Deep War Contraptions, PC Distraction, and Liberty Action

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With the summer of 2017 mercifully coming to an end, the pecularities, pettiness and potential revealed by events over the past few months should give us hope that the net progress or turnaround so long sought by liberty lovers is actually coming to pass. Hurricane Harvey has served as a touchstone to differentiate the real tenor of the country (as shown in the heroic rescue efforts of people throughout south Texas by true grit Americans), from the contrived conflicts created by elitists to tear people apart (as in the case of the VA riots).

The Deep War Continues, In the Eye of the Storm

But while Harvey was a category 4 hurricane, it otherwise served to create an eye in a larger political storm, interrupting the fevered, but artificial campaign to bring down Trump, and the entire outsider ethos he brought in. As Breitbart has analyzed it, the defining element that explains the US news trends of 2017, remains the election of 2016. “It is what Trump’s victory said so clearly about the MSM’s inability to influence public opinion and, by extension, the outcome of elections. What has also remained unspoken is the media’s desperate and dangerous reaction to this waning influence. As a 25 year media-watcher, I have never seen anything close to the propaganda campaign the national media launched to defeat Donald Trump last year. It was 24/7, it was coordinated across every news outlet, it was all-hands-on-deck. And Trump still won. Which can only mean that the media’s influence has eroded to a point where, despite hurling every kitchen sink available, they suffered a humiliating loss last November.”

The entire elite was humilated last year, and they are still furious about losing information control over the masses. Meaning: the cultural war is already ending, and the populists and traditionalists have basically won it. Trump was the trailing end of it (as the Democrat end of the globalist system had lost over 1,000 seats at all levels before his campaign started). That’s why the entire Deep State establishment has been shrieking and freaking out. The populist pro-liberty victory stopped the barbarians just as they were at the precipice of turning the Supreme Court into the 9th circuit for generations, canceling the protection of individual gun rights, launching more full scale no-exit Mideast wars, slyly censoring the alternative media online, and permanently locking the US into globalist bureaucracies (from TPP to the Paris Climate accords, etc) that would have ended our sovereign control over those matters, with no ability to reverse it.

In light of their defeat, with much more to come in the 2018 midterms if the prediction of “Democratic Doomsday” (their losing 7 or more vulnerable incumbent Senate seats) comes true, the ongoing effort of the MSM has been to conjure up a scenario where Trump can be removed from office (the soft way, via Continuity of Government (COG) protocol, or the hard way, by assassination). The most recent tactic has been to get the MSM to ceaselessly declare the President may be in some way mentally unfit, or is “dividing the country” too severely to be competent to serve, to the point where they persuade his Cabinet to vote him out of office (as per the 25th Amendment). Two little snags with this elite deep war scenario are that the public doesn’t trust the legacy media anymore, for them to be credible in delivering that message, and events like the massive recovery effort related to Hurricane Harvey are showing the country is unifying, not dividing, despite the best efforts of the false flag artists to stage division. That by itself is an interim victory for liberty.

The Summer of PC Pettiness

If 2015 represented the summer of PC bullying, 2017 is plainly the summer of PC pettiness, with a sudden microwaved fury erupting over statues from an old war. It was thought that the removal of the Confederate flag from many public/government spaces over the last two years was a sufficient reasonable concession to satisfy the cultural left authoritarians, but as usual, it appears they were just getting started. Their agenda swiftly moved to demanding the taking down of all statues representing respect for Confederate icons (some of whom were black or native American),  or even tearing up the “wrong” cemeteries, and vandalizing statues even in private spaces or on private property.

This represents not a desire to merely put the past in the past, but total intolerance of any display of dissenting opinion, as well as denying the dissenters the right to retain even a social memory of their heritage. Perhaps the collapse of the Trump-Russian collusion story (most recently repudiated by even the progressive Nation magazine) has forced the deep state to roll back to the “Trump is a racist” narrative in order to stay on point in running him down. The wheels of contrivance and political distraction have been falling off the Charlottesville, VA confrontation since the day it happened, but a few highlights in brief:

Videos, and eyewitnesses, and the local police, and journalists on the scene have verified that the protest (of the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee) had been peaceful, until a smaller group of costumed crisis actors (some dressed as Klansmen or Nazis, some as left wing BLM and Antifa agitators) showed up together, and both new factions started to incite violence.

