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Hillary Update—Grandma Skates, Still On the Lam


As predicted eight months ago, the statist club of Washington, DC (comprising both Republicans and Democrats) have basically cleared Hillary Rotten Clinton from criminal prosecution for either the Benghazi disaster, or from negligent mishandling of thousands of emails related to State department business through an unsecure private server. While it remains to be determined whether either she, her aides or Bill Clinton will face the music over the apparent “pay to play,” cash for political favors set-up of the Clinton Foundation, it’s safe to say the deep politics arrangements of the elite were deemed too vital, and too interdependent on the Queen Authoritarian to sacrifice one of their chief establishment super agents to such a mundane thing as justice.

Acolytes for Hillary are crying “it’s over!” despite the extremely tacky aspects of the entire two affairs (such as the Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on her plane while the investigation was still in progress), and a lack of basic answers to outstanding questions spanning several years. After nearly four years, and multiple investigations, how is it that we still don’t know who gave the stand down order, that delayed available armed forces from arriving at the Benghazi compound in time to save Ambassador Stevens? Why doesn’t the final report from the Republican led committee even offer a guess? Or offer at least a theory as to how the supposed “terrorists” had the intel to know exactly how to break into the facility, and knew exactly where to go to find the diplomats?

The Just US System

On the email side, it gets even worse, with the FBI Director holding a press conference to outline six different felony violations performed by the Madame Secretary in the mishandling of classified data, only to recommend no criminal referral to the Justice Department. With that action, James Comey, the FBI head and token GOP hand picked by Obama to provide a fig leaf of legitimacy for the Democratic administration in clearing Hillary, has become the new Ken Starr. He was there, just as the man from Pepperdine 20 years ago, to be the “respected Republican” who is titled or poses as being an independent investigator, yet proceeds robotically to complete the cover-up of the Clintons. Sen. Rand Paul, who to his credit was the sole dissenting vote against Comey’s confirmation as Director, looks like a gigantic statesman today. The Obama Administration, by contrast, looks like it is thumbing its finger (or entire arm) at the rule of law, confirming the justice system is indeed broken, or as Richard Pryor originally said, is for “Just US.”

As noted by observers like Judge Andrew Napolitano and many others, this outcome looks like a conspiracy to evade the law, and does not represent the system of a free society where all people are supposed to be protected equally by the law, and equally subject to the law. In fairness, it can be noted that there is a notorious history of the Clintons in terms of “body counts,” and the suspicious deaths of people around them. Judge Nap, unlike Jim Comey, was not facing the prospect of a barbell ‘accidentally’ falling on his neck. But the bad optics of his ‘determination’ remains. Consider the key detail that Comey declared he could not make the criminal referral because he did not conclude there was criminal intent behind Hillary’s actions, when the relevant statutes don’t even require intent to be established in order to indict and convict. Where was this concern about intent considered in the Obama Adminstration’s relentless prosecution of other alleged violators of the Espionage Act?  Since whistle blower Edward Snowden had no criminal intent behind his handling of classified material, will the government cut him a break as well? Or does the discretion to not pursue prosecution in the face of tons of evidence only extend to “just us” elite club members like Hillary?

The Fix, of Course, Was In–Until It Wasn’t

Let’s backtrack to the politics for a moment, to discuss what’s really going on. Trump can beat Hillary, and that’s why the GOP leadership was working hand over fist for months to try to deny him the nomination. Those leaders serve The Powers That Be elite (who control both parties), not the rank and file. The ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT’S plan this year was to have another weak Republican milquetoast robohawk guy throw the election to her, just like in 2008. Only in that year, she proved to be such an overrated candidate that the elite’s Democrat plan B—the black guy with the Arab name and very questionable records—got past her in the primaries.

This year the establishment sacrificial lamb to Hillary was supposed to be Jeb, with Rubio or Christie serving as plan B. The party leadership knew this was supposed to lead to conservative voters being de-energized and largely staying home, as in ’08 and ’12—that was the very point, the whole key to getting Hillary elected. With all the focusing on Trump, people are missing that this is where the fix was in. Repeat, with or without Trump allegedly being a plant or stalking horse, TPTB intended for Hillary to win. So if Trump is somehow still betrayed at the GOP convention and replaced by a weak tea guy, we were still supposed to be stuck with a GOP milquetoast shill blowing it to Hillary in November.

The only escape plans from this outcome were a) Hillary getting indicted (which Obarry would never do), b) Rand Paul winning (which didn’t work out at all), and c) the unexpected, which is what the Trump ascendancy appears to be. NO ONE expected Trump to dominate the race as he has, including Trump, including the Clintons, including the media. Which means the impact he has had in decimating Jeb and the mega-donors behind the other puppets was not anticipated. The elite took care of the first two obstacles, but still can’t figure out Trump. Which also means, the would-be Hillary queenmakers didn’t think somebody else (outside the club) might win, and perhaps follow-through on the corruption investigations upon their taking office. As in, really following up on evidence that supports indictments, with actual indictments.

