Can Liberty Save the Democrats?

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With this past month commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of John F. Kennedy, perhaps the last decent U.S. President produced by the Democratic Party, many of its rank and file members may now be wondering just what has become of the party.

From This….

It was once represented by such iconic liberty figures as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson (at his central bank busting best), and Grover Cleveland. That history has been largely supplanted by the current spectacle of endless bashing of Donald Trump, openly homicidal gestures expressed against the same, GOP baseball shooters, mainstream media meltdowns over PC violations, triggered snowflake syndrome, campus and protest violence, frequent cursing outbursts by senior DNC and elected officials, and by party leaders pursuing a comical “the Russians are coming” collusion investigation mania that their GOP counterparts were rightly ridiculed for fomenting decades ago during the Cold war and the McCarthy era. Unlike the Libertarian Party, who can be said to be coming off a great year that constituted a “breakthrough moment” as I past described it, the Democrats seem to be experiencing a “breakdown moment” of crisis at this time.

….To This….

It gets worse. Over the 8 year expanse of the disastrous Obama era, Democrats lost over 1,000 seats at the federal, state and local levels, leading to its minority vote status in both houses of Congress, most state legislatures, and most Governor positions across the nation. The general absence of achievements of the Obama reign, as well as an actual increase in foreign wars during his term over those launched by G.W.Bush, not to mention his conducting ten times more drone strikes, didn’t exactly help things.

….to This!

Nor did the anti-millenial and anti-working middle class vibes given off by the Clinton Presidential campaign (including her coldly dismissive “we’re going to put the coal miners out of business”), which probably greatly contributed to fracturing the base of the party in the 2016 election, as seen by the loss of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania from the blue column—states that hadn’t gone GOP in 30 years.

A Tale of Two Democratic Parties

Despite the urgency of getting those midwest states back if they want to ever return to the White House, the Democratic leadership is nonetheless insisting on continuing their dump Trump campaign via pushing the Russian narrative, as opposed to simply rebuilding the party, based on delivering on the issues relevant to their rank and file. It’s as if that leadership is only listening to their true masters, those in the Deep State establishment, who have given them marching orders to hammer away on the “what did Trump tell Comey, or Comey tell Trump” nonsense 24/7, to the exclusion of all else that matters. It’s no wonder then, that certain elder statesmen with a semblence of a reputation left for independence, like Bernie Sanders, are talking about forming a “People’s Party” to splinter off from the husk of what clearly looks like a dying major party. The below two videos illustrate the current gulf within the Democratic universe, as in:


The curious thing is that the interviewer Maxine was blasting is a correspondent from the Young Turks, a leading progressive media outlet, not a pro-Trump or anti-Obama group. Yet all that mattered to her was spreading the impeachment narrative. That, in a nutshell (emphasis on nut, when it comes to Waters) is the difference between a party hack who is obediently pushing an establishment meme, versus an authentic progressive who is focused on, well, making progress on matters of substance. You don’t have to agree with Turner’s ideology to know she is primarily responsive to real people across the country who share her concerns, instead of to party elites. If the leadership had any sense, they would be building up a figure like Turner (who, as a black 2016 Sanders supporter from the Midwest, would make an ideal coalition national candidate, for the purposes of reunifying the millenials and working class voters under the Democratic umbrella).

The fact that this is not their emphasis tells you all you need to know about how the party, like the GOP, is first and foremost controlled by the establishment special interests of the Deep and Total State. Also notice the role of triangulation tactics in all of the recent “crazy outbursts” by politicians like Waters or by media figures. Notice that the Democrats making the extreme comments or actions are invariably from safe liberal districts, or are in a position in the media (like Kathy Griffin) to “take a bullet” and suffer a temporary blow to their career. Most incumbents in competitive districts stay away from wild statements or stunts like the plague. Yet the “crazy” or extreme comments serve their purpose: to set the table for other “saner” pols to prattle on about the issue “sensibly,” but along exactly the same track intended by the “crazy” folks spinning the issue in the first place.

For example, Team Clinton has triangulated the recent severed head of Trump flap, to make Chelsea Clinton (who’s being groomed for a Congressional run in 2018 or 2020) look more sensible by voicing measured objections to the stunt. That’s the whole point of the tactic, to set up the groomed figure to appear statesman-like and above the passion. Leg one (Griffin) does something incendiary, to draw the other party to attack her strongly (leg two), Then “moderate” Chelsea walks in and looks responsible (leg three). CNN likewise looks “moderate” when it fires Griffin over the episode, thus putting on a display of outrage proving it is a “responsible” network, instead of the fake news propaganda factory it has been exposed as over the last year.

Reinventing the Election, Remarginalizing the Deplorables

That Deep State, which includes the legacy mainstream media (or MSM), the permanent bureaucracies (especially intelligence), as well the establishment honchos heading the major parties, is plainly concerned not with rationally rebuilding the party or engaging its grassroots, but with preserving their power at the top, and original plans to expand that power. This appears to be the real reason why the establishment is so upset about Trump beating Hillary. Upon Clinton getting elected, EVERYTHING was cued up to set in motion the final, irretrievable movement of the US into globalism and endless liberalism, from packing the Supreme Court and ending individual gun rights, to locking the US into the Paris accords on Climate Change and into TPP, to shutting down the entire alternative media, to accelerating military confrontation with Russia, etc. Trump has reversed, stopped or deeply slowed down all of this, and the Deep State is furious their plans were all ready and set, but could not go.

The national and international media is still committed to not merely reporting the news, but with constantly “shaping the views” of its audience, to support globalism and elitism (a permanent managerial class of self-defined experts controlling our lives and culture). It’s the statist establishment special interests they and other political leaders serve that’s the problem. We should take our partisan puppet show blinders off, and realize the enemy is that elite, not the R or D labelled functionary carrying out its wishes. It’s not about race, or gender, or the two parties, or any of that easy slop flung out to keep dividing the public. It’s about the insider establishment. The kingmakers and the CIA didn’t get the kind of puppet President they had pre-selected for us, and sought to meticulously manipulate the public to accept and embrace. As a result, out came new waterfalls of propaganda trying to push the nationalist/populist impulse of the public back into a partisan box. The MSM is a useful tool of the elite because it uses such inflammatory rhetoric to try to park us again in Democrat vs Republican, or black vs white mode, instead of the American interest vs. Globalist agenda mindset we have correctly evolved to.

What’s happened is that the MSM minions have lost their cover of being the sole “reliable” source of accurate news and commentary, in light of the new media. They’ve been caught lying too many times by regular people (not just by news or internet junkies). The Deep State powers that be (CIA, Soros, banksters et al) have nonetheless sternly told the media “oh yes, you WILL continue to push our narrative, no matter how much credibility you’ve lost!” The same goes for the Democratic political leadership. The Dems knew there was nothing to the collusion charges all along. The point was to pound Trump on it relentlessly, using it as bait to goad him into doing something that looked like obstruction. That’s why, like clockwork, the last round of Congressional hearing questions were all about obstruction of justice—they wanted to lure Trump into the trap and impeach him over that charge. So far he hasn’t fallen into the trap. If even that fails, their plan B to get rid of him may be to get their bankster friends to raise interest rates and crash the stock market, then blame the economic downturn on Trump. Or failing that, a plan C to paint Trump as “mentally unstable” will be tried, etc, etc.

Is it a mere coincidence that the partially successful purge of conservatives at FOX News is happening at the same time a suit was filed against Alex Jones, or the ongoing “fake news” campaign of the MSM continues to try to remove or re-marginalize the alternative media? It’s most likely a co-ordinated attack plan the establishment had set to go into motion after Hillary was elected. With her in office, the DOJ would have joined in the suits and accelerated the criminalization and purging of the new media. Since she didn’t win, these developments represent the establishment’s implementing what parts of the plot they could, as vengeance for losing the election. The PC set are determined to re-monopolize the mainstream media, as they see that the emergence of FOX (flaws and all), and the alternative media destroyed their wall to wall propaganda campaign to roll Hillary into the White House. They feel they can not have FOX be out there in 2020 correcting the record as they did in 2016, and that they have to re-marginalize Drudge, Breitbart and the other internet alternatives.

2020/2024 White House Early Contenders 

While that campaign will continue to go on trying to re-con the public into accepting the MSM as the “only” true news source, and its narratives as the “only” proper way to think about events, the Democratic elites are hard at work getting candidates ready who will sell this project to the voting base, while reclaiming the Presidency. So who is the Democratic leadership high on, and relatively youthful (sorry Bernie, and Senator Warren) for the purposes of carrying the torch in the Presidential race in 2020 or beyond? Some examples, in no particular order:

Chelsea Clinton: The party’s SJW contingent (as well as the Clinton machine) still wants the Democrats to get the first woman elected President, and if Hillary couldn’t do it, perhaps her offspring can. Chelsea is a Clinton with almost none of the scandal baggage of her vile parents, but has all of their deep pockets, connections, and national branding. Upon election to Congress (most likely Nita Lowey’s House seat in Westchester, by 2020), she WILL be a front runner in 2024, whether we like it or not. She also has the youth and “clean slate” standing to build a voting and speech record as a Millenial and/or pro-working class Democrat, instead of coming off as a Wall Street puppet. Chelsea can thus pretend to be with the Sanders crowd and thereby unify the split in the party, all the way until (circa 2024) she runs for President. Then she can turn off her cloaking device once in the White House and reveal herself to be another Soros and corporate controlled crony, just like Papa and Mama Clinton.

Kamala Harris: The newly elected first black woman US Senator from California also fits the PC check boxes of Democrats still hungry to get a “first woman” in the White House—woman, non-white, so left she’s essentially communist, and has done absolutely nothing, just like Obama. The thinking is Harris can attract the female vote while re-energizing the black base vote (that waned in 2016, since Obama was not on the ballot). On the negative side, as a standard left coast politician, her ability to attract blue collar Midwestern votes is almost non-existent. She may be vulnerable to the usual coruption allegations about her past record as state Attorney General, or her current backing, with charges floating around like “a lot of cocaine from the SFPD drug lab went missing and she covered it up,” or “the daughter of one of her casino Indian overlords had 5 felony weapons charges reduced to misdemeanors, and she was a felon prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition….” One to watch–carefully.

Andrew Cuomo, Bill DeBlasio, Cory Booker et al: The typical bland set of thoroughly establishment-compliant, east coast male liberals in safe Democratic seats, who are supposed to be considered in any Presidential race round-up. On paper, they all have strong or respectable resumes, but likely in practice, they’ll turn out to be Martin O’Malley.  The same problem the above two women face has to be mentioned with respect to these guys, namely, do any of them play in Peoria? Does all the Democratic elite intend to offer are coastal liberals who can’t appeal to millenials, or Midwestern folks? In theory, former VP Joe Biden could engage at least the blue collar voters, but the baggage of his age (78) by 2020, and association with the Obama years may offset any advantage he may have to outreach to them, let alone to recover the 3 lost states.

Scarlett Johansson: Yes, the A-list Hollywood actress most associated with flipping around in a tight black leather suit has expressed an interest in running. Two words of advice, post Trump: DON’T LAUGH. The last celebrity with the deep branding in the culture, and the deep pockets to run who everybody laughed at, and hard, is now President. So, let’s look at Scarlett’s credentials:

Clearly, she’ll fight for us once in office! Seriously, post-2016, the fact remains the current President successfully introduced a new business model for winning a political primary race, one based on star power, self-funding and maintaining independence from the system, not on traditional political experience or fundraising ability—and many Trump-hating liberal stars have noticed. Trump only spent $50 million to win a major party nomination, and from a look at the Forbes list of the richest celebrities, there are a lot of them out there with the net worth to afford that, to give running for office a shot. If these A-listers who are making north of $20 million a movie are so serious, they can commit to stepping away from their careers, and spending the same $50 million of their own money, just like Trump did, to win a major party nomination for President. C’mon Clooney, Johansson, etc, if you think you’re that popular, and that America needs better than Trump, time to put up or shut up!

