John Clifton was born in Georgia and grew up in New York, mainly in Jamaica, Queens. He attended PS 50 (valedictorian, 1969), IS 8, Andrew Jackson HS, and Parsons/the New School for Social Research. John Clifton is a Navy Veteran (six years, on Poseidon and Trident II class submarines), and social worker (in homeless outreach, mental health, drug counseling, and foster care prevention over the past 15 years), serving in a supervisory capacity in both fields. He has also been active in network marketing, real estate and internet freelance work.

In 2003, Mr. Clifton was elected state chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, and continued in that capacity through 2006. He remains active in civil liberties and related liberty issues. He has advocated for servicemen’s benefits when working at Black Veterans for Social Justice in Brooklyn, while objecting to the inadequate transition training that has often left vets “economically disabled” upon their release from duty. As an advocate for property rights and against eminent domain abuse, John Clifton has fought for Nassau black residents by speaking at rallies on behalf of St. Luke’s Pentecostal Church in Long Island, and similar causes.

He has been on the speaker’s bureau of the Libertarian Freedom Council, and has appeared on numerous state and national media, including C-Span, “Damn Right Diner,” Brian Higgins, TalkBack (Lisa Evers), WNYC-AM Radio (Brian Lehrer), etc.; he was once interviewed by ‘Johnny Rotten’ Lyden, and Alan Chartock on WAMC.

He encourages African American individuals and companies “to fully realize their freedoms and restore the economic prosperity comparable to the rest of America, we must reclaim responsibility for our lives.” He may be contacted at 347-869-1729, or e-mail:

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