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Star Wars Primaries: The Rank and File Awakens


The more things change, in US politics or Hollywood, the more they stay the same, or get tweaked just enough to look new. The release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, the latest leg of the famous movie franchise drops just as the actual major party Presidential primary contests of the 2016 season are soon to begin, and both carry suspiciously similar elements (beware, some spoilers ahead). Mash-up time: Is the regular electorate finally tired of the mostly phony left-right paradigm at home, and the Phantom Menace abroad constantly foisted on it by the Empire, as its First Order of deception? Are they, in fact, now moving more towards supporting the Resistance?

How Liberty Died

Just to recap what has gone before, on two fronts: The Star Wars/American saga is about a once great democratic Republic (the original, Constitution-based USA, or the Galactic Republic) driven by rational ‘light side,’ peace officer Jedi principles of the rule of law, limited government and non-aggression, was taken over by the Empire, a predatory and tyrannical order driven by the war-mongering Sith (or the NWO), who are emotionally committed to the ‘dark side’ goals of total government and total, “unlimited power!” The constitutionalist Jedis see the whole world as embued, in varying shades of grey, by the Force (with all having access to God’s indwelling light, and rights), while the globalist Siths view things in war-mode, Manichean black and white absolutes, where all parties not loyal to them are deemed the enemy and must be destroyed.

The first SW movie trilogy chronicled the restoration of the Resistance to fight the Sith’s total state tyranny. But it was the later ‘prequel’ trilogy that spelled out the true mechanics of the struggle, as it depicted how the ambitious politician Palpatine (or in our world, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt and the rest of the authoritarian gang) could fear-monger, double deal and false flag an entire Republic into ultimately surrendering their liberty, checks and balances on power, and pretty much everything else, “with thunderous applause.”

Have the Jedi Vanished?

Since that time, on both the big screen and in life, there have been  ‘new episodes’ where the Resistance started to emerge, be it called the Goldwater movement, A New Hope, Morning in America, Return of the Jedi, or the Ron Paul revolution. In fact, the plots have been curiously similar. A New Hope was about an evil dude dressed in black trying to retrieve some critical info from the Rebels, only the data has been stored inside a cute droid, who escapes to hide on a desert planet. The droid meets with the main protagonists, who end up blasting their way off the planet together by flying the Millenium Falcon. From there, they wind up working with the Resistance, becoming more aware of the ways of the Jedi and more comfortable battling the Sith-controlled tyrants. A daring plan is devised to destroy the enemy’s new Death star, where a daring rescue is also to be made, and where a tragic death of a main protagonist occurs.  Meanwhile, The Force Awakens is about—hmmm, the same thing, word for word. The more things change…

The only divergence between the reel world and the real world is that while the good guys win some battles on both fronts, the Sith/Empire/First Order globalist forces keep winning the war in the modern world. The quick version of the real world script goes, conservatives promise major change towards restoring limited constitutional government in every national election, then get elected and after that, nothing happens legislatively. No one has found a way to blow up the big government Death Star, or repeal any major program, and no Skywalker has emerged to reverse the advance of the New World Order. Worse, the entire Hegelian “problem, reaction, solution” false flag apparatus of fear by which the Palpatines of global empire keep the masses and systems in line, trundles on intact despite being exposed as such many times. It’s as if the last Jedis of liberty never existed, or have long since disappeared.

Or, did Luke vanish for a reason, both in fact as well as fiction? The new movie suggests he has a plan, perhaps involving the training of a new generation of Jedis, the full dimensions of which are not yet disclosed. With the Rand Paul campaign now poised to be probably defeated (which would be the third big liberty movement defeat in three election cycles), perhaps it’s time for the good guys to take a similar sabbatical, to work on a plan that works. In the absence (or ineffectiveness) of our Jedis, what the movie (and life) displays are a host of conflicted new characters, some just becoming aware of the evil or excess of the Total State (Finn), some being unaware of their latent power over the Force (Rey), and some trying to deal with their turn to the dark side (Kylo Ren).

