Syrian Bombs, and Truth Bombs

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An update on ‘World War III,’ following up on the note from last year: The neocon empire pushers of the swamp machine finally got to cash in, WWE style, their Warfare In The Bank suitcase with the April 14 bombing strikes upon supposed chemical storage and manufacturing facilities, in response to a gas attack on children near Douma, Syria. As in wrestling, the holders of the magic case waited for the exact circumstance they wanted—in the matter of Syria, an incident involving alleged use or development of Weapons of Mass Destruction—as the righteous moral cover needed to commence raining down the bombs and other US military action. That pretext is needed to overcome certain tiny complications, such as we were not attacked, Congress did not declare a state of war, the country did not authorize us to be in their sovereign territory, the action violates international treaty conventions, the UN did not sanction it, or any other legal or Just War principle. To the self-serving US Empire, the Might Makes Right rule is the same as Saddam Hussein’s: The law is two lines, above my signature. 

Fake News and Drumbeat Bombs

Oh and by the way, the “Assad gassed his own people” charge leading to the launch of the missles appears to not be true. Not that this little detail hindered the launch of the strikes, tempered the non-stop hawkish media coverage and analysis, or informed the aftermath of the strikes on US interventionist policy. In fact, as with prior mainstream media war drumbeats, basically only one side got presented 24/7, with one pro-war FOXhead pundit after another presenting the unquestioned attack-Syria/remove-Assad narrative. The non-interventionist conservative or liberty voices of reason (Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, et al) were no where to be seen on the air—no doubt to serve the partisan paradigm that “only weak, anti-American leftists oppose war or question US claims.” In a telling example of this blacklout, host Tucker Carlson put out a dissenting opinion about the bombing—after which, he was mysteriously off FOXNews for the next week! Everything about the rollout of the narrative and its enforcement afterwards backs up the claims of the alternative media about the MSM, and its role as the real purveyor of fake news. Their job, always and forever, has been to promote or defend the establishment rationale, and marginalize all else.

What rationale, in fact? The alleged gas attack video went online during the April 7th weekend, and the President was already tweeting about “the animal Assad” by early Sunday morning. There could not have possibly been enough time to evaluate the video to verify what it claimed. The ‘White Helmets’ (an NGO humanitarian outfit who had been caught before fabricating such evidence and blaming it on the Syrian government) were again involved in the video production, suggesting they might again be pulling the stunt to scapegoat Assad. How, in the wake of the timeline and the known history, could there have been yet another rush to judgment, unless the fix was in to cash in the “he gassed his own people” propaganda suitcase?

The Deep State is responsible for another false flag here (more on this later), and perhaps Trump is on to them. Local hospitals in the Douma area do not report casualties. An MIT professor has disputed that a real gas attack occurred, which was echoed by subsequent independent journalist reports by Robert Fisk, and one done by Germany’s largest TV network. And as per a tweet by antiwar, pro-liberty Congressman Thomas Massie, the Pentagon has admitted they do not have evidence of an attack, beyond social media reports:

As with last year, when another bombing was rushed in the wake of the same shopworn excuse, everybody has been expected to dutifully accept that President Assad would take the opportunity of achieving total victory over the ISIS forces to–of course!—drop poison gas upon children and other civilians. The fact that once again, all independent investigators trying to find evidence of the attack keep coming up snake eyes, is making laughing stocks of the hawks inside and outside of the Pentagon. At this point, even several of the children displayed in the original viral video have been interviewed, have been confirmed to not be suffering from a chemical attack, and have admitted they were involved in order to get food:

Why So Syrias?

In light of this, the deal appears to be the Global Empire’s attempt to destabilize Syria and Iran, two countries the war party is severely behind schedule in for completing regime change. According to Gen. Wesley Clark, the hegemonic plan devised after 9/11 was to use that tragedy as a moralistic battering ram to invade, occupy and ‘liberate’ seven Mideast countries, including Syria and Iran by 2008. What blocked the plan? Some say it was blunders the war-whoopers made, others believe it was the 9/11 truth movement, and some suggest it was Ron Paul (as his presence in the 2008/2012 GOP primary races stopped the neocons from proceeding with new invasions). Whatever the case, since it’s now 2018, the military industrial complex is adamant about working in overdrive mode to at least finish the Syrian part of the project, take its oil pipeline or resources, then finally replace both it and the independent state of Iran with another Western compliant, co-opted regime, run by another Shah-like US friendly puppet.

