Bode Was Right: The Media IS Useless, Pt. 1

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There’s a popular commercial featuring the US champion alpine skier Bode Miller recollecting a fictional “out of control” phase of his career, including an episode where he declares at a press conference that “the media is useless.”  Would that more real world figures would state this obvious fact out in the open, given the ongoing travesty of so-called mainstream news coverage masquerading as “journalism” these days. The consistent pattern is one that is damaging to the cause of liberty.

Take the early Presidential campaign coverage, for one example. The 24/7 cable news networks and the Sunday morning broadcast news shows cover the Presidential primaries as if their only obligation was to push anti-liberty, establishment favorites Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush upon us as the inevitable choices. As in, no detailed coverage of the other major party contenders, and certainly no reference ever to Libertarian or other alternative party options.

OlRli8nOn the GOP side, a token “plan B” candidate like Scott Walker is discussed, mainly in contrast to Bush, to make it look like they are covering a race (even as they use that two-man contrast as cover for not seriously talking about others such as Rand Paul, the party’s pro-liberty grassroots choice). On the Democratic side, the mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t even pretend to present prospective candidates besides Hillary as worth mentioning (in particular, people like Jim Webb, who was a war hero, US Senator, and Navy Secretary, or Joe Biden, who is merely the sitting Vice President).

So MSM “coverage” amounts to merely propaganda window dressing, for forcing two pre-selected, status-quo statists upon us. One giveaway to underscore this is true is to note how often they use all “news” as a cue to instead discuss the implications for Jeb and Hillary, and only tend to address positive aspects of news about them. In the just conducted CPAC straw poll, most of the media couldn’t even bring themselves to straightforwardly report the simple story “RAND PAUL WINS CPAC POLL” when it had just happened (notice the FOX News webpage screenshot from that time, emphasizing Jeb, with Rand’s win reduced to a tiny note). Some excuse the MSM’s behavior by pointing out that Rand had won it twice before, and so his victory was not “really” news.  But if it had been Bush who “was expected to win,” who then won the poll, would they have been equally restrained about reporting “Bush Wins” with a prominent photo and headline?

Inconceivable. The issue is the “journalists” have double standardszMWGNYa about campaign coverage, where the elite-selected, fat-cat backed establishment frontrunner gets the headline and most of the commentary at every opportunity, while truly popular figures like Paul get no comparable press, at every opportunity. Note that the MSM even short-changed Walker to a large extent Saturday—many of the CPAC poll stories emphasized Jeb, to the exclusion of both Rand and Walker.  And the fact that Bush got only 8% despite trying to pack the event with his people, was also “news” that should have been covered, but wasn’t. This is simply unfair to the voters, to the other candidates, and other observers of the coverage. The screen shots accompanying this post tell the real story—the media is useless!


Overt and Covert Thoughts on Paris, Terror and Peace

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Hmmmm. We have been asked to believe two working class Muslims in Paris had access to RPGs and other pricey, military grade equipment, which they used to attack the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office? Or, that they were “sophisticated terrorists” dumb enough to leave their ID behind? Three of the killed suspects/patsies were on government watchlists and were being tracked, but nobody noticed them preparing to perform the seige? How does the couple who held a grocery store hostage get surrounded by SWAT, yet the girl got away? How does that work, exactly? Where did all the professional, pre-printed “Paris est Charlie” signs come from, for the mass demonstrations suddenly held to honor the slain journalists? Most importantly:

“With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that would certainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel?”

So James Perloff asks, along with me, who benefits from the events that don’t add up about the Paris seiges, the most recent episode in the “War on Terror” or “Stop the Towelheads” saga? That is, numerous details don’t make sense, UNLESS we consider the forbidden thought about these incidents—namely, that this and similar events are part of a campaign, to achieve certain policy results.

Consider that in recent months, the general public has been deeply focused on several spectacular cases of apparent police brutality or excessive (i.e., lethal) engagement of suspects, most prominently those of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY. These cases raised issues of race and police misconduct on several levels, but the most important things those cases did was expose the militarization of the police to criticism by a mass audience, for weeks on end.

Consequently, the public is now openly doubting militarized policing, including lethal engagement tactics over minor offenses, and there is growing opposition to the expansion of this tyranny. Worst news of all for the powers that be, people have been concentrating on this despite all the scare mongering news that is supposed to keep us fixed on supporting more government force and power to stop, frisk, and conduct bulk surveillance on everybody at will. What’s a statist establishment to do, to reverse the acceleration of this questioning of government?

Quick answer: perform covert operations and orchestrations of events, to steer us right back in line. These ops, run by intelligence organizations, which range from propaganda to false flag ops, to black ops, are humming along in the background, at home or abroad, and are generally protected by the establishment, which has a large number of operatives embedded within it as it stands. Sometimes the criminal perpetrators are themselves operatives (or assets, or government-shepherded deranged individuals). Consider this website comment about the mysterious Hayat Boumeddiene, the 26-year-old woman on the run (or intel asset, allowed to go free?) and her possible US State Dept connections:

“This is probably nothing, but I found her Linkedin page… and it had the US state dept or consulate in her list of “groups” that she belonged to. (It was in French, but it was very clearly something to do with the US government. It could have been someone with the same name, but the picture looked right and it said she was born in Algeria.)

