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The Fall of Lady Sauron, and the Low-Information Election


As of this writing, the deer has been shot, but is still hurdling through the woods. The crazy and unprecedented events of the 2016 election have two gigantic kills to its credit pending the formal results on November 8: A) The twin defeat of both the corporate, globalist, authoritarian ‘conservative’ establishment embodied by the Koch brothers, Jeb Bush Inc and the neocon warmongers, and of the corporate, globalist, authoritarian ‘liberal’ establishment controlled by George Soros, the Bill and Hillary Clinton machine, and their army of operatives in the legacy mainstream media (or MSM). B) Burying the myth of the “low information voters” as caricatured by that same desperate, PC-bullying MSM (discussed further down). Both demises speak well to the rise of liberty coming following the election and in 2017 going forward.

Bedtime for Hillary

First, what of the amazing “October surprise” of FBI director James Comey finding a spine, or else covering his tail, by announcing he would be extending (i.e., re-opening) the investigation of the Clinton email scandal? The re-opening occurs apparently because of an unrelated probe into the antics of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, wherein it was discovered he himself had at least ten thousand Clinton emails from her private server (or more–the Wall Street Journal says it’s 650,000), on one or more devices he shared at home with wife and chief Hillary aide Huma Abedin. This represents a staggering reversal of fortune for Hillary, aka Lady Sauron 11 days before the election, based on her lead in several (questionably sampled) polls, and it seemed to catch everyone in the establishment and MSM off-guard. My own take:

1) Hillary is game-set-match, DONE. Having a federal investigation hanging over her a week before the election, is absolute poison. She is the fatally-wounded deer as mentioned above. Although her team is lawyering up by trying to shift blame to Comey for deciding to re-launch, it contradicts the previous praise she heaped upon him, and is simply serving to extend the news cycle of the story.

—-“So, um, Huma, what were you thinking?”

2) This is unequivocally news that even the entire mainstream Clinton-kept media can’t ignore, meaning it will dominate coverage through the final week of the campaign. Hillary will remain the news focus, in a very negative way, not Trump, and there is no way to shift the narrative back to Trump in time that will compare to the PR damage just brought to her by the FBI.

3) The new FBI probe, since it was caused by the Weiner probe, creates the delicious irony that Hillary is being brought down by a sex scandal (even though it’s not one of Bill’s). Is Anthony Weiner the Gollum of our saga, who somehow has destroyed Lady Sauron’s quest for the ring of power in one stroke, where all others could not? Will the direction of a nation turn on one man’s “my precious” sexting addiction? In that case, as Gandalf would say, the pity of Huma (in putting up with him so long) may turn out to rule the fate of many:

4) Hillary’s collapsed standing can be measured by the outlier ABC poll that had her up by 12% the previous week, but only by 2% in a subsequent ABC poll. Not that the 12 point lead was valid to begin with, but, a 10 point drop in a week? And the newer poll did not reflect the news about the re-opened investigation. If the most Hillary-friendly polling shows she’s crashing through the floor, look out.

5) How the re-opened probe has immediately impacted the race is reflected by this poll, and by this comment about an early voting center in FL yesterday:

Earlier today Fox Business had a reporter at a Coral Gables voting precinct. When the news come on about the re-opening of the investigation the reporter stated that a huge number left and said, “that’s it, I’m not voting for her.” This is good news in the Dem predominate Miami-Dade area.

This constellation of elements basically spells the doom of Lady Sauron and all her Nazgul minions, just before political judgment day, with Hillary flipping from “measuring the drapes” mode to Dead Woman Walking within minutes following Comey’s announcement. The turnabout in events also allowed Trump to appear more  “qualified” to be President, as it underscored statements he made in prior months, warning about “perv sleazebag” Weiner, such as this tweet in August: “I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information.” The current confirmation of such concerns have helped reverse months of efforts by Team Clinton to paint Trump as “disqualified” based on his 2005 lewd hot-mic remarks, or one unsupported sexual assault charge after another. How can she complain about Trump’s manners, voters wonder, if she has exercised (at the least) bad judgment, that puts her under repeated formal investigation?  With this episode, the independents and undecideds have broken for Trump and away from Hillary, forever.

