored over 600 separate requests to improve security for diplomats in Libya prior to the siege. As stated before: The working theory I still think ties this all together, is that the Benghazi incident was part of a false flag that was originally planned to rebound in Obama’s favor, that went deeply sideways. E.g., Ambassador Stevens and the diplomats were only supposed to be taken hostage, with the anti-Muslim film being cited as the reason. This seems to be backed up by the fact that those performing the siege appear to have known exactly where to go to breach security at the facility (which rules out random rioters), and from there where to find Stevens (that rules out terrorist planning–from where did they get the intel?).

Then a follow-up ‘heroic response’ was to follow, by way of Barry ordering “the CIA and later the military to launch a rescue mission.” The news cycle surrounding the successful (staged) conclusion of the rescue story would eclipse any questions about blaming the film, just as the “we killed Osama” story and news cycle killed widespread scrutiny over the photoshopped birth certificate or fake document he released days before the Osama raid in spring 2011.

Only somebody goofed, or got over-eager, or straight out flipped the script and got the diplomats killed instead of captured. Barry was undecided whether to use the military for a reprisal, as now there would be no feel-good “he saved our people” campaign lift coming out of it. The hesitation allowed real questions about the whole event to roll out in the opposite direction that he intended.

Cui Bono?

Did Bilderberg, Soros, the banksters, etc elite overlords quietly direct Hillary or the CIA et al to go lethal in Benghazi, behind Obarry’s back, as part of it changing the script about his re-election, to instead install Romney as Puppet-in-chief? Or was Mossad/Bibi involved by planting provocateurs among the raiders, who killed the diplomats to embarrass the President, and thus contribute to him losing to Romney? If the latter is true, could this be the reason why relations between Barry and Bibi have worsened since 2012?

If the actual deaths of the diplomats that resulted were not intended, or part of the script, perhaps the White House now wishes it had let the planes stop the assault. But once the op was underway, Obama robotically stuck to the plan to blame the video. Perhaps they were thinking about a way to salvage the op with a new ‘stage two’ incident to eclipse the first, but Obama nixed it. Otherwise, if the deaths were intended, the blame-the-video narrative makes no sense.

All those black op considerations run deeper than a good old left/right paradigm debate, and indicts both war parties for their intervening ways. So of course that’s all been agreed to be kept a closed session secret. Just like the fact that most of the US personnel who were successfully evacuated from the embassy were not members of the State Dept. So which part of the government were they working for? To figure it out, all you need is a little intelligence

Lew Rockwell sums up the CIA aspect this way: “One truth the GOP won’t tell: the ambassador to Hillary-throttled Libya and his cohorts were government gun runners who tried to use their official positions for cover, in effect telling Islamist terrorists, hey, you can’t kill us! We’re diplomatically immune! The US operatives were buying weapons that had belonged to the late anti-Islamicist Gaddafi regime and shipping them, via Islamicist Turkey, to US-sponsored Islamicist terrorists in Syria, to destroy the anti-Islamicist Assad regime. A very dark business in imperial trouble-making that the GOP loves as much as the Dems.”

Those Emails

Because the GOP won’t touch the deep politics aspects of the raid, it’s safe to say they’ll ultimately give Hillary a pass on the matter, other than participate in the political tar both sides have been throwing over the matter. Investigations of the Clintons over the years never lead to indictments, because the family is in fact the Democratic side of the establishment robohawk bankster regime, who most of the time is doing their dark work with full bipartisan support. That family is part of a larger corrupt establishment family that protects its own, while making partisan noises to keep the rank and file party loyalists busy. Republican leaders ultimately seem to only be about prioritizing more invasions and bombings of people abroad, not justice regarding corrupt officials at home.

Imagine if the Benghazi Committee actually had teeth, and actually was “trying to get Hillary.” Since discovering the strange email system Hillary set up to make her official communications as Secretary of State as unsecure as possible, one would think somebody on the committee might suggest the whole point of such a system was to allow the sensitive info to be readily hacked into by certain countries. Those countries might have in turn repaid Clinton for making the data so available by, say, donating to the Clinton Foundation (a “charitable” organization that, not being a PAC, is not subject to FEC restrictions on international donations, or other election law scrutiny). Shades of Chinagate!

One aggressive committee member could have been selected to grill Hillary about using her ‘foundation’ as a slush fund, and her personal server as a conduit for a convenient spy operation. The committee could have also recommended Hillary be indicted for lying to Congress given her contradictions over the months about the server, or for mishandling classified data (thereby violating the Espionage Act). And what about obstruction of justice, for her deleting tens of thousands of emails after she had been subpoenaed to produce them? The fact that they will likely not recommend that course of action against her tells you everything you need to know about where this congressional “investigation” is going.