Trump’s sudden “why so Syrias?” (sorry, couldn’t resist)  turn is the showcase mystery aspect of this case. Is he now really one of “them,” AKA onboard with the globalists, when it comes to projecting US military power everywhere? Or, as argued last year, is this just a bad makeup job? As with the limited bombing strikes of last spring, is it another temporary show of shock and awe designed to shut the warhawks up for another period, while Trump prepares for a withdrawal after the midterm elections? Keep track of the scoreboard—is he conducting a full invasion? No. Or creating no-fly zones over Syria? No. Has a new war started, let alone World War III? Not yet. It sounds again like, beneath all the sound and fury, and relentless neocon blusterings of Nikki Haley, that Trump remains a “Jacksonian” in his foreign policy leanings. To recap, this is a form of interventionism, to be sure, but one that commits itself only to big, but interim adventures and “limited strike” demonstrations of US military strength. Trump has NOT given up on executing an exit plan for these interventions during his tenure, and is still on track to achieving that, bad current optics and all. I will stick to my 2017 prediction that “the weight of the above considerations point to there being no World War 3, and possibly no full war at all under Trump’s reign. There will be hawkish theater, and triangulation of both the hawks and the liberty side.”

Meanwhile. the ridiculous machinations engaged in by the regime changers in straining so very, very hard to follow through on a planned sequence of Mideast conquests, have become embarrasingly obvious, however. This is especially true in light of Trump’s recently announced intention that “the US will be exiting Syria very soon.” It seems that as soon as he clearly signalled a withdrawal, the entire appartus of the swamp went into turbo mode to push him back into a vague “let’s stay a while longer (indefinitely)” counter mode. The current sense is that the US will be “subcontracting” a different group to perform combat operations in northern Syria (perhaps the Kurds again, or Saudi troops). This arrangement is as illegal as the variations involving retaining a US troop presence, but it sounds like less intervention because the troops wouldn’t be involved. Overt military ops, contracted ops, covert ops, etc, are each and all war activities not constitutionally declared, UN sanctioned, compliant with treaties, and are violative of Syria’s sovereignty. What are we doing still building bases there, and dictating what forces will be deployed in a territory we have no legal basis in occupying? No wonder why Chuck Baldwin, Alex Jones and others have expressed strong disgust with Trump’s policy vacillations on ending Mideast interventionism. Is he hopelessly compromised at this point, or just crazy, or is he still playing the swamp, and intending to ultimately flip on them?

As for me, I’m hoping that Trump is still that clever guy who got himself past 16 GOP war party crazies (Rand Paul excepted) and Hillary to win. He’s neither crazy or stupid, but crazy like a fox, who puts out conflicting statements and short-term gestures to please both the anti-war and pro-war side alike, while planning to pull out of most of the conflicts long term nonetheless. This creates a very frustrating present, but holds out a hopeful future where he turns around to match his campaign rhetoric with policy.

Sex Bombs or Blackmail Bombs?

This suggests the purpose of all the investigations of Trump have not only been to keep him frustrated, but to find the key pressure from somewhere to keep him in line with the war agenda of the deep state—which seems so far to be beating fruit. The most immediate weapons they have employed to intimidate the Donald range from either still more sex scandal-mongering, from charges by porn stars and playmates (that he romped with them a decade ago), to blackmail attempts to discover crimes concerning his past business connections.