Will Democrats Consider a Liberty Remedy?

In the meanwhile, the Dems should consider, at the rank and file level, embracing a liberty agenda delivered with a genuine populist/nationalist flavor, in order to revive their sagging fortunes. This is because, as has already been made painfully evident from the tumult created by the “outsider” candidates in the last GOP primary race, along with the Hillary/Bernie clash, grassroots Democrats can no longer expect the establishment overlords at the top to do so for them. Those leaders are plainly not fixed on raising key issues at this time, they are fixed only on bringing down Trump, to satisfy the elites. To address this, there has to be an anti-establishment movement within the party that parallels the success of the same dynamic that prevailed in the GOP universe across 2015-2016.

A left-libertarian agenda can facilitate this, as it can pick up fresh, popular positions that have been left on the table by the right since Trump took office. Restoring civil liberties destroyed by the surveillance state, Patriot Act generation of laws and bureaucracies comes immediately to mind. Gravitating towards pushing to greater national prominence consistently anti-war, anti-regime change Democrats in Congress such as Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii could work wonders to unify a real populist left outsider movement, to match the one seen on the Republican side. The physically and intellectually attractive Gabbard could electrify the Democratic vote in 2020 if she were on the ticket, in the direction of somewhat reducing foreign intervention (which is exactly why the party establishment opposes her).

Establishing a more consistent federalist approach to cases involving a conflict between the federal and state governments, in the direction of favoring constitutionally limited federal government (thus reviving Jefferson and Cleveland’s vision) would shore up the credibility of the party as also being capable of abiding by the rule of law. As in, if Democrats are going to defend states rights when it comes to “sanctuary cities” that harbor unnaturalized immigrants, do it the right way—defend the right of states to do so constitutionally (based on the 10th Amendment, nullification, historical precedent and such) and consistently apply the same federalist approach to other issues, whether it’s for defending states that have decriminalized marijuana, or those states that decline to recognize gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, or overreaching federal gun control edicts. Showing that the party could put the Constitution ahead of identity politics could win back real votes from middle America, instead of repelling them.

Calling for serious criminal justice reform, in conjunction with further decriminalization of drugs, would be the final piece of the puzzle in creating a populist pro-liberty agenda within the Democratic universe, especially if they could deliver on each front. The implications of doing so would be tremendous for re-igniting enthusiasm within the black and latino communities who have been disproportionately incarcerated due to the current laws. The socialist edge of other subjects (like environmental or climate change issues) could be taken off if the Dem populists adopted a market-based approach to addressing the matter, instead of pining towards creating another national or global bureaucracy. This liberty agenda could indeed remake, save or outright resurrect what is frankly a Zombie party at this point in history, by adopting a populist vision much more responsive to its population, without demonizing all others outside it as ‘deplorable.’ The big question is, will Democrats allow themsellves to be saved by Liberty?

A Quick Note On World War 3

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With Google reporting searches for World War 3 are exploding in the days since President Trump started two bombing sprees, one on a Russia-controlled facility on a Syrian airfield over an alleged Sarin gas attack, another on a presumed ISIS cave complex in Afghanistan, the media and Washington are back in war-whooping mode. The military strikes have divided what was a unified Trump base of populist support, and made many wonder if Trump has already been cowed into compliance with the war agenda by the special interest elites, or perhaps, was always in their pocket. Considering the president was repeating his campaign promises about working with Russia, and not seeking to topple Syrian leader Bashar Assad as recently as a week before, others are frankly wondering, exactly what gives?

The Deep State Empire Strikes Back?

Among pro-liberty people, the most popular conclusion is that the Sarin gas incident is another false-flag incident set up by the ISIS rebels and their “White Helmets” allies (who have been caught faking such attacks before, most notably in 2013, to try to bring down the Syrian government). While Assad is certainly not a boy scout, there is no evidence he had the means, motive or opportunity to perform the attack. A brilliant MIT analysis of the incident has already shredded the claims made by the US that Syria ‘had to be’ behind the attack. How could Syria use chemical weapons they no longer had, that they had already turned over to the Russians four years ago (stored at the Russian facility that was bombed)? Why would he do so when he was about to defeat ISIS, and had been assured by the US he could remain in power? How did Syria have an opportunity to do it, when the entire world was watching them—what culprit knowingly conducts a crime when the cameras are running? As for the cave complex Trump approved dropping a MOAB (‘Mother of All Bombs’) on, what was the urgency of threat level it represented at this time, to warrant its sudden and massive destruction? What of the fact, disclosed by both Wikileaks this week and by the NY Times in 2005, that the CIA built those tunnels in the first place?

Whether the gas attack was false or real, the feeling is that Trump has used the incident to betray his base by seemingly reversing his stands on regime change, military restraint, and other American First elements of his foreign policy. As far as liberty movement champions like Chuck Baldwin are concerned, Trump is just another neocon warmonger. A variation on this view holds that Trump did not actually mean to double-cross his voters on the matter, but was just “too stupid” to resist falling for the false flag and regime change templates being pushed on him by war hawk generals, neocon pundits, and others (including his daughter Ivanka, along with his son-in-law and Soros buddy Jared Kushner, who are said to have urged him to take action). As to the possible influence Trump’s family members may be having on such major decisions, one Breitbart commenter bluntly jokes, “Amazing – a Talmudic Jew and a Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian bimbo is deciding the fate of the world. God help us.”

Perhaps the real answer is that these developments clearly represent the Deep State military, intelligence and bankster establishments striking back, furiously seeking to restore the globalist momentum disrupted by recent nationalist events such as the election of Trump, Brexit, or the pending election of Marine Le Pen in France. Even Russian officials, and Assad himself have openly expressed that the gas incident was a false flag designed by the Deep State war machine to frame Syria and justify the US bombing. Always and forever, the formula the western elite uses to trigger emotional support behind toppling yet another Mideast country independent of its influence is: accuse them of creating or misusing WMD. Works almost every time–except for Syria in 2013, when Russia took away the pretext by getting Assad to turn over the government’s chemical weapons to them.

The Empire wants its WMD pretext back, in order to invade Syria, turn it into another US client state, complete an oil pipeline through it to supply Eurupe, and to cut the territory off from Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia. So to do that, this time they have to discredit both Syria and Russia. A logical scenario that ties together the bombings with the bash-Russia CIA op that has been running in the MSM for the last half year, is to suppose the Syrian false flag was pre-planned to drop by the spring of 2017, no matter who won the election. If Hillary had won, the incident was poised to be used to fast track a full war with Syria to force regime change, and to demonize Russia for defending Assad. If Trump won, the Russia-baiting was meant to mousetrap him into doing the same thing, though perhaps on a slower path. Either way, the globalist bad guys plan to win, and they play for keeps.

Liberty Principle and Machiavellian Practice

Let’s be clear about two factors at this point. Factor one, invading or dropping bombs on countries that have not attacked us, and without obtaining a declaration of war from Congress, is not libertarian, non-interventionist, or constitutional. People who expected at least a different feel to the Trump administration have been put off by the optics of his bombing and threatening several countries within his first 100 days. Some supporters are accordingly getting off the Trump train over these actions. Or worse, they feel like they have been thrown off of it by the neocons, who seem to have taken the train over, much like the poor old man who was hauled off a United Airlines plane gestapo-style a few days ago.

Many formerly gung-ho supporters of foreign invasion and the War on Terror like Ann Coulter, and even voters in Michigan Trump had just won over, have expressed exhaustion over the unending fixation with military confrontation and belligerent diplomacy that has attended each recent Republican White House. Trump’s rapid transition into conforming to this tendency is distressing not only because of the illegality, the rush to judgement, and reversal of campaign rhetoric, but because the war mentality is, once again, crowding out all other issues (from immigration to ending Obamacare, to tax relief, and “draining the swamp” etc agenda items) Trump was elected to address. It in fact looks more like the swamp is draining Trump, not the opposite. Small wonder then, why people are worried about whether WWIII is upon us.

But there is an alternate dynamic at work, or factor two: this is the same Donald that outfoxed 16 much more experienced or better backed GOP contenders in the primaries, and outwitted the much better funded Hillary, the most intensely establishment-supported candidate in history, in the election. It’s the same guy who recently golfed with Senator Rand Paul, and actually took time to listen to anti-war Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (one of the few sensible Democrats left in Congress) during the transition period. He almost certainly knows, from either Rand, or Gabbard, or from former NSA chief Michael Flynn, that the Obama/Hillary regime was working with and funding Al Qaeda in Syria. Since Trump also listens to alternative voices like Roger Stone, and his own senior adviser Steve Bannon, it’s evident he knows about false flags and the deep politics forces trying to co-opt or mousetrap him. So this would appear to rule out the “he was stupid enough to fall for the Syrian frame job” scenario.

But that would by definition also mean that Trump is too smart to fall for it, and thus be cowed into betraying his policy and promises, especially so soon after taking office. Again, means, motive and opportunity—yes, he has the means to do whatever he wants now that he’s in power, but how would he benefit from abandoning his base of support, or jeopardizing his re-election chances with these policy reversals? And how would Trump have the opportunity to do it so explicitly, with the whole world watching him during his first 100 days? It doesn’t make sense. What does make more sense is the theory that, just as Trump has been known to downright troll his opposition, including the mainstream media, he is doing so now with Syria, to turn the traps set for him around, and ensnare them instead. Alex Jones has discussed this Machiavellian tactic here:

Andrew Jackson vs. the Empire

This analysis was confirmed by subsequent statements by Trump and top advisers, who stress he will not be conducting a full invasion, creating no-fly zones over Syria, or otherwise starting WWIII. Remember, Trump is a “Jacksonian” in his foreign policy leanings. This is a form of interventionism, to be sure, but one that commits itself only to big, but interim adventures and demonstrations of US military strength that are in the direct national interest, with an exit plan in mind—not the full scale, no-exit wars and open-ended empire building for global control that is characteristic of the modern war party, or neoconservative variety of interventionism.

Yet because both schools are variations on interventionism, the two factions often work together, or can be confused with one another. Quite a few full-out interventionists, like Charles Krauthammer, think Trump is coming around to the globalist total war mindset based on his recent limited actions: “What we are back to is the traditional American understanding of national interests as a broad definition, going all the way back to Harry Truman…”  Excuse me, Mr. K, but ‘the American tradition’ goes back a bit farther than 1945. It goes back to the first 65 years of US history, not the last 65 years. The real American tradition, from Washington to Jackson, is to avoid long and total wars based on needless internationalist commitments, and to exercise military strength in bold, but short term ways, only when it furthers the American interest. That is the Jacksonian, limited intervention path Trump is taking, not the UNlimited war and pure empire, globalist path supported by Krauthammer.

This works out to act as a net anti-war, or limited intervention policy, compared to the constant militarism and long war model promoted by the empire builders. In this light, Trump could be simply using a “limited strike” intervention as a positioning tool to later embarrass the establishment. It would be much like his expressing support for Paul Ryan’s Obamacare-lite bill, whose defeat humiliated the Speaker, and led to Trump forging closer ties with the Freedom Caucus and Sen. Paul.

Reagan is said to have used the 1983 Grenada military action as cover for pulling out of intervention in Lebanon (the latter of which deeply displeased the neocons). Could the same thing be happening here? What if the missile strike is in fact a preamble to an independent inspection of the Syrian facility, and when no Sarin gas is found, Trump announces it was a false flag set up by the radicals, exonerates Assad, and it leads to the President re-committing to focusing on ISIS and working with Russia? If this is political theater, Trump thus would have “shown strength” (via the bombing), and showed he could “stand up to the Russians,” but the war party would not be able to complain when circumstances changed his mind.