Put bluntly another way, God works in mysterious ways, or in Ben Franklin’s words (well, at least from the play 1776), “Revolutions come into this world like bastard children—half compromise, half improvise.” The adjustments the anti-establishment voters have made to accept an egotistical, often inelegant candidate like Trump as their instrument of change represents the compromise, while the self-destructive obsessions of Weiner (who has ruined his career, his marriage, and now the entire Clinton dynasty, over a sexting habit) has provided the improvise. Mysterious ways for mysterious days, indeed.

The Last Chance

But what does all this have to do with liberty, one may ask, since neither major party candidate can be said to hold coherent libertarian views? Well, besides the obvious, immediate, record-setting benefit in increasing LP candidate Gary Johnson’s standing or poll numbers (which will help build the party’s influence for years), there is the “turning point” aspect to this race, on several major issues. Given the passing of Antonin Scalia and four other members of the Supreme Court having reached the age of 75 or older, the two candidates in position to win the election will probably replace 3 or 4 Justices in the next term. To pro-life people this means the election represents the very last chance to realistically reverse Roe vs. Wade, and many other bad judicial activist decisions of the post-WWII Court that defy the original intent of the Constitution, or common sense. A Clinton victory would mean loading the court up with lock-step liberal activists for a generation, whereas Trump has at least promised to appoint more constitutionalists in the mold of Scalia.

The same applies to other “final shot” matters such as ending Obamacare, globalist trade treaties, and the prospect of major war. Hillary has made it clear she will ‘fix’ the Affordable Care Act by adding and enforcing more penalties upon those who choose to not participate with it, and expanding subsidies to transform it more into the mold of the “Hillarycare” plan of the ’90s, or to an outright single payer plan that Congress and the public already soundly rejected. She will doubtlessly pull a Romneyesque “etch-a-sketch” following the election and go right back to supporting the TPP/TTIP trade deals, as well as the international big government they bring in, thereby permanently surrendering US sovereignty on trade issues to a global bureaucracy. Trump (who backs a repeal of both Obamacare and the trade deals) represents the last good opportunity for voters to back out of both arrangements.

Trump has also spoken repeatedly about cutting deals with Russia, and focusing on quickly defeating ISIS (not of confrontation with Putin, or use of anti-terror rhetoric to mask a policy of more regime change and no-exit/long wars throughout the Mideast). But Clinton has spoken of almost nothing else except creating more tension with other nuclear powers, including escalating the Syrian conflict (by creating no-fly zones over Russia’s objections). No wonder that Russia recently performed a massive national defense drill participated in by 40 million people, in expectation of an up-coming collision with the US over its Empire or nation-building schemes. The election is a final chance to stop the madness by going on a less inteventionist path than the war-party jam sessions planned by neo-cons, that might lead to an nuclear exchange.

The King of All Gun Grabs

In addition, the ability to protect and maintain the individual right of gun ownership is at stake, as early as next year. The right is formally acknowleged by the 2nd Amendment, backed up by the writings of the Founders (e.g., in the Federalist Papers) and historic court precedent (most recently by the 5-4 Heller decision in 2006, written by Scalia himself). But this means nothing to the gun control freaks, who want the Amendment to be “reinvented” to mean it only applies to state regulated militias (note: “militia” meant the general population in the 1700s, not a government controlled army, and “well-regulated” meant well managed, be it by a person or the state). Once the traditional meaning is cancelled in this fashion, the control freaks then intend to openly usher in gun confiscation and mandatory turn-ins by executive order, or in compliance with global gun control agreements or UN policy.

