Clifton’s Schedule of Queens Petitioning Appearances

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Note: Candidate for Comptroller John Clifton also serves as Queens Petitioning Coordinator for LPQC/LPNY’s 2014 petition drive. Here is his update on his upcoming petitioning appearances in the borough in the coming weeks:

My time has been extremely divided until now, but I am pleased to confirm a number of outdoor Queens events I (weather permitting) will be at, gathering signatures during the current petition drive. Other petitioners and LP members are invited to show up to get sigs with me, so that we act as moral support for each other. I will be there at the ‘best petitioning time’ specified.  Email me ahead of time, to smooth out issues over directions or meet-up points. Also contact me (the Queens coordinator, weekly about your approximate signature totals—we want to know how well we’re doing! All events are free.
You can turn in petition forms to me at these events, or to Mark Axinn by the end of each week. I will be at the August 9 LPQC meeting, and that can act as a turn in point as well. Most of the below are local street fairs, or city parks concert events (a good, leisurely setting, where most people aren’t rushing away, just get there 30-45 minutes before the concert starts for best results). The complete schedule of such events are at:
Thursday, July 24–

at Astoria Park Lawn (in Astoria Park) , Queens This is an Accessible location

7:30 p.m.9:00 p.m. (Best Petitioning time is between 6:30-8)
Friday, July 25–

at Beach 108th Street Hockey Rink (in Rockaway Beach Boardwalk) , Queens

7:00 p.m.9:00 p.m. (Best Petitioning time is between 6:30-8)
Sunday, July 27, 2014 from 11 am to 6 pm UNCONFIRMED – Broadway Summerfest / by 114th Precinct Civilian Observation Patrol (Fair) – Along Broadway between Steinway Street and 47th Street (Best Petitioning time is between 12:30-2)
UNCONFIRMED July 27, 2014 – 12 noon – 10 pm – St Irene Chrysovalantou Church (Fair) – Along 23rd Avenue from 36th Street to the Amtrak trestle. (Best Petitioning time is between 2:30-4)
Thursday, July 31–

at George Seuffert Bandshell (in Forest Park) , Queens

7:30 p.m.9:00 p.m. (Best Petitioning time is between 6:30-8)
Saturday, August 2–
11 am to 7 pm – JAMS Jamaica Avenue Festival (Fair) – Along Jamaica Avenue from Parsons Blvd to 169th Street. (Best Petitioning time is between 11:30-2)
Sunday, August 3, 2014 from 11 am – 6 pm – Jackson Heights Junction Blvd Festival(Fair) – Along Junction Blvd between Roosevelt and 35th Avenue. (Best Petitioning time is between 12:30-2)
Thursday, August 7–

at Main Park House (in Cunningham Park) , Queens

7:30 p.m.9:30 p.m. (Best Petitioning time is between 6:30-8)
Sunday, August 10, 2014 from 12 noon to 6 pm – Steinway Street Festival (Fair) – Along Steinway Street between 28th Avenue and 34th Avenue (Best Petitioning time is between 12:30-2)


Petitioning Begins, Get Team Liberty on the Ballot!

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The independent petition drive has started as of July 8. Click here to download the statewide form. Petitioning tips and resources from LPNY Chair Mark Axinn are below. Help get McDermott, Clifton, Edes and Person on the ballot!

Anyone can circulate (witness) our petition, in any district, who is a registered voter of New York State. However, you cannot both sign and witness the same petition. Have a friend witness the petition that you sign. In most cases you will want a signer to fill in their address and print their name, but all a signer has to do is sign, and you can fill out the rest. If you make any corrections, initial the change. Also, here is a more detailed instruction sheet.

So everyone please pledge to get at least 100 sigs. for the New York Libertarian candidates next month.

Thanks so much!

‘Team Liberty’ 2014 Emerges, Clifton Nominated LPNY Candidate for Comptroller

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From a Suffolk LP press release on the nominations of Michael McDermott for Governor, and John Clifton for Comptroller at the 2014 LPNY state convention:

…Owing to his gift of being a “uniter”, McDermott brings conservative, constitutional, and liberal groups together that are prone to disagreement on the issues. He supports libertarian principles, restoring the Constitution, individual rights, smaller government, reducing spending and taxes, and bringing real jobs back to New York, rather than political rhetoric that never lasts past the end of the election cycle.

McDermott, along with his fellow nominees from across our great state, Christopher Edes [Lt Governor], John Clifton [Comptroller], and Carl Person [Attorney General], are working as a team to bring New Yorkers who are disaffected, wary and disillusioned by voting in what they were trying to vote out, back to the polls to restore the Empire State to its former vibrance and appeal.

Bringing Back Liberty

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‘Elect Clifton’ is a site reserved for supporting the past and future campaigns and political projects of John Clifton, a Black Christian Libertarian in New York State. As in previous campaigns, his mission is to Bring Back Liberty to New York, and the country beyond. This is to be accomplished by restoring in big ways and small a culture of liberty in the state, a task a Libertarian has a role in securing. Too many encroachments on basic civil and constitutional freedoms have already occurred—it’s time to roll back the petty tyranny and proto-Gestapo darkness that is settling across the land. Peace and freedom, and Grace be with you, John