In light of this, the heart of the current matter is evident: Hillary Inc., was hellbent on dodging a legal bullet, no matter how ugly it looked politically in the short term. The optics of the FBI formally advising “we recommend Clinton be charged with X felony counts of negligent mishandling of classified data, criminal intent to misuse classified data, violating the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice, lying to prosecutors, lying to Congress, etc” would be devastating to Hillary’s election quest, regardless of what DOJ did with the referral. The fear was not over getting indicted by this Administration, which she knew Obama would never allow, but over what the next Administration would do. That prospect is probably what led to the desperation meeting on the plane this past week. There may have been a growing realization on the part of Clinton that, once the referral was publicly on record, if the Democrats lost in November, a President Trump (or Johnson) might actually follow through with the indictment upon taking over DOJ in January.

So the answer was clear: make sure there would be no criminal referral. The prospect of that referral probably was on the table at some point in the last year. But the way it has worked with the Clintons and the FBI for 25-30 years is, the Clintonistas push back, and pressure all investigators involved to moving to a “no foul play/no charges” conclusion, while pressuring anybody not onboard out of the investigation. For example, go ask Ken Starr’s lead prosecutor, Miguel Rodriguez, who was pushed out of the Vince Foster “suicide” case for pursuing a different line of inquiry that suggested foul play, such as the second bullet wound he found on Foster’s body.  So through slyly disguised bribes (“Hillary invites Lynch to stay on as Attorney General in her first term”), blackmail, extortion or other hardball, Hillary has probably delayed the current overlong process from reaching the point of the FBI recommending indictment for months. The intimidation of Comey and other FBI staff to cave must have been immense. The result? Grandma skates, and is still on the lam.

The Prosperity of the Wicked

Well, at least for now. Under the current establishment, yes, certain high powered crooks don’t get indicted. But all the non-Hillary candidates have to do is say, “that WILL change in six months, if you elect me.” The key issue, as always, is how to defeat the rigged game. The contentious rationalizing away of clear-cut wrongdoing that attends many scandals is a main reason why most crooked lawyers/politicians get away with things. They know 1) almost everything can be turned into fine-point legaleze, which destroys interest in the matter over time (because most people don’t want to sweat the details), and 2) while misdirection and other faulty reasoning can be quickly spotted, objected to and thrown out in a courtroom, such techniques are readily used in speeches or media coverage to spin “crimes were committed” into “mistakes were made,” to exonerate the hoods in the court of public opinion.

That’s why it seems the only scandals that tend to stick are sex scandals. A sex scandal can’t be blamed on a low-level flunky, a gray area in the law, a partisan witch hunt, or turned into something too complicated for the public to understand. Either person X did something with person Y, or sent naughty communications to Z, or not. This is a prime reason for the Spitzers and Weiners being out of office, and why the Clinton sex flaps have had a much longer shelf life than the financial ones, which were much more serious and numerous.

So as much as we may prefer to focus on the Clinton scandals that are “respectable” to discuss, those were always fool’s gold. Perhaps the big picture is, given their control over the system, the Clintons were never going down over “mishandled emails,” which is how most regular people (who don’t sweat the details) summarize the whole matter, as there were always too many lawyer escape routes around the issue. It’s more likely we can stop the Clintonistas over Mr. Epstein and Orgy Island. If that happens, the prosperity train the wicked Clintons have been riding may finally hit the end of the line.

Triangulating Hillary

On the other hand, a strategy of triangulation is being employed by LP candidate Gary Johnson that may also help. Instead of focusing on her scandals, Johnson is making no attempts at this time to be negative about either Clinton or Trump, as evident in his upbeat ads, and interview comments that deny Hillary is guilty of any wrongdoing. “Is Gary denying reality?” rings the cry coming from my fellow Libertarians—to which I suggest, no, just sidestepping it temporarily, for a greater cause. Cynically speaking, it might be that he is aware that one of the people on the Clinton body count list was named Gary Johnson, and he doesn’t want to be the second one.

But more likely, it’s a tactical move. Johnson is polling roughly at 10% whenever his name is included, and believes he is drawing from both the major party candidates. Johnson is playing politics, to attract whatever Democrats he can who are uneasy with Hillary’s baggage. There are Democrats who quietly don’t want to vote for her, but don’t want to appear to be “converting to the GOP” or to Trump (especially on cultural issues) by openly opposing her. So Gary is triangulating Hillary and her critics, so as to look like a reasonable social left alternative. He is aware of recent polls that show he is already attracting more votes from Hillary than from Trump, so he and running mate William Weld have been emphasizing their social liberalism, and general positivity, to welcome voters to personal liberty and fiscal restraint concepts. While this is not the most accurate or principled way to promote liberty, it is (so far) paying off very well in positioning the party this year for an historic vote outcome in the Presidential race. Grandma may still be on the lam, but 2016 may be the year the LP arrives.