This discussion is not theoretical, as the choice, on this issue, is real. There is a case headed for the Supreme Court THIS YEAR, where five gun control freak votes WILL overturn Heller, which affirmed the historic or original intent meaning of the 2nd Amendment, as protecting the right of individual gun ownership. Whether the fifth vote is filled by Obama appointee Garland, or by a Clinton appointee, a Democratic White House will be nominating anti-Heller justices. The intent of the overturn side will be, again, to re-brand the amendment to mean it is only about recognizing the right of states to regulate militias. Once in place as a court precedent, fortified by additional liberal justices Hillary would appoint, it’s lights out for individual gun rights, and lights on for unlimited gun grabs or restrictions:

Of course,  no government can ‘take our rights away’ (inalienable rights do not come from the state, and supercede any government decree). But most governments do not honor or recognize basic human rights, and free countries that stop doing so no longer function as free countries. One can preen “let them come and try to take them” all you want. Tell that to the Australians, 30% of whose gun owners lost their guns when draconian laws, also sold as “common sense gun control” led to them being taken from them in the ’90’s.  Yes, they will always have gun rights, but yes, the state came and took their guns anyway. We should functionally want our country to remain free, as demonstrated by the nation defending the gun rights of its people, not the nothing burger of “knowing I have gun rights,” while having no access to guns, in an unfree state. We should want a something burger, not liberty that is all hat and preening, but no cattle. So, a Supreme Court that neutralizes the Second Amendment’s recognition of individual gun rights is to be avoided at all costs.

But if this happens, count on MAJOR resistance to the tyranny of the “from my cold dead hands” variety, from free men and women who remember this country was started by people like Paul Revere. In addition to gun owners directly resisting confiscation, it will be time for secession, led by the most red states, to escape the tyrant’s heel, while the rest of the states work on replacing the globalist Democrats and Republicans in Congress with true freedom minded statesmen. Get enough in, and they could constitutionally vote for removing the federal courts from having jurisdiction to rule on gun and other issues. That would nip Hillary’s abuse of the courts in the bud.

Beyond that, pro-liberty people can use the defection of many GOP establishment leaders from supporting Trump against them in future Presidential cycles (assuming we have future elections, once Hitlery is in power–she might just cancel them altogether). The breaking of the vaunted “loyalty pledge” by so many senior Republican candidates cracks up the party, in terms of containing future alternative candidates and movements. The Never-Trump guys have now made it easier for a future liberty Republican candidate to break with the GOP and run third party, if they don’t win the nomination. Our candidate can cite their rebellion as a precedent, to justify not staying ‘loyal’ to any new milquetoast moderate insider they try to foist on the rank and file.

The Low-Info Issue

Beyond the above, this election has served to refute one of the bedrock dogmas of cultural left condescension: namely that their opponents are an uninformed “basket of deplorables” who can be dismissed as irrelevant, treated with distrust, or demonized as prejudiced extremists. The great unwashed (under this view) are “irredeemable” and so are to be ignored, discounted, and subordinated to the superior, more educated, reason-based expertise of the managerial elite dominating the media and institutions. At the very least, we must turn to the latter set to even hope to become better or more completely advised about important news and issues affecting the country. The rubes just need to shut up, and follow their betters.

In other words, it’s the old election year Democratic bromide, “when all else fails, call your opposition racist, sexist or redneck.” Yet this notion has certainly been rebutted over the course of this election season. Internet and citizen journalists, whistle-blowing leakers, and even candidates have outdone the traditional media in breaking vital stories, engendering trust with audiences, and establishing the most insightful or dominant memes of the campaign. These parties have done so by being supported precisely by the “low educated” or low info factions the “smart set” have constantly dismissed as nuts or bigots. Consider the belittlement that descended upon the internet regarding health concerns the new media expressed about Hillary due to her weird appearance or actions at rallies or other public events. They were ridiculed, UNTIL, of course, this viral cell phone video got posted to YouTube on 9-11:

Thank you, Zdenek Gazda, for showing with one act of citizen journalism how controlled the ‘real’ media is. Without the video, the regular reporters would have dismissed Hillary’s collapse as “conspiracy theory” even if witnesses came forward afterwards. If the media there had themselves seen or recorded the incident, would they have reported it? If the Veritas videos had not come out documenting (in smoking gun fashion) how the Clinton campaign funded and coordinated violence at Trump rallies, would the MSM have ignored that too? All of these revelations have come from the supposed “low information” sector, not the mighty legacy media.

