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Hebdo 2.0 and the Liberty 20%


Double Hmmmmm. It appears the ISIS related terrorist mayhem in Paris in the Charlie Hebdo attack in early 2015 was just a warm up for the ‘main event’ November Paris attacks of Friday the 13. The latest tragedy included multiple restaurant and theater shootings, along with suicide bombers, and a few convenient “this is for Syria” shouts, just to make it clear to the public to connect the attacks to next Muslim country on the War Party’s hit list. You guessed it: just as the Hebdo event appears coated with covert intelligence signs that it was a false flag, so too do the current attacks smack of heavily orchestrated propaganda.

Adding it Up, or Not

Consider, as usual, the things that don’t add up, a tell tale indicator of black ops at work. Why, oh why, if the ISIS terrorists are sooo into advancing their agenda to gain acceptance for their ‘caliphate’ territory in the Middle east, that they perform very heinous acts just in time for important scheduled geopolitical events like the Vienna meeting over Syria, and the G20 conference in Turkey, where world leaders can be physically present, or right on hand to plan and resolve to defeat them? How does it help their cause for ISIS to make it as easy as possible for countries to publicly condemn them? Why, if you’re ISIS, and your booty is currently and most severely being kicked by Russia in Syria, do you proceed with an attack on civilians in France, in the first place? If NBC knows where ISIS is currently getting one million dollars a day in new revenue from, why haven’t government agencies shut that down? If these ISIS militants are sooo intelligent, why do they keep leaving behind passports of themselves, so they can be quickly tracked down? And how are these real or fake magic IDs usually surviving intact, in this case despite one owner presumably being blown to bits? Do these guys want to be rounded up and captured?

Most of all, how did radical extremists like this once again turn out to be already on the watchlists of government investigators and bureaus, who already knew about them, yet nobody noticed any of them getting the explosives, AK-47s, etc equipment ready for a big operation? Didn’t any of these “authorities” think it might be important to double up on monitoring them, in light of the upcoming summits? How did the guys get AK-47s in the first place, in France, a nation with just about the most intense gun control apparatus in Europe? For that matter, how did working class Muslims afford to get the RPGs used in the Hebdo massacre? And, in another tell-tale sign of orchestration, there were anti-terrorism drills (“exercises”) taking place the same day as the Paris attacks. Ah, just another “coincidence,” like local Paris Jewish community centers who were somehow warned in advance, or like the pre-meeting US and French intelligence officials held just before the attacks (to finalize the false flag?). As I said at the beginning, hmmmmmm.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Then look at the things that do add up, from the point of view of cui bono. As usual, Justin Raimondo at sums up the real War Machine agenda:

“The Paris attacks are the signal for full-scale Western intervention in Syria, a “pitiless war,” as French President Francois Hollande put it, and the US is likely to follow in his wake. This will achieve another longstanding Israeli goal: the interposition of a substantial Western military force between Israel and its enemies. (Although the Israeli far right doesn’t necessarily agree.)

What we are looking at is a Western expeditionary force aimed at smashing the Islamic State, occupying Syria, and imposing a “negotiated settlement” of the civil war. The outlines of this have already been drawn with the negotiations between the US, its allies, the Russians, and the Iranians. The coming massive Western intervention is designed to counter Russian and especially Iranian influence on the outcome: the Paris attacks couldn’t have come at a more convenient time.”

What a darkly brilliant, ruthlessly efficient way for the US to finally create a legitimizing pretext to justify its presence in Syria. The US has been trying to oust Assad for years, to put in a pro-Western compliant puppet, using “fighting terrorism” or “he’s gassed or dropped bombs on his own people” charges as a justifying canard. Note how “he’s done X to Y people” never has to be proven, nor the context considered, but the rhetoric is part of the grammar to depose of every ruler the West targets (meanwhile, when the FBI firebombs and uses CS gas on the Branch Davidians, or US troops drop white phosphorous on Fallujah, it’s not spun in “we’ve done X to Y people” atrocity terms). But American attempts to militarily intervene (that is, invade and plunder) Syria have lacked any authorization until now—no UN sanction, no declaration of war from Congress, nor even the unconstitutionally vague “authorization to use force.”

