Growing Liberty Concepts Discussed on Hardfire

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Instead of a full article this time (since I’m too busy petitioning for Larry Sharpe and working on other matters) I’m posting a video of an interview where the main points of a discourse I previously did for the Queens Libertarians on “growth hacking liberty” are reprised. This came from an episode of Brooklyn Public Access TV’s Hardfire, hosted by recent Manhattan LP Chair Ron Litchman:

If you like that one, let me throw in an older video I did (from 2006) when hosting that program, on the issue of 9/11 as an inside job:

Also, here’s my comment on how the growth hacking liberty theorem bears on the improbable victory of socialist activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over poor Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary for his Bronx-Queens (14th District) seat in Congress. Ocasio-Cortez beat the senior party leader, and now has the inside track to being elected to the House, by employing (or more like stumbling into) several of the tactics I identified can help non-conforming candidates, such as: 1) concentrating on the primary race, not the fall election, to unseat vulnerable incumbents (like the clueless Joe, who insulted his own district by blowing off even appearing at a debate), 2) leveraging local resources (in her case, her fellow Latinos and socialist core voters, who had become the dominant faction in the district), and 3) triangulating issues to attract new voters. Tactics like these, where properly employed can level the field for outsider candidates running against elite-backed swamp incumbents from either major party.

Normally, taking a bluntly principled position approach may energize too many voters to come out against you, but in this case district voters, who thought she had no chance anyway, were jaded into ignoring her. Ocasio-Cortez took the reverse triangulation route of running an on openly socialist (or radical) agenda (free stuff for everybody, etc), and took all the derision that platform invites. While that invited people in general to write her off, the stance ended up energizing her base to come out in droves, which in a low-turnout primary situation resulted in her winning it. She is continuing to voice her Sanders-era, millenial-friendly memes into the election, including a curious anti-government call to abolish ICE. As a matter strictly of viewing eliminating bureaucracies as a good thing, a libertarian could actually support transferring its legitimate role in protecting the borders and the legal immigration process back to the Department of Justice, or to the states. It is thus possible for a pro-liberty candidate to counter-triangulate a progressive running on this issue. But I suspect the real motivation behind the abolish ICE movement has more to do with race-baiting, and new-fangled election rigging, Democrats want to pack the states with as many immigrants (lawful or non-lawful) as possible, beginning with critical ones like Florida, to turn those states permanently blue. The cost of such changes, unfortunately for older, asleep at the switch Dems like Mr. Crowley, will be to get booted out as an old boss, and replaced by the new Latino boss as time goes on.

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