Irwin Schiff, Martyr for Liberty

Switching up a bit, and with sadness, I lament the passing of tax truth crusader Irwin Schiff, a leading advocate for tax honesty, who died in prison chained to his bed despite being terminally ill. Schiff was put in jail as part of the the Total State’s ongoing effort to intimidate or stigmatize as “tax evaders” anybody who advances tax honesty, the view that income tax assessment and enforcement is misapplied to most Americans. More constitutionally put, this means there is no positive law (binding on everyone) requiring most Americans to pay or file. The assignment of tax liability is either erroneous or fraudulent, is typically enforced via words of art or administrative misdirection under color of law, and thus the jurisdiction of the IRS and tax code is limited, despite much government propaganda to the contrary.

Unlike the false narrative said of modern troops that “they’re fighting for our freedom” (no, 99% of the time, they’re fighting to preserve and expand the US global Empire), Schiff really did die fighting for our freedom. He wrote a book, The Federal Mafia (and at trial, submitted affidavits) documenting the tax jackboots and enforcers usually charge at the wrong people with a gun, and that most alleged liability can in fact be lawfully challenged. For this free speech affront to the Regime, a judge had him tossed in prison, and the system fought against his son Peter Schiff’s efforts to have his status switched to house arrest, so he could be with his family prior to his death. Why was the state so afraid of releasing an 87 year old dying man?

Technicalities and Heroism

Critics chime in that Schiff and the tax truth crowd are ‘cranks’ who use arcane logic or ‘frivolous positions’ or assertions to defy complying with the tax law. Tax honesty advocates reply it is not frivolous to demand the IRS provide verified proof of claim to support their assertions that their tax assessments (based on unsworn, hearsay reports like W2s) are lawful, correct and applicable. Demanding such proof or sworn documentation is not the same thing as making an argument. The strong suspicion is the IRS cannot supply such proof to back up their allegations, and the reason is because, well, there is no law…

That is, the legal basis for alleging someone has a tax liability is the assessment power given to the IRS, which it unilaterally exercises by sheer presumption (declaring everyone is under its jurisdiction, and accepting all information reports it receives as accurate). The tax ‘obligation’ is thereby created by administrative fiat, not direct legal mandate. Challenging the accuracy or standing of those reports (usually supplied on IRS-biased paperwork) short circuits the scam, since the challenge undercuts the basis for their issuing the assessments.

The tax truth side would also point out all that hyper-technical, arcane legalese was created by the tax code gestapo itself, to wiggle around a host of constitutional obstacles to creating and enforcing an income tax. The truth is, the modern income tax is a legal tax that is indeed fraudulently misapplied to most Americans (through IRS assessments conjuring equitable liability from thin air via paperwork, as described above), making it illegal theft in any case. A tax on wages (if construed as income) is constitutional if done based on apportionment. The modern tax has tried to get around apportionment by being technically a government excise or gift tax, that uses income activity as a point of reference (thus allowing it to be called an “income tax” while not being a tax directly on income).

Thus the alleged passing of the 16th Amendment gave the government no new taxing power (according to the Supreme Court). But, the amendment provided it a propaganda victory in establishing its credibility with the ‘don’t sweat the details’ public, by conveying the impression that the IRS taxing power and jurisdiction was universal or without limits. The public then complies with what it thinks the law is, while actual liability is not a matter of law, but of the bureaucratic process assessing everyone as being subject to its determinations. Even this conniving terminology would make it apply only to a minority of Americans (those involved in federal work), so legal words of art and presumptive administrative procedure have been used to justify misapplying the tax to almost everybody.

The great majority of tax honesty folks who have applied the concepts (by first making themselves judgment proof, while keeping their activity free of the SSN tracking number, and consistently challenging IRS misapplied tax assessments) have not experienced the hot water or horrific treatment that Schiff received. There are only 2,000 some odd prosecutions for alleged tax fraud or evasion a year, despite over 65 million adult working age Americans neither filing or paying. The bulk of IRS harassment is directed at prominent tax truth figures, to try to scare the rest of us off. So unlike the tax honesty critics, aka State boot-licking cowards, proponents of challenging IRS tyranny are the true defenders of law, the true patriots, and the true heroes.

Libertarians agree that taxation is legalized theft, but some of us draw the line at unlawful theft, where tax collection is fraudulently enforced even where it is not applicable. Irwin Schiff was one of the brave figures who took a leadership role in pointing this out. I will always cherish the LP National convention I attended in 2002 where he took the time to talk to me and another party member and gave us an impromptu hour lecture on the tax gestapo. He shared even when there was no monetary gain to be had. He will be missed.