-The Antifa professionals were particularly nasty, throwing bags filled with urine and feces into the main crowd, and attacking 

various uncostumed attendees (including reporters) with bats or sticks with nails.  This classic provacateur manuveur caused the event to get violent, magnified by the cops standing down and not keeping the peace (e.g., by keeping the polarized groups separate), and even steering people fleeing the scene into the direct path of the agitators, leading to more violence.

-A complete video of the driver who ran over protestors (killing one of them) shows he was originally driving cautiously through the scene, until his car was attacked by Antifa protestors with bats, at which point he sped from the scene recklessly.

Video and eyewitnesses also verify that the costumed crazies (in KKK or Nazi suits, AND the masked Antifa gangstas) were seen coming off the same rented buses, a tell tale sign of orchestration.

American Thinker came out with a scathing report and other blog posts showing the whole confrontation was planned and organized in the spring, months before it “spontaneously” erupted on the streets in the summer, as one of several planned instigated violent events. If right-wing white supremacists are construed to be a bear, the object was to poke the bear, then blame the bear for the resulting violence, then magically ‘link’ other political factions to that racial violence.

-The organizer of the event (Jason Kessler) turns out to be somebody who voted for Obama, and who had worked for Democrat activist groups for years, and against Trump in 2016! The bulk of the so called spontaneous counter-protestors turn out to have been funded by everybody’s favorite Hungarian billionaire, George Soros. How he doesn’t get prosecuted for repeatedly organizing race riots, I’ll never know.  

-Antifa, given initial positive media coverage in the wake of the VA riot (despite attacking reporters there) has since proceeded to ‘mess up’ or squandered the PR gift it was given on a silver platter, by conspicuously beating up still more liberal reporters and peaceful, non-white supremacist demonstrators at subsequent events. Even mainstream Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and cautiously establishment GOP leaders like Paul Ryan have now publicly condemned the group, and the Justice department has revealed the group is now classified as a violent criminal organization. American Thinker points out that “Antifa and BLM are every bit as fascist as any of the supremacist groups; they are more violent and there are more of them.

Additional items could be cited, but you get the picture. According to Wikipedia, there are currently only 3-6,000 members of the KKK, and only a few hundred neo-Nazis in the US—all closely watched (where not outright infiltrated) by one or more federal agencies. Violent right wing extremism is, in short, a very tightly controlled, highly monitored micro-problem in a nation of 326 million people, but don’t tell that to the race-baiters, who want to foment alarmism. Charlottesville was a staged conflagration, designed to get us up into each others faces about race, and to smear as racist sympathizers anybody not 100% compliant with the mainstream PC playbook. The point behind the smear campaign is hilariously obvious—Hillary Clinton only got 88% of the black vote in 2016 (normal numbers for Democrats are more like 93%). Donald “what have you got to lose?” Trump succeeded in shaving away part of the Democratic base vote, so this is a planned campaign to polarize the electorate enough to get them back. The NRA was the subject of a similar massive attack ad campaign in the mid-90’s, after Democrats noticed that 22 of the 27 candidates the gun rights group had strongly endorsed in 1994 had gotten elected. As always in politics, a smear campaign is an effort geared towards defanging the target’s political power. The end game this time is to call Trump a racist, then tag the entire GOP, or the entire right as being aligned with racism. In other words, they’re trying to execute the same plan that failed in 2016! Well, good luck with that:

Is the South Rising Again?

And as for the point behind those statues, and calls for them to remain in place: Yes, it’s entirely proper to note that the Civil War (or more accurately, the war between the states) ended over 150 years ago, but it’s just as proper to note that everybody should ‘move on,’ not just the Confederates. Hey statue bashers, if the war is so over, why are you still fighting it? Aren’t there much bigger and more pressing things to be upset about? What’s more heroic– defacing a statue that’s not harming anybody, or risking life and limb helping to rescue a flooded out family in Houston? And while the winning side is entitled to the spoils of victory, the truth about what happened, or what caused the war in the first place is not subject to their control. People in a diverse country like the US have the right to honor the truth as they understand it, be it through statues or other tributes. In the case of the southern states, their actual cause (states rights, which included the right to secede from tyranny, that same right the Union fought for 80 years prior) was right, regardless of who won the war. Would anybody say the cause of the American Revolution was wrong, and unworthy of honoring or rememberance, if Britain had won?

