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Media, Gun and Political Massacres


It’s been a wonderfully long two months of catastrophes for the statist establishment, from orchestrated but failed propaganda campaigns to use NFL games to push the racism meme, to the most laughably botched covert op in modern history in Las Vegas, to the total PR collapse of Hornywood, to sex scandals bleeding over from Hollywood to DC and the MSM,  to the collapse of efforts to block the release of the remaining JFK files, and final unravelling of the DC ‘narcocracy’ (to use internet commentator Michael Rivero’s great term) with Uranium-gate, Dossier-gate and related insider dealing. This cascade of national and (ultimately) global elite implosions have cost the insiders billions in dollars, reputations, and presently many voters and customers, who are poised to tune out these many faces of the same old devil, the big state/big media axis, while adding to the momentum of the populist liberty wave overtaking the country and world.

The NFL Takes a Knee on Responsibility

The state-propped up subsidized industry that is professional football was the first entity to get massacred this fall. This happened when it permitted its players to escalate the controversial practice of “taking a knee” rather than saluting during the playing of the national anthem, or otherwise politicizing the pre-game ceremony. While it’s true that playing a game about moving a pointy pig-skinned “ball” ten yards at a time down a field has nothing to do with patriotism (or robotic pledge rituals for the same), it certainly is a widespread expectation of audiences (AKA, the market) that players making 6-7 figure sums working in that business will pay token respects to their country at each event. On Twitter, President Trump mouthed off over the simple point that the NFL owners could have resolved the issue in no time, if they just changed their organizational rules to ban these shows of apparent disrespect, in the same manner they have prohibited other non-game related gestures or displays.

But that’s not how they responded. The team owners issued no new policy to scuttle the knee-taking, and so players continued to use the pre-game airtime for PC messaging (e.g., carrying on a “race, race, race” baiting mantra). Despite all their power and authority, the owners truly dropped the ball by not exercising individual responsibility to resolve the situation. The public, taking their cues from Trump, came to the conclusion the football executives were in on the gag, or passively approved of the players’ behavior, and the rest is history. Dropped attendance and sales, with some fans burning their season tickets, and the worst TV ratings in decades have followed the 2017-8 season. Sports network ESPN has been part of the fallout, losing viewers over their defense of the PC preeners and social justice warrior (SJW) agendas driving the knee takers. In all, another “smear Trump/the country over racism” or other epithet propaganda effort has crashed and burned, with the country electing to push back against their football habit being used as a brainwashing vehicle. The swamp has lost hundreds of millions, and partially wrecked pro football, trying to weaponize the NFL to sustain its information-control efforts.

Sexual Ragnarok

But the losses sustained by the sports industry may turn out to be a puddle, compared to the avalanche of disaster that has befallen the entertainment and mass media world in the wake of sexual assault and harassment scandals that have broken since October. Following the NY Times expose of top film producer Harvey Weinstein, and later stories on director James Koback, actors like Kevin Spacey and other show biz big names, the scab has been ripped open concerning the predatory hedonism of current Hollywood. The exposure of the sexual hijinks of many other public figures in the media have followed, including Charlie Rose, Louis CK, and even Al Franken (former Saturday Night Live head writer, now US Senator). The mass disclosure of these rapes, gropes and similar allegations, and the fact the predatory habits of many of these figures were an open secret within the industry, has done untold damage to the media, including depressed ticket sales for recent film releases.

Although several of the top actresses who broke their silence (Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd, etc) have reported the assaults women have experienced from the likes of Weinstein et al as if they were always one-way affairs–i.e., “only men are sexual sinners”—the details of many of the encounters suggest the mogul was genuinely surprised when a new starlet resisted his lude casting couch advances. This suggests the moguls understand many of these women sleep their way up the ladder in show biz, such that by the time they get access to the top perv in charge, it’s just assumed they will sleep with him, too. This is precisely the real reason why many or most of those women stayed silent for so long. Many of them probably freely participated in the sex and drug culture of Hollywood, whether they liked doing so or not, in order to advance themselves. Once compromised, it’s hard for them to be whistleblowers, because their own sins might also then come out.