But with the Paris attacks, which French President Hollande instantly christened “an act of war,” the US can now say they are coming to the military aid of a fellow NATO member, as part of our treaty obligations! The conveniently coincident summit meetings (where the leaders all expressed solidarity with France in fighting ISIS) thus serves as “getaway driver” to lock in the legitimacy conjured from air by the false flag operation. This outcome serves to counter the much more legitimate Russian intervention (who actually were invited by the Syrian government) and so sets the stage for the US to negotiate that it be the controlling nation meddling in that country. For the war hawks, what matters is the end result—we can go into yet another state in defiance of their sovereignty, on a “we’ve got to fight back” impulse, and stay engaged indefinitely. The war party never needs to prove anything before intruding, and once there, never wants limits on its excursions. The hawks are deeply behind schedule in invading and taking over the Middle east, according to the plan admitted to by Wesley Clark, and feel this latest gambit is their way to get back on track:

The last shoe that should be dropped on this point is the open secret that the US created and funded ISIS in the first place, as documented in government briefs Judicial Watch forced the release of via numerous FOIA requests. At the G20 summit, Vladimir Putin himself brought up the inconvenient fact that Russian itellingence has concluded that ISIS is funded by 40 different nations (one of them being France!). As recently as this spring US armed forces were caught red-handed dropping off food and supplies to ISIS forces. There’s no evidence that ISIS ever stopped being a US or Western intelligence asset, but much data to suggest they are being quietly assisted in order to serve their purpose of being the lifeline to NWO goals in the Mideast. You don’t really think the military repeatedly leaves behind Humvess and heavy-duty weapons by accident, do you?  Below is that no-account US Senator from NY, Kristin Gillibrand (who I ran against in 2010 on the LP line) admitting to We Are Change that Hillary and Co. did in fact foment and fund ISIS in the late 2000’s:

Pretexts and Contexts 

Given all of the above, we should definitely cut to the chase and call this out as a false flag, and state ISIS is another puppet enemy, created/funded/trained/equipped by US/UK/Mossad, to justify the war on terror and non-stop meddling in the Middle East. Are the Paris attacks (both Hebdo and this new one) just the latest leg of Operation Gladio? Yup, probably (for those unaware, Gladio was/is a secret program in Europe from the ’80’s, since exposed by government documents, to perform false flag attacks on civilian targets, to convince the public to continue to support NATO in fighting the Cold war, and now perhaps the War on Terror as well). Regardless, we should speak out against both OVERT (military) and COVERT (false flags and black ops) intervention used to keep us drowned in war and empire. Likewise, we should call for restoring the (pre-9-11) classification of terrorist acts as falling under “crime” rather than “military threat” to de-couple these incidents from a geo-political response in the first place. This would prevent people from calling for “war” every time somebody or some group shoots up a local theater, mall etc. Instead, call the police.

Otherwise, as it now stands, every organized act of violence happening anywhere on the earth can be leveraged as an ‘international incident’ requiring a military intervention, or an “aggressive response” conforming to global standards of policing. More and more, those new “standards” increasingly look like the militarized protocols that have led to the increase in police brutality, misconduct, and excessively confrontational tactics we’ve seen hit communities all across America in recent years, with black communities in particular serving as fodder for the resulting lethal engagement. The alleged War on Terror (WOT) has led inexorably to a “black lives don’t matter” consequence, with the latter seeming to serve globalist central planners as “canaries in the coal mine” in an ongoing experiment to see how much ‘militarism in the neighborhood’ the public will tolerate.