History is not white hat vs black hat absolutes. The fact remains that, in 1861, more Union states were practicing slavery than were Confederate states. The main issue was not slavery, nor white supremacy (at the time of the war, most Caucasians in the US, north or south, thought whites were superior to blacks). The tyranny was the Unionists telling the Southern states that they couldn’t secede. Gen. Grant personally owned slaves, Gen. Lee did not. A recent book that published thousands of letters written between Confederate soldiers and their families reveal they held that the main issue of the war was loss of states rights, period. Judge Napolitano has also pointed out the major role of tariffs (punitively issued by the Union states against the South) in inciting the war.

And it goes almost without saying the Democratic Party was one of the largest perpetrators of racism in the US, from the Civil war era to the civil rights movement. The founder of the KKK was a Democrat, Democratic states created and enforced Jim Crow segregation, and several revered Democratic Presidents or figures expressed nakedly racist attitudes. Are their statues coming down? Among the more humorous ironies of this event, that shows how the attempt to socially re-engineer public opinion can backfire, sales of Confederate flags or related memorabilia have actually rocketed up in recent weeks (including purchases made by black supporters of states rights), and more groups are now funding the commissioning of NEW Confederate statues and tributes on private estates. This represents a profoundly heroic repudiation of PC attempts to demonize the Confederate cause, or its bullying attempts to monopolize all opinion about the war for the rest of time. The truth will not be buried, or cowed into silence. This turnaround is a victory for liberty.

The War for War—Tales from the Front

The elite has tried desperately to restore momentum on the war agenda, and their various contraptions have sadly had partial success so far in the new administration. The Deep State, seeing Trump coming, wanted to maintain hostile relations with Russia to support the ongoing MIC project of global empire-building, and regime change in the Mideast. The point behind the entire collusion narrative was to monkey-wrench any attempts by Trump to improve overall relations with Russia upon taking office, and to provide bi-partisan cover for Congress to lump new sanctions on Russia. Now that Congress has voted to do just that, notice that the Democrats have started to move away from the Russian narrative, as if on cue. The whole collusion narrative, it seems, was a false flag to get the new, more permanent sanctions legislation passed, to head off any peacemaker President from pursuing saner relations with Russia. The military/intelligence industrial complex has likewise brought tremendous pressure on Trump to continue the non-stop intervention program in the Mideast and elsewhere, and to many, the drumbeat superficially appears to be working. Or is it?


Seemingly bowing to the pressure, Trump has announced a modified “fight to win” strategy in Afghanistan (the details of which are to be kept quiet), including increasing troops there for the time being. As with Syria, on the surface, from a “snapshot” point of view, it looks like a simple reversal of what Trump campaigned to do. But what is it under the surface, or in the months that follow? I say we pay attention to the full movie, not the movie still. The current war party line is that the US (Empire) must stay in Afghanistan, because a) ISIS has emerged in the country due to President Obama ignoring the threat while he was withdrawing troops, and b) the Taliban can’t be allowed to take back control. The neocon’s all-purpose excuse for this new build-up? Oh, the Democratic President showed he was “weak” in handling the rise if ISIS (the standard war hawk FOXhead approach of blaming Democratic foreign policy). But in truth, Obarry didn’t “ignore” ISIS when he pretended to withdraw from Iraq, he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton intentionally created them, by defacto supplying them with all those guns, ammo and supplies left behind as the troops were drawn down. Then when the extremists showed up suddenly stocked up with all these weapons that magically showed up “from nowhere,” the US Empire had its pretext to stay in Iraq and extend the quagmire.

ISIS and Al Qaeda were/are Islamist extremists, but they are first and foremost mercenaries, working for who ever pays them the most (CIA covert ops, Saudi Arabia, sometimes MI6 or the Mossad, etc). Their job has been to fight and terrorize to create a continuing pretext for the Empire to keep intervening in the Mideast. Trump privately knows this, from his talks with previous advisors like Gen. Michael Flynn, and so he has been shutting down the Deep State’s false flag use of them in Syria by conducting a Jacksonian, close-ended plan (military mop up, and cutting off their funds and supplies) to defeat them within months, followed by a pull out.