In fact, if unwanted intimate groping is going to be no longer acceptable in Hollywood, why is it tolerated when done by the TSA at our airports? If the media is going to expose sexual abuses in Tinseltown, why haven’t they also gone after the sexual abuses going on that Caribbean “orgy island” that Spacey, Clinton and certain others have frequently visited? Where is the consistency? Are these people to be trusted in shaping the cultural norms for others, through their films and other media products? It thus must also be plainly noted that the “new morality” (the cultural normalization of promiscuity, and treatment of casual sexual contact as acceptable) embraced by social liberalism, has led to incoherencies in their engaging in responsible relations. After all, if one really thinks sex should be casual, inconsequential or not a big deal, why not use sexual favors to get ahead, or why not push for it as a price for elite access? If a big shot predator gets aroused seeing half-nekkid, very immodestly dressed actresses and models at media parties or award shows each week, why not assume they can also casually expose themselves at times? This thinking runs counter to traditional human instinct, which holds one should not publicly dress immodestly on ANY day of the week. While the definition of modesty may differ with, or across cultures, it is supposed to apply to all social appearances as a relevant factor. The loss of this understanding does contribute to fostering a predatory sexual culture, in Hollywood or elsewhere.

This day of reckoning for the MSM and entertainment industry (who voted 93% for Hillary) may finally make pro-family audiences (like evangelicals, who voted 81% for Trump) reconsider the dollars they have spent consuming the product put out by incoherent sexual predators. For example, the Christian publication Ted Baehr’s Movieguide has reported for over 25 years that about two thirds of Hollywood’s box office revenue comes from family ticket buyers watching family films—but moviemakers then take 80% of that money and use it to make the R-rated trash that comprises the rest of their fare. Perhaps families have finally figured this out, or are about to, in the wake of Hollywood’s self-inflicted reputation massacre.

The Real Issue

Others have wondered, however, whether the “sexpose” explosions of recent weeks have been simply 1) another distraction by a media dying in influence, to throw attention away from the establishment’s other failures, or 2) a setup designed to defend the deep state at its darkest hour. Under the ‘distraction’ view, the point has been to draw attention away from the Uranium-gate and Dossier-gate investigations, which may lead to indictments of senior swamp creatures. Good Grief, the swamp thinks, if those scandals further unravel, it might expand to reveal the covert drug running ops the Bush and Clinton clans have been conducting (in different forms) going all the way back to the ’80’s. Exposure of that “narcocracy” could bring the whole government down—so, let’s talk about Hollywood sexcapades instead.

A good sex scandal can also be counted on to make the public forget how many times the MSM have been caught peddling “fake news” with regards to floating the Russian collusion story. Legacy media outlets like the NYT, AP and CNN have all had to retract whopper false stories, like the ’17 Intel agencies agree there was Russian influence over the election,’ and other false claims. One such fake story from last spring, a fact-free hit piece about a Trump official having Russian ties, led to the firing of three reporters.

Congressman Trey Gowdy has pointed out that the Congressional committees investigating Russian collusion will be through interviewing all the witnesses by the end of the year. That will be the point at which they can clearly declare “all done, there’s nothing there,” after which what will the MSM be able to do? Much of the public is already wondering why more evidence-based stories, such as former DNC head Donna Brazille’s recent admission that Hillary Clinton had essentially bought herself outright control over the DNC a year before her Presidential nomination, has gotten very little mainstream coverage. If this had been a story about a top RNC official who disclosed that Trump had bought his way into controlling the RNC to secure the nomination, it would have been a lead 20 minute story on all three networks’ evening news.

