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Can Liberty Save the Democrats?


With this past month commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of John F. Kennedy, perhaps the last decent U.S. President produced by the Democratic Party, many of its rank and file members may now be wondering just what has become of the party.

From This….

It was once represented by such iconic liberty figures as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson (at his central bank busting best), and Grover Cleveland. That history has been largely supplanted by the current spectacle of endless bashing of Donald Trump, openly homicidal gestures expressed against the same, GOP baseball shooters, mainstream media meltdowns over PC violations, triggered snowflake syndrome, campus and protest violence, frequent cursing outbursts by senior DNC and elected officials, and by party leaders pursuing a comical “the Russians are coming” collusion investigation mania that their GOP counterparts were rightly ridiculed for fomenting decades ago during the Cold war and the McCarthy era. Unlike the Libertarian Party, who can be said to be coming off a great year that constituted a “breakthrough moment” as I past described it, the Democrats seem to be experiencing a “breakdown moment” of crisis at this time.

….To This….

It gets worse. Over the 8 year expanse of the disastrous Obama era, Democrats lost over 1,000 seats at the federal, state and local levels, leading to its minority vote status in both houses of Congress, most state legislatures, and most Governor positions across the nation. The general absence of achievements of the Obama reign, as well as an actual increase in foreign wars during his term over those launched by G.W.Bush, not to mention his conducting ten times more drone strikes, didn’t exactly help things.

….to This!

Nor did the anti-millenial and anti-working middle class vibes given off by the Clinton Presidential campaign (including her coldly dismissive “we’re going to put the coal miners out of business”), which probably greatly contributed to fracturing the base of the party in the 2016 election, as seen by the loss of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania from the blue column—states that hadn’t gone GOP in 30 years.

A Tale of Two Democratic Parties

Despite the urgency of getting those midwest states back if they want to ever return to the White House, the Democratic leadership is nonetheless insisting on continuing their dump Trump campaign via pushing the Russian narrative, as opposed to simply rebuilding the party, based on delivering on the issues relevant to their rank and file. It’s as if that leadership is only listening to their true masters, those in the Deep State establishment, who have given them marching orders to hammer away on the “what did Trump tell Comey, or Comey tell Trump” nonsense 24/7, to the exclusion of all else that matters. It’s no wonder then, that certain elder statesmen with a semblence of a reputation left for independence, like Bernie Sanders, are talking about forming a “People’s Party” to splinter off from the husk of what clearly looks like a dying major party. The below two videos illustrate the current gulf within the Democratic universe, as in:


The curious thing is that the interviewer Maxine was blasting is a correspondent from the Young Turks, a leading progressive media outlet, not a pro-Trump or anti-Obama group. Yet all that mattered to her was spreading the impeachment narrative. That, in a nutshell (emphasis on nut, when it comes to Waters) is the difference between a party hack who is obediently pushing an establishment meme, versus an authentic progressive who is focused on, well, making progress on matters of substance. You don’t have to agree with Turner’s ideology to know she is primarily responsive to real people across the country who share her concerns, instead of to party elites. If the leadership had any sense, they would be building up a figure like Turner (who, as a black 2016 Sanders supporter from the Midwest, would make an ideal coalition national candidate, for the purposes of reunifying the millenials and working class voters under the Democratic umbrella).

The fact that this is not their emphasis tells you all you need to know about how the party, like the GOP, is first and foremost controlled by the establishment special interests of the Deep and Total State. Also notice the role of triangulation tactics in all of the recent “crazy outbursts” by politicians like Waters or by media figures. Notice that the Democrats making the extreme comments or actions are invariably from safe liberal districts, or are in a position in the media (like Kathy Griffin) to “take a bullet” and suffer a temporary blow to their career. Most incumbents in competitive districts stay away from wild statements or stunts like the plague. Yet the “crazy” or extreme comments serve their purpose: to set the table for other “saner” pols to prattle on about the issue “sensibly,” but along exactly the same track intended by the “crazy” folks spinning the issue in the first place.

For example, Team Clinton has triangulated the recent severed head of Trump flap, to make Chelsea Clinton (who’s being groomed for a Congressional run in 2018 or 2020) look more sensible by voicing measured objections to the stunt. That’s the whole point of the tactic, to set up the groomed figure to appear statesman-like and above the passion. Leg one (Griffin) does something incendiary, to draw the other party to attack her strongly (leg two), Then “moderate” Chelsea walks in and looks responsible (leg three). CNN likewise looks “moderate” when it fires Griffin over the episode, thus putting on a display of outrage proving it is a “responsible” network, instead of the fake news propaganda factory it has been exposed as over the last year.