The Afghan plan is similar, in that the SECRET point behind adding troops now is to use them to remove the weapons and supplies first, THEN pull out of the country in 18 months. Trump can then have cover to say he gave the troops the “chance to win” mopping up ISIS, but leave ISIS with no stockpile to start things up again as soon as the troops are gone. He just can’t say this publicly, as it would reveal the strategy. This “I can’t reveal my plan” device is similar to the loophole he used when Trump finally conceded during the primaries that “I won’t run third party” if some other Republican won the nomination, but crucially added “if I’m treated fairly.” That gave him room to rescind the promise when, like night follows day, the media and GOP leaders did treat him unfairly later. So the non-reveal rhetoric in the current instance allows Trump to disguise an exit plan for Afghanistan as a long war escalation, confusing both the enemy and the neocons alike. My own suggested solution?  Bring back the free, American Republic, and repudiate the US Empire, by ending the hostilities with the Taliban. Withdraw all of our troops from the region, as fast as we can pack them and our material on the planes.

North Korea:

Although Afghanistan is the longest active war in US history (now lasting longer than the Civil war, and both World Wars combined), the Korean war is technically the longest US war (as it remains unresolved after a 64 year- old ceasefire). In one of the few positive achievements of the Clinton era, the US helped negotiate a suspension of North Korea’s nuclear weapons development, and supported a path for both North and South Korea to finally reconcile. Then the war-crazed neocons of the GW Bush administration came in and scuttled the process (by reneging on US obligations under the deal), whereupon North Korea (NK) reacted by resuming their weapons program, and abandoned the path to reconciliation. The neocon’s all-purpose excuse for this screw-up? Oh, the Democratic President showed he was “weak” in trusting the NK ‘madman’ (not keeping a war stance is always “weakness” according to war party, just as the current dictator of NK of the time is always a “madman”). The deep state war party gave us the ongoing North Korea quagmire et al, then deceive us into more wars by making us scapegoat one party or the other, for enemies that were created by the MIC/CIA controlled establishment.

The neocon brigade, from Sen. John McCain on down, have castigated Trump for allegedly using overly aggressive rhetoric about NK’s current round of provocative rhetoric and missile test launches. To understand McCain and Co on war, you must note that their focus is on ginning up the US Empire to attack Mideast nations that are NOT a real threat to us, or threatened us, with no WMD or capability of delivering them on us. In the case of North Korea, that nation actually HAS nukes, CAN deliver them to US targets (at least Guam, it seems), and actually HAS issued threats to us, so Trump’s tough response is appropriate.

But McCain knows the North Korean situation distracts from the neocon/war party agenda to attack places like Iran, a nation with no nuclear weapons that has not launched aggression against another country in 200 years. An actual threat from NK makes their obsession with starting wars of regime change against countries that pose no real threat look phony, because it is phony. NK exposes that the war party agenda of prioritizing war in the Mideast is misplaced, or downright based on conquest and empire-building, not actual defense of our lands. My own suggested solution? Bring back the free, American Republic, and repudiate the US Empire, by ending the hostilities with North Korea. Encourage the reconcilation path between the North and South, end the sanctions and one-sided trade pact, and withdraw all 38,000 of our troops from the DMZ, as fast as we can pack them and our material on the planes.


The big deep war battle remains over whether Trump will escalate military confrontation with Iran, the one area where he appears to come closest to being neocon, instead of Jacksonian. Advising him against an Iran war has been Gen. McMaster, who has accordingly come under heavy fire by war hawk critics, who want him pushed out of the Administration. McMaster should go for other reasons (he has been identified as a major White House leaker by several insiders, and is too hawkish on other foreign policy fronts). It comes down to: McMaster is supported by Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner and the other Generals surrounding the President’s circle, and Trump is very reluctant to get rid of his second National Security Advisor in seven months. So despite the news that McMaster is one of the main sources of leaks, and despite the neocons loudly complaining that he is not neocon enough when it comes to defending run-amok Zionism/AKA the current Israeli government, McMaster stays in.

The reason why something is called a deal is that both sides get something they want out of it. The essense of the Iran Nuclear deal is that Iran agreed to reduce its nuclear power output to the point that the materials could not be used to make nuclear weapons, and to allow multilateral inspections, in exchange for getting its assets unfrozen and nuclear issue sanctions lifted. The P5 nations and IAEA have consistently certified Iran is in compliance. Is the pro-war set simply going to rig up a phony pretext for saying Iran isn’t complying? The neocon’s all-purpose excuse for tearing-up a five nation deal? Oh, the Democratic President showed he was “weak” in trusting the Iranians, blah blah blah. That may be behind Ambassador to the UN Neocon Haley traveling to see IAEA last month, a trip intended to essentially try to order them to stop confirming Iran is in compliance with the terms of the deal, so the US can resume unilaterally claiming, without evidence, that “Iran is building a bomb, threat, threat, threat, so we have to start bombing them!” Pathetically, the hawks have been claiming Iran is 5 years away from a nuke for 25 years. But that’s different than actual evidence, just saying. And if Iran does intend to get them, as a signatory to the NPT (the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), and as a nation that has not launched a war in 200 years against anyone, the US should accept that its intent is to use it for deterrence, not to attack. Under NPT, as a fellow signatory, the US is supposed to be assisting such a nation develop nukes, not fighting a proxy war against it for Israel.

