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Black Ops Matter, or Follow the Money


Liberty is on the rise, as such things as the double digit poll numbers for Gary Johnson’s LP candidacy, the UK’s recent Brexit election, or as the establishment-blasting “outsider trend” in the US can all attest. But this doesn’t mean the international special interests favoring the Total State are resting in their attempts to steer mass opinion in their direction. As the aim of the globalist cabal to accelerate their agenda falls further behind schedule and under increasing resistance, the deep politics apparatus (namely information warfare, covert intelligence, false flags, black operations, etc) have gone into overdrive to recover momentum and achieve its goals. Lately these projects have been unfolding in the news one on top of the other, in America and overseas, for anybody to see who’s been paying attention.

Ops Go the Weasels

Major covert projects like Operation Gladio in Europe have been well documented, with false flag violent incidents serving to execute a strategy of tension to steer the public into continuing to support NATO and the Cold war. The saturation of American journalism and entertainment by the CIA’s assets participating in Operation Mockingbird (as discussed by Carl Bernstein and others) has likewise manipulated domestic public opinion with pro-state propaganda for decades.  It’s been previously noted here how these deep politics operations, relationships and orchestrations are running under the surface of the ‘news’ and political developments of the moment, without being so acknowledged by the mainstream media (MSM). The main memes being pushed through such maneuvers involve division—dividing the world into the West vs. Islam factions, or within America, into black vs. white, or pro-cops vs. anti-cops factions. The point of the division is to ensure continuity of power and policy of the statist elite, by keeping the rest of us arguing with other. Such a diversion neutralizes any chance for change, by turning politics into irrelevant entertainment. The major objective of the ops (among others) appears to be providing a continued pretext for for military intervention abroad, or militarized policing and omni-surveillance at home.

Within the two-party puppet show, the immediate purpose of these projects is to impact the elections. The “outsider trend” that has caused the rise in the polls of genuinely independent third party candidacies like those of Johnson, or the major party insurgency of Trump, has the statist establishment in an uproar. Trump’s hints at dismantling the globalist machine (from backing out of trade deals, to drop-kicking NATO, and pushing back at PC narratives that steer the domestic agenda) represents an affront to their control over, or expansion of their system. President Obarry in particular probably wants Clinton to succeed him because 1) she will continue his statist policies, and 2) since Hillary will be most likely much worse than Soetero was as President, she’ll make everybody forget how bad he was. That’s probably one reason why a couple of people involved in suing the DNC over how they unfairly tilted the party apparatus in supporting Hillary over Bernie Sanders have wound up suspiciously dead. One blog commenter coldly summed it up with, “you have to be crazy to believe 3 deaths in 6 weeks of people specifically involved in Clinton/DNC lawsuits is coincidental.” Another put things this way:

Barack will find a way to save Hillary. He killed John Ashe for Hillary. He’ll kill someone else or launch a false flag attack on the LGBT community or some other minority group to rally the faithful behind the cause. It’s his agenda that’s at stake after all. Hillary must win if his legacy–murder, mayhem, open borders, unvetted Syrian refugees, the Muslim Brotherhood, fake pandemics, ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, endless wars, geo-engineered droughts, unconstitutional executive orders, TPP and humongous trade and federal budget deficits–is to stand the test of time. Winning isn’t everything; it’s the future itself….

One problem for O, though, is that Hillary isn’t as charismatic as the current POTUS, or her husband, and thus isn’t exactly energizing the Democratic base to come out for her. So, time to stoke up racial or voting bloc tensions—from mobilizing the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter (BLM) operatives to stir up racial strife and “all cops are pigs, put’em in a blanket, fry’em like bacon” arguments, to baiting latinos with fear over dire warnings that Trump will deport them—whatever works, work it. And if that doesn’t work, a few dead bodies can always be counted on to get people upset. It need not be O, Hillary, or the Bush clan who is directly responsible for the hit—pending an investigation of each false flag, let’s just say ‘elements of the government’ (probably intelligence) acting as cutouts for the elite, are the parties that actually take the anonymous call, and carry out the hit orders.

Another example is the massive shooting at an Orlando night club in June, which happened a day before Trump was originally scheduled to do a devastating speech about Hillary’s email and Clinton Foundation scandals. It was unlikely the Trump speech would control the news cycle after that, and that’s part of the point. The nature of the victims—gays at a gay bar, during Gay Pride Month—suggests a very convenient timing and target selection to draw sympathy to a Democratic voting bloc, and control the news cycle. Did somebody call up the CIA/FBI in Orlando and ask “which shepherded sicko asset of ours can we activate this weekend?” Perhaps the Muslim shooter in question (who had passed multiple security screenings) was not so much cleared by the FBI 2-3 years ago, as he was acquired by them as an asset after proper ‘vetting’ (“yep, he’s crazy enough to work with us as a sleeper”). That is, the point behind the watch lists is often not to stop the radicals, but to recruit them for future use, as psycho patsies on standby.