Which is the Master, and Which is the Apprentice?

While some comparisons are not completely exact, life at times does copy art. The growing disillusionment of the masses with the Mideast wars, the frustration of rank and file GOP members with the party leadership and their lack of policy achievements, and the exhaustion they have with the mainstream media’s non-stop PC bullying (designed to cow them back into compliance) appears to be leading to a mass resistance against the Order. This non-, or anti-establishment rebellion started most recently with the Ron Paul campaigns of 2008 and 2012, with the Tea Party gains since 2009 to present playing its part, but has reached a crescendo with the outsider posturing of candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson in the current GOP primary race. Since each of these persons arguably have been previously associated with the Stormtrooper establishment, they can be said to be the ‘Finns’ of the real world at this time.

Note these individuals are certainly not themselves Jedis—the ‘Rey’ character of this election cycle is clearly Rand Paul, who has shown the potential of using the Force, yet currently lacks the training or commitment to fully represent the light side like his Jedi father Ron. But these Finns of the campaign have each found a way to engage the frustrated mass sentient of their non-establishment supporters that the darkside-dominated political leadership—including the GOP’s—must be confronted, deflated, and replaced. Which brings us to the ‘Kylo Rens’ of the current saga, embodied by creatures ranging from the Sith neocon robots Rubio and Jeb, to the Democrat “alternative” in the form of that blood-soaked battle axe named Hillary, to the regime’s would-be financial controllers—the Adelsons, Kochs, or other sultans seated at the corporate militarist, AIPAC and bankster table. Indeed, it’s hard to tell at times which one is the Sith apprentice, and which one is a full Master, as their agendas are so much in lock step.

The Force is Not Strong With This One

The GOP primary tragedy of 2015-2016 remains the ineffectual Rand candidacy, which I had such high hopes for six months ago. Why have the Finns been able to reach the anti-establishment voting bloc with their themes, while Rand has not with his correct, coherent pro-liberty approach, and actual anti-establishment positions? Well, to the public, Trump appears to have resolve, while Rand does not, when it comes to resisting the PC framework, and plainly prioritizing topics like the impact of immigration. Forget his compromising rhetoric on foreign policy—Rand hurt himself more when he pandered to the left to avoid the “racist” control word smear, backed away from his stance on the Civil Rights Act, and caved when the media pushed the “he’s sexist” smear line once he challenged the loaded questions he got from women reporters in earlier interviews. Compare this to Ron  Paul NOT caving on non-intervention when Giuliani tried to bully him into ‘apologizing’ for it.

That, plus his lack of urgency on cultural issues in general, sent the signal that Rand wouldn’t get things accomplished as President, because he’d cave or backpedal to the PC drumbeat whenever push came to shove on each of these fronts. That’s why policy details have taken a back seat in this campaign to the “won’t back down” posture. Proposed policy means little if the framework supporting the existing policy goes unchallenged. Rand has appeared to back down from, or to avoid even engaging the establishment, on too many fronts.

To get anywhere with the Sith Lords, you have to address their emotion-mongering. Until we run candidates who are the liberty voice of emotion as well as reason, we’ll keep losing. It’s like the game rock-paper-scissors, where reason is the rock, paper is emotion and scissors is pain. Ron and Rand can run on the rock of reason and peace, but demagogic emotion (“we’re under threat,” fear, fear fear, more war until we win, etc) will overwhelm it or ‘wrap it’ every time. Two years ago, when the war hawks tried to crank up a war on Syria with phony claims Assad had launched a chemical attack, the world turned off the drumbeat by flatly calling the claim a scam, and standing firm—and so we must do again.