More Signs of Theater

In other words,  principled supporters of peace and liberty have been so focused on “the snapshot” reality that these actions are interventionist, that they are not noticing how they may be part of a “full motion picture” that sets Trump up to basically avoid war over the rest of his term. Ancient Chinese secret: If you pulled the trigger last time, when you bluff next time, you will be believed. Call it cynical, but Trump has pulled the trigger in order to have a stronger negotiating stance with countries going forward, and in order to shut the war hawks up—from this point on, they won’t be able to paint him as “weak” if he decides not to escalate things up to full scale war later in the Mideast, North Korea, or anyplace else.

It’s something of a reverse bait and switch from the usual scenario where “long wars, all the time” neocons bait Jacksonian people into supporting a war using short term code words like “it’ll be a cakewalk,” then once started, declare US forces have to be there forever “until the job is done.” Could Trump, hopefully, be doing the reverse, by baiting the war party with the prospect of long wars (via big bomb drops, and hawkish rhetoric coming from his generals and Cabinet people), but only delivers short term strikes designed to help quickly end the conflicts? As a libertarian, any such lawless militarism and intervention is wrong, of course, but in the absence of a pure liberty person in charge, Trump’s limited strike approach is an effective method for eclipsing or neutering the war hawks. Trump is a patriot on instinct, but has no fixed ideological rudder. In the absence of such, his limited strike tricks will have to serve to contain the neocons, as per the old song lyric, if that isn’t love, it’ll have to do, until the real thing comes along.” It would have been nice, in fact, if Rand Paul also had made himself a close adviser to Trump earlier on, to help consistently steer him on foreign policy after the convention and election, so he could have been one of the finalists for Secretary of State  (this time, or next time).

Trump has likewise mounted the MOAB strike using this same quiet “turn the tables on the Deep State” approach. The CIA has been facilitating Al Qaeda and ISIS for years in Afghanistan with the cave network that they built. So, bomb the blazes out of the cave complex, and presto—end of the CIA-created problem. The establishment can’t complain, else it would expose their covert operations. The president, true to his nationalist promises, can thus take out a lot of the deep regime’s infrastructure, while making himself, and the not co-opted parts of the military look good. Trump has put it this way: “What I do is I authorize my military,” in response to a press question about the use of a massive bomb in an assault on Islamic State group positions in Afghanistan. “We have the greatest military in the world, and they’ve done the job, as usual. We have given them total authorization, and that’s what they’re doing.”

Of course Trump has no such authority to pass on to the military, neither constitutional, nor even under the War Powers Act. He is doing brazenly what his predecessors have been doing using a modicum of pretext or other excuses. The main/only saving grace behind this kind of intervention is that it is apparently Jacksonian in nature (i.e., intended to be short-term, big show of strength), and not all-stops out long war, maximum troops invading and dying, ongoing empire-building that the neocons prefer. As far as meddling goes, call it a form of harm reduction, compared to the 150,000 troops on the ground, full invasion scenario we would be engulfed in under a President Hillary.

It is kind of the opposite of the posture of previous administrations, that would talk the limited war talk but deliver long war and ongoing quagmires everywhere. Trump is instead letting his hawks talk the full war, regime change talk while delivering short-war, shock and awe moments of military action to keep the war party happy. He’ll permit the remove-Assad talk, but not do the full invasion it would take to do it, etc. By doing so early in his term, he can bluff about performing expanded actions later, and will be believed (since he is known to have pulled the trigger previously), giving him a better position when negotiating.

For the same reason, the full Monty interventionists will not be able to paint him as weak if Trump later declines to go further than commit to such short war, in and out operations. The question is, will Trump stop here, or truly capitulate to the full regime change, more empire agenda of the neocons?

Silver Linings, Bottom Lines

Time will finally tell which direction The Donald is actually going, and how deep his resolve really is. In the meanwhile, the weight of the above considerations point to there being no World War 3, and possibly no full war at all under Trump’s reign. There will be hawkish theater, and triangulation of both the hawks and the liberty side, who will be united in constant protest to keep Trump from falling over the cliff. The global statist elite’s machinations will be somewhat, or even substantially destroyed by Trump’s countermeasures. And even a partial unveiling of the secrets kept by the Deep State, once the rock is kicked over, will be putting a lot of its minions out of business forever. While highly pessimistic about the White House’s current direction, Antiwar.com editor Justin Raimondo explains the single biggest positive ideological outcome of the Trump reversal:

The silver lining in this dark cloud is that Trump’s most vocal supporters are now thoroughly alienated from him, as he abandons his domestic agenda and is sucked into yet another useless war in the Middle East. Here’s the lovely Ann Coulter railing against the “Strangelovian generals” who surround the formerly “awesome” Trump – and it’s music to my ears. Here’s Ryan James Girdusky of Red Alert Politics, a popular pro-Trump site, denouncing the Syria strike on Fox Business News. Here’s Laura Ingraham citing Iraq war veterans’ warning against entanglement in Syria. And the verdict from Lou Dobbs and Trump’s many fans in the world of talk radio is a resounding no.

Trump, we are told by gloating NeverTrumpers, has no principles. But so what? His followers do, and they are now an army of dovish “deplorables” whom we are happy to welcome into the anti-interventionist movement. Many are now readers of – and contributors to – this site, and with the War Party on the march, we expect many more to follow in their wake.

The antiwar movement is no longer the preserve of coastal elites, Chomskyite professors, and obnoxious “social justice warriors,” who kept it marginalized, brain-dead, and impotent. The Trump phenomenon, and the subsequent betrayal by a President who was elected on the strength of his resolve to avoid the mistakes of the past, has introduced some much needed ideological diversity into the ranks of anti-interventionists. As my mentor Murray Rothbard proclaimed way back in the early 1990s, “The Old Right is back!

We may have lost the White House – but we’re about to take Flyover Country! And that is a cause for celebration.

The First Post-CIA President, and the Next Liberty Wave

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As the very late winter storm that hit the northern US has symbolized, snowflakes can be stubborn things. Ever since the Hillary Death Star exploded, or Lady Sauron’s castle came crashing down (pick your metaphor) as Donald Trump was elected President, the entire statist regime has acted as if time itself froze, and has been frantically trying to find ways to cancel what happened. I took a few months off of blogging to enjoy this political suspension of time, or endless time-out being taken by the establishment as they try, like the hapless cats or wolves in the old Mighty Mouse Cartoons, to figure out just “who did this” to them:

But the story of the sore loser snowflakes has been often told in the days that have followed the election, then inauguration of the Donald. What is of more urgent importance is what this iconic election has taught pro-liberty people about beating the whole insider controlled system, what the new administration basically represents, and where we are now in the battle to bring back an order more friendly to peace and freedom. To those issues, I have a few observations.

Lessons from the 2016 Election

Just an itemized recap, not a full exposition:

1. The outsider movement rules. From Brexit to Trump, the populist/nationalist anti-establishment movement has arrived and looks like it’s here to stay. The insider Bush and Clinton dynasties were both crushed, with the Republican establishment in particular appearing like it will be cracked up for at least a decade as a result of the outsider ascendancy. 2016 may be the last time a Democratic candidate positioned as a “centrist” can prevail against the increasingly dominant progressive wing of the party for its nomination.

2. Big money does not rule. The hold the “kingmaker” mega-donors have held over who gets a major party nomination has been broken, or at least an alternative pathway has been found to challenge them. A candidate can spend just 50 million in the primaries, and 100 million in the election battle, and prevail over insider-backed rivals spending 5-10 times as much.

3. The millenial Democrats were right. All year, the Sanders supporters brought much of the same enthusiasm to the Democratic race that the GOP outsiders had. Their ultimate point was simple: if the party had just nominated a likeable progressive with no baggage, instead of appointing an unlikeable, scandal-ridden elite corporate shill, they would have won the thing. Instead, they went with Hillary, and lost. The millenials will be back in four years, in a primary race not controlled by Hillary. This means the “moderate Democrat” model of the Clintonistas is broken with this election, and a Sanders-like or Sanders approved figure will likely be their nominee in 2020.

4) The legacy MSM no longer controls the narrative. The new media finally overtook the elite-backed corporate media with this election, not only with audiences, but in terms of dominating the coverage. The attempts of the MSM and Clinton campaign to marginalize, belittle and smear the alternatives finally met a strong push back, which ended their ability to PC-browbeat people into compliance. Wikileaks destroyed the veneer of integrity the CNN set enjoyed, and it will take them years to regain the public’s trust. The future belongs to Breitbart, Drudge, Infowars, and RT.

5) The blue-collar Democrat cross-over vote is back. Previously called the Reagan Democrats, moderate Democrats without a college degree making under $50,000 are back as a swing factor voting bloc. Trump pried them loose from the Democratic plantation through genuinely engaging them and their concerns about the loss of jobs, and the loss of credibility of Democrat pols on economics. Many of them also want relief from the non-stop obsession of left authoritarians with PC, cultural Marxism/liberalism, and identity politics. The hard left move expected with the next Democratic nominee in 2020 and onwards will no doubt extend the trend of driving blue collar voters away from the party in future Presidential cycles.

6) Trump outperformed Romney in all ethnicities. The 29% latino vote for Trump entirely undoes the original narrative that the GOP “had to” stay away from immigration, and pander to the group in order to be viable in the Presidential election. Trump showed the issue was overrated, or that the latino issue was only a factor in a few battleground states where they have a presence. The latter view has been proven correct based on the election results. That revelation also skewers the open borders, or ‘no borders matter’ position held by those who think that is the only proper libertarian approach to immigration. Clearly, a large segment of the population does believe the borders matter, and thus the government has a right, delegated to it by the people, to appropriately vet migrants seeking to relocate.

Indeed, what I’ve found on the issue is the open borders Libertarians talk abstractly about private property and freedom of movement, and do not acknowledge any Libertarian concept of free immigration with protected borders. Meanwhile, the rest of us are looking at the actual scoreboard of freedom, and have noticed we got more government force, more welfare state, less private property rights and less freedom of movement in the last several decades when more open borders immigration and amnesty policies/laws were adopted. Nationally successful liberty candidates like Ron Paul noticed too, and accordingly then developed a more complete libertarian approach to the issue. Trump, despite his many flaws, may show us how the scorecard can move back to more net freedom as he tries to implement his vetting and wall-building policies.

The Deep State: Out of the Shadows

Donald has ‘trumped’ the establishment, but who controls that establishment, to the extent of sustaining an intense massive attack campaign against him for months after the election, including riots, across both parties and the national media? One of the most delicious developments of the last few months has been the normalization of the term “the Deep State,” formerly a not-widely known deep politics term to describe the shadowy establishment persons, tactics and institutions dominating the structure of the American political order. At the heart of its operations are techniques used by supposedly “foreign intelligence” agencies like the CIA or “domestic law enforcement” entities like the FBI to ensure status quo politicians get into power, or continuously get pushed to the forefront (why do we see Sen. John McCain on TV 50 times more often than the other 50-odd GOP Senators?). Meanwhile any alternative figures who in some way challenge the war party/intelligence/bankster complex are defeated, marginalized or utterly disgraced (with assassination reserved as a last resort). Only “conspiracy theorists” used to be associated with raising this and related concepts, or noting the covert ops, surveillance and disinformation campaigns that come with them. But the ferocious push back against Trump (who is instinctively not a status quo person, who somehow got past them) since November 8 has made the elite’s machinations so obvious, that now everybody’s talking about it.

“Whenever the media loses control over a powerful term, be it “fake news” or “deep state,” they react with infantile rage, and immediately demand cessation of the term in its “unapproved” use,” writes journalist Robert Barnes. He points out that the self-styled mainstream media (MSM) is quite upset over this turn of events, as it exposes their participation in the game. “The failure of the media to expose the deep state’s miscalculations and their misdeeds, remains one of the great media failures of the last decade. Why did the media say there were WMDs in Iraq? Because the deep state told them so. Why does the media say there cannot be tapped calls on Trump two days before Wikileaks discloses massive CIA spying capabilities through smart phones, and even TVs? Because they refuse to expose the deep state. Instead, they pen pieces saying the deep state doesn’t exist, or only exists even as an historic idea in Turkey. What a bunch of turkey that is.”

