‘Elect Clifton’ is a site reserved for supporting the past, present and future campaigns and political projects of John Clifton, a Black Christian Libertarian in New York State. As in previous campaigns, his mission is to Bring Back Liberty to New York, and the country beyond. This is to be accomplished by restoring in big ways and small a culture of liberty in the state, a task a Libertarian has a role in securing. Too many encroachments on basic civil and constitutional freedoms have already occurred—it’s time to roll back the petty tyranny and proto-Gestapo darkness that is settling across the land. Joining this effort, including the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY), is one way to help do just that.

If you are fleeced of your pocket book by Albany’s tax-sucking vampires, and your very home is subject to clever takeover by a corporate lobbyist who convinces a bureaucrat your abode should be turned into a mall, to what extent are your property rights being protected? If you don’t have the freedom to smoke in a restaurant, can’t take a flight without being subject to warrantless search or scanner irradiation, or walk down streets without a warrantless camera monitoring your every step, where has your personal liberty or protection of your personal effects gone? What of your right to life, if you aren’t permitted the modern means of self-defense, without a myriad of bureaucratic barriers being thrown in the way of your ability to keep and bear arms? How in the world could something like the SAFE act have ever been voted into law, when it so clearly violates both the US and NYS constitution?

The fact that we have to say “bring back freedom” is a backward admission that the protections of basic liberty are already going or gone. It’s therefore no longer safe not to run for office, from whatever station of life one comes from, to undo the fade-out of the republic. What John Clifton could do, in office, or though the success of certain projects, is provide for immediate relief from and reversal of the trend, by instituting a series of strong first steps towards removing state force and fraud from the lives of New Yorkers. He would exercise authority to properly defend the liberties this state has depleted in recent years. If the Federal government resists, and threatens to yank funding unless New York stays in lock step with Tyranny Central, then it’s time to just say, “yank it,” or even begin the process of seceding from the central state. Either way, it’s time the government acted as a servant, not as a master, and responded to petitions of the people for redress of its grievances.

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