Now or Later, the Deplorables Will Win

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The battle actually continues in the great post election conflict, with the chaos in DC in January. A fuller exposition on this next time, but here are the thoughts I have about the Capitol building clash:

Set aside ideology, or personal preferences you have about “how a President is supposed to behave” (ahem, as if optics was a high priority consideration of the Founders). A mountain range level of election theft was committed across at least six states in the November 2020 coup disguised as an election. Coupled with the coordination of the tech giants in silencing the sitting President of the United States across all major social media (supposedly) in response to the events in DC on January 6, it represents the single biggest authoritarian power grab in American history.

And so far, it has gone unchallenged. As we speak the main culprits behind the chaos are drafting legislation to criminalize any and all Donald Trump rallies. So much for post-election calls for encouraging “unity.” Exactly how do people expect grassroots people with common sense to feel about such a brazen assault on election integrity, and free speech itself, if even the President can be victimized by it? How should we expect them to react? The January 6 peaceful protest, that turned into a confrontation in the Capitol building, provides us a clue.

The Gateway Pundit (or TGP) summarizes the problem: “President Trump received millions of more ballots than any candidate before him he crushed Obama’s record of 69 million in 2008, with over 74 million votes this year. There is ample evidence this was the greatest election win in history.  But then on election night, the counting stopped, which never happened before, and suddenly early in the morning, the key swing states all received dumps of Biden only votes.  From that point forward President Trump never took the lead.  These votes were never forensically reviewed…

TGP provided a breakdown of the fraud issues in the six or seven contested states as of January 6, that contributed to the flash point reached that day. The DOJ and FBI refused to investigate any of the incidents of proven fraud including:

** The impossible dropped votes for Joe Biden in the early morning

** The collusion of several swing states to shut down counting on election night after Trump pulled ahead in ALL of the battleground states

** The liberal counting centers LOCKING OUT GOP observers for up to TWO DAYS

** The flipping of ballots from Trump to Biden on live TV.”

I also agree with Lew Rockwell’s summary of evidence that agent provocateurs were among the protesters instigating (in some cases directly performing) the violence that occurred. Photos, police records and accounts described several known individuals dressed as Antifa or similar extremist groups goading MAGA protesters into violent or destructive activity, although dozens of eyewitnesses noted the real Trump supporters were observed stopping the provocateurs from committing more damage. The point was to make the majority of those attending to look bad, and scapegoat the organizers (and especially Trump) as guilty of inciting violence.

This narrative was coming from the very same people who told everybody to carefully distinguish between “mostly peaceful protesters” versus a handful of extreme agitators, when it came to the months of violence that occurred at BLM protests during the past summer. The promoters of that narrative were also the same folks who insisted, when it came to election fraud concerns, on proof being conclusively provided before throwing terms like fraud, “treason,” coup d’etat, “crime” or “insurrection” around.  But when it comes to attacking, belittling or ruining “the deplorables,” a different standard seems to be applied. From a purely “cui bono?” perspective, the best way to summarize the incident is to call it a setup to demonize the outsiders, to benefit the presumably ascendant insiders.

If the forces committed to crushing would-be wrong think, and re-establishing an echo chamber in the political mainstream can do this to Trump and his 75 million supporters, what about us? Does anybody think a Libertarian alternative can get anywhere, with this kind of regime devoted to crushing dissent? They certainly can’t get anywhere unless they stand up to them and push back. Perhaps not in a non-constructive way as with the DC confrontation, but in some way that both furthers free speech and is truly pro-liberty, broadly speaking. We must realize this smarter engagement is needed due to the massive institutional obstacles the deep state establishment can mount against the liberty resistance.

We’ve seen how effective this statist elite has been in crushing perfect, intellectually coherent Libertarian Presidential contenders like Ron Paul, and how they shut out coverage even when it came to other candidates with senior elected experience, like Gary Johnson. Trump succeeded in 2016 because he had the resources to get around their obstacles, was willing to openly oppose them, employed various “4D chess” strategies, and frankly because the establishment arrogantly underestimated him until it was too late. The elite quickly recovered from that mistake in 2020, but have still retained the utter contempt they have for the deplorables, as well as their boundless power lust to control the narrative over all political thought. This monopolistic egotism still needs to be fought, be it by the Trump movement, or by its successor.

So I say to the old and new media giants: The more you tighten your grip, the more freedom alternatives will slip through your fingers. Trump may yet ultimately prevail or be exonerated in the election battle, when the declassified findings and other secret documents are revealed for the public to consume. This data (largely provided by military intelligence ops conducted in recent weeks) may establish that millions of ballots were compromised as originally stated, causing several of the states or courts to nullify the original certifications.

This development would serve as a corrective for the biased decisions (or non decisions) that came down from the courts during the election battle, who relentlessly tossed dozens of suits brought to challenge the irregularities. Virtually all of them were dismissed over technicalities, not the merits of the case. Most of the suits were brought by third parties, not by the Trump campaign itself, and some of the biggest are still pending. And the politicized rulings were out of order, throwing out the cases while still in the filing stage (before discovery, and before evidence was heard in a hearing or trial), which suggests the courts were compromised. If you didn’t even hold a hearing, you can’t honestly rule on a case you haven’t heard. Many suggest the fraudsters chose the contested states under dispute precisely because they had swamp-corrupted judges and officials, who would dutifully rubber stamp and certify the fraud committed.

The military intel and declass data, which no court has yet heard, is expected to help reverse the previous rulings, and certifications based on fraud. In one sense, this was a giant sting operation to catch all the perpetrators who signed off on destroying election integrity in one big net. The word is Trump has been planning this counter strategy to fight a crooked election for at least three years. Once again, 4D chess. This is the establishment’s overdue comeuppance, and comeuppance is justice. Personally, I feel like Col. Troughtman in a Rambo movie, after the authority figures told everybody “Rambo’s done, he’s finished, it’s over!” Then they run back and yell, “you knew he figured out a way to survive!” Breaking my poker face, all I can say is “I suspected.” Be it in four weeks, or four more years, I suspect the deplorables will win.

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