But perhaps that is the real issue: to cover current headlines only as they can be used to beat up Trump or the populist movement. Under this ‘set-up’ view, it’s just as alternative media predicted a few weeks ago. The MSM was going to use the Weinstein et al sex exposes (which they could no longer cover-up, since the dam has broken) as a means of restoring their reputation as reporters of ‘real’ instead of fake news. Then they would use that position, like night follows day, to resume smearing Trump and pro-liberty figures  with sexual assault charges. Those attacks didn’t work last year because they had no real evidence, and the media had already revealed how severely biased they were. So this year, the swamp is leading with proof in test cases (by throwing their liberal Weinstein et al buddies under the bus), which serve as bait to restore the public’s trust–then it’ll be back to attack mode on their real targets. This is the MSM’s “round two” attempt to demonize their opposition.

“Moore, Moore, Moore, How Do You Like Your Love?”

Speaking of which, the sudden public relations massacre that conveniently descended upon conservative Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, one month before the special election in his state, illustrates why it’s important to consistently distinguish the cases of sexual abuse claims that come with undisputed evidence from day one (like the photos of Franken groping women, or legal records of settlements) from vague statements about events from decades ago, which the MSM demands we accept on face value. While bad sexual behavior or harrassment happens everywhere, the rule of law, due process or presumption of innocence should also prevail everywhere, be it in the court of law or public opinion. This consistency should include critically accounting for EVIDENCE and HISTORY, concerning both the accused and the accusers. There have been whispers about the accused Hollywood big shots for decades, including court settlements and squashed police investigations, or other impartial sources. There was NO track record of women accusing Moore of anything like this, let alone under-age sex, UNTIL right after the regular election, driven by very biased sources. So the claims against Hollywood are based on a real track record, while the claims against Moore are a high tech lynching, based on this consistent analysis. One other way to look out for this is to identify the timing of the changes as calculated. Men have also been ruined (or lynched) over trumped up sex charges for decades, that also happens everywhere. Just saying, we should exercise discernment and critically evaluate the charges, and their likely motivation.

In the case of the judge, none of the accusers had an actual sexual encounter with Moore, and only the then-14 yr old (later Democrat activist) was under AL age of consent. The most recent claim that Moore child-locked one woman in his car, is belied by the fact that cars didn’t have such locks at that time. The yearbook “love note” entry another woman claimed he wrote appears to be forged (letters and numbers written in different styles, two different inks used, etc). Other witnesses have gone on record stating they do not recall her or Moore ever being at the restaurant the accuser claimed they met at. One accuser has a history of being active with Democratic campaigns. Another has falsely accused several pastors in the past. The fact is the history of those leveling the allegations is suspect, and there are many more things pointing to this being a set-up. To repeat, the key sign it was coordinated is that the story, and drumbeat of calls for Moore to quit the race all broke after Election Day. Meaning the swamp wanted to wait until that point to concentrate their attack, and give beating Moore their undivided attention through December 12. The cynicism is summed up by one blog commenter this way:

“As they are all wringing their hands about the reprobate Roy Moore, Nancy Pelosi is talking about due process and how wonderful the “icon” John Conyers is and what great things he has done for women. The pure political hypocrisy is breathtaking.”

As with other aspects of Sex-gate, there are issues behind the Moore smear charges. With the establishment, the end game remains the same: keep political alternatives out of power, and regain control over the narrative (a big part of which, is marginalizing alternatives). The real objection to Moore is his more blatantly bible-friendly ideology, which is anathema  to liberal Democrats, establishment Republicans and secular left-Libertarians alike. Judge Moore is reviled (and has been twice removed from the bench) for holding the dreaded traditional view that the government can and should “acknowledge God” (by such acts of token homage as installing a statue displaying the 10 Commandments in his court), and by his decisions challenging the shaky, preposterously bad 5-4 gay marriage decision of the US Supreme Court. It’s somewhat unlikely the libertarian Founding Fathers would have objected to either of these stances, but modern secularists (who hold to a draconian separation of God and government) seem to feel they know more than the Founders. Moderates and secularists also seem to prefer a mushy middle that focuses more on fiscal matters as the be all and end all, than on honoring the Author of liberty.