Many or most events of the last few decades come into a vastly different light once the deep state lens is similarly applied. The killing of JFK, as is now widely understood, was probably the result of a push back against his plans of ending intervention in Vietnam, reintroducing the printing of US Notes issued directly by the Treasury (apart from the private banks’ racket called the Federal Reserve), and most importantly, his firing of CIA director Allen Dulles and vow to de-fang the CIA. The Deep State responded by sinking its fangs into JFK at Dealey Plaza—and please note that the key operative/patsy involved (Oswald) was both a CIA asset and FBI informant. Less well noted was the role of the regime in removing President Nixon from office a decade later “over Watergate” (but actually, it was out of revenge for his finally dislodging J. Edgar Hoover as head of the FBI, which is why Deep Throat figure W. Mark Felt, the second in command at the agency, so eagerly leaked info to journalist/intelligence asset Bob Woodward).

The techniques of organized political ruination, by bullet or scandal, don’t change much over the decades. Even freelance ruiners like Sen. Joe McCarthy were not immune to being eliminated, as their actions were not in line with, or under the leash of the deep regime. Historian Charles Burris writes “it was the CIA under director Allen Dulles, and the Agency’s Operation Mockingbird media assets (including Newsweek) that targeted McCarthy for vilification and ultimate destruction, just like the deep state Obama remnant operatives in CIA and their contemporary media assets are targeting Trump…CBS chairman William Paley, Fred Friendly, and Edward R. Murrow were part of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Operation Mockingbird to provide deflection and cover for the CIA’s ‘family jewels’ of the day. CBS News president Sig Mickelson (1954-61) was liaison to the CIA. Because of his frequent communications, Mickelson even had a direct private phone line installed to the Agency. CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite was a former military intelligence officer also connected within this elite nexus.”

The Post-CIA President

Through these devices, the elite insider regime, enforced by the tentacles of the intelligence community through the major parties and legacy media, has controlled the Presidency and senior political offices for decades, including the election process—which is why alternatives of all third party stripes keep getting single digit results (with the LP’s Gary Johnson being the most recent example), or why non-corporate controlled alternatives (from Paul to Bernie Sanders) within the major parties have found the game fully rigged against them.

Trump (again, for all his faults) represents the first time in 36 years that a non-CIA asset or puppet defeated the deep state, and so can be reasonably called the first post-CIA President of the modern era. Whether this unique situation continues depends on 1) whether he stays alive, 2) whether he continues to shake off unremitting pressure from the war hawks to commit to more long wars in the Middle East, or even confrontation with Russia, and 3) whether he survives the current disinfo campaign to delegitimize him by discounting every factual claim he makes, or trying to make him look like a Russian double agent. Time, as they say, will tell.

The Next Wave

Given the bluntness and various non-coherent elements of the Trump presidency, the most the liberty movement can expect from him to do on its behalf is to act as a continuing wrecking ball, taking on and taking down establishment or globalist dogmas over the next few years. One doesn’t ask for much complexity or precision from a demolition ball, you just let it swing—as that action paves the way for building a better, pro-liberty new establishment to displace the old, statist one. Come 2020 or 2024, the way should be clear for a fully principled libertarian candidate who can get past the deep state obstacles to more realistically obtain the White House. In the meanwhile, the movement can now concentrate on the elections below the level of President, and work on regaining unity via building an ‘umbrella,’ or coalition of factions that can create a viable base for upcoming liberty candidates.

We certainly had the beginnings of such a grassroots network during the early part of the Ron Paul sub-movement ten years ago, but some then claimed many “defected” from the liberty cause and rolled over to populist “distractions” like Trump, or even to white nationalism. In reality, it’s more like many Paul supporters defected from the broader liberty grassroots movement that fostered them, and started glombing for their own version of the very elitism that they were supposed to be fighting against. We went from a unified grassroots under one umbrella, inclusively tolerating the varied members of the coalition, to a “oh we can’t we can’t be too associated with truthers/birthers/tax honesty, or Tea Partiers/socons/10th amendment etc people” mindset that presumed the grassroots must be top-down managed, instead of the network itself managing the movement.

Instead of embracing the populist end of the movement as expressed by the growth of the alternative media, the “top-down” folks buy into and repeat the same smears and false narratives the MSM use to try to re-marginalize it (e.g., wholesale dismissing the alt right as “white nationalist,” or “fake news,” or other forms of deplorable). This is like wanting a revolution, while seeking cultural approval by the status quo that is demonizing us. Don’t they understand the whole point of the old media creating the devil figure is to then “link” everybody and everything else they don’t like (such as the Pauls) to the devil figure? The whole point of the MSM is to stay in control of declaring what is deemed “mainstream” and what is not. Once the movement fully embraces its populist source of support, its unity can be restored, and we can get things done faster for liberty.

And speaking of that Paul Revolution, and the frustrations of those who believe its failure to win represents a defeat of the full liberty movement: There was no decline and fall of the liberty movement during the last decade, because there was no rise. It was a misfire. The movement centered itself around the Pauls with the wide expectation that the presence of an authentic liberty candidate within the two party primary scene would, by itself, result in stronger likelihood of winning a national election.

In reality, both Pauls ran (literally or effectively) educational campaigns that failed to put together a voting coalition that could win even one primary, nor successfully confront and overcome structural barriers to liberty. So the movement, or at least the Paul iteration, misfired because it was not inclined towards growing to embrace really building those coalitions and tackling those barriers. What the electoral future of the Paul movement now entails, given that the GOP will control the White House for likely 8 years, is a de-emphasis on presidential politics and a greater concentration on Congressional and state races. There will (and should) also be a re-engagement of the populist and grassroots segment of pro-liberty sentiment, that DID grow during the decade, even as the Paulite or intellectual side declined. As above stated, the faster that happens, the better for liberty.

The Fall of Lady Sauron, and the Low-Information Election

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As of this writing, the deer has been shot, but is still hurdling through the woods. The crazy and unprecedented events of the 2016 election have two gigantic kills to its credit pending the formal results on November 8: A) The twin defeat of both the corporate, globalist, authoritarian ‘conservative’ establishment embodied by the Koch brothers, Jeb Bush Inc and the neocon warmongers, and of the corporate, globalist, authoritarian ‘liberal’ establishment controlled by George Soros, the Bill and Hillary Clinton machine, and their army of operatives in the legacy mainstream media (or MSM). B) Burying the myth of the “low bedtimeinformation voters” as caricatured by that same desperate, PC-bullying MSM (discussed further down). Both demises speak well to the rise of liberty coming following the election and in 2017 going forward.

Bedtime for Hillary

First, what of the amazing “October surprise” of FBI director James Comey finding a spine, or else covering his tail, by announcing he would be extending (i.e., re-opening) the investigation of the Clinton email scandal? The re-opening occurs apparently because of an unrelated probe into the antics of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, wherein it was discovered he himself had at least ten thousand Clinton emails from her private server (or more–the Wall Street Journal says it’s 650,000), on one or more devices he shared at home with wife and chief Hillary aide Huma Abedin. This represents a staggering reversal of fortune for Hillary, aka Lady Sauron 11 days before the election, based on her lead in several (questionably sampled) polls, and it seemed to catch everyone in the establishment and MSM off-guard. My own take:

1) Hillary is game-set-match, DONE. Having a federal investigation hanging over her a week before the election, is absolute poison. She is the fatally-wounded deer as mentioned above. Although her team is lawyering up by trying to shift blame to Comey for deciding to re-launch, it contradicts the previous praise she heaped upon him, and is simply serving to extend the news cycle of the story.

—-“So, um, Huma, what were you thinking?”

2) This is unequivocally news that even the entire mainstream Clinton-kept media can’t ignore, meaning it will dominate coverage through the final week of the campaign. Hillary will remain the news focus, in a very negative way, not Trump, and there is no way to shift the narrative back to Trump in time that will compare to the PR damage just brought to her by the FBI.

3) The new FBI probe, since it was caused by the Weiner probe, creates the delicious irony that Hillary is being brought down by a sex scandal (even though it’s not one of Bill’s). Is Anthony Weiner the Gollum of our saga, who somehow has destroyed Lady Sauron’s quest for the ring of power in one stroke, where all others could not? Will the direction of a nation turn on one man’s “my precious” sexting addiction? In that case, as Gandalf would say, the pity of Huma (in putting up with him so long) may turn out to rule the fate of many:

4) Hillary’s collapsed standing can be measured by the outlier ABC poll that had her up by 12% the previous week, but only by 2% in a subsequent ABC poll. Not that the 12 point lead was valid to begin with, but, a 10 point drop in a week? And the newer poll did not reflect the news about the re-opened investigation. If the most Hillary-friendly polling shows she’s crashing through the floor, look out.

5) How the re-opened probe has immediately impacted the race is reflected by this poll, and by this comment about an early voting center in FL yesterday:

Earlier today Fox Business had a reporter at a Coral Gables voting precinct. When the news come on about the re-opening of the investigation the reporter stated that a huge number left and said, “that’s it, I’m not voting for her.” This is good news in the Dem predominate Miami-Dade area.

This constellation of elements basically spells the doom of Lady Sauron and all her Nazgul minions, just before political judgment day, with Hillary flipping from “measuring the drapes” mode to Dead Woman Walking within minutes following Comey’s announcement. The turnabout in events also allowed Trump to appear more  “qualified” to be President, as it underscored statements he made in prior months, warning about “perv sleazebag” Weiner, such as this weinerhumatweet in August: “I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information.” The current confirmation of such concerns have helped reverse months of efforts by Team Clinton to paint Trump as “disqualified” based on his 2005 lewd hot-mic remarks, or one unsupported sexual assault charge after another. How can she complain about Trump’s manners, voters wonder, if she has exercised (at the least) bad judgment, that puts her under repeated formal investigation?  With this episode, the independents and undecideds have broken for Trump and away from Hillary, forever.

Put bluntly another way, God works in mysterious ways, or in Ben Franklin’s words (well, at least from the play 1776), “Revolutions come into this world like bastard children—half compromise, half improvise.” The adjustments the anti-establishment voters have made to accept an egotistical, often inelegant candidate like Trump as their instrument of change represents the compromise, while the self-destructive obsessions of Weiner (who has ruined his career, his marriage, and now the entire Clinton dynasty, over a sexting habit) has provided the improvise. Mysterious ways for mysterious days, indeed.

The Last Chance

But what does all this have to do with liberty, one may ask, since neither major party candidate can be said to hold coherent libertarian views? Well, besides the obvious, immediate, record-setting benefit in increasing LP candidate Gary Johnson’s standing or poll electionnumbers (which will help build the party’s influence for years), there is the “turning point” aspect to this race, on several major issues. Given the passing of Antonin Scalia and four other members of the Supreme Court having reached the age of 75 or older, the two candidates in position to win the election will probably replace 3 or 4 Justices in the next term. To pro-life people this means the election represents the very last chance to realistically reverse Roe vs. Wade, and many other bad judicial activist decisions of the post-WWII Court that defy the original intent of the Constitution, or common sense. A Clinton victory would mean loading the court up with lock-step liberal activists for a generation, whereas Trump has at least promised to appoint more constitutionalists in the mold of Scalia.