The war party, sadly includng Trump on this issue, apparently wants to indian give and renege on the deal by maintaining sanctions, while unilaterally claiming that Iran is in violation (mainly by adding new conditions that were not part of the agreement, or citing unrelated actions by Iran the US dislikes that are not related to the NUCLEAR deal as negotiated). The US cannot in good faith claim Iran is in violation while multiple nations plus the UN have verified it is in compliance. This rhetoric is just isolating the US Empire as a party that cannot be trusted to honor agreements, as it simply wants to proceed with war regardless that the terms of the deal are being met. The deal was for no enrichment NOW and this decade, in exchange for a lifting of nuke-issue related sanctions NOW. The war hawks seem to want a perpetual commitment by Iran to not pursue nuclear weapons, in exchange for nothing (no lifting of the sanctions, ever). That’s not a deal.

What really upsets the war party about the current deal is that it robs them of running the “they’ve got or are getting WMD, we have to stop them militarily now” propaganda drumbeat that got us into the last several Mideast quagmires. Whereas the deep state agenda has always been another war and regime change with Iran, regardless of what it does. They want to get rid of the deal so they can get back to empire building and regime change. But the other nations have access to the same IAEA data plus other monitors, to INDEPENDENTLY determine whether Iran is in compliance, not just accept the Empire’s rhetoric that they are in violation. The multi lateral agreement thus serves as a check against one-sided claims being made that dishonestly turns a deal into a propaganda pretext for war. My own suggestion? Bring back the free, American Republic, and repudiate the US Empire, by ending the hostilities with Iran and its nuclear program. Encourage mutual economic cooperation, technological support and security arrangements, and withdraw all of our troops from the surrounding countries of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, as fast as we can pack them and our material on the planes.

Liberty Progress, Vs. Wheel Spinning

In the meantime, despite his deliberately ambiguous, on and off public weathervane signals on foreign intervention, domestically, Trump is serving as a wrecking ball, broadly whacking away at the enemies of the emerging new liberty establishment. The major exception to this so far has been the authoritarian policy regime of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who seems determined to revive a war against pot, while ramping up the due process-free and anti-property rights policy of asset forfeiture. But overall, with the overall demo work getting done to the deep state, we can then get to the renovation that needs to be performed, creating net progress for liberty. Notice specifically, in the election Trump did many of the things the little Napoleons of our movement (be they called pro-liberty, Paulian, or Libertarian) kept screaming for the LP or the Pauls not to do—from openly talking about election fraud, to dangling the threat of running third party, to embracing America first or pro-sovereignty interests, to fighting PC, to questioning Obama’s birth/citizen status, to raising conspiracy and collusion issues, to outright insulting or deflating the media and other candidates, to seriously bonding with socons, etc—yet did far better than did Gary Johnson or either Paul, who tried to get traction using rationalistic pitches or wheel-spinning alone. His governance so far, though quite defective on several libertarian fronts, reflects this same connection to the populist “liberty street.”

The outsider, alt-right populist wave has demonstrated itself to be a far better and more complete political vehicle for couching a viable, electable liberty message than the dry, utterly-consistent-intellectual-agenda-above-all-else emphasis that has dominated the LP and Paul movement to date. This presages a near future where the much, much larger populist liberty factions within the alt-right and patriot media will likely take over the LP or the “intellectual” side of the liberty movement, and not the reverse. At this point, they have acquired and established more authority to lead it and take it to victory than we have.

