Recent Issues

(Issues emphasized in Clifton’s most recent candidacy, in 2014, for State Comptroller of New York.)

Fiscal Waste

While hardly alone in this respect, New York State spends too much money, wastes too much money, and commits fraud with the money as per the state’s own constitution and laws. The state government uses coercion to take taxpayer money, to fund coercive schemes, regulations and massive intrusions of public sector force onto the private economy.  Several spending programs and bond issues have benefited politically connected  interests who should not be receiving any funds, in thorough violation of existing state laws. No wonder that New York is among the worst and most corrupted environments for business, and the most oppressive for taxpayers in the nation.

Reports and audits I would have prepared Comptroller would reflect this reality, instead of the ongoing Democratic vs. Republican blame games. I am committed to exposing the artificial two-party paradigm, by emphasizing the “to infinity and beyond” solidarity of the establishment when it comes to endlessly increasing debt, spending and taxation to fund the state and federal government. The boilerplate, empty suit Democrat and Republican candidates will do nothing about changing any of this, as they benefit from the corruption and largess. Both actually think the state budget being in the black is the end of the problem—as if mugging taxpayers enough to cover all the overspending is a good thing! This is a mindset of a corrupt establishment, who actually think looting the people should be their job.

Indeed, recent Comptrollers have already had to be forced from office due to corruption. Liberty candidates are committed to restoring honest government and freedom to New York and elsewhere with sound money policies, protecting their property instead of taxing it, ending regulations and mandates, along with other fiscal changes that will convert the state from being a fiscal basket case, into the economic breadbasket of the Northeast. As Michael McDermott has well stated: “Until government gets out of the way, our States prosperity will never return, and nor will the countless number of young people who have been leaving our state in what many have called (rightfully) an exodus in the hopes of looking for the jobs and futures that this great state once had. I think it can have it again and I know we can do it together.”


Police Misconduct

New York Law Enforcement, at both the state and local levels, have been engulfed in numerous instances of misconduct in recent years that violate the civil rights of New Yorkers. In the last few months alone, state troopers and state investigators have been engulfed in several rape scandals over stripping and sexually abusing citizens, or revealed to be concealing or fabricating evidence used to convict suspects.  Standing policies that encourage abuse and police brutality, including the choke-hold killing of Eric Garner, and NYC’s infamous “stop and frisk” protocol should be fully repealed or defunded, not just forced into being “reformed” due to a judicial order. Team Liberty says, end police misconduct now!


Common Core

I stand solidly behind many liberty advocates in rejecting the centralized indoctrination agenda of Common Core. We firmly support and will protect the right of parents to reject and resist the program, using such tools as this suggested opt out letter, adapted as needed for their situation (and after consulting an attorney). Let’s restore true education choices to individuals and parents, including the liberty right to disassociate from bad or highly disputed programs.  We should to rid NY of this educational overreach, including expanding the  autonomy of home schoolers, private schools and other entities that help separate School and State.



This gun control freak measure, rushed into law without proper review in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, is an atrocious violation of each New Yorker’s Second Amendment gun rights and must be fully repealed. I agree with advocating for its repeal as one of  the We the People of New York State—that is, the natural persons lawfully residing within this state—and as such do hereby order and direct, the state Assembly and the Senate to immediately repeal the NY SAFE act of 2013. This is not a request or a demand, but an order and directive, as it is unlawful, null and void, being in direct opposition to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of New York Civil Rights – Article 2 – § 4. This is the will of the people, and as they are our duly appointed representatives, they should see to it that our will is carried out.



Team Liberty supports the full repeal of the corporate welfare boondoggle of “Obamacare” and will aggressively seek to opt out of the program in New York State. As Glenn Greenwald has noted, “Whatever one’s views on Obamacare were and are: the bill’s mandate that everyone purchase the products of the private health insurance industry, unaccompanied by any public alternative, was a huge gift to that industry…” And whatever one thinks about the previous state and local laws related to health insurance, they were intended to protect New Yorkers from having poorly conceived, inadequate or unconscionable  insurance plans forced upon them by Big Corporate.

To get past this barrier, the insurance companies ran to Washington and drafted a federal bill that would crush the local laws—leading to the new situation, where less coverage and more expensive rates are imposed on everybody. We must end New York’s participation in this disaster, restore true health choices to individuals (including the liberty right to disassociate from bad programs), and look to the free market to offer the best solution for our health care insurance needs.


Other Issues

I am a “Ron Paul” mold advocate for liberty, as I support a non-interventionist foreign policy, and I favor ending (or at least auditing) the Federal Reserve.  I support restoring civil liberties by repealing the Patriot Act, the NDAA, regulations authorizing bulk warrantless surveillance, and other post 9-11 horrors. I advocate a return to our republic being strongly compliant in abiding by the original intent of the Constitution, including strict limits on federal power (i.e., laws not persuant to the Constitution are invalid, null and void).

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