The same applies to other “final shot” matters such as ending Obamacare, globalist trade treaties, and the prospect of major war. Hillary has made it clear she will ‘fix’ the Affordable Care Act by adding and enforcing more penalties upon those who choose to not participate with it, and expanding subsidies to transform it more into the mold of the “Hillarycare” plan of the ’90s, or to an outright single payer plan that Congress and the public already soundly rejected. She will doubtlessly pull a Romneyesque “etch-a-sketch” following the election and go right back to supporting the TPP/TTIP trade deals, as well as the international big government they bring in, thereby permanently surrendering US sovereignty on trade issues to a global bureaucracy. Trump (who backs a repeal of both Obamacare and the trade deals) represents the last good opportunity for voters to back out of both arrangements.

Trump has also spoken repeatedly about cutting deals with Russia, and focusing on quickly defeating ISIS (not of confrontation with Putin, or use of anti-terror rhetoric to mask a policy of more regime successchange and no-exit/long wars throughout the Mideast). But Clinton has spoken of almost nothing else except creating more tension with other nuclear powers, including escalating the Syrian conflict (by creating no-fly zones over Russia’s objections). No wonder that Russia recently performed a massive national defense drill participated in by 40 million people, in expectation of an up-coming collision with the US over its Empire or nation-building schemes. The election is a final chance to stop the madness by going on a less inteventionist path than the war-party jam sessions planned by neo-cons, that might lead to an nuclear exchange.

The King of All Gun Grabs

In addition, the ability to protect and maintain the individual right of gun ownership is at stake, as early as next year. The right is formally acknowleged by the 2nd Amendment, backed up by the writings of the Founders (e.g., in the Federalist Papers) and historic court precedent (most recently by the 5-4 Heller decision in 2006, written by Scalia himself). But this means nothing to the gun control freaks, who want the Amendment to be “reinvented” to mean it only applies to state regulated militias (note: “militia” meant the general population in the 1700s, not a government controlled army, and “well-regulated” meant well managed, be it by a person dk1favbor the state). Once the traditional meaning is cancelled in this fashion, the control freaks then intend to openly usher in gun confiscation and mandatory turn-ins by executive order, or in compliance with global gun control agreements or UN policy.

This discussion is not theoretical, as the choice, on this issue, is real. There is a case headed for the Supreme Court THIS YEAR, where five gun control freak votes WILL overturn Heller, which affirmed the historic or original intent meaning of the 2nd Amendment, as protecting the right of individual gun ownership. Whether the fifth vote is filled by Obama appointee Garland, or by a Clinton appointee, a Democratic White House will be nominating anti-Heller justices. The intent of the overturn side will be, again, to re-brand the amendment to mean it is only about recognizing the right of states to regulate militias. Once in place as a court precedent, fortified by additional liberal justices Hillary would appoint, it’s lights out for individual gun rights, and lights on for unlimited gun grabs or restrictions:

Of course,  no government can ‘take our rights away’ (inalienable rights do not come from the state, and supercede any government decree). But most governments do not honor or recognize basic human rights, and free countries that stop doing so no longer function as free countries. One can preen “let them come and try to take them” all you want. Tell that to the Australians, 30% of whose gun owners lost their guns when draconian laws, also sold as “common sense gun control” led to them being taken from them in the ’90’s.  Yes, they will always have gun rights, but yes, the state came and took their guns anyway. We should functionally want our country to remain free, as demonstrated by the nation defending the gun rights of its people, not the nothing burger of “knowing I have gun rights,” while having no access to guns, in an unfree state. We should want a something burger, not liberty that is all hat and preening, but no cattle. So, a Supreme Court that neutralizes the Second Amendment’s recognition of individual gun rights is to be avoided at all costs.

But if this happens, count on MAJOR resistance to the tyranny of the “from my cold dead hands” variety, from free men and women who remember this country was started by people like Paul Revere. In addition to gun owners directly resisting confiscation, it will be time for secession, led by the most red states, to escape the tyrant’s heel, while the rest of the states work on replacing the globalist Democrats and Republicans in Congress with true freedom minded elect_hillarystatesmen. Get enough in, and they could constitutionally vote for removing the federal courts from having jurisdiction to rule on gun and other issues. That would nip Hillary’s abuse of the courts in the bud.

Beyond that, pro-liberty people can use the defection of many GOP establishment leaders from supporting Trump against them in future Presidential cycles (assuming we have future elections, once Hitlery is in power–she might just cancel them altogether). The breaking of the vaunted “loyalty pledge” by so many senior Republican candidates cracks up the party, in terms of containing future alternative candidates and movements. The Never-Trump guys have now made it easier for a future liberty Republican candidate to break with the GOP and run third party, if they don’t win the nomination. Our candidate can cite their rebellion as a precedent, to justify not staying ‘loyal’ to any new milquetoast moderate insider they try to foist on the rank and file.

The Low-Info Issue

Beyond the above, this election has served to refute one of the bedrock dogmas of cultural left condescension: namely that their opponents are an uninformed “basket of deplorables” who can be dismissed as irrelevant, treated with distrust, or demonized as prejudiced 25yearsextremists. The great unwashed (under this view) are “irredeemable” and so are to be ignored, discounted, and subordinated to the superior, more educated, reason-based expertise of the managerial elite dominating the media and institutions. At the very least, we must turn to the latter set to even hope to become better or more completely advised about important news and issues affecting the country. The rubes just need to shut up, and follow their betters.

In other words, it’s the old election year Democratic bromide, “when all else fails, call your opposition racist, sexist or redneck.” Yet this notion has certainly been rebutted over the course of this election season. Internet and citizen journalists, whistle-blowing leakers, and even candidates have outdone the traditional media in breaking vital stories, engendering trust with audiences, and establishing the most insightful or dominant memes of the campaign. These parties have done so by being supported precisely by the “low educated” or low info factions the “smart set” have constantly dismissed as nuts or bigots. Consider the belittlement that descended upon the internet regarding health concerns the new media expressed about Hillary due to her weird appearance or actions at rallies or other public events. They were ridiculed, UNTIL, of course, this viral cell phone video got posted to YouTube on 9-11:

Thank you, Zdenek Gazda, for showing with one act of citizen journalism how controlled the ‘real’ media is. Without the video, the regular reporters would have dismissed Hillary’s collapse as “conspiracy theory” even if witnesses came forward afterwards. If the media there had themselves seen or recorded the incident, would they have reported it? If the Veritas videos had not come out documenting (in smoking gun fashion) how the Clinton campaign cv-1a06wyaey3bbfunded and coordinated violence at Trump rallies, would the MSM have ignored that too? All of these revelations have come from the supposed “low information” sector, not the mighty legacy media.

Wikileaks alone has demonstrated the media is not balanced in its delivery of the news, to put things mildly, and have been in total lock step collusion with the Clinton campaign to get her elected. But despite the MSM’s ‘deplorable’ narrative that most of the tens of millions of populist opponents of government and the PC regime are kooks or bigots, this group has built a more massive “new media” and web-based machine to inform each other, and the country as to what is really going on. The legacy media has been forced to go into aggressive blackout mode (not reporting on negative Hillary stories or the Wikileaks bombshells for weeks, and bottlenecking social media discussion of the FBI announcement) to maintain their illusions of supremacy over the populists. But the raw numbers don’t lie: CNN has an average national audience tuning in of around 300, 000, while Alex Jones has 3 million daily listeners, and Breitbart has 31 million subscribers. These larger audiences can no longer be told by the 300k midget that they are “fringe.” The revolution will not be televised, but the populist media revolt is not being contained.

Further, two more things revealed by the MSM blackout and Wikileaks email drops is 1) the utter contempt Team Clinton has for its own voting blocs, whom they also belittle as “low-information voters,” and 2) the media appears to regard their real goal as not to better inform, but to in fact NOT inform people, thereby deliberately keeping the public in “low information” mode to suit its purposes. Hillary’s staff emails casually throw around epithets such as “stupid black people,” or millenial “young people are stupid,” or addressing Sanders supporters as “living in their mother’s basement,” latinos are “taco bowl eaters,” etc. The emails are brimming with discussions as to how to keep the email scandal details from the public, how to ensure Hillary never gets a serious question asked of her she was not prepared for, how to cover up payments going to the Clinton slush fund “Foundation,” and other wikileaks10horrors. Whatever this all is, it’s not representative a free republic based on honest discourse, transparency, or respect for the electorate. By willfully keeping them in the dark with biased or non-reporting, while pretending otherwise, the elitists have lost the authority to complain about them being uninformed. The legacy media has failed the test of liberty, by being so structurally committed to fraud, instead of fairness and openness. As such, this becomes a low information election to determine if the blackout and collusion-based regime of the elite media will continue its chokehold over communications, or will be mostly displaced by the more honest and trusted new media dominated by the populist outsider dynamic that has emerged with Trump, Brexit, and the liberty movement.

Ahead of the Curve

One more theory, in fact, as to why the FBI Clinton probe is breaking so close to the election, also involves the Wikileaks factor, whose daily dribbling of tens of thousands of incredibly incriminating emails (leaked to them from who knows where) may actually also be putting Obama and Comey in jeopardy of being prosecuted. Re-opening the investigation based on the Weiner matter may be just a cover, according to this caller on the Rush Limbaugh show:

…Well, the jig is going to be up. In other words, if they didn’t front load it to come out now, they were gonna release — Assange, WikiLeaks — Hillary’s emails next week, the actual emails. So I think they’re coming out ahead of time saying, “Hey, we just found this place we didn’t look at before. The FBI didn’t have access to the NSA,” or whatever they’re gonna say, “and now this is the new stuff, we actually found her actual emails, Hillary’s actual emails,” which as you know, we haven’t seen. We’ve only seen everybody else’s about her. So I think we’re just getting ahead of it, realizing the jig is up…because they realize that WikiLeaks had her emails. They were gonna come out, so they needed to get ahead of the story before the public sees those emails.

This might explain why, prior to Comey re-activating the probe, very few of the 33,000 emails written by Hillary herself had been revealed to the public. Perhaps the government has been covering them up, but Wikileaks is about to drop them, and that is what is causing all the chaos, including the internal revolt at the FBI over Comey’s previous whitewash of the matter in July. We will all know shortly what the deal truly is, though it will likely not be able to save Lady Sauron from her fate. Ah, what a Halloween!

Johnson’s Moment Confounds the Left and Right

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Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson has been on an unprecedented roll. As a result of soaring in both national polls consistently putting him at 8-11% (or as high as 13% in states like Colorado, 15% in Ohio), and from conducting a record number of high-profile media interviews, he has achieved a new milestone for a modern third vamp1party candidate—he’s actually receiving return fire from both conservatives and liberals trying to arrest his momentum. Johnson has been hailed as a tactical genius for running what may be the most successful alternative campaign since Ross Perot in 1992 (i.e., on track to getting at least half of the 19% Perot got). But he has also been savaged as a nerdy “psychopath” who is acting as a spoiler to elect either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, depending on which side is complaining about his presence in the race.

Clearly, somebody is scared. According to an analysis at the Libertarian Republic, Johnson in theory even has a better chance of victory than Donald Trump, given the billionaire’s high negatives. What is upsetting the “big boys is not only the fact of Johnson’s much higher than normal national poll numbers, but the ‘hang time’ of his popularity—he simply hasn’t faded as we enter the final months of the campaign. This breaks the mold, this is a tremor in the force, as far as the movers and shakers are concerned. It’s an indicator, among other things, that the political establishment’s control over the public’s perceptions (telling the voters who to pay attention to, who to disregard) is now broken, and didn’t stop being broken at the end of the major party primary season. From Trump and Sanders, to now Johnson and Jill Stein (of the Green Party), We the People are deciding on the merits who to consider a serious candidate, not the media pundits and mega donors. No wonder The Powers That Be are sweating hard.

Who Knows What Aleppo Is?