Wikileaks alone has demonstrated the media is not balanced in its delivery of the news, to put things mildly, and have been in total lock step collusion with the Clinton campaign to get her elected. But despite the MSM’s ‘deplorable’ narrative that most of the tens of millions of populist opponents of government and the PC regime are kooks or bigots, this group has built a more massive “new media” and web-based machine to inform each other, and the country as to what is really going on. The legacy media has been forced to go into aggressive blackout mode (not reporting on negative Hillary stories or the Wikileaks bombshells for weeks, and bottlenecking social media discussion of the FBI announcement) to maintain their illusions of supremacy over the populists. But the raw numbers don’t lie: CNN has an average national audience tuning in of around 300, 000, while Alex Jones has 3 million daily listeners, and Breitbart has 31 million subscribers. These larger audiences can no longer be told by the 300k midget that they are “fringe.” The revolution will not be televised, but the populist media revolt is not being contained.

Further, two more things revealed by the MSM blackout and Wikileaks email drops is 1) the utter contempt Team Clinton has for its own voting blocs, whom they also belittle as “low-information voters,” and 2) the media appears to regard their real goal as not to better inform, but to in fact NOT inform people, thereby deliberately keeping the public in “low information” mode to suit its purposes. Hillary’s staff emails casually throw around epithets such as “stupid black people,” or millenial “young people are stupid,” or addressing Sanders supporters as “living in their mother’s basement,” latinos are “taco bowl eaters,” etc. The emails are brimming with discussions as to how to keep the email scandal details from the public, how to ensure Hillary never gets a serious question asked of her she was not prepared for, how to cover up payments going to the Clinton slush fund “Foundation,” and other horrors. Whatever this all is, it’s not representative a free republic based on honest discourse, transparency, or respect for the electorate. By willfully keeping them in the dark with biased or non-reporting, while pretending otherwise, the elitists have lost the authority to complain about them being uninformed. The legacy media has failed the test of liberty, by being so structurally committed to fraud, instead of fairness and openness. As such, this becomes a low information election to determine if the blackout and collusion-based regime of the elite media will continue its chokehold over communications, or will be mostly displaced by the more honest and trusted new media dominated by the populist outsider dynamic that has emerged with Trump, Brexit, and the liberty movement.

Ahead of the Curve

One more theory, in fact, as to why the FBI Clinton probe is breaking so close to the election, also involves the Wikileaks factor, whose daily dribbling of tens of thousands of incredibly incriminating emails (leaked to them from who knows where) may actually also be putting Obama and Comey in jeopardy of being prosecuted. Re-opening the investigation based on the Weiner matter may be just a cover, according to this caller on the Rush Limbaugh show:

…Well, the jig is going to be up. In other words, if they didn’t front load it to come out now, they were gonna release — Assange, WikiLeaks — Hillary’s emails next week, the actual emails. So I think they’re coming out ahead of time saying, “Hey, we just found this place we didn’t look at before. The FBI didn’t have access to the NSA,” or whatever they’re gonna say, “and now this is the new stuff, we actually found her actual emails, Hillary’s actual emails,” which as you know, we haven’t seen. We’ve only seen everybody else’s about her. So I think we’re just getting ahead of it, realizing the jig is up…because they realize that WikiLeaks had her emails. They were gonna come out, so they needed to get ahead of the story before the public sees those emails.

This might explain why, prior to Comey re-activating the probe, very few of the 33,000 emails written by Hillary herself had been revealed to the public. Perhaps the government has been covering them up, but Wikileaks is about to drop them, and that is what is causing all the chaos, including the internal revolt at the FBI over Comey’s previous whitewash of the matter in July. We will all know shortly what the deal truly is, though it will likely not be able to save Lady Sauron from her fate. Ah, what a Halloween!