The elite GOP is just as hostile to true cultural conservatives like Moore as the left is, as they do not want the latter replacing them in senior positions in DC, ever (please note how year after year, none of the more serious pro-liberty members of Congress ever get elected to the top party leadership spots). As for the left-Libertarians, they will have to eventually get away from lazily conflating everything the social right believes with theocratic authoritarianism. Some social conservatives are indeed authoritarian, but most just want the government out of the business of attacking the family. They oppose social liberal authoritarians who have much more aggressively imposed their values on others, by using the system to force legalized child killing on the whole population, and creating bad case law to impose gay marriage on the red states that did not want it. They hold the sanctity of marriage cannot, by definition, extend to blessing a union based on sexual perversion. There are many more (formerly Reagan) Democrats who are socially conservative libertarians, who also are attracted to pro-liberty populism on this basis, than there are fiscal-only conservatives. On balance, the future of libertarian success and attracting more voters lies more in making peace with the pro-family social right, than with shunning it.

Vegas Covert Op?

Last but not least, in October there were the actual gun massacres in Las Vegas, and later at a Texas church, that prompted the usual opportunistic gun-grabber outcry that “something must be done” to either restrict gun access from the latest “lone nuts,” or further crack down on “lone wolf” terrorists. Among recent “common sense” legislative suggestions have been calls for bans on ‘bump stocks’ that may help make gunfire automatic on some models, or adding mental health provisions to background checks, and many other things. And as usual, the thrust of the proposals is to increasingly criminalize non-reporting of this or that disqualifier to the holy background check database. In fact, if the gun control freaks get their “many other things” put into effect, average Americans will lose their gun rights. Eventually, there will be a zillion “common sense” qualifiers, since folks on the gun control side never seem to stop coming up with new provisions. If guns are withheld due to “mental health” concerns, for example, what’s to stop deep state bureaucrats from defining that phrase in the broadest ways, like “oh, you use a tax preparer? It must mean you’re not mentally competent–no guns for you.” Or, “you voted for Trump? Must be mentally incompetent, no guns…”

But a few problems have stopped the grabbers cold with regard to propagandizing the latest cases. The Texas shooter already had a criminal record, but it was the bureaucrats who hadn’t added the info to the registry database. It turns out an armed local NRA gun trainer was able to shoot and wound the killer as he was fleeing the scene, which made it easier for police to chase him down (before the suspect shot himself). Thus in this instance, it turns out background checks may not help, while a citizen carrying a firearm did help. What these details certainly did not help was the standard gun control narrative. As for the Mandalay hotel shooting, the more details that have shown up (almost entirely from independent reporting and leaks), the more it appears it was definitely not a nutty lone wolf gunman, and the basic timeline of the incident became so questionable that the county sheriff and FBI stopped holding press conferences about the matter—a clear sign that another cover-up was disintegrating, in front of the media and the entire world. Could this have been yet another false flag, with another set of black operators assigned to shoot at us, to get us to thereafter give up on guns?

There is a counter-theory out there that alleged shooter Stephen Paddock (who had no past criminal, military or mental health record) was actually an FBI asset who was conducting strawman purchases of weapons on their behalf, in a sting operation to catch some ISIS/Antifa operators. A speaker actually started to say “Paddock was an arms–” before he was cut off in one press interview. Only the op went sideways, perhaps when the bad guys found out he was an informant, who then went to his hotel room, killed him, and conducted the massacre. This would explain the “lack of motive”—Paddock had none, because he didn’t do it.

The FBI is in cover-up mode because they are still (supposedly) after the ISIS culprits, who remain at large, and out of sheer embarrassment over the agency being implicated in arms sales. This overall fits the facts much better than the “retired multi-millionaire with no record suddenly goes supervillian with automatic weapons” story. Really, if only as a mental exercise, just apply the “Batman credibility test” to the Vegas official story. Apart from suspending belief for the purposes of entertainment, does anybody believe a wealthy tycoon would be jumping rooftops at night, beating up thugs dressed up as a six foot bat? Likewise, does the notion that a very rich senior citizen with no record or motivation, would be setting up a sniper’s nest to shoot over 500 people make any sense? Does that sound any more credible than the basic premise of Batman? Is it more realistic, or more like Santa Claus?