The most peculiar, electrifying, watershed moment in the campaign so far has certainly been Johnson’s gaffe on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program on September 8, where he was cryptically asked “What do we do about Aleppo?” His oblivious response—“So what is Aleppo?” was followed by a more or less on-point answer about the mess created or aggravated by US meddling, blundering and presumption in Syria and the Mideast region. But the damage had been done, as the Main Stream Media now had their magic “Rick Perry–oops” moment sound bite to beat him up with, including instantly spreading the meme that he was now “disqualified” as a candidate:

This is a blessing in disguise for Johnson. LP candidates are usually not treated as important enough by the media to have their own flaps. Apparently somebody at NBC networks finally noticed Johnson has been pulling crucial votes away from Hillary, and is not happy about it. Gary is “too high” in the polls, and has gotten “too big for his britches,” so it was time to bury him. Notice in the video that host Joe Scarborough immediately piled on (probably having gotten talking points fed to his ear piece). Johnson’s important enough to get a news cycle!

His eventual answer to the question, while clearly showing signs he was caught off-guard, was a sensible expression of how US foreign intervention was and is making a bad situation worse. Senator Rand Paul (the otheraleppo-child liberty candidate of the year, Republican division) would have said substantially the same, except more confidently, and without initially appearing uninformed. Perhaps he can make lemonade out of that substance, from the lemon that was his way of presenting it. Gary can also mention that the New York Times also got the details wrong about Aleppo, Syria in reporting the Johnson flap, twice. They first erred in calling it the capital of the Islamic State (wrong, ISIS’s de facto capital is Raqqa), then later “correcting” that to say Aleppo was the capital of Syria itself (wrong, Damascus is). I wonder, is the Times now “disqualified” from doing reporting, following the media’s new “one strike, you’re out” gaffe standard?

Again, the crucial aspect of the episode is that the media bothered with trying to bury Johnson at all. The MSM wouldn’t do that unless, unlessGary Johnson matters. Being at 8% or higher may not earn him a slot at the upcoming debates (falling short of the 15% bar as per the stilted, third-party excluding criteria of the Commission on Presidential Debates, or CPD), but it is certainly more than an asterisk, as it shows the LP option has real drawing power this year. debatesSo much so, in fact, that traps were set for him to fall into, to ensure the CPD would have the cover to keep him out of the big Donald/Hillary face-off, and from there drop the LP’s poll numbers back down to obscurity, “to restore the normal order of things.”

As extra insurance that third parties would be kept out of the debates, TPTB even managed to get the judge overseeing a long standing lawsuit Johnson has running against the unfairness of the debate commission to drag out the proceedings, intending to stall the progress of the case until—you guessed it—after the election, even though discovery had been completed and the briefs had been filed. Then in August, the judge tossed out the suit altogether, perhaps because the delay tactics had become too obvious. Translation: the elite establishment covers all the bases when it comes to steering who gets to be seen by tens of millions in the fall election struggle. The outsider trend of the past year has thrown the overlords for a loop, but they still expect to use foils like their Commission to control the finish line. The entire point of the CPD’s existence, in fact, has always been to look like anmemef99ce95c8c8195a8 official public body as it excludes other choices, while taking the brunt of the criticism (including legal challenges) for doing so, that should have been directed squarely at the Republican and Democratic party machines that are behind the excluding. Through such devices, they maintain a rigged system while keeping their direct fingerprints off the dirty work.

Is Johnson Hillary’s Running Mate?

On the other end of the spectrum, both establishment conservatives and the “alt-right” have also laid into Johnson, out of concern that he may be a stalking horse for Hillary, and over his seeming embrace of certain anti-liberty, slavishly PC notions (see later). Heading the pack on the mainstream side have been organs like National Review, or most reporters on FOX News. The latter savaged Johnson over the Aleppo remark (they were less offended by his lapse in knowledge, as by Johnson’s lack of commitment to prioritizing foreign policy down to the most recent headline details, to suit their fixation on the subject). Within the alternative media, both Breitbart and Alex Jones’ Infowars show have taken Johnson to task:

At least the alt-right’s complaints are mostly substance-based, unlike the establishment’s “waaah, you broke our little rules” usual control games. When Johnson made the pragmatic decision to largely triangulate, not attack Hillary voters, and run a left-libertarian style campaign, he should have foreseen the trade-off to get those votes was going to be attacks from the anti-Hillary forces. While the LP is absolutely benefiting from this strategy in the interim, to hopefully get a 5% or more election result per state in November (and with it, permanent ballot status for the LP across half the country), its ongoing affect on the party’s image is indeed troubling. Is winning the votes worth losing the liberty cause? Exactly what is Johnson and running mate William Weld doing making so many questionable remarks that seem to favor gun control, restricting religious liberty, carbon taxes or other new taxation, globalist trade deals like the TTP, Presidential executive orders, and the like? To liberty populists, theses stances make Johnson sound like he’s Hillary’s running mate, not just a candidate triangulating her.

And why has he gone out of his way to express hostility to much of the alternative media, and populist sentiment on these and other issues, even joining the MSM in casting much of the liberty movement as being extremist or racist? The grassroots alternative media and its supporters, after all, is where most of the resistance to the statist/PC regime is today. It’s a bad thing for pro-liberty people to be recycling the same smears laid against every successful mass movement that is opposing the statist and globalist regime. Johnson’s strategy is thus good for getting the LP short term votes, but the theme of his campaign conforms more to that regime, than to liberty.

The alt-right is opposed to him because he strikes them as being more pro-globalist, left authoritarian, and cravenly PC-controlled than pro-liberty. This creates an unnecessary divide in what should be a major alliance between liberty forces, in effect re-instituting the rift between the libertarian and patriot movements, factions whom Ron Paul had recently unified. So while Johnson’s approach for the moment is currently confounding the right and left, it is a move that isolates the LP side of the grassroots from achieving inroads in building a broader coalition going forward. That is regrettable, given several populists have come to Gary’s defense over Aleppo, and might be more supportive if many of his stances weren’t dividing the liberty movement:

Pragmatism, Populism and Principle

Johnson’s tactics are therefore good for building the LP in the short term, but not likely to win a national election in the long term. He basically has found a seam between the high unfavorability numbers of both major party contenders, coupled with an issue set appealing to millenials disaffected by Bernie Sanders’ primary defeat, and has used that opening to carve a 10% niche vote in the fall election. But this practical niche vote breakthrough does not translate into a winning majority vote—that problem will have to be figured out by the “regular,” more platform or principle-compliant LP candidates and major party liberty candidates that will follow the 2016 race. For the meanwhile, that means bearing with Johnson’s approach even where it displays certain inconsistencies or incoherencies.

When one does go through Johnson’s stances on issues, for example, it does have to be said he does seem to provide ammo to his enemies on the point of sacrificing principle for pragmatism, while often shunning populist expressions of liberty. While many of his issue stances sound like normal liberty pronouncements, a lot of the positions lack context or show the direction of those issue points, thus do not convey an accurate picture of Johnson/Weld’s “libertarian” views. I’m speaking as one who supports Gary and the LP, but really, a lot of items on his agenda amount to neocon hijackings or mutations of the liberty agenda upon scrutiny, not principled positions. The “fair tax” is not pro-liberty, it’s a replacement of one version of legalized theft with another. TPP, which Johnson supports, is not “free trade,” it’s managed trade via international big government. Free immigration does not equal not having lawful naturalization procedures to process migrants, in a manner that protects both their and current citizens’ safety or property from force and fraud. Etc., etc.

The Role of Populism and Nationalism

So what is the solution that will integrate these elements to produce a longer term expansion of a pro-liberty coalition? In a word: embracing populism and nationalism (aka, sovereignty) interests of the public, while steering them in a liberty direction. The relevant political issue for the liberty movement, has been how to dialogue about liberty to the public for the purposes of winning a national campaign. The closest we have come was not with Johnson, but with Ron and Rand Paul. If either had won a major party nomination, the presumption is the existing coalitions within it could have carried them to victory in the fall election. Given the defeats of Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 trying to explain liberty in a straightforward, rational way, Rand Paul attempted a careful rhetorical approach, especially on foreign policy, that stressed pragmatic maneuvers, verbal compromises or empty gestures, etc, to produce a conciliatory relationship with the ‘mainstream’ political leadership and media (or statist establishment) towards promoting liberty.

But while effective in minor instances, this approach failed to gain votes or to reach what should have been friendly voting blocs, and failed to succeed in changing the media’s coverage or leadership’s statism-driven policy framework. What did appear to work was the approach of the ‘outsiders,’ who did reach the voting blocs the Pauls should have reached, and engaged in open opposition to the MSM’s biased practices and marginalization tactics. This is an anti-elitist, or populist trend, that acts as a useful carrier system for promoting policies that run against the establishment. E.g., in the case of foreign policy, Donald Trump got farther in advancing a mainly non, or less interventionist policy by “dressing it up” with nationalism, which was his version of finessing the issue, than Rand got with the rhetorical approach. This “nationalist impulse” also appeared to work well as a presentation vehicle for non-collectivist trade (anti-TPP) and migration policy, for the purposes of engaging more voters.

Liberty opposition to statism is intellectually persuasive to us, the members of the choir, but is not, in truth, emotionally compelling enough to overcome the statist frameworks influencing most of the mass public. We need neither embrace nationalism, nor demonize it, in order to use it as a tactic to get votes for liberty candidates and policies. Its use in foreign policy, as one example, “sells” intervention in a manner a straightforward anti-war appeal does not, because ‘America First’ displaces the emotional memes pushed by the War party to prioritize foreign meddling. Populism and nationalism should be considered as neutral additional aspects of the political grid, re-imagined in a three dimensional way, and as the opposites of elitism and globalism:3d-pol-axis0002Our movement reached a maximum 10% plateau with the Pauls pursuing an issues-only, rationalistic approach in defacto educational campaigns. Absent solving the framework-changing dynamic above, we apparently can only educate that 10%, or liberty base vote. Going beyond that base (be it inside a major party, or through the LP) will require getting past the status quo frameworks, and getting past the establishment obstacles that set and enforce those frameworks. That is why the future of the movement depends on adding such strategic political competences to our efforts, not just concentrating on the intellectual factors.

At the least, we can’t just keep ridiculing the LP for being a “failure” because they supposedly lack those competencies, while giving the failures of the Paul candidacies a pass, because we want to ignore developing those competencies. The answer is not to demonize Trump or other “outsiders,” but to take cues from his and similar successful case examples to learn how to engage reachable voting blocs, how to win primary contests, and how to defeat media bias.

What we learned from the three Paul losses, versus the Trump victory within the GOP, is that the consistent liberty candidate we want will have to openly battle the media, the donors and the party leadership (aka, the populist impulse), while building a coalition outside of the 5% liberty base. Thinking we can win primaries from just the 5% base, while being polite with the MSM, or without making peace with the reachable party factions above, is a recipe for continued defeat. The grammar for how to get a non-kingmaker approved, alternative candidate to victory has been established by the outsiders. Take it and win, or leave it and keep losing.

Black Ops Matter, or Follow the Money

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Liberty is on the rise, as such things as the double digit poll numbers for Gary Johnson’s LP candidacy, the UK’s recent Brexit election, or as the establishment-blasting “outsider trend” in the US can all attest. But this doesn’t mean the international special interests favoring the Total State are resting in their attempts to steer mass opinion in their direction. As the aim of the globalist cabal to falsef3accelerate their agenda falls further behind schedule and under increasing resistance, the deep politics apparatus (namely information warfare, covert intelligence, false flags, black operations, etc) have gone into overdrive to recover momentum and achieve its goals. Lately these projects have been unfolding in the news one on top of the other, in America and overseas, for anybody to see who’s been paying attention.