Anyway, when I went to look at it again moments later and take a screenshot… the US Gov stuff had been taken off her page. Everything else was the same, just no more reference to the United Stages gov. I’m not on Linkedin, so i don’t know how it works, I’m sure you can “friend” different groups for whatever reason, and they probably don’t do background checks on people… but it was odd that it disappeared before I could get a screenshot…”

Whatever the answer about provocateurs like Hayat, the “Paris under attack” week meme had its intended effects on policy and opinion. For now, people in the US have stopped talking about, or against, militarized police, and now may want even more people on watchlists. France may not recognize Palestine, as it recently indicated it would. People’s brains are back to being fixed on a presumed Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist threat from abroad, instead of the cops committing homicide under color of law at home, and so on. Just keep on scaring folks about groups the West trained, funded, and frequently control. As in Star Wars, “Fear, will keep the outer systems in line.” From Gladio, to Northwoods, to 9-11, lies about Iraq’s WMD, and beyond, the state has never shied from shedding some blood or spreading falsehoods, to get mass opinion to roll its way.

This demonstrates the profound utility covert ops play in Western foreign intervention. Those observant enough can connect the dots about the activities of intelligence agencies in equipping, funding or controlling assets into actions that dovetail into creating pretexts for overt foreign policy and domestic hyper-policing. But the lack of transparency and abundance of cut-outs leave enough room for plausible deniability to keep much of the discussion inconclusive, if someone wants to be infinitely contentious. It’s hard to prove some ops are going on, precisely because everything is kept so secret.

Nonetheless, the gorilla in the room underlying most of these controversies, related to foreign or domestic ‘attacks,’ is the reality of covert operations, orchestrations, influences and machinations. There is an infrastructure for performing or supporting all these false flag and black operations, and an infrastructure of covering in up in the media, the permanent bureaucracy, and the courts.

The main difference between the “mainstream” (establishment-protecting) statist side and the alternative pro-liberty side has been the latter’s partial or comprehensive acknowledgement of covert ops that are typically behind events. We may squabble over specific cases like 9-11 or an assassination, but the main dividing line is WE note the likelihood of covert activity driving events, while a “mainstreamer” NEVER takes the conversation there.

The Paris RPG guys stink to high heaven of being shepherded assets, especially given their known ties to ISIS. They even admitted to reporting in Yemen to Anwar al-Awlaki, whom both Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and Fox News revealed was likely a US asset since at least 2001, acting as one of its chief ‘handlers’ or cut-outs to current and future ‘terrorists.’ To repeat: The US trained, equipped and funded ISIS. The common ‘blowback’ notion is “then they went rogue,” but I see no evidence that ISIS ever stopped being an asset of US/Western intelligence. Their job, like al Qaeda before them, has been to perform false-flag/black ops to justify new or resumed US intervention in the Mid-east. Only when we completely remove ourselves from the theater (both military ops, and all the covert ops) will the killing stop.

Ultimately, people who don’t want to acknowledge covert activity is a relevant factor influencing domestic and foreign policy (always in the direction of supporting a policy of expanded intervention, or more government force) will not concede it entering into the discussion, as it disrupts the “we’re under threat” or “official” framework. This explains why the preponderant data presented for the covert background is not just contentiously challenged, but treated derisively—covert understanding cannot be granted the legitimacy to rival the Manichean interventionist framework, and its official designations of “good guys over here,’ and the bad guys over there.

The truth is, western intelligence operations have been fomenting or false-flagging coups and civil wars across the planet for decades. So how should we foment peace, to counter these ongoing covert tactics? Pro-liberty people should be responding by raising the more complicated reality about our covert actions abroad at every opportunity, and emphasizing the lies the government keeps peddling at home. Hit ’em hard with, where were the WMDs, who forged the Niger document, who almost lied us into war with Syria last year over a non-existent chemical attack, etc.

We’ve been lied to, so let’s up and say so, to break the spell of the pro-war, pro-Big Brother narrative. Challenge claims about threats being just about everywhere, with evidence that we’ve been lied to about threats just about everywhere. Challenge the pro-war, omni-police state framework at its core. Overcome the murky lies and fear mongering, with truth and righteous anger.

On Liberty, the Kingdom, and Prophetic Days

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A presentation by a Christian libertarian at a recent LP chapter meeting, a recent forum discussion on the question “Was Jesus an Anarchist?,”and personal loss (the passing of my mother, in November) have set my thoughts as we enter into 2015 towards the Author of Liberty, and the promise of His Return. How close are we? After a long political campaign, and other events, please indulge me as I go over a few biblical considerations about the Second Coming, the Millennium, and the liberty that would exist in that order.