Reinventing the Election, Remarginalizing the Deplorables

That Deep State, which includes the legacy mainstream media (or MSM), the permanent bureaucracies (especially intelligence), as well the establishment honchos heading the major parties, is plainly concerned not with rationally rebuilding the party or engaging its grassroots, but with preserving their power at the top, and original plans to expand that power. This appears to be the real reason why the establishment is so upset about Trump beating Hillary. Upon Clinton getting elected, EVERYTHING was cued up to set in motion the final, irretrievable movement of the US into globalism and endless liberalism, from packing the Supreme Court and ending individual gun rights, to locking the US into the Paris accords on Climate Change and into TPP, to shutting down the entire alternative media, to accelerating military confrontation with Russia, etc. Trump has reversed, stopped or deeply slowed down all of this, and the Deep State is furious their plans were all ready and set, but could not go.

The national and international media is still committed to not merely reporting the news, but with constantly “shaping the views” of its audience, to support globalism and elitism (a permanent managerial class of self-defined experts controlling our lives and culture). It’s the statist establishment special interests they and other political leaders serve that’s the problem. We should take our partisan puppet show blinders off, and realize the enemy is that elite, not the R or D labelled functionary carrying out its wishes. It’s not about race, or gender, or the two parties, or any of that easy slop flung out to keep dividing the public. It’s about the insider establishment. The kingmakers and the CIA didn’t get the kind of puppet President they had pre-selected for us, and sought to meticulously manipulate the public to accept and embrace. As a result, out came new waterfalls of propaganda flying around, trying to push the nationalist/populist impulse of the public back into a partisan box. The MSM is a useful tool of the elite because it uses such inflammatory rhetoric to try to park us again in Democrat vs Republican, or black vs white mode, instead of the American interest vs. Globalist agenda mindset we have correctly evolved to.

What’s happened is that the MSM minions have lost their cover of being the sole “reliable” source of accurate news and commentary, in light of the new media. They’ve been caught lying too many times by regular people (not just by news or internet junkies). The Deep State powers that be (CIA, Soros, banksters et al) have nonetheless sternly told the media “oh yes, you WILL continue to push our narrative, no matter how much credibility you’ve lost!” The same goes for the Democratic political leadership. The Dems knew there was nothing to the collusion charges all along. The point was to pound Trump on it relentlessly, using it as bait to goad him into doing something that looked like obstruction. That’s why, like clockwork, the last round of Congressional hearing questions were all about obstruction of justice—they wanted to lure Trump into the trap and impeach him over that charge. So far he hasn’t fallen into the trap. If even that fails, their plan B to get rid of him may be to get their bankster friends to raise interest rates and crash the stock market, then blame the economic downturn on Trump. Or failing that, a plan C to paint Trump as “mentally unstable” will be tried, etc, etc.

Is it a mere coincidence that the partially successful purge of conservatives at FOX News is happening at the same time a suit was filed against Alex Jones, or the ongoing “fake news” campaign of the MSM continues to try to remove or re-marginalize the alternative media? It’s most likely a co-ordinated attack plan the establishment had set to go into motion after Hillary was elected. With her in office, the DOJ would have joined in the suits and accelerated the criminalization and purging of the new media. Since she didn’t win, these developments represent the establishment’s implementing what parts of the plot they could, as vengeance for losing the election. The PC set are determined to re-monopolize the mainstream media, as they see that the emergence of FOX (flaws and all), and the alternative media destroyed their wall to wall propaganda campaign to roll Hillary into the White House. They feel they can not have FOX be out there in 2020 correcting the record as they did in 2016, and that they have to re-marginalize Drudge, Breitbart and the other internet alternatives.

2020/2024 White House Early Contenders 

While that campaign will continue to go on trying to re-con the public into accepting the MSM as the “only” true news source, and its narratives as the “only” proper way to think about events, the Democratic elites are hard at work getting candidates ready who will sell this project to the voting base, while reclaiming the Presidency. So who is the Democratic leadership high on, and relatively youthful (sorry Bernie, and Senator Warren) for the purposes of carrying the torch in the Presidential race in 2020 or beyond? Some examples, in no particular order:

Chelsea Clinton: The party’s SJW contingent (as well as the Clinton machine) still wants the Democrats to get the first woman elected President, and if Hillary couldn’t do it, perhaps her offspring can. Chelsea is a Clinton with almost none of the scandal baggage of her vile parents, but has all of their deep pockets, connections, and national branding. Upon election to Congress (most likely Nita Lowey’s House seat in Westchester, by 2020), she WILL be a front runner in 2024, whether we like it or not. She also has the youth and “clean slate” standing to build a voting and speech record as a Millenial and/or pro-working class Democrat, instead of coming off as a Wall Street puppet. Chelsea can thus pretend to be with the Sanders crowd and thereby unify the split in the party, all the way until (circa 2024) she runs for President. Then she can turn off her cloaking device once in the White House and reveal herself to be another Soros and corporate controlled crony, just like Papa and Mama Clinton.

Kamala Harris: The newly elected first black woman US Senator from California also fits the PC check boxes of Democrats still hungry to get a “first woman” in the White House—woman, non-white, so left she’s essentially communist, and has done absolutely nothing, just like Obama. The thinking is Harris can attract the female vote while re-energizing the black base vote (that waned in 2016, since Obama was not on the ballot). On the negative side, as a standard left coast politician, her ability to attract blue collar Midwestern votes is almost non-existent. She may be vulnerable to the usual coruption allegations about her past record as state Attorney General, or her current backing, with charges floating around like “a lot of cocaine from the SFPD drug lab went missing and she covered it up,” or “the daughter of one of her casino Indian overlords had 5 felony weapons charges reduced to misdemeanors, and she was a felon prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition….” One to watch–carefully.