If their true focus is on sex, the latest attempts to “Roy Moore” Trump, from Stormy Daniels’ claims, to the dodgy dossier, to new charges that he (like Pres. Grover Cleveland before him) is father to a child out of wedlock, all give off a whiff of the ‘bottom of the barrel’ variety. Yes, desperation, in that given the intense dirt-digging the MSM did on Trump in 2016, there’s no way the NYT, AP, WP and the rest of the anti-Trump gang could not have already known about the illegitinate child allegation. They didn’t publish it then because it was unconfirmed—meaning they’re running it now, because they have nothing left to throw up against Trump, so journalistic standards be danged. This is the same MSM that has taught the public (for 25 years now) to ‘move on’ from religious prudery and disregard the sexual hijinks of major politicians, so long as they do their day job well. So how did they expect a secular-prudish campaign playing up Daniels in 2018 to have any traction?

In addition, the charges lack a certain internal logic. As in, exactly how can Daniels sue for personal injury, over a consensual act (if it happened at all) that involved personal pleasure? Why would she accuse a public figure of violating a non-disclosure agreement, when it’s usually the politician who cares about compliance with a NDA, when it comes to hook ups with porn stars? And why go on 60 Minutes if she wanted to keep things quiet? Please. What the Stormy story was actually about, was 1) an attempt to dynamite away one of Trump’s main pillars of national support, namely white evangelicals. But current polls show they are standing firm in their support of him (at 78%), so the tactic failed. 2) the scandal was meant to keep hawkish pressure on Trump to stay with the program to smear Syria and keep the foreign intervention program rolling. But because of the many holes in the porn star’s story, the Storm is turning out to be just a drizzle.

So much for sex bombs as a way to blow up Trump—but that leaves open the other possibility. If it’s blackmail, I’m betting it’s not the dossier (since its claims have been refuted time and again). The true issues are in all the documents taken from the office of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen on April 9, which could include evidence of past shady casino dealings or various RNC process violations. Trump was likely informally made aware of the scope of what the raid would take from Cohen’s office weeks ago, or prior to the alleged gas attack—which explains why Trump so suddenly decided to go into bombing mode on Syria. The strike on the President’s lawyer, and the strikes upon Syria are not coincidential, with the bombings representing a kind of ransom payment to the swamp to keep their long wars and regime change ops going. Yes, it appears the deep state finally found a gun huuuge enough to put to his head. The question is, whether it is making him change his overall less-interventionist plans, or is only big enough to make him cave in to the swamp temporarily.

Covert Ops and Oops

There are signs the latter is the case, when it comes to the drop in funding of ISIS since Trump was sworn in. Could it be that Trump is well aware of the Obama era covert program (with much help from GOP war party leaders like Sen. John McCain) of supplying the Syrian”rebels” with weapons, ammo and other materials, only to find that nearly all that equipment wound up under ISIS control? Or how those same ‘rebels” have been found using an elaborate network of tunnels under Douma, that are enormously expensive to build? Oops, wonder who supplied the cash and skills to produce such a thing? Or is the answer really quite obvious?

Beyond covert campaigns, false flag ops are the chief techniques employed to roll the public within, and between nations into emotional conformity with the target policy or war project desired. In the case of Syria, the war party was prepared to wait decades to trot out the “Assad gassed his own people” word magic if needed, until the right false flag could be staged (and they could militarily act fast enough on it, before too many questions got asked), to achieve their objectives. Once the invasion or full bombing commenced, the gas attack pretext could then be used to demand that the ruler (the victim of illegal aggression launched by another country, mind you) be removed and tried for war crimes—thus completing the regime change project. A staged event supporting a WMD threat/gas attack type narrative thus serves as a perfect combination lock framework or VISA card to justify the interventionist “response” by the Empire, the bypassing of legal details, forcing regime change, and the long war/no exit occupying of the area to ‘stabilize’ it afterwards.

The jewel in the crown of false flags in the region remains the bombing of the USS Liberty by Israeli forces just over 50 years ago. This brazen attack on a US ship was meant to leave no living witnesses, so as to be blamed on the Eygptian government, to trigger getting America to fight the 1967 war against that country on Israel’s behalf. But because the surviving sailors fought back and would not comply with a media coverup, the story has been put in a black hole by the MSM, who go on to this day as if the well-documented incident never happened. Episodes like this, along with the JFK et al assasination black ops, and the 9/11 inside job reveal how often government false flags, wet work ops and subsequent MSM official stories are resorted to create a propaganda framework to push for more meddling abroad, and domestic policy changes at home. The legacy (i.e., the corporate and CIA controlled) media is the key device for putting the Deep State’s narrative over following each of these kinds of ops, which is why the mainstream so often attacks the much more independent alternative media and commentators. The alternatives challenge those narratives, acknowledge the use of false flags or covert ops to manipulate policy, and do not cover for statists in the US, Europe or Israel.