We have to confront the emotional pro-war framework papering over the truth, by rejecting the premise behind the framework—we have to say NO, we’ve been lied to, there is no real threat, ISIS/Al Qaeda are CIA created enemies, the War on Terror is a fraud to justify empire building the US had already long planned to do. The “we’ve been lied to” meme can act as scissors to cut through the emotionalism, and break the spell the War party puts on everybody with each new false flag. The pain of realizing you’ve been conned (the “it’s a trap!” syndrome) is known to wake people up, so they can hear reason again. But if Rand won’t call the war whoopers on their latest fraud, the emotional pro-war narrative will continue to stand, and smother reason.

By contrast, in terms of standing up to the Empire, Donald Trump’s campaign has had a net positive effect in the primary race. The truth is, several bad positions aside, Trump has done most of the things Rand SHOULD have done in the race—energized an anti-establishment sentiment among the GOP rank and file, stood up to the MSM’s bullying tactics and challenged their cult of self-importance, threatened a third party run for leverage (to keep the leadership from rigging thngs), destroyed the Bush campaign and neutralized the Koch/Adelson coronate-a-new-puppet machine, pushed cultural issues to the forefront of Republican discussion (instead of more warmongering), etc.

These outcomes represent progress, as they are thematically beneficial to liberty. If Rand couldn’t or wouldn’t produce them, the fact remains the party that did accomplish them should be appreciated, and that the electorate that wanted this done was, and still is gettable. What has been established is this vote can’t be gotten merely based on “positions,” even if they are the correct ones, and are directly non-establishment. A real sense that action will be taken on them, as currently evidenced by exhibiting resolve under PC fire and confronting the mainstream framework, appears to be the formula to engaging this voting bloc. Concentrating on this is focusing on the target, while baiting and carping about Trump’s drawbacks is majoring in the minors.

A Return of the Jedi Pathway

Rand’s best pathway for victory at this point is to flat out win, surge style, the Iowa caucus, to create the momentum he needs to win other February contests, and to get the “Rand can’t win” monkey off his back. This can work if the evangelical vote gets split enough between Trump, Cruz and Carson to Rand’s advantage, and if Rand can get the youth and independent vote out to the maximum extent (note that the college kids will be present and not away on holiday break, as with the past two IA caucuses). It would have been better if Rand had challenged mainstream frameworks or pursued a multi-party line fusion candidacy to give him more leverage, but absent that, this ‘win Iowa’ or win something early emphasis would be his last best bet.

It would also help if Rand would start triangulating Trump, instead of renouncing him over the next month. A large reason why Cruz succeeded in getting some of Trump’s vote was his triangulating the Donald, which assured those voters he was on their side, whereas Rand disengaged himself from those voters by attacking Trump. For that matter, it would serve Rand to start triangulating Cruz as well, since the media (and Trump) will be beating Cruz up. Rand could say “Cruz’s critics are out to lunch, he’s on the right track, but here’s the best way to proceed…”

This will be payback for Cruz triangulating Rand over the last few months (when Cruz stole Rand’s positions, he was mainly paying his respects to Rand, by trying to show liberty voters they could turn to Cruz to see their views represented). When Rand steals his own voters back, that should give him the extra edge he needs to keep on winning or placing high in successive primaries.

It is indeed instructive that even a “slithering weasel” like Cruz, who is disliked by both the media, and other Senators, has also been doing better than Rand. Compare the outcomes: Cruz triangulated Trump, thus he is now in first place in Iowa and second place nationally, with strong inroads made with engaging Trump supporters. Whereas, Rand attacked Trump, thus he is struggling in Iowa and nationally, with no inroads made with engaging Trump supporters. That’s why Rand is still losing. Cruz has too many wrong positions, but he has played Trump perfectly.

The Finns are, ultimately, not the enemy, the Siths are—so Rand should be focusing on beating the latter. These suggestions represent the best map for the Senator to be fighting them, while there’s still time in this election cycle. There, Jedi Rand, I am giving you your light saber, now let’s get this started! Roll credits.