The warbots secondarily want to use this incident to achieve associated goals such as ending public access to digital encryption (in the “balancing” of privacy and security, people can’t expect to retain an once of privacy that discomfits our Orwellian masters). They also want to use the latest crisis to push still more no-due-process bulk surveillance, and to force a new wave of unregulated, no-protected-borders immigration unto the red states (over the objections of 30 Governors and states, Obama is sending ten thousand Syrian refugees to mostly Republican states, not to Chappaqua, Hollywood, the upper East side Manhattan, or similar PC fortresses). Some of us wonder why masses of refugees are being sent many time zones away from their native lands, instead of to nearby, more culturally compatible countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the like? Or perhaps those neighbors are already packed to the gills with refugees from the last rounds of US-led invasions in the area?

What is the Liberty Bottom Line?

“Want to stop terrorism?” asks Lew Rockwell in his indispensable blog. “Ron Paul had it right: get out of Muslim countries. Stop bombing. Stop installing dictators. Stop stealing. Stop intervening. Stop killing.” This is simple bottom line, common sense logic, backed up by the actual track record of the last 14 years, not just libertarian principle. Unfortunately, physical attacks, real or false flagged, have a track record of emotionally overwhelming common sense and steamrolling us straight into a new conflict. Despite our knowing that the Afghanistan adventure has been a disaster, Iraq has been a disaster, Libya has been a disaster, et al, a new outbreak of “we’re under attack” syndrome leads to exactly the reaction the pro-war side wants: an impulsive military response, with no limits placed on the engagement.

This could be the grisly calculation made by the false flagging war mongers. The public IS war weary, and wants to elect a President who is not knee-jerk inclined to launch new invasions or bombings (and seems to have the resolve to back it up, hence the appeal of Trump and Carson in the Republican race). So, the War Machine has decided, let’s scare ’em up with new stuff, and make sure to push the shiny new WOT 2.0 threat of ISIS to the point where it overwhelms all past considerations about the above mentioned Iraq disaster, the Afghan disaster, the Libyan disaster, etc. War, as the health of the State, thereby keeps being fed.

When Ron Paul was a principled presence in the last two primary races, and made it clear he would champion peace-not-war no matter what new 9-11 inside job was thrown at us, TPTB didn’t dare start a new war or pull a major false flag in the middle of the race. The elite was always afraid of inadvertantly creating momentum for Paul as the Peace alternative in the Republican race, or possibly as an independent candidate.  By contrast, Rand Paul’s GOP-only commitment, and his hesitant criticisms of the war party (including the refusal to confront the main “we’re under threat” premise or framework legitimizing the WOT) has not only not worked tactically, but appears to have provided them the window to resume conducting the very fear-creating covert ops leading to more militarism.

The 20 Percent Solution

Some libertarians look at the wave after wave of militaristic demagoguery, and despair that the problem is “freedom is just not popular.” My response, it doesn’t need to be, as long as enough pro-liberty people are true to it, and to each other. As shown by the American revolution, liberty does not need a numerical majority to succeed. Liberty needs only to be popular with a dedicated minority that is large enough to change the status quo, or to make doing things as usual impossible. The majority is typically conformist, and goes with the resulting flow, with no fiercely held or fixed view either way. A few “give me liberty or give me death” patriots or “religious nuts with guns” (P.J. O’Rourke’s wonderful phrase about the people who founded this country) are all that’s needed to prevail, given the passivity of the general public.

Look at what a handful of “Freedom Caucus” so-called radicals did to shake up the House leadership this past month. Examine, in war-torn countries, how few guerrillas it takes to keep things unstablized, by disrupting the regular routine. Depending on the rules of a legislative body, a handful of people can bottle things up for extended periods of time in order to at least partially get their way.

Most importantly, the other side has succeeded via their minority influence, based on the fierce dedication and organization of the Total State partisans. Neocons started out as just a few Troyskyites writing columns, and grew to take over the right on foreign policy within a generation. Domestic issue socialists likewise wormed almost all the points of the Communist Manifesto into the American system through regulations, liberal courts, controlling the media, bribing voters with subsidies, and through constant dishonest use of language.

So, liberty folks should stop pining for ‘popularity’ that would be ephemeral or passive if even obtained, and concentrate on achieving the perhaps 20% critical mass needed to bring liberty back, via clogging the current system up, then worry about steering the passive majority into conforming to it.