Ops Go the Weasels

Major covert projects like Operation Gladio in Europe have been well documented, with false flag violent incidents serving to execute a strategy of tension to steer the public into continuing to support NATO and the Cold war. The saturation of American journalism and entertainment by the CIA’s assets participating in Operation Mockingbird (as discussed by Carl Bernstein and others) has likewise manipulated domestic public opinion with pro-state propaganda for decades.  It’s been previously noted here how these deep politics operations, relationships and orchestrations are running under the surface of the ‘news’ and political developments of the moment, without being so acknowledged by the mainstream media (MSM). The main memes being pushed through such zappa micmaneuvers involve division—dividing the world into the West vs. Islam factions, or within America, into black vs. white, or pro-cops vs. anti-cops factions. The point of the division is to ensure continuity of power and policy of the statist elite, by keeping the rest of us arguing with other. Such a diversion neutralizes any chance for change, by turning politics into irrelevant entertainment. The major objective of the ops (among others) appears to be providing a continued pretext for for military intervention abroad, or militarized policing and omni-surveillance at home.

Within the two-party puppet show, the immediate purpose of these projects is to impact the elections. The “outsider trend” that has caused the rise in the polls of genuinely independent third party candidacies like those of Johnson, or the major party insurgency of Trump, has the statist establishment in an uproar. Trump’s hints at dismantling the globalist machine (from backing out of trade deals, to drop-kicking NATO, and pushing back at PC narratives that steer the domestic agenda) represents an affront to their control over, or expansion of their system. President Obarry in particular probably wants Clinton to succeed him because 1) she will continue his statist policies, and 2) since Hillary will be most likely much worse than Soetero was as President, she’ll make everybody forget how bad he was. That’s probably one reason why a couple of people involved in suing the DNC over how they unfairly tilted the party apparatus in supporting Hillary over Bernie Sanders have wound up suspiciously dead. One blog commenter coldly summed it up with, “you have to be crazy to believe 3 deaths in 6 weeks of people specifically involved in Clinton/DNC lawsuits is coincidental.” Another put things this way:

Barack will find a way to save Hillary. He killed John Ashe for Hillary. He’ll kill someone else or launch a false flag attack on the LGBT community or some other minority group to rally the faithful behind the cause. It’s his agenda that’s at stake after all. Hillary must win if his legacy–murder, mayhem, open borders, unvetted Syrian refugees, the Muslim Brotherhood, fake pandemics, ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, endless wars, geo-engineered droughts, unconstitutional executive orders, TPP and humongous trade and federal budget deficits–is to stand the test of time. Winning isn’t everything; it’s the future itself….

One problem for O, though, is that Hillary isn’t as charismatic as the current POTUS, or her husband, and thus isn’t exactly energizing cheney hillarythe Democratic base to come out for her. So, time to stoke up racial or voting bloc tensions—from mobilizing the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter (BLM) operatives to stir up racial strife and “all cops are pigs, put’em in a blanket, fry’em like bacon” arguments, to baiting latinos with fear over dire warnings that Trump will deport them—whatever works, work it. And if that doesn’t work, a few dead bodies can always be counted on to get people upset. It need not be O, Hillary, or the Bush clan who is directly responsible for the hit—pending an investigation of each false flag, let’s just say ‘elements of the government’ (probably intelligence) acting as cutouts for the elite, are the parties that actually take the anonymous call, and carry out the hit orders.

Another example is the massive shooting at an Orlando night club in June, which happened a day before Trump was originally scheduled to do a devastating speech about Hillary’s email and Clinton Foundation scandals. It was unlikely the Trump speech would control the news cycle after that, and that’s part of the point. The nature of the victims—gays at a gay bar, during Gay Pride Month—suggests a very convenient timing and target selection to black opsdraw sympathy to a Democratic voting bloc, and control the news cycle. Did somebody call up the CIA/FBI in Orlando and ask “which shepherded sicko asset of ours can we activate this weekend?” Perhaps the Muslim shooter in question (who had passed multiple security screenings) was not so much cleared by the FBI 2-3 years ago, as he was acquired by them as an asset after proper ‘vetting’ (“yep, he’s crazy enough to work with us as a sleeper”). That is, the point behind the watch lists is often not to stop the radicals, but to recruit them for future use, as psycho patsies on standby.

More Ops, Fewer Cops

The same goes for the Dallas sniper(s) shooting in July, which was “official storied” into being just another single shooter incident.  It would have taken two or more expert riflemen to mow down that many armed cops that fast, and it’s not even clear if the suspect (Micah) was an expert. The cops went down too rapidly to be getting hit from one rifle. This is verified by several videos that got YouTubed that recorded how quickly the shots ran out. Earlier, cops reported there was a triangulation, with multiple guns at different elevations. Apparently the feds didn’t put the usual ‘one guy, nothing to see here’ line out to the media and local cops fast enough.

Most likely 2-3 expert shooters were involved, who then left (or were arrested, then ‘instructed’ to be released), with the patsy suspect left to be the one who would take the blame. Also notice these cop death incidents are becoming increasingly the norm right after a spate of well-publicized civilian deaths by cops performing excessively violent engagement. Every time the focus is on police brutality, a violent cop death shows up to put the focus back on supporting more militarized cops. Hmmm…

What this points to is a pattern of ops that serves (immediately) the GOP’s purposes in countering the complaints of the people about the rise in police brutality, misconduct or overly aggressive approaches to suspects. More crucially, “support our cops, blue lives matter” serves as a domestic equivalent to “support our troops” in deflectingtroops lies attention away from the advance of militarism both home and abroad. When even routine suspect confrontations on the street are handled like SWAT team raids, it undermines trust in the police. But when murdered cops, or all the victims of militarized police can’t be discussed without the subject being turned into race by the BLM crisis actors, it undermines our ability to to even rightly engage the problem. The problem is not racism, but militarism, and the false, state-worshiping idolatry afforded to government men in uniform.

Neither side seems to notice how efficiently they have been played, while being distracted away from uniting on the right issue. Thus the twin concerns of the people, for the preservation of its civil liberties, and for public safety as maintained by reasonable peace officers, get set against each other to support the the aims of a rights-crushing police state, and the military industrial complex. The original, positive intent behind the meme “Black Lives Matter” was to simply emphasize that black Americans were disproportionately represented among the victims of wrongful police violence—not that they were most of the victims, or the only victims, or let alone the only lives that mattered. Yet once co-opted by the professional Left, AKA the left end of the establishment table, and infiltrated outright by government provocateurs (much like the way the Black Panthers were ruined by COINTELPRO in the ’60’s, or the way Occupy was wrecked five years ago), a real grassroots movement was converted into yet another divisive partisan weapon, just in time for the big election year. Just the other day, a BLM event was held on behalf of LGBTQ causes. What in the world does that have to do with the original issue? Nothing, of course, but it has everything to do with consolidating the left before the US election.

CJ5gC4pVAAASkbWOn the other end of establishment manipulation, conservatives have been snookered by the FOX/Bush/Koch brigade into believing concern for the murdered cops renders all other issues irrelevant or subordinated. Or, dead police make the black victims of police brutality guilty as (not even) charged, as if those black lives don’t matter. Does it ever strike them that this attitude is just as selectively concerned about murdered people as the “only black lives matter” race-driven agenda of BLM? Or that such cop idolatry is precisely one of the things that is encouraging more black ops shootings of cops, or the public in the first place?

Putin Knows How ISIS Grows

This last point goes double for the right’s preoccupation with “naming the enemy” in the war abroad, via the holy incantation “radical Islamic terror.” How is it “supporting the troops” to be throwing them into the meat grinder of paid mercenaries, who are being armed and funded by the same US government that is sending the troops to fight them? Yes, you heard that insane sounding sentence right—ISIS, like Al Qaeda before it, is a US government funded op. Just as with the previous Mideast threat, from the 9/11 inside job on, ISIS has been the monster puppet created in order to provide a pretext for ongoing intervention, and to weaken the Muslim countries in the region. Putin is on record about how this works, how they aren’t merely funded by credit cards, and blunt about how the “radical” Muslims are motivated:

As pointed out by Seymour Hersh, “To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.” Obama/Obarry and Hillary simply followed up on this plan by secretly supporting ISIS, i.e. Sunni radicals to fight the Shiite Muslim controlled nations. Objective of this black op? Same as domestic: division. Muslims vs. Muslims, West vs. Muslims, white vs. black, police versus the people—all it takes is few dead bodies to put everybody in a righeous rage, and at each other’s throats.

The whole mainstream framework of the debate over ISIS is war hawk heaven (“there’s an evil radical irrational group out there, they can’t be reasoned with, they just want to kill us, they could be anywhere, so we have to fight them forever, everywhere on earth, until we win”). Pro-peace and freedom advocates will not be able to get our message through until we short-circuit this “threat-threat-threat” drumbeat narrative, as it is the foundation justifying ongoing, unending, unlimited militarism and surveillance. With 800,000 dead civilians on the Mideast side after 15 years of war, who actually has been threatened more?

It’s all about keeping the US enmeshed in war and empire, and justifying the above civilian body count. Pointing out that the US/isis-justin-graphic2West created ISIS cuts through this scam like butter, as it points out there IS a scam going on, and that there is a rational covert op basis for their actions, not craziness. The beheadings performed by ISIS mercenaries are done for their manipulative effect, not out of hateful insanity (obviously the US establishment only care about them for their pro-war usefulness, as they have not been upset about the Saudi government performing mass executions by beheading). ISIS, like Al Qaeda before it, is a cynical invention of moderate, secular intelligence, not radical religion.

One good sign that Trump is well aware of the black op covert shenanigans going on is the presence of former (fired) Defense Intelligence Agency head Lt. General Michael Flynn as one of his advisors. He didn’t get fired over alleged “disruptive” managerial changes he proposed, but over his failing to support the whole hog war on Syria that Hillary and General Petraeus had in mind. And at DIA, Flynn was one of the only such moderating presences in the Obama Administration. Circa 2012, Flynn wanted to concentrate on fighting ISIS more efficientlly, whereas Obama wanted to push a political narrative that he had beaten ISIS post the so-called “Osama raid” of 2011, while expanding the war to oust Assad in Syria. Flynn noted this discrepancy.

Why would Flynn’s idea of better integrating the intelligence fromassad cam different agencies in the region be considered “disruptive,” unless the real focus of some of them was not stopping ISIS, but on toppling Assad, and so linking the data would let the cat out of the bag? “Oh! So on the one hand, we’re gathering intel to fight ISIS, but with the other hidden hand, other agencies are funding and supplying them!” He was thus being kept out of the decision making loop about expanding the intervention, and got pushed out when he noticed. The real trajectory of the administration seems to be still bent on removing Assad, using ISIS as its covert spear, no matter how long it takes—translation, another ‘long war’ quagmire.

Short War, or Endless War?

Among the candidates with the most likely shot of winning, Trump has offered a way out of the quagmire, as he is probably a Reaganite or Jacksonian on foreign policy. That means, he believes in intervention to settle a fight situation “somebody else started,” and for the US to always project strength in foreign affairs. That is “peace through strength” interventionism, but it’s reaction based and short term, thus of a different kind than the pro-active, open-ended, systematic program of the neocons, who push preemptive war (launching aggression), regime change, nation building, US empire building, no-exit long wars, belligerent diplomacy, unconditional support for Israeli policy, etc. This makes him defacto non, or much less interventionist compared to Hillary, who is forever part of the Clinton-Bush axis of neocon endless war for endless regime change.

Many Jacksonian conservatives regret being manipulated into falling for the unending war interventionism of the neocons, although they are reluctant to admit they were duped. Trump’s campaign gives them cover to separate themselves from the Empire’s agenda of continued foreign meddling, without otherwise abandoning their pro-war inclinations. Trump knows from advisors like General Lynch, or from the DNC email leaks, or from admissions by Putin, that ISIS are mostly mercenaries supported by funding from oil sales from Turkey and other nations, and covertly by US intelligence. This support is provided as a means of maintaining a pretext for the US intervention in Syria, the goal of which remains regime change by ousting Assad. As such, the real way to stop ISIS and put an end to the neocon Syrian regime change project, he thus also knows, is to cut off the funding of ISIS and seal off the Turkish border, which would starve them out and make them easy to finish off within a few weeks of a military mop-up operation. Quick and temporary, done and done. No more quagmire, and no more covert op “fear, fear, threat, threat” campaigns.

