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    Dave Hollist said:
    April 29, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    John, joining “Libertarian candidates helping each other” should be enjoyable.

    9. Referring to answer number one (1) the fifth paragraph (¶5): What would happen to the property?

    The uninsured common property would remain right where it is until all its owners came to an agreement, although its value probably would decrease from lack of use. Since the purpose of government is to eliminate force from human relationships, anyone who tried to dispose of property that he or she did not solely own would be stopped from doing so by the government.

    After a while, the uninsured partners probably would begin to compromise and agree to a division of their common property–although probably not to the complete satisfaction of all. This potential loss of value in a relationship is the reason Contract Insurance (CI) would be a much sought after commodity.

    With CI, people could enter agreements with the peace of mind of knowing that if they later decide that their relationship is not as beneficial as they originally thought it would be, they can take the value that they had created and move on. The highly developed capacity we humans have of specializing in a line of work that interests us and trading our products for those of others can be unleashed with the adoption of CI. The first group of people to understand this principle will be rewarded with longer, healthier lives and the power to travel throughout the universe.

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