More Ops, Fewer Cops

The same goes for the Dallas sniper(s) shooting in July, which was “official storied” into being just another single shooter incident.  It would have taken two or more expert riflemen to mow down that many armed cops that fast, and it’s not even clear if the suspect (Micah) was an expert. The cops went down too rapidly to be getting hit from one rifle. This is verified by several videos that got YouTubed that recorded how quickly the shots ran out. Earlier, cops reported there was a triangulation, with multiple guns at different elevations. Apparently the feds didn’t put the usual ‘one guy, nothing to see here’ line out to the media and local cops fast enough.

Most likely 2-3 expert shooters were involved, who then left (or were arrested, then ‘instructed’ to be released), with the patsy suspect left to be the one who would take the blame. Also notice these cop death incidents are becoming increasingly the norm right after a spate of well-publicized civilian deaths by cops performing excessively violent engagement. Every time the focus is on police brutality, a violent cop death shows up to put the focus back on supporting more militarized cops. Hmmm…

What this points to is a pattern of ops that serves (immediately) the GOP’s purposes in countering the complaints of the people about the rise in police brutality, misconduct or overly aggressive approaches to suspects. More crucially, “support our cops, blue lives matter” serves as a domestic equivalent to “support our troops” in deflecting attention away from the advance of militarism both home and abroad. When even routine suspect confrontations on the street are handled like SWAT team raids, it undermines trust in the police. But when murdered cops, or all the victims of militarized police can’t be discussed without the subject being turned into race by the BLM crisis actors, it undermines our ability to to even rightly engage the problem. The problem is not racism, but militarism, and the false, state-worshiping idolatry afforded to government men in uniform.

Neither side seems to notice how efficiently they have been played, while being distracted away from uniting on the right issue. Thus the twin concerns of the people, for the preservation of its civil liberties, and for public safety as maintained by reasonable peace officers, get set against each other to support the the aims of a rights-crushing police state, and the military industrial complex. The original, positive intent behind the meme “Black Lives Matter” was to simply emphasize that black Americans were disproportionately represented among the victims of wrongful police violence—not that they were most of the victims, or the only victims, or let alone the only lives that mattered. Yet once co-opted by the professional Left, AKA the left end of the establishment table, and infiltrated outright by government provocateurs (much like the way the Black Panthers were ruined by COINTELPRO in the ’60’s, or the way Occupy was wrecked five years ago), a real grassroots movement was converted into yet another divisive partisan weapon, just in time for the big election year. Just the other day, a BLM event was held on behalf of LGBTQ causes. What in the world does that have to do with the original issue? Nothing, of course, but it has everything to do with consolidating the left before the US election.

On the other end of establishment manipulation, conservatives have been snookered by the FOX/Bush/Koch brigade into believing concern for the murdered cops renders all other issues irrelevant or subordinated. Or, dead police make the black victims of police brutality guilty as (not even) charged, as if those black lives don’t matter. Does it ever strike them that this attitude is just as selectively concerned about murdered people as the “only black lives matter” race-driven agenda of BLM? Or that such cop idolatry is precisely one of the things that is encouraging more black ops shootings of cops, or the public in the first place?

Putin Knows How ISIS Grows

This last point goes double for the right’s preoccupation with “naming the enemy” in the war abroad, via the holy incantation “radical Islamic terror.” How is it “supporting the troops” to be throwing them into the meat grinder of paid mercenaries, who are being armed and funded by the same US government that is sending the troops to fight them? Yes, you heard that insane sounding sentence right—ISIS, like Al Qaeda before it, is a US government funded op. Just as with the previous Mideast threat, from the 9/11 inside job on, ISIS has been the monster puppet created in order to provide a pretext for ongoing intervention, and to weaken the Muslim countries in the region. Putin is on record about how this works, how they aren’t merely funded by credit cards, and blunt about how the “radical” Muslims are motivated:

As pointed out by Seymour Hersh, “To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.” Obama/Obarry and Hillary simply followed up on this plan by secretly supporting ISIS, i.e. Sunni radicals to fight the Shiite Muslim controlled nations. Objective of this black op? Same as domestic: division. Muslims vs. Muslims, West vs. Muslims, white vs. black, police versus the people—all it takes is few dead bodies to put everybody in a righeous rage, and at each other’s throats.

The whole mainstream framework of the debate over ISIS is war hawk heaven (“there’s an evil radical irrational group out there, they can’t be reasoned with, they just want to kill us, they could be anywhere, so we have to fight them forever, everywhere on earth, until we win”). Pro-peace and freedom advocates will not be able to get our message through until we short-circuit this “threat-threat-threat” drumbeat narrative, as it is the foundation justifying ongoing, unending, unlimited militarism and surveillance. With 800,000 dead civilians on the Mideast side after 15 years of war, who actually has been threatened more?