BqaDDVNIn the face of all the covert op manipulation, designed to cow people into one fear-based, politically correct position after another, one can say that “they’re tired of all this PC, so let’s just ignore it.” But avoiding confronting it allows PC to continue to dominate and chill the framework of discussion over issue after issue. The status-quo busting campaign of Donald Trump is instead brawling with it, not tiptoeing around it, thereby defanging it over the long term in controlling that framework. If the approach polarizes, so be it, as the limp wristed, “don’t make waves” avoidant approach has accomplished nothing, and demoralized the non-PC side for far too long.

A Quick Note on Brexit

Whether events like “Brexit” shows Trump will be elected remains to be seen (we’ll find out in November). But very plainly, it shows the mass voting trends that have manifested in his candidacy are independent of him, are international in scope, and were unanticipated by the statist and globalist elites around the world. Now ex-UK PM David Cameron clearly had no clue, when he called for the Brexit referendum, that vote would actually go against staying with the EU, nor did the entire UK establishment and media sense that their non-stop beat down of the ‘leave’ side would backfire on them. Likewise, US leaders did not see Brexit coming either.

Thus domestically, the Brexit vote contributes to the body of proof that the Trump phenomenon was not planned or coordinated by the establishment. The same voter dynamics supporting ‘fed up’ populism, national sovereignty, protected borders (to contain illegal or unvetted immigration), and push back of the establishment, etc., are at play in both movements. TPTB or insiders wanted neither Trump or Brexit, or their issue agenda to dominate the scene, and have tried to stop both at every turn. The two developments are tsunamis they did not see, cannot control, and are presently being drowned by.

P.S.: For those interested here is my electoral vote prediction for the election, as broken down by the US map below. There is actually a possibility that Gary Johnson can carry a state (in this election, Utah) based on current polling trends, so I’m calling UT for the LP.


Hillary Update—Grandma Skates, Still On the Lam

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As predicted eight months ago, the statist club of Washington, DC (comprising both Republicans and Democrats) have basically cleared Hillary Rotten Clinton from criminal prosecution for either the Benghazi disaster, or from negligent mishandling of thousands of emails related to State department business through an unsecure private server. While it remains to be determined whether either she, her aides or Bill Clinton will face the music over the apparent libya“pay to play,” cash for political favors set-up of the Clinton Foundation, it’s safe to say the deep politics arrangements of the elite were deemed too vital, and too interdependent on the Queen Authoritarian to sacrifice one of their chief establishment super agents to such a mundane thing as justice.

Acolytes for Hillary are crying “it’s over!” despite the extremely tacky aspects of the entire two affairs (such as the Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on her plane while the investigation wasCmWxj9bWYAAgsi5 still in progress), and a lack of basic answers to outstanding questions spanning several years. After nearly four years, and multiple investigations, how is it that we still don’t know who gave the stand down order, that delayed available armed forces from arriving at the Benghazi compound in time to save Ambassador Stevens? Why doesn’t the final report from the Republican led committee even offer a guess? Or offer at least a theory as to how the supposed “terrorists” had the intel to know exactly how to break into the facility, and knew exactly where to go to find the diplomats?

The Just US System

On the email side, it gets even worse, with the FBI Director holding a press conference to outline six different felony violations performed by the Madame Secretary in the mishandling of classified data, only to recommend no criminal referral to the Justice Department. With that action, James Comey, the FBI head and token GOP hand picked by Obama to provide a fig leaf of legitimacy for the Democratic administration in clearing Hillary, has become the new Ken Starr. He comeywas there, just as the man from Pepperdine 20 years ago, to be the “respected Republican” who is titled or poses as being an independent investigator, yet proceeds robotically to complete the cover-up of the Clintons. Sen. Rand Paul, who to his credit was the sole dissenting vote against Comey’s confirmation as Director, looks like a gigantic statesman today. The Obama Administration, by contrast, looks like it is thumbing its finger (or entire arm) at the rule of law, confirming the justice system is indeed broken, or as Richard Pryor originally said, is for “Just US.”

As noted by observers like Judge Andrew Napolitano and many others, this outcome looks like a conspiracy to evade the law, and does not represent the system of a free society where all people are supposed to be protected equally by the law, and equally subject to the law. In fairness, it can be noted that there is a notorious history of the Clintons in terms of “body counts,” and the suspicious deaths of people around them. Judge Nap, unlike Jim Comey, was not facing the prospect of a barbell ‘accidentally’ falling on his neck. But the bad optics of his ‘determination’ remains. Consider the key detail that Comey declared he could not make the criminal referral because he did not conclude there was criminal intent behind Hillary’s actions, when the relevant statutes don’t even require intent to be established in order to indict and convict. Where was this concern about intent considered in the Obama Adminstration’s relentless prosecution of other alleged violators of the Espionage Act?  Since whistle blower Edward Snowden had no criminal intent behind his handling of classified material, will the government cut him a break as well? Or does the discretion to not pursue prosecution in the face of tons of evidence only extend to “just us” elite club members like Hillary?

The Fix, of Course, Was In–Until It Wasn’t

Let’s backtrack to the politics for a moment, to discuss what’s really going on. Trump can beat Hillary, and that’s why the GOP leadership was working hand over fist for months to try to deny him the nomination. Those leaders serve The Powers That Be elite (who control both parties), not the rank and file. The ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT’S plan this year was to have another weak Republican milquetoast robohawk guy throw the election to her, just like in 2008. Only in that year, she proved to be such an overrated candidate that the elite’s Democrat plan B—the black guy with the Arab name and very questionable records—got past her in the primaries.

This year the establishment sacrificial lamb to Hillary was supposed to be Jeb, with Rubio or Christie serving as plan B. The party leadership knew this was supposed to lead to conservative voters being de-energized and largely staying home, as in ’08 and ’12—that was the very point, the whole key to getting Hillary elected. With all the focusing on Trump, people are missing that this is where the fix was in. Repeat, with or without Trump allegedly being a plant or stalking horse, TPTB intended for Hillary to win. So if Trump is somehow still betrayed at the GOP convention and replaced by a weak tea guy, we were still supposed to be stuck with a GOP milquetoast shill blowing it to Hillary in November.

The only escape plans from this outcome were a) Hillary gettingelectme indicted (which Obarry would never do), b) Rand Paul winning (which didn’t work out at all), and c) the unexpected, which is what the Trump ascendancy appears to be. NO ONE expected Trump to dominate the race as he has, including Trump, including the Clintons, including the media. Which means the impact he has had in decimating Jeb and the mega-donors behind the other puppets was not anticipated. The elite took care of the first two obstacles, but still can’t figure out Trump. Which also means, the would-be Hillary queenmakers didn’t think somebody else (outside the club) might win, and perhaps follow-through on the corruption investigations upon their taking office. As in, really following up on evidence that supports indictments, with actual indictments.

In light of this, the heart of the current matter is evident: Hillary Inc., was hellbent on dodging a legal bullet, no matter how ugly it looked politically in the short term. The optics of the FBI formally advising “we recommend Clinton be charged with X felony counts of negligent mishandling of classified data, criminal intent to misuse classified data, violating the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice, lying to prosecutors, lying to Congress, etc” would be devastating to Hillary’s election quest, regardless of what DOJ did with the referral. The fear was not over getting indicted by this Administration, which she knew Obama would never allow, but over what the next Administration would do. That prospect is probably what led to the desperation meeting on the plane this past week. There may have been a growing realization on the part of Clinton that, once the referral was publicly on record, if the Democrats lost in November, a President Trump (or Johnson) might actually follow through with the indictment upon taking over DOJ in January.

stop-askingSo the answer was clear: make sure there would be no criminal referral. The prospect of that referral probably was on the table at some point in the last year. But the way it has worked with the Clintons and the FBI for 25-30 years is, the Clintonistas push back, and pressure all investigators involved to moving to a “no foul play/no charges” conclusion, while pressuring anybody not onboard out of the investigation. For example, go ask Ken Starr’s lead prosecutor, Miguel Rodriguez, who was pushed out of the Vince Foster “suicide” case for pursuing a different line of inquiry that suggested foul play, such as the second bullet wound he found on Foster’s body.  So through slyly disguised bribes (“Hillary invites Lynch to stay on as Attorney General in her first term”), blackmail, extortion or other hardball, Hillary has probably delayed the current overlong process from reaching the point of the FBI recommending indictment for months. The intimidation of Comey and other FBI staff to cave must have been immense. The result? Grandma skates, and is still on the lam.

The Prosperity of the Wicked

Well, at least for now. Under the current establishment, yes, certain high powered crooks don’t get indicted. But all the non-Hillary candidates have to do is say, “that WILL change in six months, if you elect me.” The key issue, as always, is how to defeat the rigged game. The contentious rationalizing away of clear-cut wrongdoing that attends many scandals is a main reason why most crooked lawyers/politicians get away with things. They know 1) almost everything can be turned into fine-point legaleze, which destroys interest in the matter over time (because most people don’t want to sweat the details), and 2) while misdirection and other faulty reasoning can be quickly spotted, objected to and thrown out in a courtroom, such techniques are readily used in speeches or media coverage to spin “crimes were committed” into “mistakes were made,” to exonerate the hoods in the court of public opinion.

That’s why it seems the only scandals that tend to stick are sexchamp scandals. A sex scandal can’t be blamed on a low-level flunky, a gray area in the law, a partisan witch hunt, or turned into something too complicated for the public to understand. Either person X did something with person Y, or sent naughty communications to Z, or not. This is a prime reason for the Spitzers and Weiners being out of office, and why the Clinton sex flaps have had a much longer shelf life than the financial ones, which were much more serious and numerous.

So as much as we may prefer to focus on the Clinton scandals that are “respectable” to discuss, those were always fool’s gold. Perhaps the big picture is, given their control over the system, the Clintons were never going down over “mishandled emails,” which is how most regular people (who don’t sweat the details) summarize the whole matter, as there were always too many lawyer escape routes around the issue. It’s more likely we can stop the Clintonistas over Mr. Epstein and Orgy Island. If that happens, the prosperity train the wicked Clintons have been riding may finally hit the end of the line.

Triangulating Hillary

On the other hand, a strategy of triangulation is being employed by LP candidate Gary Johnson that may also help. Instead of focusing on her scandals, Johnson is making no attempts at this time to be garyjnegative about either Clinton or Trump, as evident in his upbeat ads, and interview comments that deny Hillary is guilty of any wrongdoing. “Is Gary denying reality?” rings the cry coming from my fellow Libertarians—to which I suggest, no, just sidestepping it temporarily, for a greater cause. Cynically speaking, it might be that he is aware that one of the people on the Clinton body count list was named Gary Johnson, and he doesn’t want to be the second one.

But more likely, it’s a tactical move. Johnson is polling roughly at 10% whenever his name is included, and believes he is drawing from both the major party candidates. Johnson is playing politics, to attract whatever Democrats he can who are uneasy with Hillary’s baggage. There are Democrats who quietly don’t want to vote for her, but don’t want to appear to be “converting to the GOP” or to Trump (especially on cultural issues) by openly opposing her. So Gary is triangulating Hillary and her critics, so as to look like a reasonable social left alternative. He is aware of recent polls that show he is already attracting more votes from Hillary than from Trump, so he and running mate William Weld have been emphasizing their social liberalism, and general positivity, to welcome voters to personal liberty and fiscal restraint concepts. While this is not the most accurate or principled way to promote liberty, it is (so far) paying off very well in positioning the party this year for an historic vote outcome in the Presidential race. Grandma may still be on the lam, but 2016 may be the year the LP arrives.