A Blueprint for Liberty Action

As I repeated endlessly over the last year: A major party nomination will not be handed to our liberty candidates, they will be fought and marginalized ferociously. We can bemoan the institutional obstacle all we want, but we still have to have a credible plan to deal with it. We will NOT overcome it by running the same exact one-dimensional candidate as before, who is right on the issues, but has no effective means of defeating the blackout or winning primaries. We caannot keep ceding the “ugly work” of establishment busting and coalition building to Trump, we need to master the arts ourselves. I’ve suggested three basic electoral approaches going forward to advance liberty, both nationally and locally:

1) Run candidates with a ‘Ron Paul’ like mind, and a William Wallace like alpha vibe. Much of the public has to be reached by means other than reason, as they are turned off by the ‘brainiac’ form of libertarianism we usually lead with. A charismatic, libertarian populist candidate who presents as a rousing “libertarian of the heart,” while retaining the core liberty ideas, can do better at reaching the masses. John McAfee was one possibility when he tried to win the Libertarian nomination for President in 2016, though he had an iffy background with the law and lack of preparation that limited his appeal. Other examples may include Kurt Russell, Adam Kokesh, Augustus Invictus, Alex Jones, etc.

2) Run liberty candidates who will also engage the voting blocs needed to build winning coalitions, and will aggressively fight the establishment barriers to liberty. This is the fundamental lesson learned from the last three election cycles, and cannot be sidestepped. A candidate who only satisfies the 5% liberty core, or can even grow the base towards 10% as Ron Paul did, does not get us to the 51% needed to win primaries and elections. If running within the GOP universe the candidates need to appeal to socons, tea partiers, or disaffected anti-establishment dynamics of the party. That means speaking to their issues and concerns from a liberty perspective, not just barking our issues at them. The candidates also need to be able to figure out how to “disable the tractor beam” of the media and leadership that constantly tries to marginalize liberty, or PC shame it into conformity.

3) Pursue a Bi-partisan Open Seat Strategy (BOSS) to get more liberty candidates elected locally. Most seats are in areas that are not competitive for the purposes of liberty candidates winning the election, that is, they are dominated by GOP or Dem hacks who win with above 55+% of the vote. Recognizing that 95% of seats are gerrymandered to support Republican or Democrat (statist) incumbents, we should focus instead on running in a primary or special election where the incumbent is retiring, passed away, or removed by scandal. Run on a liberty platform to win the nomination of the dominant party in the district or area (say, if it’s a deeply Democratic district, run a Ron Paul Democrat, or if it’s a Republican district, run a Ron Paul Republican).

Field for suitable candidates using the local Campaign for Liberty/pro-liberty meetups and mailing lists, or from the local LP. Upon winning the primary for the vacated seat, the liberty candidate then has the inside track to win the election. An example from a few years ago of how this results in victory is the Kerry Bentivolio case in Michigan (a Ron Paul supporter who won a US House seat by being the only GOP candidate in the primary when the incumbent Republican retired). The BOSS approach should thus create higher percentage opportunities for liberty people to win seats, regardless of which major party way the district rolls.

Another example of enacting this strategy is to use it to concentrate mainly on the races in the country where one could win on a BOSS basis, instead of the usual routine of just running quality liberty candidates in election campaigns against strong incumbents, only to almost certainly lose each race. The LP has a demonstrated track record of doing the latter for decades, and apart from the educational aspect, or representing a true libertarian option on the ballot, it leads to few or no victories, or even emerging coalitions. Austin Peterson (another contender for the LP Presidential nomination last year) is apparently now set on running for US Senate in his home state of Missouri, but is following the loser template of trying to beat a strong incumbent. He should instead be running for a MO House seat that is being vacated, as that would give him his best chance. Perhaps his Senate announcement is an exploratory trial balloon to first find out where his strength is in the state, then to run there for Rep. But if he can win at either level, I do like the idea of a movement person like Petersen in an elected position near Iowa, as he could later run for President in the Iowa Caucuses as a regional favorite son.

Implementation on any of these fronts would be progress. In summary: The liberty movement needs to 1) get better at building a 51% coalition beyond our 5.1% ideological base so as to win elections and get legislation passed, and 2) become more effective at overcoming the statist barriers to liberty in the legacy media and major party institutions, who always and forever have sought to marginalize or neutralize alternatives. I have suggested we draw lessons from those campaigns and movements that did succeed in doing both, and apply them to our efforts. The answer does NOT lie in ignoring those successes, or retreating into focusing on campaign or activism models that did not win primaries, or produce any movement towards changing anything legislatively. We must grow beyond only having correct liberty beliefs, to matching them with correct liberty action.

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