Israel’s “greater” good and expansive self-interest appears again and again to be the secondary engine (behind US global hegemony) explaining unending intervention and meddling in Syria and other points in the Mid east. Paul Craig Roberts has summarized deep state/US motives in Syria in precisely this manner:

“Syria is not about any chemical weapons use. Ahmet Uzumcu, director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, reported that all chemical weapons had been removed from Syria. “Never before has an entire arsenal of a category of weapons of mass destruction been removed from a country experiencing a state of internal armed conflict, and this has been accomplished within very demanding and tight time frames.”

Syria is not about dictatorship or building democracy. It is not about the alleged 70 victims of chemical weapons. It would take a complete idiot to believe that Washington and its European vassals, who have killed, maimed, orphaned, and displaced millions of Muslims in seven countries over the last 17 years to be so upset over the deaths of 70 Muslims that they are willing to risk war with Russia.

Syria and Iran are an issue, because Syria and Iran supply the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah, with money and weapons. This support from Syria and Iran gives Hezbollah the capability of preventing Israel’s occupation and annexation of southern Lebanon, whose water resources Israel covets. Twice the vaunted Israel Army has been chased out of Lebanon by Hezbollah. Israel’s military reputation cannot risk a third defeat by a mere militia, so Israel is using its control over US foreign policy and its rock solid alliance with the neoconservatives to use the US military to destabilize Syria and Iran as the US did to Iraq and Libya.”

In short, the Israeli government wants to expand its influence and even territory in the region, wants any local rivals neutralized or neutered, and wants the US Empire to plow the field for them. Whatever one thinks of Israel’s goals, these agenda items are not related to protecting the borders of the US, and do not justify the unconstitutional spilling of American blood and treasure in the Mideast. The US should withdraw from Syria right now, as fast as we can pack our troops and materials on the planes, as well as cease and desist from slandering country after country with unproven “they gassed their own people” charges for regime change purposes.

Assorted Truth Bombs

Speaking of governments gassing their own people, it may help to put things into perspective to remember this is the 25th anniversary since the FBI bombed, ran tanks, played Barry Manilow music over a bullhorn 24/7, and used UN-banned CS gas upon the Branch Davidians at Waco, an unnecessary act that killed dozens of (mostly black) women and children:

You may want to start downloading all such videos you really like quick, as Youtube has been furiously deleting over 8 million videos in the past three months, as part of its purge of aternative voices.

Make no mistake–standing up to the hawks and serial propagandists for war lies requires some courage, but more people are practicing it. We the People are supposed to be running this country, not the cult of the Omnipotent Deep State and its minions pushing for endless war or empire-building campaigns. If we resist the false flag stagecraft and pro-imperialistic narratives, peace and freedom can prevail. We should be fervent droppers of truth bombs to stop the war bombers, as articulated here by Caitlin Johnstone:

“…proponents of US-led military intervention accuse those who question their narratives of being mentally unsound. There is a word for the tactic of convincing someone that they are crazy in order to manipulate and control them, and that word is gaslighting. It is a textbook abuse tactic, and it isn’t okay.

It isn’t okay for these war whore pundits to bully and deceive us so that we will feel unsure of the basis for our skepticism and consent to the longstanding western agenda of regime change in Syria. It isn’t okay for them to try to make people unsure of their mental health in order to pave the way toward public consent for broader bombing campaigns and no-fly zones in a sovereign nation under assault by western-backed jihadists. Never let anyone bully you into thinking that you are the strange, weird outlier for suspecting that a western empire who has sponsored actual, literal terrorist factions in Syria might lie about Iraq’s next-door neighbor like they lied about Iraq.”


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