I’m calling it Santa Claus. It will be interesting to see if most of the surveillance footage is ever made public, or if the ballistics evidence at the murder scene will show that the alleged shooters’ weapons were involved. If neither get released (and we’re still waiting for those two things, 2 years later, with regards to the San Bernardino case) that strengthens the view that a cover-up is going on. The resident of the room next to Paddock reported there were multiple shooters, a claim which is backed up by message traffic on the police scanners, on the ground reports, and by the leaked dinner receipt (see image) showing multiple parties were in his room during his stay. Why did nobody notice all the firearms in the room (from the ‘guests’ to the maids and staff who had access to the suite), and again, where is the security footage showing him get them into the hotel and into position? Why was the security guard who is said to have first discovered the sniper’s nest allowed to leave the country for several days? Why the absolute media silence on the 17 ambulances at a nearby Hooters hotel that were treating victims of shootings going on there at the same time as the Mandalay? And why have so many survivors who claimed to see more than one shooter, subsequently died in later weeks? These issues are just the tip of the iceberg of anomalies and counter evidence, as one can read a larger summary of the controversy here. Until the vaunted “authorities” come clean on these issues, it’s safe to say the Vegas shooting is an extremely botched covert op and cover-up, that has massacred the credibility of “official investigations.”

Freedom After Massacres?

All these PR infowar disasters are a net plus as far as those opposed to the cult of the omnipotent state are concerned, as it shows the crack-up of the statist order is widening. The order of the swamp is increasingly failing to do anything right, or without it backfiring on them. Stop-gap measures of the elite to restore control are not working, with literally none of their memes–be it race-race-race, or collusion-collusion-collusion, or now sex-sex-sex carrying the day for them. The latest elite trick has been to start already floating contenders for the Republican nomination in 2020, such as billionaire Mark Cuban (of Shark Tank fame). The kingmakers actually think they can just dial up a new tycoon, use him to split the GOP or Trump vote so as to get the Democrat elected, and thereby make the outsider wave go away. But the Cubans of the world need to understand that Trump didn’t win simply because he was a famous billionaire. He won because he promoted populism, nationalism, less foreign intervention, and pro-middle American issues. All the self-funding in the world will not help Cuban if he runs on the same globalist, elitist liberal glop that brought down Hillary and the rest of the deep state.

Freedom can rise from the elite massacres if we knowingly navigate through them looking to build on, and not scold the coalition that elected Trump. Pro-liberty supporters should continue to work on fielding consistent libertarian candidates who ALSO can appeal to these populist oriented voters, and join them in pushing back against the career politicians from both major parties. This effort should devise ways to achieve this whether or not those parties permit it, or try to block it. The deep state establishment has made major party reform just as difficult as building a third party. It took an unusual billionaire who could embrace populist themes like Trump, to just barely prevail against them in the last primary process and election. The existing order crushes and purges the reformers, be they inside or outside the GOP. The normal routine is for alternative movements or candidates inside the majors to get marginalized (like the Pauls 2008-2016) whenever they ran, or to get co-opted and neutered by the GOP (as with the Tea Party).

There is a new third solution, as discussed in my last post—namely, use the minor parties to vet the real, principled liberty candidates, then run them in open seats on the major party line (where incumbent pols are retiring, or removed by scandal). Let them run in the primary or special elections, and they should have a better chance to win. This way, the reformers keep their independence and can resist being converted into swamp zombies by the establishment special interests, or getting smeared/marginalized into irrelevance. Only by replacing the power of the swamp critters in both major parties in this manner will we eventually change anything. For now, we should work on the above kind of solution, while enjoying the swinging wrecking ball of truth that is massacring the old order.