It’s all about keeping the US enmeshed in war and empire, and justifying the above civilian body count. Pointing out that the US/West created ISIS cuts through this scam like butter, as it points out there IS a scam going on, and that there is a rational covert op basis for their actions, not craziness. The beheadings performed by ISIS mercenaries are done for their manipulative effect, not out of hateful insanity (obviously the US establishment only care about them for their pro-war usefulness, as they have not been upset about the Saudi government performing mass executions by beheading). ISIS, like Al Qaeda before it, is a cynical invention of moderate, secular intelligence, not radical religion.

One good sign that Trump is well aware of the black op covert shenanigans going on is the presence of former (fired) Defense Intelligence Agency head Lt. General Michael Flynn as one of his advisors. He didn’t get fired over alleged “disruptive” managerial changes he proposed, but over his failing to support the whole hog war on Syria that Hillary and General Petraeus had in mind. And at DIA, Flynn was one of the only such moderating presences in the Obama Administration. Circa 2012, Flynn wanted to concentrate on fighting ISIS more efficientlly, whereas Obama wanted to push a political narrative that he had beaten ISIS post the so-called “Osama raid” of 2011, while expanding the war to oust Assad in Syria. Flynn noted this discrepancy.

Why would Flynn’s idea of better integrating the intelligence from different agencies in the region be considered “disruptive,” unless the real focus of some of them was not stopping ISIS, but on toppling Assad, and so linking the data would let the cat out of the bag? “Oh! So on the one hand, we’re gathering intel to fight ISIS, but with the other hidden hand, other agencies are funding and supplying them!” He was thus being kept out of the decision making loop about expanding the intervention, and got pushed out when he noticed. The real trajectory of the administration seems to be still bent on removing Assad, using ISIS as its covert spear, no matter how long it takes—translation, another ‘long war’ quagmire.

Short War, or Endless War?

Among the candidates with the most likely shot of winning, Trump has offered a way out of the quagmire, as he is probably a Reaganite or Jacksonian on foreign policy. That means, he believes in intervention to settle a fight situation “somebody else started,” and for the US to always project strength in foreign affairs. That is “peace through strength” interventionism, but it’s reaction based and short term, thus of a different kind than the pro-active, open-ended, systematic program of the neocons, who push preemptive war (launching aggression), regime change, nation building, US empire building, no-exit long wars, belligerent diplomacy, unconditional support for Israeli policy, etc. This makes him defacto non, or much less interventionist compared to Hillary, who is forever part of the Clinton-Bush axis of neocon endless war for endless regime change.

Many Jacksonian conservatives regret being manipulated into falling for the unending war interventionism of the neocons, although they are reluctant to admit they were duped. Trump’s campaign gives them cover to separate themselves from the Empire’s agenda of continued foreign meddling, without otherwise abandoning their pro-war inclinations. Trump knows from advisors like General Lynch, or from the DNC email leaks, or from admissions by Putin, that ISIS are mostly mercenaries supported by funding from oil sales from Turkey and other nations, and covertly by US intelligence. This support is provided as a means of maintaining a pretext for the US intervention in Syria, the goal of which remains regime change by ousting Assad. As such, the real way to stop ISIS and put an end to the neocon Syrian regime change project, he thus also knows, is to cut off the funding of ISIS and seal off the Turkish border, which would starve them out and make them easy to finish off within a few weeks of a military mop-up operation. Quick and temporary, done and done. No more quagmire, and no more covert op “fear, fear, threat, threat” campaigns.

In the face of all the covert op manipulation, designed to cow people into one fear-based, politically correct position after another, one can say that “they’re tired of all this PC, so let’s just ignore it.” But avoiding confronting it allows PC to continue to dominate and chill the framework of discussion over issue after issue. The status-quo busting campaign of Donald Trump is instead brawling with it, not tiptoeing around it, thereby defanging it over the long term in controlling that framework. If the approach polarizes, so be it, as the limp wristed, “don’t make waves” avoidant approach has accomplished nothing, and demoralized the non-PC side for far too long.

A Quick Note on Brexit

Whether events like “Brexit” shows Trump will be elected remains to be seen (we’ll find out in November). But very plainly, it shows the mass voting trends that have manifested in his candidacy are independent of him, are international in scope, and were unanticipated by the statist and globalist elites around the world. Now ex-UK PM David Cameron clearly had no clue, when he called for the Brexit referendum, that vote would actually go against staying with the EU, nor did the entire UK establishment and media sense that their non-stop beat down of the ‘leave’ side would backfire on them. Likewise, US leaders did not see Brexit coming either.

Thus domestically, the Brexit vote contributes to the body of proof that the Trump phenomenon was not planned or coordinated by the establishment. The same voter dynamics supporting ‘fed up’ populism, national sovereignty, protected borders (to contain illegal or unvetted immigration), and push back of the establishment, etc., are at play in both movements. TPTB or insiders wanted neither Trump or Brexit, or their issue agenda to dominate the scene, and have tried to stop both at every turn. The two developments are tsunamis they did not see, cannot control, and are presently being drowned by.

P.S.: For those interested here is my electoral vote prediction for the election, as broken down by the US map below. There is actually a possibility that Gary Johnson can carry a state (in this election, Utah) based on current polling trends, so I’m calling UT for the LP.