While no one can know the day and hour of His arrival, is He “at the door?” We don’t have an exact date, but, He did indicate the events of the Second Advent would happen sometime after the generation that saw the return of Jerusalem to control by the Israeli people. Per Revelation, the end of the age would also be upon us when it was logistically possible to track, monitor or permit/prevent everybody’s economic activity (the Beast system), which appears to be about now. To many believers, Hosea 6:1-2 teaches Jews would be risen after “2 days” (prophetic speech for 2 thousand years), which corresponds to the 2,000 year history of the Christian church.

Other (non-biblical) markers are the predictions of historic Christian figures (2nd century Barnabus et al) believed world history from Creation to the start of the millennium would be 6 prophetic days, with the final 2 ‘days’ being the 2000 years of the Church. Since the church era started about 32 AD, that would place the Return by or before 2032 AD. Luther (circa early 1500’s) likewise believed the Messiah would return in about 500 years after his time.

According to St. Malachy, a Catholic figure who is said to have predicted all the Popes from his time (circa 1139) to present, we are at the last Pope, who will become the Apostate Pope of the ‘end time.’ And some believe the real third prophecy of Fatima (withheld by the Roman Church for decades) revealed that the events of His Return would start sometime in this decade. And so on.

But how would a God-based Kingdom possibly be reconcilable with liberty, or does it even exist, as some (somewhat secular inclined) libertarians would ask? I would first say, briefly, that while God has a Kingdom, and it is definitely literal/historic or real, one enters into it and into His covenant on a voluntary basis. It is a voluntary order based on a recognition of His rightful authority and law, not a human civil government, that typically asserts authoritarian, monopoly control on everyone whether they consented to be under its rule or not. In this respect, it is an anarchist kingdom 100% free of false authority elements.

Second, the God of the new Testament is the same God of the Old Testament, whose attitude towards human civil government is reflected through His prophet in I Samuel chapter 8. Rather than set up another human kingdom that would take their land and crops, turn their sons into horsemen and troops, loot the people through taxes, or erect monuments to its rulers, etc., Samuel said the people could simply continue the simple anarchistic, non-authoritarian system of judges that had served them for hundreds of years. This plea by a prophet of God clearly teaches there is a legitimate anarchistic alternative to civil government, even as He still permitted the people to choose the latter anyway.

Satan still walks and administers this present world. Satan is working toward his throne in Jerusalem. But he holds all earthly governments, ever since the very first human government. And this factor, along with the sin nature, of course, is why all attempts at human civil government have eventually failed. The only earthly exception has been the non-governmental, anarchistic theocracy of ancient Israel, and (presently) the millennial Kingdom to be instituted at the return of Christ. The Bible does not seem to indicate it is possible for even anarchism to work, without God at the center. The Lord, always and forever, is the secret sauce.

It has arguably been the point of biblical history, and the 6,000 years of human civilization to show that Man could not succeed at governance on his own, due to sin and demonic influence. As the rest of the history of the kings of Israel and Judah showed, even a special people chosen by God and advised by His prophets lived in near constant disobedience, war, and disaster over the centuries. The whole point of those six ‘days’ was to prepare the race to finally accept Christ as ruler of the earthly kingdom during the seventh ‘day’ of civilized history, where we will enter His day of rest during the Millennium.

On Torture, And Just Doing What You’re Told

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Apart from the Snowden revelations, the just released CIA Torture Report is probably the most important disclosure of CIA and other abusive intelligence programs since the Church hearings. Like in the ’70’s, we now have US Senate disclosed confirmation of massive conduct of ‘evil ops’ and the cover-up of same by the government. The fact that the Senate summary is doubtless cleaned up (and overstates the CIA’s role, to make them a scapegoat to cover the entire establishment’s sins) should not be overlooked.

Only the 600 page cleaned-up summary has been released to the public, not the 6,000 pages of classified documents that remain closed. Yet the FOX News/Neocon central command crowd claims even that is too much transparency. And that network played the “9-11, 9-11, WoT, WoT” card hard yesterday, saying that framework justifies the rough treatment “of just a couple of bad people” (Cavuto). The words “most of the tortured detainees were known to be innocent” strangely never passed the lips of the torture apologists during their all-day discussion of the report. I wonder why?

Karen Kwiatkowski had the most trenchant comment Ive seen so far:

Newsflash: the state as an institution tortures as a matter of course, and will always do so. Torture isn’t about the guy who gets tortured, it’s about creating and fostering thousands and tens of thousands of state enablers who do what they are told, blindly and without presenting a significant moral challenge. Until people stop doing what they are told, stop honoring the false idea that politicians and institutions have official privacy or deserve confidentiality, and distrust of the state becomes the spirit of the land, we will have many more opportunities to see, hear about and perhaps participate in torture at the hands of the state.


New Blog Format

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The election of 2014 is over, and John Clifton ended up getting the most votes of statewide LPNY candidates. While the party has not yet established permanent ballot status in New York, much progress has been made by Libertarians and liberty candidates nationwide. As announced previously, between election efforts, this blog reverts to being an ongoing review of liberty issues, and/or proposed efforts to bring about changes in that direction in New York and elsewhere. With or without electoral victory, there is much work to do to influence legislation, and build awareness of liberty principles and candidates for the future. Let’s keep moving!