Andrew Cuomo, Bill DeBlasio, Cory Booker et al: The typical bland set of thoroughly establishment-compliant, east coast male liberals in safe Democratic seats, who are supposed to be considered in any Presidential race round-up. On paper, they all have strong or respectable resumes, but likely in practice, they’ll turn out to be Martin O’Malley.  The same problem the above two women face has to be mentioned with respect to these guys, namely, do any of them play in Peoria? Does all the Democratic elite intend to offer are coastal liberals who can’t appeal to millenials, or Midwestern folks? In theory, former VP Joe Biden could engage at least the blue collar voters, but the baggage of his age (78) by 2020, and association with the Obama years may offset any advantage he may have to outreach to them, let alone to recover the 3 lost states.

Scarlett Johansson: Yes, the A-list Hollywood actress most associated with flipping around in a tight black leather suit has expressed an interest in running. Two words of advice, post Trump: DON’T LAUGH. The last celebrity with the deep branding in the culture, and the deep pockets to run who everybody laughed at, and hard, is now President. So, let’s look at Scarlett’s credentials:

Clearly, she’ll fight for us once in office! Seriously, post-2016, the fact remains the current President successfully introduced a new business model for winning a political primary race, one based on star power, self-funding and maintaining independence from the system, not on traditional political experience or fundraising ability—and many Trump-hating liberal stars have noticed. Trump only spent $50 million to win a major party nomination, and from a look at the Forbes list of the richest celebrities, there are a lot of them out there with the net worth to afford that, to give running for office a shot. If these A-listers who are making north of $20 million a movie are so serious, they can commit to stepping away from their careers, and spending the same $50 million of their own money, just like Trump did, to win a major party nomination for President. C’mon Clooney, Johansson, etc, if you think you’re that popular, and that America needs better than Trump, time to put up or shut up!

Will Democrats Consider a Liberty Remedy?

In the meanwhile, the Dems should consider, at the rank and file level, embracing a liberty agenda delivered with a genuine populist/nationalist flavor, in order to revive their sagging fortunes. This is because, as has already been made painfully evident from the tumult created by the “outsider” candidates in the last GOP primary race, along with the Hillary/Bernie clash, grassroots Democrats can no longer expect the establishment overlords at the top to do so for them. Those leaders are plainly not fixed on raising key issues at this time, they are fixed only on bringing down Trump, to satisfy the elites. To address this, there has to be an anti-establishment movement within the party that parallels the success of the same dynamic that prevailed in the GOP universe across 2015-2016.

A left-libertarian agenda can facilitate this, as it can pick up fresh, popular positions that have been left on the table by the right since Trump took office. Restoring civil liberties destroyed by the surveillance state, Patriot Act generation of laws and bureaucracies comes immediately to mind. Gravitating towards pushing to greater national prominence consistently anti-war, anti-regime change Democrats in Congress such as Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii could work wonders to unify a real populist left outsider movement, to match the one seen on the Republican side. The physically and intellectually attractive Gabbard could electrify the Democratic vote in 2020 if she were on the ticket, in the direction of somewhat reducing foreign intervention (which is exactly why the party establishment opposes her).

Establishing a more consistent federalist approach to cases involving a conflict between the federal and state governments, in the direction of favoring constitutionally limited federal government (thus reviving Jefferson and Cleveland’s vision) would shore up the credibility of the party as also being capable of abiding by the rule of law. As in, if Democrats are going to defend states rights when it comes to “sanctuary cities” that harbor unnaturalized immigrants, do it the right way—defend the right of states to do so constitutionally (based on the 10th Amendment, nullification, historical precedent and such) and consistently apply the same federalist approach to other issues, whether it’s for defending states that have decriminalized marijuana, or those states that decline to recognize gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, or overreaching federal gun control edicts. Showing that the party could put the Constitution ahead of identity politics could win back real votes from middle America, instead of repelling them.

Calling for serious criminal justice reform, in conjunction with further decriminalization of drugs, would be the final piece of the puzzle in creating a populist pro-liberty agenda within the Democratic universe, especially if they could deliver on each front. The implications of doing so would be tremendous for re-igniting enthusiasm within the black and latino communities who have been disproportionately incarcerated due to the current laws. The socialist edge of other subjects (like environmental or climate change issues) could be taken off if the Dem populists adopted a market-based approach to addressing the matter, instead of pining towards creating another national or global bureaucracy. This liberty agenda could indeed remake, save or outright resurrect what is frankly a Zombie party at this point in history, by adopting a populist vision much more responsive to its population, without demonizing all others outside it as ‘deplorable.’ The big question is, will Democrats allow themsellves to be saved by Liberty?